If you own an Amazon Echo Dot, you would undoubtedly belong to have a portable battery base for this beautiful gadget. With these best portable battery bases for Amazon Echo Dot, you can easily carry your Dot with you wherever you go. Your Alexa always accompanies you.

The portable battery base for Echo Dot is designed not only to charge your gadget but also to keep it safe from wear and tear use. Further, it is compact in size and sleek in design. Thus, you can easily slide it into your pocket, bag, backpack, or your purse and carry your Alexa on an adventure. You can make your Alexa work for you wherever you want because these battery cases make your Echo Dot portable.

In this article of ours, we have rounded some of the top-rated portable battery chargers for Echo Dot. Do have a look!

Best Portable Battery Base for Amazon Echo Dot

#1. GGMM D3 Portable Base for Echo Dot 3rd Generation

GGMM D3 Portable Base for Echo Dot 3rd Generation

You can now enjoy up to 7 hours of unstoppable runtime with the GGMM D3 Portable battery base. It also allows you to play songs directly on phones, tablets, and other devices via AUX connection. Moreover, you can also turn this portable battery base into a Bluetooth speaker once you connect with a Bluetooth receiver.

With this battery base, what you require doing is just place your Echo Dot on top of it. Plugin the internal connectors and you are all set to go. Its 5200mAh rechargeable in-built battery facilitates you to roam around wirelessly and enjoy using your Echo Dot from anywhere and everywhere.

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#2. Mission Cables Portable Battery for Echo Dot

Mission Cables Amazon Echo Dot Portable Battery Base

This battery base from Mission Cables securely fits your Echo Dot in it. Its silicone padded layer offers a premium level of protection to your Echo Dot from scratches, scrapes, and cuts.

It is competent enough to provide 5 hours of playback time to your Echo Dot. Further, you can charge it with the Amazon Echo Dot power adapter. Its battery management system is developed in such a way that it won’t damage your gadget even in case you leave the adapter plugged in for hours together.

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#3. Caramote Echo Dot Battery Base

Caramote Portable Battery Base for Amazon Echo Dot

Featuring a battery capacity of 10,080mAh, this portable battery base from Caramote delivers 6-10 hours of operational capacity to your Amazon Echo Dot. You can make your Echo Dot wireless with this battery base and hence carry it along with you wherever you go.

Moreover, this base offers an extra level of stability to your Echo Dot. And, its rubber pads add more to the protection and stability of your precious gadget. Also, the in-built intelligent battery management system prevents your devices from accidental damages.

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#4. Skywin Wireless Battery Speaker with Battery Base

Skywin Wireless Battery Speaker with Battery Base

This portable battery base adds a piece of décor in your house. Its construct is such that it easily blends with your home décor.

It features a rechargeable lithium-ion battery of 4400mAh capacity that keeps your Amazon Echo Dot charged up for hours. Its powerful stereo system boosts your Echo Dot’s performance with enhanced bass and sound. Further, it is designed to work as an independent sound system when you connect other gadgets like the smartphone to it.

Price: $39.99
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#5. Yahugifu Amazon Echo Dot Power Bank

Yahugifu Portable Battery Base for Amazon Echo Dot

Yahugifu brings to you the best Echo Dot battery base which is compatible with your 3rd generation Echo Dot. With the battery capacity of 5200mAh, it offers you 8 hours of work time. This may vary as per an individual’s use.

Just place your Echo Dot in the battery base it with the transparent lid! Your Echo Dot is completely safe in it. The anti-scratch material used in the base protects your device from scratches and other damages.

Built with Intelligent Battery Charging Technology, this battery base also connects with the wall charger for long time use. To turn on charging press the power button once and to turn it off press the power button twice! It’s just a perfect piece that will add to your home decor!

Price: $28.99
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