Best Bathrobes For Women 2020 : Must Have Stylish And Comfy Loungewear

Winter months are approaching soon and who doesn’t love to stay cozy in those dark and chilled out nights. A good quality of bathrobe that lets you stay warm would make getting out of your bed rather bearable. Furthermore, most of the women tend to use a sexy bathrobe than a simple towel after stepping out of the shower to keep them warm and dry. They prefer to have robes that are warm, comfortable and the ones that make them feel feminine. Today, in this article of ours, we have listed some of the best bathrobes for women.

This list of bathrobes for ladies contains robe which varies in length, style, and colour. Some of them are heavyweight and long. While some of them are short in length and light in weight. From luxurious silk lounge-wear to fluffy robes, this list of top rated bathrobes for women covers long bathrobe, short bathrobe, cheap bathrobe, cotton bathrobe, spa bathrobe, luxury bathrobe, floral bathrobe, silk robe and terry cloth robe. So without further talk let’s go ahead.

Best Bath Robes for Womens

Top Rated Ladies BathRobes

TowelSelections Terry Cotton Robe
Alexander Del Rossa Sexy Bathrobe
Alexander Del Rossa Foral BathRobe
Veami Floral Silky BathRobe
Jockey Plain Bathrobe
Old Shanghai Long Bathrobe
Simplicity Luxurious Soft terry bathrobes
Luxury Spa Robe With Cotton Terry Lining
Natori Long BathRobe
Barefoot Dreams Luxury BathRobe

What to Look for While Buying A Bathrobes for Women

There are a few things which you should consider before buying a bath wraps. Some of the important aspects are as follows:


This aspect must be on the top of your priority list while buying a bath wraps. After all, the whole idea of wearing a bathrobe revolves around comfort. The more it is comfortable, the more you will love wearing it.


It is another important aspect that should be considered. The bathrobes are available in a variety of materials. Some of them are made up of pure cotton while some are made up of polyester material. Some from terry fabric while some from microfleece.

You should first be clear about your needs – whether you are purchasing it for winter or summer. The material should be comfortable enough to be worn regularly.


There are an ample amount of styles to choose from depending on your preferences. From simple comfy robes to the fashionable ones, from long Kimono styles to short knee length robes – you get a wide variety to select from.


There are some women who love to wear bathrobes only during winter. So, the bath wraps that keep you warm and dry after heading out from a shower makes an ideal choice. The thicker the robe, the better is the warmth.

Other Features to look for

If you love to keep your hands in pockets then make sure that the wrap is equipped with pockets. You should also look for bathrobes that have adjustable belt loops so that you can customize it with your size.

Read on to explore our list of some of the bathrobes for tall and short women.

Best Bathrobes For Women

#1. TowelSelections Terry Cotton Robe

TowelSelections Womens Bath Robes

This kimono style robe from Magnolia collection of TowelSelections can be easily worn by men or women both. They are soft to touch and are water absorbent. They are double stitched so as to deliver durability. They are light in weight and features front pockets and a belt for comfortable wear.

This bathrobe keeps you warm and dries you soon after you step out of the shower. It is available in five different sizes ranging from extra-small sizes to XXL sizes. The bath wrap is machine washable and you can even wash it with warm water.

Fabric: Pure Turkish Cotton

Size: Small – XXL Large

Machine Washable: Yes

Price: $34.95
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#2. Alexander Del Rossa Sexy Bathrobe

Alexander Del Rossa Women's Fleece Robe

This ladies robe is made up of 100% long-haired microfleece. The microfiber fabric used is very smooth to touch and has an insulating ability. This makes the robe warm as well as comfortable. Moreover, the material of this water absorbent bath wrap is durable and hence is suitable for everyday use.

It features double belt loops so as to cuddle around your waist as securely as possible. There are two large-sized pockets incorporated in the front side. Enriched with superb features, the heavy-duty shawl like collars of the robe keeps you warm in winter.

Fabric: Polyester

Size: Small – 4X Large

Machine Washable: Yes

Price: $39.98 – $44.98
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#3. Alexander Del Rossa Foral BathRobe

Alexander Del Rossa Womens Cotton Robe

If you are a fashionista who loves wearing a beautiful coloured wrap, then the long robes for women from Del Rossa are the perfect one for you. Woven from 100% cotton fabric, these cotton bathrobes for women define the class and offer comfort while wearing. Whether you want to put it on during chilled nights or after a shower, this robe is just the best for lounging around your house.

When we talk about the robe, a secure closure is essential. This is why Del Rossa offers you an inside tie closure and a matching exterior belt. Available in a pool of sizes, you can adorn this bath wrap to stay warm, fresh, and cool.

Fabric: Cotton

Size: Small – Medium

Machine Washable: Yes

Price: $24.04 – $32.98
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#4. Veami Floral Silky BathRobe

Veami Women’s Kimono Robe

The Veami short robes for women are made of 100% polyester material which is machine washable and can even be tumble dried. They are silky in texture and extremely light in weight. You can accentuate your curves in this sleek fabric wrap.

