If you are the one who always forgets things, then this smart AirTag tracker is for you. With this tracker, you will be easily able to track your pet or belongings using your iOS device. So if you are going to purchase it or already own it, you would also like to protect the most valuable device from dust and scratches. That’s why here in this article, we are going to review some of the best AirTags cases and keychains available right now.

In this list, you will find protective AirTag cases in leather and silicone material. Most of the AirTag travel cases are keychain type, so you can easily snap your AirTag on your belongings. So let’s go ahead and explore the best AirTag covers.

Apple AirTag
Apple AirTag
Keep track of and find your items alongside friends and devices in the Find My app; Simple one-tap setup instantly connects AirTag with your iPhone or iPad

Best AirTag Cases and Keychains

#1. Apple AirTag Leather Loop Case

Apple AirTag Leather Loop Case

Designed by Apple, here’s a beautiful leather loop to keep the AirTag handy at all times. Be rest assured that you are getting a qualitative case as it’s made using European leather, adding an extra flair of elegance. 

The versatile loop lets you attach the AirTag case with your bag, jeans loop, or anywhere else as per your preference. The case holds the AirTag securely, making it an ideal choice for runners and folks into sports. Get this amazing leather AirTag case in saddle brown or red color to make the AirTag stand out while keeping it with you all the time.

Beautiful stitching makes it more attractiveIt’s an expensive AirTag case
Made using premium leatherThe material can deteriorate if not kept clean
The material doesn’t wrinkle easily

Price: Price not available
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#2. Q1T5 AirTag Leather Keychain Case

Q1T5 AirTag Leather Keychain Case

So, you love leather accessories? Here’s a phenomenal AirTag case from Q1T5 you need to buy to carry the Bluetooth tracker in style. Created by the finest craftsmen, the case looks luxurious and feels great in hand.

Furthermore, it offers complete protection to the AirTag. Just put the Apple AirTag inside the sleeve, and enjoy. The black PVD stainless steel snap attached to the case lets carry car keys on the go. 

The stitching makes the case even durable, so you are putting your money into something that’s built to last. Get this amazing AirTag protective case in two colors: rustic brown.

Offers complete protection to the AirTagYou cannot attach it to the dog’s collar due to smaller metal ring
Highly durable case
Premium leather material

Price: $12.99
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#3. Caseology Rugged AirTag Case

Caseology Rugged AirTag Case

Want to keep your AirTag safe from dings and dongs? How about an AirTag case that’s built to safeguard the newly launched AirTag? This case from Caseology is here to offer protection. With its textured TPU body and smartly engineered design, the case absorbs the shock, thus protecting the tag.

Popular for its compactness, the case slips into your pocket, and you can even attach it with your dog’s collar using the carabiner. Fitting the AirTag with the case is easy, and you can rest assured about its safety.

Caseology ships a metal carabiner with the case, saving you from any extra expenses.

Rugged design for extra safety Available in one color only
A bigger carabiner clip makes it versatileThe case is a bit heavy
Shock absorbing round corners 

Price: $12.99
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#4. Spigen Protective AirTag Keychain Type Case

Spigen Protective AirTag Keychain Type Case

Spigen is here with a durable yet elegant AirTag keychain case that lets you carry the car keys and AirTag together. The keychain has a bigger leather loop that fits with the Apple AirTag quickly, and you can carry it wherever you need.

The case feels premium in quality, and the secure button closure assures its safety. Perfect for those who love minimalism, this is one of the best AirTag cases to buy.

Lastly, it comes with a round carabiner so you can attach it to your purse, keys, or jeans loops. 

Premium quality leatherThe material can wrinkle over time
Closure button for extra safetyAvailable in black color only
Sleek design with minimal weight

Price: $9.99
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#5. LiZHi Protective AirTag Silicone Case

LiZHi Protective AirTag Silicone Case

If you drop things frequently and need a case that can protect your AirTags from accidental falls, this is the best AirTag case you need to try. The material is a shock absorber, so stop worrying about any damages even if you drop the AirTags.

The material is high quality and holds the AirTag secure in place. Furthermore, there’s a carabiner attached to the loop, and you can use the case with the dog’s collar or car’s keys.

