Apple Pencil is a perfect drawing tool for iPad users, and it’s genuinely unique than any other stylus available in the market at present. With rapidly emerging popularity, third party manufacturers have launched a few best Apple Pencil accessories which will help you in protecting your pencil and its cap.

The list of must-have accessories for Apple pencil 1st and 2nd Generation includes a case, magnetic sleeve, carrying case, charging stand, charging adapter, Pencil Tip Cover, Chrome Clip, cap, Keyboard case with Holder, etc. So without any further delay, let’s explore this list.

Best Apple Pencil Accessories (1st and 2nd Generation)

Apple Pencil (2nd Generation)
Apple Pencil (2nd Generation)
It makes painting, sketching, doodling, and even note-taking better than ever.
$129.00 $121.29

#1. TechMatte Apple Pencil Charging Adapter

TechMatte Apple Pencil Charging Adapter

Charging the Pencil with an iPad can attract scratches on both devices. Furthermore, if you are using a case, forget about smooth magnetic charging, as the Pencil keeps falling off every now and then.

Well, you can charge the Apple Pencil quickly with this charging cable adapter from TechMatte. It plugs directly with the Apple Pencil, and you can use the standard charging cable to connect it to the iPad Pro.

The Pencil enters the charging state as you connect it with the iPad, thus you can charge it conveniently. This charging adapter from TechMatte is safe and comes with a loop to manage the cable pretty well.

Lastly, the charging adapter feels highly durable, but it charges the pencil at regular speeds.

Price: $6.99
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#2. Fisher Chrome Clip for Apple Pencil

Fisher Chrome Clip for Apple Pencil

Worried about losing your Apple Pencil? Don’t have a case to carry it with the iPad Pro? Well, you need this chrome clip from Fisher to carry the Pencil wherever you go. The stylus fits right into the pin’s hole, and you can put it in your pocket just like a regular pen.

It isn’t just a convenient carry clip but looks stylish as well. Lastly, you can even use the pen cap with this clip, so it’s a perfect accessory to carry your Apple Pencil.

Price: $9.58
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#3. WAITIEE Wireless Charging Station for Apple Pencil

WAITIEE Wireless Charging Station for Apple Pencil

How easy life would get if you can charge all the Apple gadgets simultaneously! WAITIEE is here with a charging dock that charges your iPhone, Apple Pencil, AirPods, and iWatch together. It’s a fast-charging compatible dock, so expect it to charge the stylus quickly. 

The best part about this charging dock is the powerful magnet that keeps the Pencil secure in place. Furthermore, the dock comes with a charging adapter and a cable, so it’s ready to use. Every gadget has a dedicated charging slot, and it makes the dock look clutter-free.

Make sure to remove any metal pins from the Pencil before putting it on charging with the WAITIEE wireless dock.

Price: $39.99
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#4. Apple Pencil Tips

Apple Pencil Tips

Whether you are a sketch artist or someone who uses the Apple Pencil frequently, you will agree that the tip gets blunt after some time. Working with a poor tip can lead to subpar outcomes, so you need some extra pencil tips at hand. 

Apple is here with a pack of four pencil tips. Compatible with Apple Pencil 2nd Gen, these tips work flawlessly and are easy to replace. Whenever you feel that the older tip isn’t working fine, just install the new one, and keep working.

Price: $19.00
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#5. PencilCozy Apple Pencil Cap Holder

PencilCozy Apple Pencil Cap Holder

Did you lose the Apple Pencil’s cap? You are not alone, a lot of people lose the tiny cap while using the stylus. But worry not, because you can use this protective cover to keep the cap handy. The silicone cap holder snugs the Pencil’s cap, and you will never lose it.

Just put the cover’s loop around the pencil to carry it conveniently. Lastly, the cap holder is highly durable and won’t add any bulk to the Apple Pencil.

Price: $4.97
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#6. FRTMA Apple Pencil Case

FRTMA Apple Pencil Case

If you own an Apple Pencil, you need this set of pencil accessories from FRTMA. The set includes a replacement cap, and if you lose the cap, you can use this one to protect the nib. Another accessory inside the kit is the nib cap that safeguards the nib from any damages.

Furthermore, you get a cap holder, so the cap won’t lose in the first place. I loved the availability of a cable adapter holder since it becomes easier to carry the charging adapter. 

All the accessories come in a sleek case, so it’s a perfect pack for anyone using an Apple Pencil. Lastly, the kit is compatible with Apple Pencil 1st and 2nd Gen.

Price: $6.99
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#7. Delidigi Apple Pencil Silicone Cover

Delidigi Apple Pencil Silicone Cover

Want to protect the Apple Pencil’s nib from accidental drops? Use these premium silicone covers, and be rest assured about the nib’s safety. This pack includes 40 nibs, and you can keep replacing them if the cover wears out or gets lost.

The inner non-slip coating keeps the nib in place, and you can work with the Pencil comfortably. There isn’t any squeak at all, and that makes it a favorite among sketch artists.

Lastly, the nib cover only works well with tempered glass, and you may have some issues using it with a paper-like screen protector.

Price: $7.99
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#8. Belkin Apple Pencil Stand Case

Belkin Apple Pencil Stand Case

Traveling with the Apple Pencil can turn out to be an expensive deal if you lose it or it gets damaged! So, using a premium case like this one is a wise decision. This case from Belkin is designed to carry the Apple Pencil along with its accessories. 

Not only it does offer great protection, but it acts as a Pencil stand as well, so you can work comfortably. The PU case absorbs the shocks and dings to keep the Pencil safe at all times.

Moreover, it’s lightweight and has a high-gloss exterior that looks premium. With this case, you can carry the pencil cap, extra tip, and charging adapter.

