Best Apple Watch Bluetooth Headphones: Enjoy Your Favorite Music Directly From Your Smartwatch

Apple Watch is completely a wireless device. It has no user-accessible ports. So, one can’t plug in any accessories with it. You can listen to your favorite tunes directly from your Apple Watch by connecting the wireless Bluetooth headphone. So if you are a proud owner of the Apple Watch, then you may be looking for the best Bluetooth headphones for Apple Watch SE, Series 7, 6, 5, 4, 3 and 2.

Once you pair top-rated wireless headphones compatible with Apple Watch, it is ready to work as a standalone music player. These headphones are enriched with ultra-modern design and deliver excellent sound. They are just class apart and the only wireless accessories to pair with your Apple Watch.

Since the main selling point of the Apple Watch is its fitness functionality, it becomes inevitable that its accessories can be worn anywhere especially while exercising. So, here we have a handful of few most beautiful Apple Watch earbuds that you can adorn even during your workout sessions. (You may also want to check the best wireless headphones for iPhone.)

Best Headphones for Apple Watch SE, Series 7, 6, 5, 4, 3 and 2

#1. 1MORE True Wireless Earbuds for Apple Watch

1MORE True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

These True Wireless earbuds for Apple Watch from 1More look very stylish and are so compact that you will surely love them. The earbuds come with a charging case, so you will never feel the need for a wall outlet too soon. Also, there is a built-in microphone, and you can make calls on the go. There are four color options available in these earbuds.

Dynamic Sound Quality

These earbuds come equipped with titanium composite diaphragm that enhances the sound quality and makes it even better. earbuds offer a perfect mix of bass and treble, so you will enjoy listening to every type of soundtrack. Moreover, the diaphragm improves the sound quality when you are making calls using the earbuds.

Battery Life

These earbuds from 1More can deliver a playtime of 6.5 hours after a complete charge. With the charging case, you will get 24-hours of extra juice. All you have to do is put the earbuds in the charging case, and these will get quickly charged.

Uncompromised Performance

1More earbuds have Qualcomm chipset that improves the performance while processing the commands quickly. You will get Bluetooth V 5.0 support so the wireless connection will be stable and uninterrupted. You can also activate the voice assistant on the go with a click on the earbuds.

The Verdict

These wireless headphones are compatible with the Apple watch, and you will get premium sound quality. The battery life is excellent, and the wireless connectivity remains stable up to 10 meters. The earbuds will not pop out accidentally out of your ears, and you can use them while exercising as well.

Price: $56.99
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#2. Bose Apple Watch Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Bose Noise Cancelling Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

With these Apple watch headphones from Bose, you can enjoy best-in-class audio with a fantastic wireless experience. These headphones have built-in Alexa so you can enjoy changing music tracks even without lifting a finger. Moreover, the earcups are soft, and you can wear these headphones for a long time.

Optimal Sound Quality

The sound quality is incredible, and you will get the perfect balance of highs and lows. Bose has used more significant sound drivers in these headphones, and that has dramatically improved the sound quality. If you love to listen to music, then these headphones are ideal for you.

Battery Life

The battery can last for up to 20-hours after a single charge. The battery life of these headphones is excellent, and you can wear them during long flight journeys without charging. Also, the headphones are touch-sensitive, so you can adjust the volume without reaching your Apple Watch.

Controllable Noise Cancellation

You will only get controllable noise cancellation with these headphones from Bose. There are up to 11-levels of noise cancellation for the best listening experience. Activating voice assistants like Siri is also accessible, and you can do it with just a click of a button.

The Verdict

These Bose Apple watch headphones are lightweight and have an adjustable headband. Moreover, you will get a genuinely fantastic audio quality that can do the right justice to your ears. There are three colors available in these headphones. Lastly, the built-in Alexa speaks Spanish and English, so there will be no language barriers for you.

Price: $379.00
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#3. Beats Solo3 Headphones for Apple Watch

Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones for Apple Watch

If you love listening to music tracks and need something that can deliver extraordinary sound, then these headphones from Beats is what you need. The design of the headphones is fantastic, and the headband is adjustable. Also, the cushion is very soft, and you can enjoy unbeatable comfort with these.

