Apple Watch is the best smartwatch cum fitness tracker available on the market. This smartwatch offers all-day battery life on a single charge which is not enough for many users, and that is why some people have started searching for Apple watch travel chargers. So keeping that in mind we have curated a list of best Apple watch portable chargers compatible with Apple Watch Series 4, 3 and 2.

In this list of the top-rated power banks for Apple Watch, you will find many smart chargers which will enable you to showcase your expensive gadget. So let’s start exploring some of the best power banks for Apple Watch.

Best Apple Watch Portable Chargers

Best Portable Apple Watch Chargers (Compatible With Apple Watch Series 4, 3 and 2)

Power Banks for Apple Watch – Quick Links

#1. UGREEN Apple Watch Battery Pack

UGREEN Portable Power Bank for Apple Watch

The UGREEN portable charger is compatible with all the Apple Watch models. You can quickly charge your Watch’s battery life to 100% 3-4 times. This 2200mAh battery capacity charger can also charge your iPhone’s battery once, so this handy charger is good when you are traveling or going to work.

The body of this Apple MFi certified charger is manufactured keeping in mind your safety. It is encased in the flame-resistant material to ensure that any over-voltage, over-current or short circuit doesn’t result in a fire hazard. Overall, this sleek and mini portable charger is a perfect companion for your Apple Watch.

Price: $39.99
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#2. Belkin Apple Watch Portable Charger

Belkin Portable Valet Charger for Apple Watch

The Belkin portable charger is a spacious 6700 mAh power bank for your Apple Watch. You can charge your Watch 8 times and iPhone 6 times, simultaneously to their full battery life. The Apple MFi certified magnetic charging module offers fast charging and saves your precious time.

Also, the charger also has some useful features like LED light indicators, built-in smart chips to detect the device when plugged in and automatically start charging, temperature sensors to avoid overheating.

Price: $99.99
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#3. Firenew iWatch Keychain Charger

Firenew Wireless Portable Battery for Apple Watch

A pocket-sized charger for your Apple Watch which can also be used as a keychain. It has 700 mAh battery capacity which can charge your Watch 2-3 times at 50% charge. There are 4 LED indicators to display the status of your charger’s battery life. It takes 3 hours on an average to charge your Watch which will suffice your daily need.

If your charger is low on battery, you can charge it and your Watch at the same time. The Apple MFi certification ensures charging within a short span of time to keep up with your daily hustle.

Price: $36.99
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#4. Smatree Apple Watch Charging Case

Smatree Charging Case for Apple Watch

The portable travel charger from Smatree can store your Apple Watch as well as charge it. Forgot to charge your watch before going out? No worry! Keep your Apple watch in this charging case and you are good to go with it!

The case is made from EVA material and is light in weight. It has the battery capacity of 3000mAH. It can fully charge your Apple Watch 38mm for 6 times and Apple Watch 42mm for 5 times. You get a micro USB cable and a user guide along with the charging case when you buy it from Smatree.

Price: $28.99
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#5. Nomad Pod Apple Watch Portable Charger

Nomad Portable Charger for Apple Watch

The portable charger from Nomad with 1800mAh battery keeps your Apple watch charged all weekend. The Apple Watch charger and the cable manager are wrapped together in this compact-sized pod portable charger. Open the top to reveal the USB port and plug in the USB cable. Wrap the cable around the body and place the top on it. Twist it till the magnets engage each other!

The aluminium construction of this charger makes it sturdy and offers durability for long time use. It has a specific feature of pass-through charging i.e. it will first charge your watch and then it will charge itself.

Price: $39.99
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#6. Pantheon Apple Watch Travel Charger

Pantheon Portable Wireless Apple Watch

Pantheon presents to you the Apple watch keychain charger is designed with wireless charging technology. The Li-ion battery of 700mAh is capable of charging your Apple Watch Series 1 thrice and Apple Watch Series 2 and Series 3 twice. Now you can charge your Apple Watch on the go just by hooking the keychain charger with your backpack and placing your watch on it.

Pantheon provides you 100% money back guarantee if you face any issues within 18 months of purchase.

Price: $39.99
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#7. MoKo Cheap Apple Watch Travel Charger

MoKo Apple Watch Portable Charger

The charging wallet case from MoKo is specially designed for all models of Apple Watch. It is made up of durable scratch-free silicone material. Open the protective layer, place your Apple watch in the magnetic slot and close the protective layer; this will ensure safety.

The wire slot design at the bottom of the charger keeps your wire in a tidy state. The charger is small enough to fit in your palm. You can conveniently place it on your desk, drawer, or in the bag when you go out.

Price: $7.99
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#8. FLAGPOWER Keychain Power Bank for Apple Watch

FLAGPOWER Apple Watch Keychain Charger

FLAGPOWER brings to you the best Apple Watch Travel Charger which can also be used as a keychain. Adopt wireless charging for your Apple Watch with this keychain charger. Just place your watch on the white magnetic set for charging.