Price: $28.87
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#9. MoKo Apple Pencil Leather Case

MoKo Apple Pencil Leather Case

Get this premium case from MoKo and keep your Apple Pencil handy all the time. This big protective case has ample space to carry the Pencil accessories and charging cable. You can even carry the headphones and some other accessories, including the charging adapter.

Coming to safety, the case safeguards its contents from dings and dongs. It has dual zippers making it easy to open and close. The elastic strap on the inside of the case keeps the Pencil from shaking, and you can rest assured about its safety.

Overall, you should use this case to keep the Apple Pencil and its accessories in good shape. Lastly, it reduces the clutter from your desk, and there are no hassles of finding the Pencil and its accessories.

Price: $10.99
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#10. tomtoc Apple Pencil Case

tomtoc Apple Pencil Case

If your iPad stays in a premium case, you should get one for the Pencil as well. TomToc is here with this elegant Apple Pencil case you need if you love style. The accessory offers excellent safety as well and has a protective lining on the inside.

You can use it with Apple Pencil 1st and 2nd Gen, with some nibs. However, there is no space to carry a charging adapter. The powerful magnetic flap closes with a snapping sound and ensures better protection during the events of accidental falls.

Lastly, the material is scratch-proof but keeps it away from splashes and downpours.

Price: $18.99
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#11. Dadanism Apple Pencil Holder Case

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Improve the grip of your Apple Pencil with this protective case from Dadanism. Sometimes the Pencil slips while sketching or working, and it is painful. But this sleeve reduces the slips, and you can work comfortably.

It acts as a protective layer as well and safeguards the Pencil from any damages. The integrated clip lets you carry the stylus in your pocket, and there are no hassles of losing it. 

Lastly, the material feels premium and is lightweight. However, removing the case from the Pencil is challenging.

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#12. Delidigi Apple Pencil Silicone Case 

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This protective sleeve from Delidigi will safeguard your Apple Pencil and iPad from scratches while magnetic charging. For those who want to carry the Pencil with the iPad case, this is the sleeve to go for. It’s a super silicone sleeve that’s sleek and fits precisely on the Apple Pencil 2nd Gen.

The best part is that it protects both the iPad and the Pencil from any scratches. Furthermore, it doesn’t affect the Pencil’s performance, and users can use it for sketching, drawing, taking notes, and other stuff. 

Lastly, this amazing protective sleeve is available in five amazing color options.

Price: $8.99
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#13. FRTMA Apple Pencil Holder Grip and Nib Cover

FRTMA Apple Pencil Holder Grip and Nib Cover

Want to have complete protection for your Apple Pencil 2nd Gen? You need this protective sleeve from FRTMA. It’s an entirely black sleeve that looks premium, and you will love using it with the iPad. The sleeve permits magnetic charging and keeps the scratches at bay.

Furthermore, it’s easy to snap on the Pencil, and there’s a dedicated cutout for the click button. The manufacturer ships a nib cover as well, so you can expect 360-degree protection. 

Get this superb sleeve in six colors, and ensure added protection for the Apple Pencil. Lastly, it isn’t compatible with Pencil 1st Gen.

Price: $7.99
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#14. AHASTYLE Apple Pencil Sleeve

AHASTYLE Apple Pencil Sleeve

If you think that the Apple Pencil should have been a little thicker for better performance, then you need an AHASTYLE Duotone Silicone Sleeve. It will make the Apple Pencil thick without adding any bulk to it. There are several benefits of using this case, including better protection.

As it’s a silicone case, expect it to protect the Pencil from accidental drops. On the top, it has a cap cover to safeguard the cap, and you won’t lose it as well. 

The best part about this sleeve is the hexagonal shape that rewards you with a better grip for a smooth experience. The color combinations available in this sleeve are outstanding, and you get a range of colors to choose from.

Price: $8.99
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#15. Fintie Apple Pencil Leather Sleeve

Fintie Apple Pencil Leather Sleeve

Whether you have the Apple Pencil 1st or 2nd Gen, this is the stylus holder you should use while carrying it. Made using vegan leather material, the case feels premium and is a stylish option as well. On the back of the case, there is an elastic strap that makes carrying the Pencil easy with the iPad.

Just put the strap around the iPad, and you are good to go. Furthermore, the case offers decent protection and safeguards the Pencil from scratches. 

It can even hold the charging adapter, making it a versatile option. Lastly, this leather case is available in a range of color options, and you can always carry the Pencil in style.

Price: $6.99
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#16. ESR Apple Pencil Holder

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This Apple Pencil pouch sticks to your iPad case to keep it safe and protected all the time. On the back of the sleeve, there is a strong adhesive that keeps it attached to the case. You can put any Apple Pencil inside the pouch due to ample space. 

It looks just like a part of the case, and carrying the Apple Pencil has never been so convenient. The sleek profile makes it a favorite among people that love minimalism. Furthermore, the pouch has an innovative design and is reusable, so you can attach it to any case when you want.

However, the adhesive can lose its power over time, so make sure to keep it sticking to one case only. 

Price: $9.99
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#17. UPPERCASE Apple Pencil Ergonomic Grip Holder

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This grip holder from UPPERCASE will reward you with better grip while writing with an Apple Pencil. If your job involves writing or sketching with the Pencil, you should definitely consider this accessory. It has a dust-free coating and looks clean all the time. 

Moreover, the ergonomic design makes it easy to hold, and you can work for hours without feeling hand fatigue at all. Another benefit of using this Pencil accessory is anti-roll. The Apple Pencil won’t roll even if you put it on a desk. 

Lastly, this accessory will surely improve your productivity. The ergonomic grip holder is available in a range of color options to make our Pencil look stylish.

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