Best Apple Pencil Accessories

Apple Pencil is a perfect drawing tool for iPad users, and it’s genuinely unique than any other stylus available in the market at present. With rapidly emerging popularity, third party manufacturers have launched a few best Apple Pencil accessories which will help you in protecting your pencil and its cap.

The list of must-have accessories for Apple pencil 1st and 2nd Generation includes a case, magnetic sleeve, carrying case, charging stand, charging adapter, Pencil Tip Cover, Chrome Clip, cap, Keyboard case with Holder, etc. So without any further delay, let’s explore this list.

Best Apple Pencil Accessories (1st and 2nd Generation)

Apple Pencil
$99.00 $94.00
Apple Pencil (2nd Generation)
Magnetically attaches and pairs to your device

#1. TechMatte Apple Pencil Charging Adapter for iPad Pro

TechMatte Apple Pencil Charging Adapter for iPad Pro
7,948 Reviews

You can charge your Apple Pencil by directly plugging it into your iPad Pro but there are many users who are fond of charging their Apple Pencil with a separate charging adapter.

This TechMatte charging adapter is designed in such a way that your Apple Pencil lies beside your iPad Pro while in the charging state. This makes the charging easier and flexible when compared to charging directly from iPad Pro.

Price: $6.99
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#2. PencilCozy for Apple Pencil

Who among you all has the habit of losing the cap of your pen every now and then? Of course, I do have this habit. But I can’t afford to lose my Apple Pencil’s cap like that of a normal pencil. Neither would you, right?

Well, for users like us Cozy industries have designed a cap that snug fits our Apple Pencil cap. It easily attaches to the Apple Pencil and also stops it from rolling off. So now we don’t have to waste our time searching for the cap. Moreover, it is available in a pool of colors to choose from.

Price: $9.24
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#3. Pigma Micron Pen 45mm Open Stock

Sakura Pigma Micron 05 Black 0.45mm Line
71 Reviews

For those who just wish to accompany their Apple Pencil with a clip, you can buy a Pigma Micron Pen. The clip of this micron pen perfectly fits on your Apple Pencil. You can now tuck your digital drawing tool (i.e. the Apple Pencil) to your shirts, pants, or even with your iPad Pro cases without any fear of losing it when you don’t use it.

Price: $6.90
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#4. Fisher Space Pens Chrome Clip

Fisher Chrome Clip for Bullet Pen
630 Reviews

Made from steel, this pen clip perfectly fits your Apple Pencil. You don’t need to bend the clip while placing it in your pocket. It neither slides out from your pocket when you bend down. Keep the Apple Pencil safe in your clip when not in use.

Price: $6.90
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#5. Microsoft Cover With Pen Holder

Though we are well aware of the fact that the Apple Pencil is not a surface pen, it can work with a surface pen loop as its diameter is closely the same as that of a surface pen.

This pen loop comes with a self-adhesive back which is capable of sticking on any surface – be it your iPad Pro Case. Stores your Apple Pencil with your iPad Pro easily. Keep your Apple Pencil always handy with the best Apple Pencil Holder.

Price: $189.99
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#6. GCase Apple Pencil Genuine Leather Sleeve Pouch

The Apple Pencil Cover from GCase is beautifully designed with genuine leather. The case is equipped with a flap opening and closure so as to keep your Apple Pencil safe when placed in the case. Slide your Apple Pencil with the case in the pen/pencil slot of your backpack to carry it wherever you want without any fear of losing it.

Price: Price not available
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#7. FRTMA for Apple Pencil Magnetic Sleeve or Grip

The magnets embedded on the front cover of this magnetic sleeve helps you to store your Apple Pencil safely with your iPad Pro. The magnets help the Apple Pencil to attach firmly to the sleeve.

You also get 2 self-adhering metal clips with this magnetic sleeve. Attach it with your Apple Pencil so that you can stick your Apple Pencil with any of the metal surfaces.

Price: $10.99
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#8. Stylus Sling Apple Pencil Holder

The stylus sling for Apple Pencil perfectly fits in your iPad Pro Case. Keep your Apple Pencil always with your iPad Pro.

Get rid of those sticky adhesives by using the stylus sling. Moreover, it is also capable of storing your charging adapter and provides you easy access. You can also use this sling stylus as a hand strap when you haven’t placed your Apple Pencil in it.

