The wireless headphones from Apple are popularly known as AirPods. They are minimalistic in design and resemble earbuds. They are the best ones to have while out on a trip or even for regular use. These AirPods come with a battery. So, after a period of time, you need to recharge them in order to continue their usage. But, how will you charge them? It’s simple! Just get the best AirPods wireless chargers available on the market.

The top-rated wireless chargers for Apple AirPods 3, 2, and Pro are compact in size and offer an extra life to your AirPods. If you haven’t got one, then we have summed up some of the best AirPods Wireless Charger for 3, 2, and Pro in this article of ours to ease your search.

Best Wireless Charger for AirPods 3, AirPods 2, and AirPods Pro

#1. FutureCharger Wireless Charging Station for Apple Airpods 3

#FutureCharger Wireless Charging Station for Apple Airpods 3

Charge your AirPods conveniently whenever you want with this powerful wireless charger from FutureCharger. The aluminum alloy charging station is highly durable and comes equipped with plenty of safety features. 

It protects your AirPods from over-temperature, overcurrent, overcharging, and overvoltage, keeping the buds and the charging case safe all the time.

The case can also detect foreign objects and works well with a case up to 4mm thickness. The tiny indicator turns on as the charger starts refueling the AirPods, making things convenient for you.

Lastly, it’s highly versatile and can be used with AirPods 2 (wireless charging), AirPods Pro, and AirPods 3.

It is a highly durable and safe charging case.You need to align the AirPods with the charger.
An anti-slip silicone pad keeps the AirPods secure.
Space-saving design makes it convenient for carrying.

Price: $17.99
Buy Now from Amazon

#2. Belkin MagSafe 2-in-1 Wireless Charger for iPhone and AirPods

Belkin MagSafe 2-in-1 Wireless Charger for iPhone and AirPods

Get this Qi-compatible wireless charger from Belkin and charge your iPhone and AirPods simultaneously. With a maximum output of 15W, this charging station can top up your iPhone and AirPods quickly. 

Furthermore, the best wireless charger for iPhone and AirPods looks elegant, making it a perfect choice for your office desk. There is no need to fumble with the case, as the strong magnet aligns with the AirPods case and starts charging it.

Belkin ensures this wireless charger has all the required safety features, including overcurrent, overcharging, and short-circuit protection. The only thing you need is a powerful wireless adapter to charge your phone and AirPods at lightning-fast speeds.

It charges your AirPods with the case.Not a portable charger.
The charger looks elegant.
The powerful magnet aligns the phone automatically.

Price: $84.99
Buy Now from Amazon

#3. Belkin 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Dock for iPhone, Apple Watch, AirPods

Belkin 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Dock for iPhone, Apple Watch, AirPods

Charge your AirPods, Apple Watch, and iPhone in one go with this 3-in-1 wireless charger from Belkin. Designed to offer convenience, the charger is sleek and is a travel-friendly option. 

The best iPhone, watch, and AirPods charger offers fast charging and automatically adjusts the output depending on the requirement of the connected device. No need to worry about the safety of your buds or phone, as the charger safeguards them from current-related issues.

The charging speed can take a dip if you put all three devices on charge simultaneously. There’s an LED indicator that tells you more about the charging status and when the devices aren’t getting charged.

It comes with a 2-year warranty.The charger heats after some time.
Charges your devices with the case.
Faster and safer charging.

Price: $105.00
Buy Now from Amazon

#4. Apple MagSafe Duo Charger

Apple MagSafe Duo Charger

For all the Apple fanboys out there, here is an amazing wireless charger to charge your AirPods and phone simultaneously. With an output of 15W, the charger is highly compatible with all AirPods models and iPhones.

When connected to a 20W USB-C power adapter, the performance of this charger can’t be matched. Safety is never an issue with this wireless charger, and you can charge your devices conveniently. 

As the AirPods wireless charger folds, you can carry it anywhere inside your purse. Lastly, it’s a MagSafe charger, so you don’t have to take off the case when charging your devices.

Highly compatible with Apple devices.Pricier than other options.
Compact and travel-friendly design.
Safest wireless charger for AirPods.

Price: $129.00
Buy Now from Amazon

If you are in search of a docking station for your iPhones, you can check out our list of best Docking Stations for iPhone.

#5. WAITIEE Wireless Charging Stand for AirPods Pro, Apple iwatch and iPhone

WAITIEE Wireless Charging Stand for AirPods Pro, Apple iwatch and iPhone

Here’s another charging dock that charges your AirPods, iPhone, and Apple Watch in one go. If you want your devices to get charged quickly, you need to use this smart charger. WAITIEE ships it with a fast AC adapter, so just place your AirPods on the charger, and it’ll get charged quickly.

The AirPods wireless charging stand has a surrounding LED indicator that turns on when it starts charging your devices. There are a plethora of safety devices, including overheating, overcurrent, and overcharging.

The powerful magnets align the AirPods and iPhone quickly, so you can charge your devices conveniently. The best thing about this charger is that it detects foreign objects and keeps the charging safer.

It has a superb LED indicator.Not a travel-friendly charger.
Compatible with all AirPods models that support wireless charging.
You get a fast-charging wall adapter in the box.

Price: $29.99
Buy Now from Amazon

#6. THREEKEY Magnetic Wireless Charging Pad for Pro, 2 and 3

THREEKEY Magnetic Wireless Charging Pad for Pro, 2 and 3

AirPods that are looking for a compact charger should consider THREEKEY Magnetic Wireless Charger. The 15W fast charger tops up your AirPods quickly, so you don’t have to wait for long. 

Furthermore, it even charges your iPhone with a MagSafe café making it a superb choice. The magnet sticks to the AirPods and keeps the charging case in place. THREEKEY ships this AirPods wireless charging dock with a charging cable, and you can connect it with the charging block to recharge the AirPods. Lastly, you can use this Qi-compatible wireless charger for iPhones, and AirPods, making it a versatile device.

It adjusts the charging output automatically.It does not charge the Apple Watch.
Excellent magnetic support.
It charges your AirPods quickly.

Price: $16.99
Buy Now from Amazon

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