If you are searching for the best 65W USB C Chargers, then you have landed to the right place. In this article, we are going to review the top ten 65W USB C wall chargers that are available from Amazon.

With this 65W power delivery charger, you can easily charge your laptop, MacBook, iPad, tablets, phone, power bank, and headphones. This 65W charger that power up any Dell, HP, Sony, Lenovo, MSI, LG laptops that support USB C Charging. So let’s go ahead and check out the features of the most promising 65W fast chargers.

Best 65W USB C Chargers for MacBook, Laptop, iPhone and Android Devices

#1. WOTOBEUS 65W USB C Car Charger for iPhone

WOTOBEUS 65W USB C Car Charger for iPhone

Now you can charge your gadgets with lightning-fast speed while driving. This compact Type-C charger has three ports, and you can charge three devices simultaneously.

The total power this high-capacity charger offers is 95W, and that’s fairly enough to charge most of your devices. WOTOBEUS has smartly distributed the power among the three ports, including two Type-C and one Type-A.

The 65W PD port is perfect for charging MacBooks/laptops and other devices with a bigger battery. At the same time, the 30W PD and 18W QC port work well for smartphones, wearables, and other smaller gadgets.

With advanced safety features, including overvoltage, overcurrent, and short-circuit protection, this car charger is an outstanding choice to keep the connected devices safe. 

As you plug it in the cigarette socket of your car, the LED light comes to life, indicating that the charger is ready to use. Furthermore, the intelligent power distributor chip ensures all connected devices get charged simultaneously. 

This best 65W car charger can charge an iPhone 12 Pro Max in under 89 minutes, and a MacBook Air 13″ can take around 2.2 hours. Lastly, the charger is highly durable and remains securely attached to the socket, so driving will be fun.

It cuts the charging time in half.The charger gets hot if you use it on full load.
Excellent build quality.Not the best choice for old vehicles with poor batteries.
Three ports to charge your laptop, phone, and tablet in one go.
It has all the required safety features.

Price: $37.49
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#2. TECKNET 65W Fast Wall Charger for Android

TECKNET 65W Fast Wall Charger for Android

Here’s another compact USB C 65W charger that can power three devices in one go. Popular among travelers, and commuters, this charger features a foldable pin design, so throw it in your backpack and keep going.

The two USB Type-C PD ports on this charger offer the maximum power, so you can use them to charge laptops, drones, and other such devices. It features an automatic output adjuster that manages the power properly. 

On a single charging cable, this charger delivers 65W, and you can charge a MacBook Pro 15.4″ in under two hours. However, on two cables, the power gets reduced to 45W in one port and 18W in the other port.

You get unparalleled safety with this best 65W GaN charger, and it keeps overcurrent, overvoltage, and short-circuits at bay. Loaded with futureproof GaN Tech, the chip delivers 3X charging when compared to conventional chargers. 

Even on full load, the charger produces less heat, making it a great choice. The widely compatible charger can charge iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, iPad, Galaxy Tablet, Nintendo Switch, and other devices you just name it. 

Overall, if you need a USB C charger to charge multiple devices simultaneously and safely, consider TECKNET 65W PD Charger. Make sure to buy high-quality Type-C cables, as you don’t get them with this charger.

30% lighter and compact than the conventional chargers.No LED indicator.
Wide compatibility.Charging cables sold separately.
Smart power adjuster to charge your devices quickly.
Highly efficient and producer less heat.

Price: $31.44
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#3. Baseus 65W Metal Fast Dual Port USB Car Charger

Baseus 65W Metal Fast Dual Port USB Car Charger

If you hate your car charger getting ejected multiple times as you drive, go for Baseus Type C Car Charger. It’s a 65W fast charger that charges your devices quickly while staying secure inside the cigarette socket of the vehicle.

Smartly designed to handle maximum power, the charger features two ports. You’ll see a big display on the top that shows the real-time input voltage the charger is getting. I loved the translucent design, and the innards are visible, making it an aesthetic charger.

Designed for cars with 12-24V systems, this car charger is a perfect buy for anyone out there. The Type-C port offers 65W on a single cable. So, you can get your MacBook Air 13” charged in 90 minutes.

The output gets divided as you plug in another cable in the Type-A port. The bright LED light tells you that the charger is working properly so you can concentrate on the road. 

Furthermore, the BPS II Smart Protect Chip fitted inside this device enhances the charging speed while protecting the charger and connected devices from any damages. 

