Thinking of making your home smarter? Then, let Alexa control your home devices. This is the way which would help you transform your ordinary house into a smart one. For this, you need to bring home the best Amazon Echo Accessories.

Voice control technology is the most trending one in the market as well as among the users. This technology is a way fun to do and at the same time is time-saving. Amazon has set the best example by introducing some of the gadgets like Echo, Echo Dot, or Echo Show which can be operated using the voice recognition technique. The voice recognition feature in all these devices is named as “Alexa”.

These top-rated Alexa compatible smart home devices are gaining more and more popularity among the tech fanatic folks. It is now making homes across the world a more comfortable and enjoyable place.

If you own Amazon Echo device then you should utilize them to its best, the following Best Accessories of Amazon Echo may help you!

Best Amazon Echo Accessories

Best Amazon Echo Accessories

Accessories for Amazon Echo

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#1. ecobee3 Thermostat with Sensor

Ecobee Thermostat with Sensor

It is the world’s 1st home kit-enabled smart thermostats. It lowers your electricity bills with its smart functionalities. The thermostat exactly knows when to turn on/off your heating or cooling equipment based on the weather outside. The smart sensor detects your presence when you are at home and when you are not.

This 2nd generation thermostat with active sensors works well with Alexa for voice control.

Price: $269.79
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#2. Fintie Protective Case

Fintie Protective Case for Amazon Echo

Use your Amazon Echo as a piece of art for your home décor with this customized protective case!! The exterior of this case is made from premium quality of synthetic leather and the interior is designed with anti-scratch microfiber. It protects your Amazon Echo from scratches, oil smudges, dirt, and from other collisions.

The perfect acoustic vents fit perfectly at the speakers; hence delivering you the best quality of sound. The removable strap design i.e. the carrying handle provided makes it easy for you to carry your Amazon Echo wherever you go.

Price: $10.99
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#3. GE Link Smart LED Light Bulb

GE Lighting Smart LED Light Bulb

This general purpose LED bulb is the best for indoor use. It works well with Amazon Alexa. So, now you can switch on or off the light at your house just with your Alexa – the voice control technology – while sitting in any corner. You can also dim the light whenever you want from the smart App.

It provides 800 lumens of light and that too with 2700k soft white appearance. It is estimated that this bulb lasts for approximately 22.8 years. You also get a warranty of 2 years on its purchase.

Pros: In addition to Alexa, this LED light bulb is compatible with Wink App, Amazon Echo, SmartThings Hub, and other Zigbee related devices.

Price: $27.50
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#4. Wink Connected Home Hub

Wink Connected Home Hub

Now make your home think on its own with the Wink HUB!! Wink Hub lets you connect all of your smart home devices so that it becomes easy for you to control them from wherever you are. The setup process is quite easy. What you need to do is download the Wink App on your smartphone, connect the Wink Hub with this App and then finally connect your smart devices with it. You are ready to go!

The Wink Robots allow you to customize the settings as you want. You can set the robots to “turn on the lights whenever you unlock your main door” or you can even set schedules like “turn off all the devices when you go to bed”.

Pros: Wink Hub supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Z-Wave, Zigbee, ClearConnect, and Kidde for enhancing your user experience.

Price: $34.95
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#5. Wemo Light Switch

Wemo Light Switch

This home automation device can be used in place of your old light switch. It works only with one-way connection lights. It does not require any hub or subscription to work. With this smart light switch, you can sync ON or OFF timings of the lights as per sunset/sunrise, and more.

The Wemo Light Switch works wells with Alexa which makes your light to respond according to your voice commands. It is also compatible with Nest Thermostat which will let your lights know when you are outside the house and when inside.

Pros: This light switch can be operated from any of your smartphones and tablets – be it Android or Apple devices – but with iOS 8 or higher.

Price: $39.99
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#6. Samsung SmartThings Smart Home Hub

Samsung SmartThings Hub

Teach your home to work in a smart way with the Samsung SmartThings hub. This hub lets you connect wirelessly a wide range of smart home devices – be it lights, fans, locks, speakers, sensors, or more – to work together. Let your house operate on its own with the hub telling it certain things like when you are awake, asleep, away from the house or back home.

This hub requires an internet-connected router with an Ethernet port for installation. You can ask Alexa to perform certain tasks using your SmartThings Hub.

