If you are looking for the best 45W USB C Chargers, then you have landed to the right place. In this article, we are going to review top ten 45W USB C wall charger from Amazon.

With this, 45W Type C Charger you can charge your smartphones as well as laptops. Like Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus, S22 Ultra, Note 10+, Note 20 Plus, Galaxy S20 and S21 device can power up at 45W under some conditions including PPS, PDO, 10V/4.5A speed, and more. Moreover, you can also charge your iPhone device including iPhone 14, 14 Pro, 13 and iPhone 12 with this chargers as high voltage won’t damage your iOS device at all.

So let’s go ahead and checkout the list of the best 45W USB C Chargers for Samsung Galaxy Phones, iPhone, iPad and Other devices.

Best 45W USB C Charger

#1. Nekteck 45W USB C Laptop Fast Charger with Type C Cable

Nekteck 45W USB C Laptop Fast Charger with Type C Cable

Now you can charge your MacBook in under 2.5 hours with this powerful 45W USB-C charger. It’s as compact as a credit card, which makes it one of the best travel-friendly wall adapters. 

From smartphones to tablets and laptops, you can charge almost anything with ultimate speeds. The integrated USB cable is long, and that lets you charge the devices with ultimate convenience. 

Nekteck 45W USB C Wall Charger uses smart technology and identifies your device to fuel it accordingly. Furthermore, it is a super-safe charger that comes equipped with safety features, including overcurrent, temperature control, and overcharging. The outer shell of this 45W USB-C charger makes it highly durable, and it is a scratch-resistant charger. Lastly, it comes with SB-IF, UL Listed, RoHS, CE & FCC certification, which enhances the safety, and you can charge any gadget with this charger.

It is a fully certified and safe charger.You can only charge one device at a time.
The six feet long charging cable makes charging convenient.It takes time to charge big laptops.
It offers a complete 45W to charge the devices quickly.
It has a compact design.

Price: $25.99
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#2. Samsung 45W USB-C Super Fast Wall Charger

Samsung 45W USB-C Super Fast Wall Charger

Samsung is here with a certified charger you can use to charge any Galaxy smartphone quickly. The charger supports Rapid Charging, which makes it compatible with any smartphone, as it adjusts the output automatically.

Furthermore, it comes with a detachable USB-C to USB-C, which makes it convenient for travelers. This PD charger is extremely sturdy and comes in a hard shell. You can plug it into any standard wall outlet, so it is an adaptable charger. As the device belongs to Samsung so you can be sure it won’t damage your smartphone. The best thing about this Samsung 45W charger is that it is ideal for prolonged usage. Lastly, you can even use it to charge the smartwatch and wireless earbuds, thanks to the adjustable output.

It is a certified PD charger.The charging cable is not very long.
It can easily charge smartphones, tablets, and laptops.Some users said that it gets hot.
The charger does not get hot.
Protects your connected devices from overcharging, overcurrent, and short-circuit.

Price: $35.97
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#3. Anker 45W Fast Foldable Travel Charger

Anker 45W Fast Foldable Travel Charger

Anker Nano II is an amazing 45W Type-C charger that is what you need to refuel your smartphone, tablet, and laptop quickly. It can even charge your drone batteries and other gadgets as it is a super-safe charger. 

The cubicle design looks amazing, and the foldable pin makes it a travel-friendly option. Almost 35% smaller than a regular charger, it is way lighter and durable. Furthermore, Anker Nano II can charge any device quickly as it supports IQ technology. 

It is nearly three times faster than a regular iPhone charger. Powered by a GaN chip, it has 20% increased efficiency, and there are no power drops at all. Lastly, this 45W PD charger has a horde of safety features, including overcharging, overcurrent, and overvoltage, to protect your connected devices from getting damaged.

The foldable pins make it even compact.Cable sold separately.
It doesn’t get hot.Some users said that the USB port gets loose after some time.
The GaN chip increases the efficiency.
It fits all wall outlets.

Price: $28.99
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#4. Syfrufo 45W USB Type C Chromebook Charger

Syfrufo 45W USB Type C Chromebook Charger

I’d recommend this powerful charger for laptops, as it provides consistent power without any drops. It comes with a six feet integrated cable, so you can easily plug it in any wall outlet or extension board. 

As it is a widely compatible charger, you can use it with any device, including Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets. It can even charge your iPhone or iPad, thanks to the ultimate safety that it offers. 

The 45W charger is very durable, and the cable is also flexible, which means it won’t crack easily. Furthermore, the foldable pin makes it a portable charger. However, it is a little heavy due to the powerful components fitted inside it.