The chip ensures protection against overcurrent, overcharging, and overvoltage. To sum up, this Type-C car charger is a versatile choice that can charge navigators, driving recorders, phones, laptops, and whatnot.

It’s a super-safe device for your car that remains securely in its place. So, plug any two of your devices and charge them quickly while you drive.

Built-in digital display monitors the input voltage.The charger gets hot.
PPC + QC fast charger.The Type-A port is not that fast.
Designed for all cars and trucks.
Super-durable aluminum body.

Price: Price not available
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#4. HyperJuice 3-Ports USB-C GaN Charger for Smartphone

HyperJuice 3-Ports USB-C GaN Charger for Smartphone

HyperJuice makes some of the best 65W USB C chargers you can use to charge your devices quickly. This charging brick comes loaded with three fast-charging ports to charge your fleet of gadgets. The design looks amazing, and this charger is more compact than traditional charging devices.

Talking about the output, the Type-C port offers 65W on a single cable. It can charge your MacBook Pro 15” within 2 hours and an iPhone 12 Pro Max in 60 minutes. When used with two cables, the charger distributes the power evenly, and the same is the case when you use it on full load.

Fitted with a GaN chip, the device offers 2X faster charging. Furthermore, this lab-tested charger stays cool and operates at a low temperature, making it a safer option. 

You get all the necessary safety features, including overvoltage, overcurrent, and overcharging protection with this charger. Travelers love it, all thanks to the built-in foldable pins.

HyperJuice even offers multiple international connectors with the charger. There’s a bright LED indicator on the top that comes to life as you plug the charger in the port. 

Moreover, the charger feels really light and operates well at a voltage of 100V – 240V. The best part is that it’s a universal charger that can be used to charge phones, laptops, tablets, Nintendo Switch, speakers, and more.

Nevertheless, this is an amazing cheap USB C 65W charger that’s perfect for power-hungry devices.

You get international connectors with it.The LED is too bright.
It features a bright LED indicator.The second USB-C port delivers less power.
Smart power distributor keeps the connected devices safe.
Powered with a GaN chip.

Price: $69.99
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#5. ELECJET 65W 3-Port USB C Laptop Charger

No products found.

If you want the fast charger to be small and compact, consider ELECJET USB C 65W charger. This single-piece charger is highly durable and is way more compact than a regular MacBook charging brick. 

Furthermore, the device features foldable pins making it a great choice for travelers. You get three charging ports, including two USB-C and one USB-A port. The Type-C ports offer the maximum power and are fit for charging laptops and other heavy consumption devices.

The input that the charger takes is 110V, so you can plug it in any power outlet of your home or office. In a test, this device charged a MacBook Air 13″ in under two hours and an iPhone 12 Pro Max (50%) in 30 minutes. 

The built-in safety chip grants this charger protection against overcurrent, overcharging, and short-circuit. You can utilize this charger to its full potential by connecting three devices at a time. 

The topmost port is ideal for charging laptops, whereas the other two ports are best suited for phones and cameras. The charger doesn’t get hot even on continuous usage. 

Powered with GaN technology, the device offers the highest charging speed for up to 99% of devices. Overall, this best 65W wall charger will certainly fulfill your requirements. Lastly, it doesn’t feature an LED indicator, so make sure to switch on the charger to charge your devices.

One-piece seamless built guarantees durability.The charger pops out of the power outlet sometimes.
Enhanced safety and faster charging.The after-sales service could be better.
Approved and certified by FCC and UL.
Offers stable output.

Price: No products found.
No products found.

#6. Mopoint 65W Foldable USB C Power Adapter for MacBook

Mopoint 65W Foldable USB C Power Adapter for MacBook

This powerful charger utilizes a GaN powered chip that increases the charging speed and can easily handle multiple devices in one go. This stylish three-port 65W charger from Mopoint is the top choice among users looking to charge their devices quickly.

There are two USB-C ports that offer maximum output, so you can use them to charge laptops, tablets, and portable power stations. On a single cable, the charger offers output to 65W, which can charge your MacBook Pro 13” in 1.8 hours. 

Capable of handling heavy loads, this compact charger adjusts the power accurately, so every connected device gets enough juice.

As it’s a versatile charger, you can use it with phones, Nintendo Switch, laptops, and more. Talking about the design, the charger is way smaller than a regular fast charger, so toss it in your backpack and keep going.