Pros: The SmartThings App is available on all the platforms – be it Android, iPhone, or Windows – making it compatible with all of your gadgets.

Price: $94.99
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#7. co2CREA Bluetooth Speaker Storage Travel Carrying Case

Amazon echo Bluetooth Speaker Storage Travel Carrying Case

This carrying case is made up of EVA material. It is a semi-hard carrying case. Your Bluetooth speaker for Amazon Echo perfectly fits in this case. It will protect your device from scratches, bumps, and drops while you carry it with you wherever you go.

Price: $19.99
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#8. Philips Hue White Smart Bulb

Philips Hue LED Light Bulb

This pack from Philips consists of two Hue white A19 bulbs and a hub. All these devices can be operated with the voice control mechanism i.e. Alexa.

You can control your smart gadgets by connecting them to the hub which in turn can be connected with the Philips Hue App on your smartphone. The hub is capable of connecting up to 50 lights. The 2 LED bulbs provide 800 lumens of light and can be dimmed as per your requirement.

Price: $66.95
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#9. Mission Cables Portable Battery Base

Mission Cables Portable Battery Base for Echo

Now you can carry your Amazon Echo wherever you desire! Place your Echo in the battery case. Connect the battery with the power adapter. You can even use Echo while it is charging state. 3 light indicators are provided in the battery case. One denotes the low battery, other denoted whether the power supply is on/off and the third one indicates the battery charging status.

The intelligent battery management system allows you to keep the adapter continuously plugged into the battery case without damaging your battery. You can enjoy playtime of 6 hours after the Echo is fully charged.

Price: $29.99
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#10. Alexa Voice Remote for Amazon Echo

Alexa Voice Remote for Amazon Echo

Amazon offers an official remote for both Amazon Echo as well as Echo Dot. This remote can be paired up with your Echo & Echo Dot via Bluetooth pairing feature. The microphone provided in this remote control helps you when you are far away from the device or it is too noisy for Alexa to hear you.

This remote control with Alexa compatibility enables you to operate your Echo & Echo Dot from wherever you are in your house. The integrated buttons allow you to control the volume, change the track, play or pause the music. Moreover, this remote can work with both of your gadgets at the same time.

Price: $29.99
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#11. eveco Echo Speaker Stand

eveco Echo Speaker Stand


The speaker guard by eveco is exclusively designed to protect your Amazon Echo UE Boom Speaker. It is a sturdy stand with clear rings that exactly match the light ring of your Echo; giving it a dashing look. The stand base prevents your Echo from knocking with other substances. This stand won’t affect the sound quality of the speaker.

Price: $15.99
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#12. Dominic West Amazon Echo User Guide

Amazon Echo User Guide

Kindle Edition provides you with a user manual for operating your Amazon Echo in an eBook form. You can read this manual on all of your devices – be it a smartphone, tablet, PC, or laptop. Read the manual to know about the features and functionalities that Security Camera your Echo provides. Learn it!

Price: $0.83
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#13. EZVIZ Wi-Fi Home Video Security Camera

EZVIZ Home Video Monitoring Security Camera

This smart home camera comes with IFTTT feature so that you can connect it with your IoT smart devices and voice control with Amazon Echo. Install the EZVIZ App on your phone and you can view the footage of your house from anywhere and at any time. It is secured with end-to-end video encryption.

It provides clear HD videos even at night and possesses the 1110 viewing angle. It can also detect motion alerts. You can even listen from and talk to with the help of built-in speaker and mic in the camera. You can store playback of 7 days in the cloud. If you don’t want to opt for cloud storage then the camera also accept 128 GB micro SD card.

Price: $39.99
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#14. Lightning Power Carrying Case Bag

Lightning Power Carrying Case Bag for Amazon Echo Speaker & Charger

Lightning Power provides you carrying cases for your Amazon Echo speaker and charger. It is made up of Lycra cushion material. Its 0.3mm thickness protects your speaker from accidental bumps or unwanted drops. The zippered closure gives you easy access to the speaker.

You can also attach the carrying case of the charger in the provided strap. The strap can be attached to your backpack to carry your Amazon Echo Speaker and its charger wherever you go.

Price: $11.90
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Hope you would be able to make a right choice from the above-provided list of some of the Best Amazon Echo Accessories to make your home smarter! So, which of the above Alexa compatible device are you going to purchase? Do write to us about your choices and opinions in the comments section.