Award-Winning Sound Quality

With these headphones, you will get award-winning sound quality. The big earcups keep the external noise at bay, so there are no disturbances when you are enjoying listening to music. From pop to rock, all types of music tracks will become much more appealing when you are wearing these headphones from Beats.

Battery Life

If you are a frequent traveler and don’t get enough time to charge the headphones, then you should switch to Beats Solo 3. These headphones can provide you with a playtime of up to 40-hours for multi-day usage. Moreover, the headphones support fast-fuel charging, and a 5-minute charge is enough to use the headphones for 5-hours.

Excellent Noise-Cancelling

These wireless earbuds are compatible with Apple watch and come equipped with a best-in-class noise-canceling setup. It also filters the external noise and prevents it from reaching your ears. You can listen to traffic noise and flight announcements, but other noises can never reach your ears.

The Verdict

Beats Solo 3 headphones have Apple W1 Chip that offers excellent wireless connectivity and let you enjoy switching Apple devices on the go. All you need to do is log in using your iCloud Account. These headphones are available in 7 colors, and the manufacturer offers a carrying case with them.

Price: $108.72
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#4. Powerbeats Workout Earbuds for Apple Watch

Powerbeats Apple Watch Wireless Earphones

Are you tired of your old headphones that are popping out of your ears multiple times? You need these Apple watch earbuds that can hold a firm grip inside your ears. PowerBeats Pro wireless earbuds offer a firm grip as these have soft ear hooks attached to them. These earbuds are perfect for running, jogging, and other workout activities.

Balanced Sound

The earbuds offer a balanced sound coupled with noise isolation technology. Also, the diaphragm is bigger, and the sound is more immersive and clear. The fit is excellent, and it improves the listening experience by providing you with added comfort.

Battery Life

The battery life of these wireless earbuds for Apple watch is about 9-hours after a single charge. You can charge them on the go using the charging case, which can store 24-hours of extra juice. These earbuds support fast-fuel charging, and you can charge them quickly for your next listening session.

Play Both or Just One

You have the option to play just one earbud at a time. Both earbuds come loaded with a dedicated microphone so you can activate the voice assistant while answering calls. Also, both earbuds have dedicated controls, and you can adjust the volume without reaching to your Apple Watch.

The Verdict

These sporty earbuds are perfect for the gym lovers and workout enthusiasts, which makes them best-running headphones for Apple watch. The ear hooks are soft, and you can adjust them according to the shape of your ears. You will get some extra ear tips with the earbuds to get the best fit. Overall, these earbuds have a great combination of sound quality stylishness. There are four color options available in these wireless earbuds.

Price: $199.95
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#5. Jabra Apple Watch Earbuds

Jabra Elite 75t Wireless Earbuds with Charging Case for Apple Watch

These wireless earbuds from Jabra are so stylish that you will surely love to wear them. Moreover, the sound quality is up-to-the-mark, and you will get the right mix of audio. There are no audio dropouts, all thanks to the robust wireless connectivity. Also, you can personalize the sound of these Apple watch compatible headphones using Jabra Sound+ App.

Incredible Sound Quality

With Jabra wireless earbuds, you get the option to customize the equalizer settings as per your taste, so you get better sound quality at all times. The snuggly fit will ensure better sound delivery into your ears while preventing external noise. Overall, these earbuds will make you fall in love with the sound quality.

Battery Life

You will get a total playtime of up to 28 hours with these earbuds and the charging case. The battery life of the earbuds is about 7.5 hours, but you can charge them immediately using the charging case. You are never out of charge when you have Jabra Elite 75t wireless earbuds.

Built-in Microphone Setup

These iWatch Bluetooth headphones come loaded with a 4-mic setup, which means that you can make calls with fantastic quality on the go. You can even use one earbud for making calls, as both are equipped with dedicated microphones. Also, the earbuds have noise-canceling technology, which ensures better calls with no distortions.

The Verdict

Jabra is a premium brand that manufacturer excellent headphones and these earbuds are truly amazing. From sound quality to fit, everything is extraordinary. You will get some additional ear tips with these earbuds to get the best secure fit.