Furthermore, the foldable plug protects the charging pins while charging. Overall, this is a fantastic USB 65W charger that has multiple safety features incorporating overvoltage, overcurrent, and short-circuit. 

Mopoint even offers three international plugs with this device, so you can use it anywhere and anytime.

The built-in LED indicator tells you if the charger is working or not.Some users had issues with the charging ports.
Better heat dissipation.The three travel adapters could be of better quality.
It’s a compact GaN charger.
MagSafe charger compatible.

Price: Price not available
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#7. UGREEN 4-Port 65W GaN Charger for iPhone

UGREEN 4-Port 65W GaN Charger for iPhone

For those looking to charge four devices simultaneously, the UGreen USB C 65W charger is the best choice. Packed with four charging ports, this charger has three Type-C and one Type-A port. It’s a widely compatible charging device that works well with laptops, phones, cameras, and other battery-powered gadgets.

All the USB-C ports offer 65W when used with a single cable. This fast charger can charge your MacBook Pro 13” within 1.8 hours. Furthermore, it can refill your iPhone 12 Pro Max’s battery up to 50 percent in 30 minutes.

As it’s a GaN certified charger, expect it to be compact and smaller than the traditional MacBook charging brick. With a UGreen USB C 65W charger, you get the assurance of uncompromised safety.

The charger safeguards the connected devices from current-related issues while dissipating the heat efficiently. The power output remains stable, and there are no fluctuations at all that reduce the risks of short circuits. 

The travel-ready design makes portability easy, and you can fold the pins to carry the charger. I really loved how sleek and light this charger is. However, it would be better if the charger had an LED indicator.

First charger in this list with four charging ports.It doesn’t feature an LED indicator.
30% smaller than the regular chargers.Widely compatible.
Intelligent protection functions.
Supports voltage from 110 to 240.

Price: $46.99
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#8. Anker 65W Fast USB C Wall Charger for iPhone and Laptop

Anker 65W Fast USB C Wall Charger for iPhone and Laptop

Anker has packed a powerful chip in this tiny charger to make things easy and convenient for you. The unibody design makes it ultra-durable and makes it compact. Designed using IQ3 technology, the charger offers 65W to charge your devices quickly.

It can cut down the charging time up to 30-40% depending on the devices you connect with it. You can expect this fast charger to top-up your MacBook Pro 13” s battery within 2 hours and 8 minutes. 

It doesn’t get hot even when used for hours simultaneously. There is just one port, so the power doesn’t get distributed, and you get a complete 65W. The charger may look small, but it has got all the big safety features, including overvoltage, short-circuit, and overcurrent protection.

Furthermore, this mini fuel device is widely compatible and can be used with smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles, laptops, and more.

It can even charge the MacBook Pro 16”, so go for this charger if you have plans to upgrade your laptop.

Lastly, the best part about this charger is its size. It’s almost 60% smaller than the standard MacBook charging brick, so it’s a perfect travel companion.

PPS compact, fast charger.The pins aren’t foldable.
It can charge almost anything.It has one charging port only.
PowerIQ 3.0 technology to deliver optimized charging.
The charger generates less heat.

Price: $33.99
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#9. ULTRANET 2-Port Foldable Travel 65W USB C Charger

ULTRANET 2-Port Foldable Travel 65W USB C Charger

This is the fastest USB C charger in this list that can charge a MacBook Pro 13” in 1 hour 57 minutes. Powered with a PD 65W Type-C port, this charger supplies uninterrupted power to the connected devices. 

It has got two fast-charging ports, so you can charge your laptop and phone quickly. The sleek design makes it a favorite among people, including me, who hate bulky chargers. The foldable pin design makes it a great pick if you are always on the move.

Powered with advanced GaN Technology, the charger decreases the overall charging time with increased charging speed. There are multiple safety systems available that protect the charger and connected devices from current-related issues.

Furthermore, this best 65W USB C laptop charger even features a temperature control that doesn’t let the charger get hot even when used for longer durations.

To sum up, if you are looking for a compact USB C 65W charger to charge your laptop and smartphone, this one from ULTRANET makes an amazing choice.

It’s entirely safe, travel-friendly, and is a robust charger you can use anywhere.

Widely compatible and can be used to charge Nintendo Switch.The material quality could be better.
It comes with a soft-touch traveling pouch.The customer service isn’t that good.
Intelligent power allocation.
The Type-A port offers fast charging as well.

Price: Price not available
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