Amazon Alexa personal digital assistant has gained a lot of popularity among the users through its wide range of skills. So today, in this article of ours, we have brought to you the best Alexa speakers for music.

This article covers different types of Alexa Bluetooth speakers. If music is your priority, these Amazon Alexa wireless speaker is the best to accompany you wherever you go. Whether you are out for hiking, trekking, camping, or are performing any indoor or outdoor chores, these Alexa-enabled portable speakers can prove a great companion. You can explore more about them on our list of top-rated Alexa-enabled speakers.

Best Alexa Speakers

#1. Bose Home Speaker 500 Bluetooth Speaker with Alexa

Bose Home Speaker 500 Bluetooth Speaker with Alexa

This well-designed Bose Home Speaker is just packed with several useful features and fills your room with its powerful stereo sound that too from a single speaker. Isn’t it amazing? It allows you to play music from Amazon Music, Spotify or simply connect this home speaker with your smartphone, tablet or laptop via Bluetooth to get access to unlimited songs. The best thing about this Alexa enabled speaker is it excellent voice pickup functionality, thanks to its custom-designed array of eight microphones.

You can control the music of this wireless speaker with your voice or tap the buttons located on the top the portable speaker or use Spotify connect(Spotify App) or manage it using Bose Music app.

With this smart speaker, you can control Alexa compatible smart home devices, set up an alarm clock or timer, music playback and a lot more in its kitty. Moreover, you also get the freedom of bringing entertainment into your room – be it movies, music or your favorite TV series.

Price: $379.00
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#2. Philips S7505 Wireless Alexa Enabled Smart Speaker

Philips S7505 Wireless Alexa Enabled Smart Speaker

This compact and portable speaker from the house of Philips S7505 is just the best fit for tech and music enthusiasts. If music is a part of your life, then with this wireless speaker you can enjoy and experience high-quality sound that is tuned to retain audio quality at any/every VOLUME.

The awesome factor of this device is that it has built-in Alexa voice control, which lets you play music, ask questions, check Weather, manage smart device and lot more! The speaker allows you to use Alexa for home intercom and can also make calls and send messages. Not only this you can also use Alexa Drop IN feature.

Connecting to Concert Black Smart Speaker is simply a breeze. You can use native apps from your smartphone or laptop and connect this speaker via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Spotify Connect, USB, Aux input and lot more.

Music lovers out there can now stream their favorite music and can connect it to multiple speakers from any room of their house. Doesn’t it feel like icing on the cake? Well, there’s more to it. It is splash resistant, which makes it your pool or beach companion. You can expect 15+hours of play time, courtesy its powerful lithium-ion battery.

Price: $52.88
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#3. JAM Symphony WiFi Speaker with Alexa Under $100

JAM Symphony WiFi Speaker with Alexa

This compact Wi-Fi home audio speaker lets you stream your choice of music using its Wi-Fi technology. It is easy to set up and has no complicated wiring, which means that you can install it yourself. With a push to talk Alexa feature, you can easily access Alexa via your smartphone. You can also create an instant home audio solution by syncing 8 JAM Wi-Fi speakers.

The built-in sub-woofer along with crystal-clear 2.1 stereo sound is designed to deliver immense bass. You can change the orientation of this speaker and can set your choice of channels in it. The built-in intercom feature of this smart speaker is just amazing as you can broadcast your message to other rooms.

In case, you have more than one JAM Wi-Fi speakers then you can play your choice of music on a single speaker or can play the same music throughout your house. You can control this by making use of the JAM app.

Price: $64.99
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#4. Marshall Acton II Wireless Speaker inBuilt Alexa

Marshall Acton II Wireless Speaker inBuilt Alexa

Have hands-free control over playing or controlling your choice of music or simply listen to Podcast with this Marshall Wireless Smart Speaker. Access to every song or music has been made such a breeze by just asking Alexa. You can connect it with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 3.5 mm input or using RCA.

The best thing about this smart speakers is that you can fine-tune your choice of music to meet your specific requirements. This can be achieved by using Marshall Voice app or analog controls situated on the top panel of the speaker, which helps to perfect sound level according to the room from where you are playing it.

The fantastic thing about this speaker is that it uses a far-field microphone array for noise cancellation and smart voice recognition. The speaker can hear your voice across the room even if you are listening music. If you want privacy in your room, then you can turn off Alexa by pressing the mute button from the top panel.

The multi-room music feature on Alexa enabled devices allows you to play a different song in the individual room or can also play same song throughout the home. Unlike other smart speakers, you can also control smart home devices with this speaker via Alexa.

Price: $204.94
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#5. Harman Kardon Home Speaker with Alexa

Harman Kardon Home Speaker with Alexa

This Harmon voice-activated Home Speaker is designed with four microphone array and has excellent digital sound processing engine. Its WiFi dual-band allows you to connect Alexa easily so that you can ask questions to Amazon Alexa, place an order, play your favorite music and control smart home accessories. The 3.5” subwoofer of this device delivers low-frequency output integration, thanks to its midrange-tweeters.