Price: $129.99
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#6. BeatsX Wireless Earbuds for Apple Watch

BeatsX Apple Watch Wireless Earphones

These wireless headphones are perfect for you if you love working out and are indulged in running and jogging. The cable snuggles around your neck, and you can rest assured that the headphones will not fall out accidentally. Moreover, the audio quality is what you can expect from a brand like Beats.

Breathtaking Audio Quality

The audio quality of these headphones will simply take your breath away! The sound drivers are big, and they can deliver clear sound even at a higher volume. All the controls are available on the flex cable, so there is no need to stop during the workout. These Apple watch Bluetooth earphones have noise isolation technology that delivers immersive sound with clean bass and treble.

Battery Life

The battery of these headphones can last for up to 8-hours if you use them continuously. Also, the headphones support fast-fuel charging so that you don’t have to wait to use them again. A 5-minute charge is enough to get a playtime of 2-hours.

Easy Controls

These wireless headphones from beats have a built-in microphone, and you can activate Siri just with a tap of the button. Also, the music controls are available on the flex wire, and you can adjust the volume and can change the track with your fingertips.

The Verdict

These Apple watch Bluetooth headphones are available in four colors. You can fold them to carry in your purse or bag. Also, Beats offers 4 sets of ear tips, so you get the best fit. Overall, the Siri compatible headphones are great if you love listening to clear and noise-free music.

Price: $132.49
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#7. MoKo Waterproof Headphones for Apple Watch

MoKo Apple Watch Noise Cancelling Headset

If you have a limited budget and still you need wireless headphones with the best sound quality, then these wireless headphones from MoKo are what you need. The headphones come with ear hooks, and you can use them while sweating out in the gym. You will get HD stereo sound with the headphones, which make them value-for-money.

HD Stereo Sound

These MoKo headphones are very affordable, but still, these deliver HD stereo sound. The highs and lows are clearly audible with clean treble and perfect bass. No matter what type of music you want to listen to, with these headphones, you will get only the best.

Battery Life

The battery of MoKo Bluetooth headphones lasts longer than regular wireless headphones. On average, you will get a playtime of 6-8 hours after a complete charge. The headphones require 1.5-2 hours for charging, as these don’t have fast fuel charging.

IPX7 Water and Sweat Proof

The headphones are resistant to water splashes and sweat. You can use them in the gym or while jogging without worrying about water damage. All the controls are available on the headphones, and you can activate Siri on the go.

The Verdict

With these MoKo wireless headphones, you can make remote calls with the built-in microphone. Also, you can activate Siri with your verbal commands. The flex wire is strong, durable, and can last for a decent lifespan. Overall, these are lightweight noise-canceling headphones, and you will never feel any bulk after wearing them.

Price: Price not available
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#8. RoomyRoc Neckband Headset for Apple Watch

RoomyRoc Wireless Neckband Headset

These retractable wireless headphones from RoomyRoc will make your life easy and hassle-free. The headphones feature a foldable design, and carrying them is as easy as a breeze. Also, the audio quality is amazing, and you will get Hi-Fi sound with CVC6.0 noise-cancellation technology.

Premium Sound

With these headphones, you will get a Hi-Fi stereo sound. The ear tips will rest smoothly inside your ear while delivering a clear sound that is free from any noise. Also, the CVC6.0 noise-cancellation technology removes distortions from the sound while making it even clear and amusing.

Battery Life

With these wireless headphones from RoomyRoc, you will get a playtime of approximately 12-hours. In case of calls, you will get a battery life of about 16-hours, and that is completely acceptable. The charging time is about 1-2 hours because there is n fast-fuel charging support available.

Retractable Design

The headphones will retract into the neckband with a tap on the retract button. This makes it even easier to carry the headphones. You can fold the neckband and can carry it in your backpack or purse for easy traveling.

The Verdict

There is a dedicated button to activate Siri. Also, the controls are available on the neckband. You can make calls with the headphones as these have a built-in microphone. Lastly, the headphones are resistant to sweat so you can use them in the gym or while working out.

Price: $38.99
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#9. Picun Waterproof Earbuds for Apple Watch

Picun Apple Watch Neckband Bluetooth Headphones

Picun is here with Apple to watch Bluetooth headphones that are sturdy and stylish. The sound quality is nice as the headphones have 9mm dynamic drivers that are redesigned, especially for this model. Also, the headphones will deliver intense bass and crisp treble, which makes the soundtracks even fantastic.