These robes are short in length; hence always keep you going with the latest trends while lounging it in the house. They feature a tie belt that securely fits around your waist. They also incorporate a convenient pocket on the right side. Furthermore, these bathrobes are available in different sizes starting from small sizes to extra-large sizes.

Fabric: Polyester

Size: X Large – XX-Large

Machine Washable: Yes

Price: $12.95
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#5. Jockey Plain Bathrobe

Jockey Women’s Robe

The women’s short robes from Jockey are extremely elegant and classic in looks. You can adorn this short wrap as your everyday wear while heading to reading sessions at night or while undertaking other households to stay cool. Designed from pure cotton fabrics, this robe is aimed for effortless and comfortable wear.

The flat shawl collar adds to the beauty of this robe. With a matching slash, inside self-tie, an exterior belt, three-quartered sleeves, and hand pockets, this silhouette is something worth adorning for relaxing yourself. Considered as one of the best bath wraps for women, this flared robe can be adorned for layering on your clothes.

Fabric: Cotton

Size: Small – X Large

Machine Washable: Yes

Price: $27.72 – $33.00
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#6. Old Shanghai Long Bathrobe

Old Shanghai Women’s Kimono Robe

Considered as the famous silhouette of Japan, a Kimono is an attire that covers your entire body. Though this robe covers a larger part of your body still it maintains your good looks. Made from 100% polyester, this wraps is incredibly light against your skin and provides you with everyday luxury with its silky feel.

This Kimono with glamorous flowers on it with an attractive shine provides you with a great look. It features a sash tie closure, inside tie, and belt loops to finish its seamless look. Moreover, it is machine washable and dries quickly.

Fabric: Polyester

Size: Fits upto 48″ at chest & hip and 54″ length.

Machine Washable: Yes

Price: $65.00
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#7. Simplicity Luxurious Soft terry bathrobes

Simplicity Women Kimono Bathrobe

This is a full thick women’s plus size wrap that is both warm and comfortable for lazing around in cold winter nights. It is very soft and gives most of the women the feel of being cuddled or being curled in coziness.

These best bathrobes for women come in a wide range of colours which include steel grey, black, brown, blue, red, pink, and much more.

It has a belt tie at the waist so as to fit in securely and also double belt loops so as to customize the size as per your needs. It features 2 large-sized side pockets in order to complete your look. Furthermore, the large and loose long sleeves provide you with the ultimate comfort.

Fabric: Polyester

Size: 18″ Shoulder, 53″ Chest,51″ Length, 21″ Sleeve Length.

Machine Washable: Yes

Price: $36.99
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#8. Luxury Spa Robe With Cotton Terry Lining

Plush Necessities Luxury Spa Robe

This spa robe from Luxury is exclusively designed for spas and resorts so as to enrich your holidays or relaxation period with premium comfort.

It combines two robes into one. That is, this dual-layer wrap is made up of superfine microfiber and lined in plush long loop cotton blended terry.
The outer material is soft and smooth while the inner cotton linings are water absorbent. Hence, it is just the perfect one that delivers both comfort and style.

The classic shawl collar, trimmed pockets, and double belt loops add to the beauty of this robe. This full-length wrap with falls between ankles and lower calves just provides you with a feminine look.

Fabric: Cotton

Size: X-Small – XXX-Large

Machine Washable: Yes

Price: $99.00 – $105.00
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#9. Natori Long BathRobe

Natori Women’s Shangri-La Robe

The wrap from Natori looks practically identical, from the style of neckline down to the hems. The V-neckline makes this robe quite attractive. The side seam pockets are easily accessible. The belt loops provide a safe closure to the robe.

Made from 100% polyester material, this wrap looks perfect against your skin and lets you flaunt your curves. This robe feels gorgeous against your skin. Moreover, the material is machine washable and it takes no time for drying. The best part about this robe is that it is available in a variety of colours to choose from.

Fabric: 65% modal and 35% polyester

Length: 49 Inches

Machine Washable: Yes

Price: $49.99 – $99.99
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#10. Barefoot Dreams Luxury BathRobe

Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Adult Robe

This women’s robe from Barefoot Dreams is well made with poly-microfiber knit. It is extremely soft and water absorbent; hence it is the best choice to make for adorning after a shower.

It is perfect to wear in colder climates to keep yourself warm. Though it offers you plenty of warmth, this wrap is still light in weight and comfortable to wear while lounging around the house. You will love wearing it as you feel cuddled in this robe as it provides you with both warmth as well as feminine look.

It features a shawl collar and double belt loops. It is machine washable and also dryable. Moreover, you get bright and cheerful colour options to choose from.

Fabric: Polyester

Size 1: Fits Height 5ft 6in; – 5ft 6in;, Weight 100-140 lbs.
Size 2: Fits Height 5ft 6in; – 5ft 10in;, Weight 140-180 lbs .
Size 3: Fits Height 6ft+, Weight 180+

Machine Washable: Yes

Price: $98.99 – $135.00
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Bathrobes can be a wonderful gift for any women. So, which one from the above listed some of the best bathrobes for women would you prefer to have or gift someone? Do write to us about your choices and views in the comments section.

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