Amazon Fire TV Stick lets you watch your favorite TV shows, movies, song, and all other content at your time. What you need to do is connect this stick to your HDTV and start streaming content from Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hotstar, and many other services. Now, to ease the process of finding the media you want to watch, here we have a list of best Bluetooth keyboards for Amazon Fire TV Stick.

These top-rated Fire TV Stick keyboards are available in a range of sizes and designs. You can type the content you are looking for through this Firestick keyboard. You can even navigate across the screen with the touchpad. Each of the keyboards listed here varies from the other in its functionality. You can explore these wireless Bluetooth keyboards for Amazon Fire TV Stick rounded up below and pick the one that meets your needs.

Best Bluetooth Keyboards for Amazon Fire TV Stick

#1. iPazzPort Mini Bluetooth Keyboard With Remote

iPazzPort Mini bluetooth Keyboard for Fire TV Stick

This Fire Stick keyboard from iPazzPort is minimalistic in size. It is the same in size as that of your remote control. Thus, you can even combine the keyboard with the remote and store them as a single unit with the help of a silicone sleeve that you get along with it.

Its Bluetooth functionality makes it easy for you to connect it to your Fire TV Stick. With this keyboard, you can enter texts to search the media you are willing to see just in the form of traditional writer layout.

Price: $24.99
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#2. Rii Mini Wireless Bluetooth Touchpad Keyboard

Rii Mini Wireless Bluetooth Backlight Touchpad Keyboard for Amazon Fire TV Stick

The Amazon Fire TV Stick keyboard from Rii looks just like remote control of a video game. It is available in different striking colors. So, you can choose the one that you like the most.

This wireless QWERTY keyboard features a built-in touchpad, LED-backlit keys, multimedia control keys, and even PC gaming control keys. It has a total of 92 keys. The touchpad is built with innovative design i.e. it is 360-degree flip design. You can hold it in your hands and even carry wherever you want.

Price: $25.99
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#3. Rii Bluetooth Keyboard with Touchpad

Rii Bluetooth Keyboard with Touchpad

 Here is a full-fledged wireless Fire Stick TV keyboard that comes with a touchpad. The buttons are easy-press and have decent feedback to your touches. Moreover, the volume controls and other such controls are available on the keyboard, so you get better control on the go. 

The touchpad supports multiple commands like two-finger for several commands like scrolling up and down. This keyboard is based on 2.4GHz wireless technology, and you will get decent connectivity with it. Overall, it is an excellent keyboard to use with your Fire TV stick.

Price: $29.95
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#4. AuviPal Wireless Keyboard Mouse Combo for Streaming TV Stick

AuviPal Wireless Keyboard Mouse Combo for Streaming TV Stick

The backlit support of this Amazon Fire Stick TV keyboard will surely make you fall in love with it. Whether it is dark in the room, you can still use this keyboard with backlit support. The keyboard comes with a touchpad and decent-sized keys. It can offer ten times better and faster typing when compared to other keyboards for Fire TV Stick.  

There are multiple backlit color options available, and you can set the best one according to you. This keyboard from AuviPal is compatible with other devices as well, like PC, PS 3, and Xbox 360, which make it a versatile device.

Price: Price not available
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#5. iPazzPort Bluetooth Mini Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad

iPazzPort Bluetooth Mini Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad

This wireless keyboard from iPazzPort comes with a touchpad and multimedia key shortcut. The keys are of a good size, so there will be no trouble in typing the stuff. The wireless keyboard is compatible with Amazon Fire TV Stick. Also, it has backlit support so you can enjoy typing even in the dark.

The Fire TV keyboard is handy and lightweight so that you can use it just like your remote. The IR learning feature makes it one of the best keyboards in this list, as you can access some shortcuts quickly with this keyboard. Just connect it with the Fire TV Stick, and you are good to go.

Price: $22.99
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#6. Rii i8+ Mini Bluetooth Keyboard with Touchpad

Rii i8+ Mini Bluetooth Keyboard with Touchpad

Here is another Fire TV keyboard from Rii that has a touchpad and shortcut controls available for direct access. This keyboard features backlit support, which makes it a better option. The battery lasts longer, and you can recharge it again with the USB cable provided by the manufacturer. The 360-degree flip design makes it even handier and easy to use.

There are 92 keys available on the keyboard, and you can use the touchpad for navigation. It is light in weight and will reward you with the freedom of typing from your bed due to the wireless connectivity.

Price: Price not available
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#7. Mitid Wireless Mini Keyboard for Fire Stick

Mitid Wireless Mini Keyboard with Mouse Touchpad Combos for Amazon Fire TV Stick

Mitid brings to you a mini wireless keyboard that possesses an inbuilt lithium battery. It also includes a touchpad that is designed with innovative technology. This smart touchpad features a 360-degree flip design, provides you with left-click and right-click access, and also offers scrollbar functionality.

This full-sized keyboard has multifunction hotkeys that make it even easier to access the content you want. It also showcases Auto Sleep functionality. You can press any key to wake it up.

Price: $26.99
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Q. How to Pair Bluetooth Keyboard With Amazon Fire TV Stick

Ans. To pair keyboard or mouse with Fire TV Stick you need to follow below mentioned steps:

Step #1: Open Setting on your Fire TV Stick and then click on the Controllers & Bluetooth Devices option.

Step #2: Now, click on Add Bluetooth Devices.

Step #3: Next, Put your Bluetooth keyboard in pairing mode.

Step #4: Amazon Fire TV Bluetooth will start looking for Bluetooth devices.
Step #5: Find your keyboard Bluetooth name from the list of devices and tap on it.

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Which among the above listed some of the best Bluetooth keyboards for Amazon Fire TV Stick would you purchase? Do write to us about your choices and opinions in the comments section.


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