Lastly, the charger is very safe and safeguards the connected devices from current-related issues.

It has a long cable for easy charging.You cannot detach the cable.
Compatible with a range of laptops and tablets.This is not a PD charger.
Excellent build quality.
The cable organizer helps you carry it anywhere.

Price: $15.88
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#5. Spigen 45W USB C Super Fast Charger

Spigen 45W USB C Super Fast Charger

If you need something more durable and safer, Spigen USB C Charger should be your choice. This is a GaN charger and offers enhanced efficiency than a regular charger. Furthermore, there is less power loss and no dropouts, so your devices get charged quickly.

12% smaller than a conventional charger, this device fits inside your pocket. Moreover, you can fold the pins to protect them while traveling. The 45W travel adapter remains cool while charging, as the GaN chip works effectively. 

The charger has faster PPS and is compatible with any smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Spigen offers a durable USB-C to USB-C cable, so you don’t have to purchase anything separately. 

Lastly, it comes with a 24-months warranty, and you can rest assured that the brand will help you out if something gets wrong with the charger.

It is highly durable.The LED indicator may disturb your sleep.
The charger remains cool even on prolonged usage.The cable is small.
It is two times faster than a regular charger.
The charger provides stable output.

Price: $29.99
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#6. Anker 45W Slim Type C Fast Charger for Travel

No products found.

Anker is here with another amazing fast charger that’s so sleek that you can carry it in your pocket. Furthermore, the foldable pins enhance its travel-friendliness, making it ideal for backpackers. 

The overall design looks amazing, and the charger has a textured back that protects it from scratches. Moreover, there is an LED indicator at the bottom that comes to life as you plug it into the wall outlet.

Powered by a GaN chip, this charger has better heat dissipation and offers increased efficiency. Furthermore, it is highly safe and charges your phone much quicker than the stock charger.

Anker has used PowerIQ 3. 0 technology to ensure the charger works well with a range of devices, including phones, tablets, and more. You get comprehensive protection that includes high-voltage protection, temperature control, and several other safety features for safer charging. Lastly, Anker backs up this 45W superfast charger for 18-months with a warranty, which makes it an ideal choice for under $50.

The indicator tells you about the charging status.You need to buy the cable separately.
It has a scratch-proof design.It may be too powerful for small devices like earbuds.
The charger is lightweight and sleek.
The IQ port makes it widely compatible.

Price: No products found.
No products found.

#7. Elecjet 45W USB-C PD Wall Charger

Elecjet 45W USB-C PD Wall Charger

Next on the list is the Elecjet 45-watt fast charger that’s a favorite choice of folks looking for a safe charger. As it is a fast charger, expect it to refuel your devices at fantastic speeds. 

Compatible with a range of devices, it works well with Samsung Galaxy phones, iPhone, tablets, and laptops. The design is just amazing, and the Chromebook charger 45W is not bigger than a credit card. 

There is an LED indicator on the top of the USB-C port, so you don’t have to rely on guesswork to determine if it is charging your phone or not. 

It is not a GaN charger, but that does not affect its efficiency. Talking about safety, this charger safeguards your connected device from current-related issues, including overcurrent, overcharging, and more.

It is compact and lightweight.After-sales service is not that great.
This is a widely compatible charger.The build could’ve been better.
The foldable pins make it highly portable.
It charges your device safely and quickly.

Price: $39.99
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#8. TECKNET 45W Type C Foldable Wall Charger with Dual Ports

TECKNET 45W Type C Foldable Wall Charger with Dual Ports

Now you can charge two phones or devices quickly with this amazing fast charger from TECKNET. There are two PD ports, and you can plug in two devices simultaneously, which saves a lot of time. 

As the charger uses PPS technology, it offers improved efficiency, and there are fewer power dropouts. When you use both ports simultaneously, the power gets distributed evenly depending on the requirement of the device. 

However, you cannot charge two laptops simultaneously, as the charging speed gets slower. Talking about safety, this charger can beat overcurrent and overcharging to safeguard your devices from any issues.

Furthermore, the LED indicator is there to make things convenient, and it tells you about the charging status. Lastly, the charger dissipates the heat and has a flame-retardant shell, which makes it a great choice.

It protects your devices from interference while charging.The output gets divides when you use both ports.
You can easily charge two phones in one go.You cannot turn off the LED indicator.
It has a GaN certified chip.
It is a super durable wall charger.

Price: $13.99
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