Price: $24.99
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#9. Thankscase Charging Dock Station for Apple Pencil

Adorn your Apple Pencil on a stand in the charging state. No fear of your Apple Pencil rolling off on even or uneven surfaces. The charging dock station from Thankscase with a precise and excellent design is a perfect fit for your Apple Pencil.

The pencil stand also consists of an extra slot in which you can place the cap of your Apple Pencil safe while you charge it.

Price: Price not available
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#10. Logitech iPad Pro Keyboard Case

For those who love to use a physical keyboard along with an Apple Pencil with their iPad Pro, then Logitech Create Keyboard Case is an ideal one to have. This case not only protects your backlit keyboard but also provides a sleeve at the back for storing your Apple Pencil.

Price: Price not available
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#11. FRTMA Apple Pencil Cap Holder for iPad Pro Pencil

Tired of losing your Apple Pencil Cap very often? Here is an exciting solution for you the best Apple Pencil Accessories. The combo pack of Apple Pencil Tip from FRTMA comprises of 4 pieces – a replacement cap for Apple Pencil, 1 Apple Pencil Cap holder, 1 Apple Pencil Tip protector, and 1 lightning cable adapter tether.

The Apple Pencil cap holder keeps your pencil cap attached to the pencil when in use. The Apple Pencil tip provides protection to the sensitive tip of your Apple Pencil.

Price: $6.99
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#12. pzoz Case for Apple Pencil 2

If you fumble for your Apple Pencil every time, we have got a case for you to keep it in place and also safe from your daily wear and tear use. This case from pzoz is made up of a soft silicone material. It perfectly wraps around your Apple Pencil and protects it from scratches, scrapes, drops or bumps.

It is light in weight and features a screw thread grip design. Its tip protector keeps away your pencil nib from damage. There is also a reserved port for direct charging, pairing, and switching mode. Hence, you do not require pulling off the pencil from the case when you want to charge it or use it.

Price: Price not available
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#13. MoKo Holder Apple Pencil 2 Case

This Apple Pencil holder case from MoKo is built from premium leather and is designed with non-scratch microfiber in the interior. Its in-built mesh pocket lets you store cords and cables. Moreover, the elastic straps hold the pencil in place.

It is compact in size and thus can fit in your bag, purse or handbag easily. Its sealing zipper design offers your pencil utter safety and convenience to you. This case is available in different colors and designs. You can choose the one that suits your style or your Apple Pencil accessories.

Price: $9.99
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#14. FRTMA Apple Pencil 2 Leather Case

Here, we have one more leather case on our list. This case comes with an in-built nib cover. Thus, your Apple Pencil’s tip stays protected from unwanted falls, drops, bumps or other damages.

The case is built in such a way that it snugly fits your Apple Pencil. Nevertheless, you can easily take out your pencil and pull it back whenever needed. It is compact in size and light in weight. So, you can carry it along with you anywhere in your laptop bag.

Price: Price not available
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#15. Fintie Apple Pencil 2 Holder

You can free yourself from the worries of losing your Apple Pencil. Pull it inside this case from Fintie and travel fearlessly. Further, it also features an elastic band that helps you take out the holder from the case easily.

There is a small adapter pocket in which you can keep your USB adapter and find it easily when required. It offers a snug grip so that you never lose it. If you are someone who loves to showcase Pencil accessories uniquely, you get multiple options to choose from Fintie.

Price: $7.99
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#16. FRTMA Compatible Apple Pencil 2 Nib Cap

Apple Pencil’s nib is the most sensitive, and it should be taken care of importantly. Without a nib, it is of no use. So, here we have the nib cap from FRTMA. It provides you a pack of four covers so that you already have another in case you lose one.

These nib protectors prevent your Apple Pencil’s nib from scratches, scuffs, or other unnecessary damages. Its slim design perfectly fits around the nib. Furthermore, you do not require taking off the cover when you place the pencil for charging.

Price: $6.99
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#17. UPPERCASE NimbleGrip Premium Silicone Grip Holder for Apple Pencil 2

UPPERCASE brings to you a grip holder that is ergonomically designed to help you increase productivity while using Apple Pencil. This grip holder is made from superior quality of silicone, and it safeguards your hand from aches or fatigue.

It features a dust-free coating so that you can continue using it for an extended period of time. Its interior design is such that it stays in place firmly. The only thing you need to take care of is keeping the grip about ½ an inch above from the tap sensitive area so that it doesn’t hinder your way when you want to enable it.

Price: $12.95
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Accessorize your Apple Pencil with some of the finest Accessories listed here and safeguard it. Do share your choices with us in the comments section.


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