Want to have Amazon Alexa on go? If yes, then let’s go ahead and checkout the features of the best Alexa for car.

Quick Summary:

Best Overall: Garmin - “A full-fledged touchscreen car entertainment system with built-in Alexa. It has several pre-loaded apps to make driving convenient, and you can even make to-do lists using voice commands”.

Most Loved: ROAV - “A smart charger with two fast-charging outlets. It cancels the noise, and you can make crystal-clear calls. In addition, it's compatible with Android and iOS devices and can work well in almost any car".

Budget Pick: Echo - “The most convenient and compact Alexa for car device that lets you do everything with voice commands. It's easy to install and keeps you entertained throughout the journey”. 

Best Alexa for Car

#1. iOttie Aivo Wireless Charger and Phone Mount Holder with Alexa for Car

iOttie Aivo Wireless Charger and Phone Mount Holder with Alexa for Car

iOttie is here with a wireless charger for your car that serves you as a voice assistant as well. Now you can refuel your smartphone while enjoying hands-free access. The auto-clamping makes things convenient, and you can mount or unmount your phone easily while driving.

The maximum output is around 10W, making this wireless charger ideal for phones like iPhone 11, 12, and some Samsung Galaxy models. Setting this wireless charger with a built-in voice assistant is easy, and you can mount it on the dashboard.

There’s an LED ring on the base that activates when you say, Alexa. So from changing music tracks to answering calls and adjusting the volume, everything can be done with just voice commands. In addition, the built-in ANC microphone filters the external noises for crystal-clear calls.

You don’t have to worry about your phone’s safety, as this is a Qi-compatible charger that offers a plethora of safety features. Lastly, the device comes with a cable, but you need a 10W car adapter to power it up.

  • Easy to install and use. 
  • You can even make payments with this car voice assistant.
  • Compatible with Android and iOS devices.
  • It even lets you connect the smart home devices connected to the main Alexa app.
  • It may not stick well on plastic dashboards.
  • No fast charging on offer.

Price: $58.09
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#2. Echo Auto- Hands-free Alexa in your car with your phone

Echo Auto- Hands-free Alexa in your car with your phone

Next on the list of Echo Auto, that’s specially designed for your car to offer maximum convenience. The device is sleek and doesn’t divert your attention, so you can drive carefully to the destination. Setting it up is a cakewalk, and you can mount it on the AC vents using the stand you get inside the box.

There are two buttons on board, one to mute the mic and one to activate the assistant. The device responds to the Alexa voice command, and you can ask it to play your favorite music, make calls when connected to your phone, and there is a lot you can do.

Adjusting the volume also requires you to use voice commands, and there are no buttons on this device as you get with the Echo Dot. The multicolored LED light turns on as you tell Alexa, and you know that the device is listening to you. Lastly, the Echo car by Amazon is compatible with all cars, and you get a connectivity cable and adaptor inside the box.

  • It has multiple mics for better response.
  • Perfect for hands-free entertainment.
  • You can ask Alexa for music, directions, and for a lot of tasks.
  • Easy to set up using the Alexa app.
  • It doesn’t charge your smartphone.
  • You cannot pay with this device.

Price: $49.99
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#3. Roav VIVA Alexa-Enabled 2-Port USB Car Charger

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Roav by Anker is a very compact car charger with a built-in Alexa. If you don’t like a big device mounted on the dashboard, the Roav car charger should be your choice. No fuss of attaching the cables, just plug it in the cigarette holder, and you are good to go.

There are two fast-charging Type-A ports, and you can charge your smartphones quickly. Setting up Alexa on this device is easy, and you can have a fantastic hands-free experience.

There’s a mute button on the top, and when you don’t want Alexa to listen to your conversations, you can tap it. Furthermore, the blue LED looks good and tells you that Alexa is ready to assist you. 

The indicator turns green when there are any notifications, so you don’t miss out on the important things. When paired with your smartphone, the device even lets you ask for directions, play music, and do several things.I loved the durable construction and how this Alexa compatible car accessory remains secure in the outlet, even on bumpy roads. Lastly, the device has an intelligent chip that determines the battery capacity of the connected device and charges it accordingly.

  • It has two fast-charging USB ports.
  • In-car sound isolation improves the audio quality.
  • Multiple microphones, so the Alexa responds to you even in noisy environments.
  • No hassles of using cables and adapters.
  • It doesn’t mount with your phone.
  • Not for cars without cigarette holders.

Price: No products found.
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#4. iOttie Easy One Touch Connect Pro Car Accessories for Alexa

iOttie Easy One Touch Connect Pro Car Accessories for Alexa

Here’s another car mount with a built-in Alexa that offers ultimate convenience while driving. The extendable arm lets you get the best viewing angle, so you can easily use navigation and always have the smartphone handy.

The built-in MFI technology makes it highly compatible with iPhones. Moreover, it improves connectivity, and you won’t have any issues when using it with your iOS device. The built-in Alexa is easy to set up, and you can start using it within minutes.

There are two indicators on either side, and they turn when Alexa is listening to you. In addition, the automatic clamps make this phone mount operable with one hand, so you don’t have to pull over your vehicle just to mount/unmount the phone.

You get everything inside the box, be it the connectivity cable or the charging adapter. The strong dash mounting base lets you install this mount on leather as well as plastic dashboards. iOttie also offers a compatible app for this charger cum Alexa for cars, and you can use it to use different Alexa skills. I did not like the placement of the mute mic button as it is on the backside of this device.

  • It lets you make calls, play music, and do a lot more.
  • You can easily control the smart home devices with this Alexa for car.
  • The strong suction cup keeps it secure on the dashboard.
  • One-touch clamping and release button.
  • It doesn’t charge your phone.
  • The connectivity cable is small.

Price: $59.95
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#5. Garmin DriveSmart 65 Alexa Compatible Car Accessories

Garmin DriveSmart 65 Alexa Compatible Car Accessories

Garmin DriveSmart 65 is an amazing touchscreen device with built-in Alexa you need to hit the road. The display is highly responsive, so you don’t need to get your smartphone, as it serves you for a variety of purposes.

Pre-loaded with navigation apps, the Garmin DriveSmart 65 shows you the best routes you can take to reach the destination. The built-in Alexa lets you interact with the device, and you can play/pause music while adjusting the volume. 

Connecting this car accessory with Alexa for  cars with your smartphone is easy, just download the Garmin Drive app, and you can pair it with your Android or iOS device. One thing you are going to miss on this device is making calls.

Equipped with apps like Amazon Music, Pandora, Sirius XM, this Alexa device for the car will make your drive even more convenient. Lastly, mounting requires you to install the plastic bracket over the AC vent, and you may not install it in cars with circular vents.

  • It comes with multiple pre-loaded apps and games.
  • Frequent firmware upgrades keep the maps working seamlessly.
  • It has a high-resolution display.
  • The device offers a safe driving experience.
  • No LED indicator is there.
  • You cannot make calls with it.

Price: $249.95
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