With its 360-degree sound, you can fill the whole room or home with your favorite music, which starts thundering out from the built-in woofer. If you wish, you can stream your favorite music or playlist straight from your mobile device via Bluetooth. Its 360-degree responsive lighting adorns the semi-transparent structure of this device.

Price: $64.95
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#6. Echo(2nd Generation) – Smart speaker with Alexa

Echo(2nd Generation) - Smart speaker with Alexa

The all-new Echo features a new design and comprises of a new speaker. It is available in various fabrics. You can pick up the one that suits your style.

You can connect your Echo to Alexa and enjoy a plenty of functions – make calls, listen to your favorite tracks, set alarms & reminders, control your smart home devices and much more. All your devices can now be handled at the tip of your voice. It consists of seven microphones, beam-forming & noise cancellation technology. Thus, you can hear only what you want to hear.

Price: Price not available
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#7. FABRIQ Portable Wi-Fi Speaker With Amazon Alexa 

FABRIQ Portable Wi-Fi Speaker With Amazon Alexa

With a completely new design and sleek look, FABRIQ brings to you an ultra-stylish Bluetooth speaker that works with Amazon Alexa. It is a standalone speaker that does not require either Echo or Dot.

It supports Wi-Fi functionality. Hence, you can connect it with up to 10 FABRIQ speakers and enjoy partying with your friends, colleagues, and family members. Play same music in all your rooms or chose different music for different rooms – the choice is all yours. Also, its Bluetooth capability lets you carry it wherever you go. Just connect it to your device and have fun all your way.

Price: $18.48
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#8. DOSS Alexa Enabled Portable Bluetooth Speaker

DOSS Alexa Enabled Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The Bluetooth speaker from DOSS is an Amazon-certified Alexa-enabled speaker. You can thus control your smart home devices with your voice. Apart from this you can also hear the news, enjoy your favorite tracks, look for some information, order food, and do many more activities instantly with this speaker.

Featuring an ingenuity design, this Alexa compatible Bluetooth speaker is built with textured linen and is full of artistic design. Thus, it completely blends with your home décor. Also, its portable design enables you to take it with you.

Price: $39.99
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#9. Edifier Alexa Smart Speaker Under $200

Edifier Alexa Smart Speaker

The Edifier is a voice control speaker that features Amazon’s smart and intelligent voice assistant, Alexa. What you need to do is say “Alexa” before you command anything. For example, “Alexa, turn on the lights” and Alexa will turn on the lights for you.

It is extremely compact in size and sleek in design. Thus, you can easily slide it into your bag, pocket, handbag, or backpack and carry it almost everywhere you go. Its dynamic audio is competent enough to fill your room with sound. You can even stream your favorite playlist from Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music, TuneIn, and iHeartRadio with this speaker.

Price: $149.99
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#10. Sonos One Smart Speaker with Alexa

Sonos One Smart Speaker with Alexa

With Amazon Alexa built right into it, Sonos provides you a voice-controlled smart speaker. You can start listening to your favorite music and even control it. That is play/pause the song and change the track.

It comes in a pack of two. So, these speakers from Sonos can fill two rooms of your house with rich and crystal clear sound. You can even connect these Alexa enabled speakers to your Playbar to enjoy the feel of the home theater.

Price: $599.99
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#11. Polk Audio Command Sound Bar with Amazon Alexa

Polk Audio Command Sound Bar with Amazon Alexa

The Polk Audio speaker with a wireless sub-woofer can enhance your movie watching experience with its built-in Dolby and DTS surround to implement home theatre like sound quality. You can use voice commands to start playing your favorite music on iHeartRadio or select any song from your Amazon Music playlist. Moreover, wi-fi and Bluetooth compatibility let you stream song directly from your handheld devices.

The speaker has got access for USB ports, HDMI input, and optical audio which lets you connect Amazon Fire Stick, enjoy 4K content with high definition sound on 4k monitor or 4K TV. With the smart home control function, you can control any smart appliance in your house. Overall, it is a great device to amplify any home entertainment session with its astounding sound quality.

Price: $263.93
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#12. iHome Amazon Alexa Bluetooth Speaker with USB Charging

iHome Amazon Alexa Bluetooth Speaker with USB Charging

The iHome Alexa enable speaker is larger than usual bookshelf speakers with cloud-based voice command system. Starting from turning off your bedside lamp to turning off your coffee machine, this speaker is capable of controlling every smart home appliances. The speaker is equipped with a light bar on its base which offers mood lighting and adjustable color modes.

To enhance your entertainment session, the speaker allows wi-fi and Bluetooth connectivity to stream your favorite music from any handheld device. You can configure the one-touch smart button which will redirect to your favorite music playing app when pressed. Other than that, it has got buttons for every functionality to make interaction easier.

Price: $85.50
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These are some of the best Alexa speakers on our list. Which among them is your favorite? Or do you have any apart from these speakers? Do let us know in the comments section.


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