Nowadays, drones are far more than just toys! These gadgets can make your life a breeze while assisting you in a multitude of tasks, like viewing what is happening outside without stepping out from the bed.

And when it comes to camera drones, the thing that matters the most is stability!  Beagle Neo 2, a whole new mini-drone, has taken the market by storm with its fleet of multiple features and ease of use.

You will get the best FPV (First-Person View) for your money while using the FPV Goggles. Here is why Beagle Neo 2 deserves a topmost place in your bucket-list.

Neo 2 by Beagle Drone : Most Advanced Mini Drone

Perfect for Indoors and Outdoors 

Neo 2 Take Off Perfect for Indoors and Outdoors

Long gone are the days when you need a different drone for flying indoor and outdoor. When you have the Beagle Neo 2 drone, then you get the ultimate freedom to fly it anywhere. The size of this drone makes it really compact, so the chances of collision are negligible (if you operate it the right way).

The ergonomic remote control rewards you with an excellent controlling capability, and thus you can fly the drone from room to room and in other places of your house as well.

Ultimate Battery Life 

Most of the modern drones are eating dust when it comes to battery life, but with Beagle Neo 2, you can take a sigh of relief. The drone comes equipped with six batteries, and you can enjoy a flying time of approximately 30 minutes after charging them fully. The manufacturer offers a fast charger along with the drone, so you have to wait for less time to charge these batteries fully. 

Beagle Stability Flight Chip 

Well, this is one of the undeniable reasons why Beagle Neo 2 is an exemplary drone in this price range. The drone is backed up with a stability flight chip that ensures that the drone remains stable throughout the flight. Also, there is less hassle in controlling the drone, and you will get an optimal viewing experience due to less shakiness, and blurriness, which is generally caused when the drones are not stable.

Excellent FPV Range 

You have the freedom to view up to 400 feet of distance with Beagle Neo 2, the camera of this compact drone has HDR (high dynamic range), and accurate colors that render a clear view with excellent video output.

Protected Propellers 

If you are new to drones, then there is no need to worry about any damages when you have Neo 2. The drone has flexible propeller guards that fortify the propellers from hitting any object directly. Moreover, the drone is made using an exemplary high-density polymer blend that helps the drone to bounce back at the time of fall and drop while preventing any damages. 

Fits in Your Palm 

The compact drone has an exceptional design, and it can fit in your palm. You can call the drone back with the “Return to Home” feature, and it will come back to you while avoiding all the obstacles during the flight.

It comes with a Boost Mode, and you can take off quickly without any lags, and whirling around.  There is an option to turn off the Boost Mode in case you don’t want to use it.

One-Touch Flip Functionality 

You can use the drone to get some entertainment while flipping it around with ease. You will be able to maneuver the drone with ease due to its one-touch flip functionality. Just press the button one time, and see your drone doing aerial flips in front of your eyes.

Neo Drone Specifications

What You Get?

Beagle Neo 2 drone Whats in the box

You will get one Beagle Neo 2 drone, one remote controller, six batteries, eight propellers, a fast charger, two stickers, and one quick start guide to get your hands on the drone. If you need FPV goggles, then you have to purchase Neo 2 Plus variant available here.

Why Beagle Neo 2?

There is a multitude of camera drones available out there, but here are some key differences that make Neo 2 a better and reliable choice.

Reasonable Price

When we compare the price with the features offered, then Neo 2 is an excellent option. The drone has got everything you need to maneuver it even in tight areas like inside your home. Also, it comes with six batteries, so the fight time is also decent. You can get Beagle Neo 2 at just $99 and early bird price $169.99 including FPV drone and Goggles through Kickstarter.

Ease to Fly 

You don’t need to buy a professional drone flyer for flying Beagle Neo 2. The ergonomic remote controller makes it easy to fly, and you can learn flying it in a couple of minutes.

Don’t believe us? Buy it here and try flying it!

Neo 2 by Beagle Drone Controller Features

Beagle Warranty 

The drone is backed up with Beagle warranty and customer assistance. You will get excellent after-sales services, and that makes Beagle Neo 2, a worth buying camera drone.

Over to You

Beagle Neo 2 comes loaded with a myriad of features, and you will love how easily you can fly it. Moreover, the drone comes with a carrying case so that you can carry it with you without worrying about any damages. This nimble and small drone can fly through anywhere with its powerful motors and easy-breezy controls.

If you want to enjoy a hassle-free flying experience, then Beagle Neo 2 is something you should definitely try.


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