The silicone AirTag keychain case is even sweat proof and scratch-resistant, making it a great choice for active folks. Lastly, you get a range of three attractive color options, including red, navy blue, and black.

Precise cutout for a snug fitIt doesn’t look premium like a leather case
The carabiner is big and durable
Sweat and water-resistant case

Price: Price not available
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#6. MoKo AirTag Leather Case

MoKo AirTag Leather Case

MoKo is here with a pack of two AirTag cases you can use to experience style while protecting the AirTags. Made with genuine leather, the tracker case feels great in hand and is a terrific option to carry to your office or parties. 

Featuring a minimalistic design, the case is compact and lightweight. The precise cutout lets you attach the AirTag tracker quickly while keeping it secure in place. 

Furthermore, the round carabiner loop fits well with keys, dog collars, and purses, making carrying the AirTag a breeze. Lastly, MoKo offers this case in multiple color options.

Sleek and lightweightThe carabiner is a bit small
Durable material
Raised rim on the cutout for added protection

Price: $7.95
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#7. BabyValley AirTag Keychain Case

BabyValley AirTag Keychain Case

Looking for an AirTag case that’s not heavy on the pocket yet protects the Bluetooth tracker from damages? BabyValley is here with a durable case you should buy to get more protection for the AirTags.

Made using liquid silicone, the material is highly durable and absorbs shocks to safeguard the AirTag. Furthermore, the sleek finish makes this case a favorite among AirTag owners. The precise cutout offers a snug fit, while the raised lips protect the Bluetooth bracket from scratches.

Lastly, it’s a water and sweat-resistant case built to last. Just put your AirTag in the case, and keep moving.

Washable materialIt doesn’t come with a carabiner
DurableThe material feels cheap sometimes
Excellent texture

Price: $9.99
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#8. Aircovered AirTag Bumper Case

Aircovered AirTag Bumper Case

Need 360-degree protection for your AirTag? Say hello to this premium case from Aircovered. Designed to offer all-around protection, the case protects the tracker from damages and scratches.

The sleek sleeve hugs the AirTag tightly, so forget about any damages or dust invasion. Made using silicone, the case is lightweight and feels smooth while carrying.

The bigger carabiner attached to the case makes it versatile, and you can carry the AirTag with ultimate ease. Attach it with your dog’s collar or bundle it with car rings, you get maximum freedom with this amazing AirTag case from Aircovered.

Flexible and durable materialIt’s a bit heavy
Offers a snug fit to the AirTag
Texted for max drop protection

Price: $7.99
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#9. DamonLight AirTag Leather Case

DamonLight AirTag Leather Case

Another charming leather case in this list is here! Usually, leather AirTag cases are expensive. But DamonLight has launched a cheap case that looks premium and is perfect for carrying your AirTag. 

Designed with minimalism in mind, the case is sleek and lightweight. You can quickly secure the AirTag with the case using the closure button. Suitable for carrying with keys, the case has a big key holder but misses a carabiner.

The material is scratch-resistant and doesn’t wrinkle easily as it’s genuine leather. Get this leather AirTag case in a range of colors including black, blue, brown and yellow.

Durable and solid metal snap ringNot resistant to water exposure
The secure button keeps the AirTag in place
Classy looking sleeve

Price: Price not available
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That’s it for now! We will keep updating this article when we came across the more good AirTag cases.

How to Setup and Use Apple AirTag with iPhone or iPad?

Connecting Apple AirTag with the iOS device is almost similar to setting up your Apple AirPods. To pair Apple AirTag, you need to make sure that your iPad or iPhone is updated to iOS 14.3 and that Find my App is enabled.

Bring AirTag near your iPhone or iPad. Tap on connect button and then give your AirTag names such as keys, bag, wallet, or anything. 

Now, keep or attach the AirTag to the valuable item, and you are ready to track it. 

That’s it. If you loose your item, launch the Find my App and keep your AirTag in lost mode. You will be notified automatically when it is found.

Moreover, you can also set up it to show your contact in lost mode. This will turn on any other smartphone user with NFC, tapping on the white part of AirTag will take them to found.apple.com.

From there, they can see your contact details and reach to you.

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