The 700mAh battery is capable of charging your Apple Watch twice. Plug in USB cable in the USB port provided to charge the keychain. FLAGPOWER offers you 3 years of warranty and 2 months of money back guarantee on its purchase.

Price: $37.99
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#10. Griffin Technology Travel Apple Watch Power Bank

Griffin Technology Power Bank for Apple Watch

It is with 1050mAh battery is capable of charging your Apple Watch up to 2.5 times. Keep your watch on the magnetic charging surface which is built into the battery. You can charge the battery of the keychain via USB charger or computer USB port.

The LED indicators signify you about the charging status of your Apple Watch.

Price: $49.99
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#11. Twelve South Apple Watch Travel Charger

Twelve South Apple Watch Travel Charger

Twelve South offers you a portable Apple Watch charger which is spacious enough to hold your magnetic charging disk, power adapter, and some extra bands. This travel case with compact size allows you to place your Apple Watch accessories in it.

The built-in spool provides the exact cut out for your USB charging cable. You can open up the case to turn it into Apple Watch charging stand.

Price: $49.99
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#12. Kinnara Cheap Apple Watch Charging Case

Kinnara Cheap Apple Watch Charging Case

The Kinnara charging wallet is specifically designed for all sizes and models of Apple Watch. It has a very nice and simple look and gets your works done much better.

It is built up of durable scratch-free Silicone material that better protects the metal surface of your Apple Watch from scratch and gash. The design is pretty much innovative. A slot is enabled in the wallet to hold magnetic charging sensor securely, the cable winder and an extra slot to keep the cable organized smartly. So you will not have to worry about your cables forming annoying knots.

It is very easy to use. You just need to open the protective layer and put the iWatch of its magnetic charging sensor into the slot. Thus, it will protect the Watch screen from scratch too, when it is in the process of charging. The small palm length size and portability of the wallet makes it convenient to use and carry around in your bag, keep inside a drawer or on the table. It can be used anywhere and everywhere due to its light weight and portability.

Price: $7.91
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#13. LXORY Travel Apple Watch Charging Stand

LXORY Travel Apple Watch Charging Stand

LXORY is an MFi certified foldable charger having compatibility with Apple Watch Series 4/3/2/1 (38/42mm). With this, you simply unbox the product, and it’s ready to go -, plug it right in and set your watch on top and guess what, you are already charging!

This Apple-certified Apple Watch charger is a completely magnetic functional one. Its unique foldable design lets choose your favorable charging posture. You can place it either flat on the top or lift up to activate the nightstand mode for a more comfortable viewing experience.

It works with Apple watches and with opening wristbands. It includes a customized zipper pouch for storing the charger neatly and carrying easily and a 3-ft long USB-A cable.

Price: $38.90
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#14. MIPOW iPhone and Apple Watch Power Bank

MIPOW iPhone and Apple Watch Power Bank

The MIPOW portable Apple Watch charger is a dual MFI certified charger. Being a high-capacity charger, it can charge the Watch whole week and still have the energy to spare. It is enabled with magnetic charging and charges very stable and securely at the same time.

The design of the charger is very stylish and portable. Its 2-in-1 cable-free design supports charging Apple watch and iPhone simultaneously. It is lightweight and boasts a sleek look with ultra compact feel. Thus its a space-saving and easy-to-slip-in companion for travel. The high-powerful battery of the power bank increases the charging capacity of your Apple Watch up to 10 times. For keeping the Watch charging securely in place, there is a tilt stand enabled with a magnet on the top.

The power bank embraces MFi certified Watch charging module and lightning cable, a built-in multi-protect safety system with flame resistant material, for over-current, over-voltage and short-circuit protection. Be sure not to use cheap alternatives. MIPOW power bank comes with a Micro-USB cable, a leather pouch, and user manual.

Price: $99.99
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#15. IQIYI Apple Watch Power Bank

IQIYI Apple Watch Power Bank

Another MFi certified Apple Watch power bank is IQIYI compatible with all the 4/3/2/1 Series. It is not only a charger for Apple Watch but also acts as a power bank for iPhone and any other devices with 5V power.

The power bank has a modest 2100mAh battery capacity. It is covered by a coating made with thermoplastic ABS material. This makes it fireproof and also protects against over-current, over-voltage and short-circuit. The material also feels smooth to the touch. It has a pocket-size compact design for enhanced portability. Despite its small size, it can fully charge your Apple Watch 3 times over. The LED lights indicate the amount of power left in the charger.

The power bank can help charge not only your Apple Watch but your iPhone as well. Due to the integrated magnetic charging module and USB port, it is ideal for all said above Apple models. Finally, the 18-month warranty is an added plus.

Price: $38.99
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