Incredible Audio

If you are looking for headphones that can offer promising sound quality, then you should go with these wireless headphones from Picun. The headphones can create a sonic sound experience with the signature sound drivers installed in them. There is an EQ switch available on the remote, and you can increase or decrease the amount of bass using it.

Battery Life

The battery life delivered by these wireless headphones is way more when compared to other headphones. You will get a playtime of a whopping 35-hours after a complete charge. Moreover, the headphones support hyper-speed charging, which means that you can charge them quickly. If you are looking for battery-efficient headphones, then these are the best earphones for Apple watch.

IPX7 Sweat and Waterproof

These wireless headphones from Picun are certified with an IPX7 rating. These can easily resist water splashes and sweat while protecting the inner mechanism. Also, you can activate Siri with the remote control.

The Verdict

These Picun wireless headphones for Apple watch are pocket-friendly and have Bluetooth V 5.0 that ensures a stable wireless connection. Moreover, there are no worries about losing these headphones due to the neck-band style wire system.

Price: Price not available
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#10. Skullcandy Apple Watch Earbuds

Skullcandy Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds for Apple Watch

These headphones from Skullcandy are so compact that you can carry them in your pocket. The soft ear hooks make them friendly for gym lovers. Also, the sound quality is magnificent, and the 8mm sound drivers make it possible to deliver unmatched sound quality. These headphones are budget-friendly, so you don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket to buy them.

Stunning Sound Quality

The headphones deliver stunning sound quality, all thanks to the powerful 0.31″ drivers. The sound is dynamic and comes with incredible depth. In short, these headphones will recreate the best moments for you while delivering prominent bass, vibrant mids, and resonant vocals.

Battery Life

The battery lasts somewhere around 16-hours, which is a decent playtime. You can charge the headphones again in 1.5 hours. There is no fast charging support available with these Aukey wireless headphones.

Sweat Resistant

The headphones have the technology to resist sweat from damaging them. Also, these can withstand water splashes, but you cannot use them during rains and in the swimming pool. The dedicated remote will allow you to activate Siri with your verbal commands.

The Verdict

You can make calls using these compact wireless headphones for the Apple watch from Skullcandy. These have Bluetooth V 4.1, so the connectivity range is around 10 meters. You will receive some ear tips and a carrying pouch with the headphones. Lastly, if you need something right in your budget, then you can consider going with these Skullcandy headphones.

Price: $39.36
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Frequently Asked Question

How to Adding Music to Apple Watch

If you want to listen to music from Apple Watch without using an iPhone in range then you have to sync your music playlist first.

Step #1: Launch the Apple Watch App on your iPhone.

Step #2: Tap on My Watch and Choose Music from the list.

Step #3: Tap on “Synced Playlist” to access the playlist of your iPhone.

Step #4: Choose your favorite playlist from the list. (If you have not created a playlist then create if first on your iOS device).

Step #5: Now, place your Apple Watch on its charger to get the playlist synced. (If Apple Watch is not connected to the charger it won’t sync a playlist).

How to Pair your Apple Watch with Wireless headphones

Step: #1: First of all put your headphones in discovery mode.

Step #2: Tap on Setting App on your Apple Watch.

Step #3: Next, Tap on Bluetooth.

Step #4: Now, Choose the headphone you want to pair.

Once it is paired the status will turn from “pairing” to “paired” once the connection is done; afterward, you will see the “Connected” option in Bluetooth settings which means you can now stream music.

How to Listen to Music on Apple Watch

To listen to music directly from Apple Watch using Bluetooth headphones you need to change the source for the music.

Step #1: Launch the Music app on your iWatch.

Step #2: Now, Hard press the display screen.

Step #3: Next, Choose “Source” from the options.

Step #4: Select Apple Watch as a music source.

Step #5: At last, choose a playlist and hit the Play button.

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These are a couple of the best Apple Watch Bluetooth headphones. Accompany these cool headphones with your Apple Watch during your workout, at home, at work, or even on the go and enjoy listening to your all-time favorite songs, audio clips, or podcasts. Which amongst them would be your favorite pick? Do write to us about your choices and views in the comments section.

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