Best Amazon Echo Wall Mount

Amazon Echo is mainly used for streaming of music and controlling smart home accessories. So if you own this smart speaker, then you may be looking for best Amazon Echo Wall Mount.

Mounting Amazon Echo around your home is quite easy, and there are many good options available in the market. Just-in-case if you are thinking that after mounting your Echo device it won’t work correctly, then you are wrong as Amazon Alexa is capable of answering your questions even without being there on the table. So without any further delay, let’s explore this list of top rated mount for Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, and Echo Plus.

Best Amazon Echo, Echo Dot and Echo Plus Wall Mount

#1. VIVO Black Wall Mount Steel Bracket Holder for Amazon Echo

VIVO provides you with number 1 mounting solution for your Amazon Echo. The modern and enhanced design of this wall mount perfectly blend with the Amazon Echo. It is coated with black powder so that it prevents the Amazon Echo from scratches or any other damages.

This minimally designed wall mount saves space. The Alexa is placed in such a way that it refrains itself from unwanted drops and falls. You get 2 black 1” of screws and 2 wall anchors along with the wall mount to make your installation easy.

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#2. Fintie Aluminum Wall Mount Stand for Amazon Echo

Now mount your Amazon Echo wherever you want – be it on the wall of your living room, on furniture or anywhere you want. This wall mount is specially designed for your Amazon Echo. The sleek design of this wall mount perfectly balances the form and function of the device. The design perfectly holds your Echo such that there is no impact on the sound quality.

This uniquely designed Amazon Echo Wall Mount with superior durability and stability provides perfect support to your Echo and prevents it from accidental drops and unwanted falls.

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#3. Feiyen Outlet Wall Mount Hanger Stand for Echo Dot

You can now move your Dot from one place to another with the outlet mount from FeiYen. Its power cable and power adapter frees you from managing those extended chords that get along all your way. Its footprint design attaches to a power outlet, and its lock prevents your Dot from falling.

It is structured in such a way that the microphones and speakers get complete exposure to function properly. When your Dot is tucked in this outlet, it remains more responsive. Moreover, its elegant design doesn’t block the plug of whichever outlet it is plugged into. It also features a reserved hole that lets you use it for bar mounting too.

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#4. Matone Outlet Wall Mount Hanger Stand for Amazon Echo

This hanger stand from Matone is exclusively designed for your Echo Dot (2nd Generation). It features a Nifty non-slip gasket that offers a tight fit with the plug and keeps the mount in place. Thus, you don’t need to worry about your Dot dropping off anytime. Further, it is designed to work with vertical as well as horizontal outlets.

With this wall mount hanger stand, you can make your Dot sound as loud as possible. The speakers on the front project clear and louder sound to deliver an enjoyable listening experience. This can turn out as an excellent option for kitchen, bathroom or bedroom use as it eliminates cord clutter.

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#5. HumanCentric Amazon Echo Wall Mount

Add style to your Echo Dot (2nd Generation) with uniquely designed wall mount from HumanCentric. It perfectly complements the shape of your Dot and safeguards it from scratches and scrapes.

It is compact in size, so it utilizes minimal space on your wall. What you require doing is just slide your Dot into place. You can easily access the power button, output jacks, and cables while it stays on the wall. Furthermore, the design is such that your device remains protected against accidental spills.

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#6. HumanCentric Amazon Echo Wall Mount Bracket Holder

This wall mount for your Echo Plus from HumanCentric features easy and quick installation. You need to fix the drywall screws and anchors that you get along with this wall mount. Once you have mounted it, you can easily slide your device into it. Thus, your Echo Plus is protected from spills, drops, and falls.

The bracket maintains a safe distance from the wall and does not hinder Alexa’s voice recognition technology. Hence, you can ask Alexa to play your favorite tracks and enjoy them to the fullest.

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Which one of the above listed best Amazon Echo Wall Mount would you like to have for your Echo? Do write to us about your choices and views in the comments section.


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