Amazon Echo dot is a compact sized smart speaker which uses Alexa voice assistant. You can easily control all your smart home accessories using Alexa voice commands. The smart speaker is also capable to make calls, play music, stream online content, etc. So if you are going to play music on the device, then you will definitely want to know what some of best Bluetooth speakers for Amazon Echo dot to enhance your music experience.

This top rated Bluetooth speakers for Echo Dot is enriched with unique and portable Bluetooth speakers. Each one is identical from the other. By connecting these Bluetooth speakers with your Echo Dot you can stream music in your entire house. They are capable enough to fill your house with soothing audio sound. Moreover, they just appear as a piece of home décor; so you can get better Dot experience with these beautiful speakers. Without any further delay, let’s go through this list of best speakers for Amazon Echo dot.

Best Bluetooth Speakers for Amazon Echo Dot

Best Bluetooth Speaker for Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, and Echo Plus

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#1. Anker SoundCore

Anker Bluetooth Speaker

Anker provides a wide range of Bluetooth up to 66fts. The dual high-performance wireless stereo enables you to enjoy the music at its best sound quality without causing any distortions.

With an astounding battery life of 24 hours or you can say playtime for 500 songs, this Bluetooth speaker with a built-in lithium-ion battery also has a built-in mic which helps you to make hands-free calls.

Along with the Bluetooth Speaker, you get a micro-USB charging cable, user guide and 18 months of warranty in addition to friendly customer service when you purchase it from Anker.

Pros: This speaker designed with Bluetooth 4.0 technology is compatible with all of your Bluetooth-enabled devices – be it your smartphone or tablet – and its SoundCore feature automatically reconnects the last connected device.

Price: $25.99
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#2. Bose

Bose Mini Bluetooth Speaker

The SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker II from Bose is the perfect example of the saying “Small Packet Big Explosion”. Although it’s small, it delivers you a full long-range sound effect with deep bass which will leave you spellbound! The built-in speakerphone enables you to make calls or attend calls keeping your hands free even while you are busy doing some other work.

This wireless and compact speaker can be carried along with you wherever you go. The battery is capable enough to play music for 10 hours and can be recharged with either of the USB power sources.

Pros: The voice prompt technique used in this speaker makes the Bluetooth pairing process easier.

Price: $139.89
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#3. Ultimate Ears

Ultimate Ears Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

These Ultimate Ears speakers cover up to 100fts of Bluetooth wireless range; making them exceptionally amazing! It is cylindrical in shape and light in weight. Also, the shockproof and waterproof properties of this speaker add to its popularity among the users.

You can easily connect this speaker with your Echo Dot and enjoy the hands-free voice control facility with Alexa. It has a battery life of approximately 20 hours which may vary as per your use and settings.

Pros: You can connect up to 50 UE speakers and get ultimate music experience with the help of PartyUp feature provided by Ultimate Ears.

Price: $171.98
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#4. Sonos

Sonos Wireless Speaker

Now fill the large rooms with extremely brilliant and excellent sound with the Sonos PLAY: 5 speakers. This speaker is equipped with 6 amplifiers and 6 dedicated speakers which provide you the best sound experience. You can easily setup this speaker by connecting to your Wi-Fi connection.

Now you can play either different music in different rooms or sync all rooms with the same music with this adorable Sonos PLAY: 5 smart speakers. The touch sensors provided enable you to control the volume and manage the track of the music that is being played.

Pros: You can even stream music from PLAY: 5 speakers to other Sonos speakers in your house.

Price: $499.00
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#5. Ultimate Ears ROLL 2

Ultimate Ears ROLL 2 Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker

You can now connect Amazon Echo to external speakers and enjoy the extreme quality of music in your house! This modernly designed Bluetooth speaker is so light in weight that you might forget whether you are carrying it or not.

Straps are provided at the back of this speaker; hence giving it a portable design. You just have to pull the strap with your backpack or bag and carry your music with you wherever you go!! It can cover up to 100fts of Bluetooth wireless range. Moreover, the rechargeable battery offers you a playtime of about 9 hours.

Pros: The waterproof property of these Bluetooth speakers is such that even if you submerge it in water and take it out; there will not be any change in its performance!

Price: $99.99
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#6. Bliiq

Bliiq Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

This waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof wireless Bluetooth speaker has so many properties to be taken into consideration. Though small in size – the Bliiq Infinite X Speaker – is capable of giving you an immersive music experience.

The pocket-friendly design of this speaker enables you to carry it along with you. It is equipped with an in-built power bank which is sufficient enough to charge your phone up to 3 times.

Pros: This speaker comes with a micro SD card slot which allows you to insert an SD card and enjoy your favorite tracks. In addition to that, it also has a built-in LED flashlight.

Price: $49.99
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#7. Eufy Genie

Eufy Genie Bluetooth Speakers for Amazon Echo Dot

Eufy Genie is a voice-controlled smart speaker that comes with built-in Alexa voice assistant from Amazon. What you need to say is “Alexa” and the Genie will play your favorite tracks, take hold of your smart devices, sets reminders, and perform much more activities.

It is easy to set up and fun to use. You just have to plug in the Eufy Genie and connect it to the internet. Then, sign in into your Amazon account and start exploring with your Alexa.

Pros: You get the free EufyHome app with this smart speaker. You can easily access thousands of Alexa skills and services with the app.

Price: $19.99
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#8. Ultimate Ears BOOM 2 Phantom

Ultimate Ears BOOM 2 Phantom Wireless Bluetooth Speaker for Amazon Echo Dot

Are you hunting for a portable Bluetooth speaker that you can carry along with you while you go on outdoor adventures? If yes, those from UE are the best Bluetooth speakers for Amazon Echo Dot.

To enjoy wireless capabilities of this Bluetooth speaker, you can connect it to your Amazon Echo Dot so that you can get hands-free voice control of Alexa. You can ask Alexa to play your favorite tunes from Amazon Music, Pandora, Spotify, iHeartRadio, and TuneIn.

Pros: This Bluetooth speaker lets you connect more than 50 UE speakers so that you can party with your friends and family.

Price: $126.90
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#9. VAUX Cordless Home Speaker

VAUX Cordless Home Speaker for Amazon Echo Dot

Elevate your Echo Dot with VAUX Portable battery base. It is cordless; hence it charges itself with the Amazon Echo Dot power supply and cable provided to charge it. Moreover, its enhanced audio sound lets you enjoy the VAUX functionalities in your home.

The beautiful and modern aesthetic of this Bluetooth speaker adds to your home décor. The passive radiator fills in your home with acoustic sound quality.

Pros: VAUX’s built-in battery offers you the cordless freedom of using Echo Dot anytime and anywhere.

Price: $49.95
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#10. MOKCAO Power+ Portable Battery Case and Speaker

MOKCAO Power+ Portable Battery Case and Speaker

If you want to make your Amazon Echo dot portable then this MOKCAO Power+ is for you. This portable battery base will keep your Amazon echo dot charged so that you take your smart speaker anywhere you want. In addition to this, you will get amazing stereo sound quality. To boost the sound level of your dot, it provides dual 52mm drivers and a passive radiator.

You can also stream music from your mobile devices directly using 3.5 AUX cable. The cordless speaker works like a power bank for your Amazon echo dot and comes with 5000mAh battery capacity.

Pros: It gives amazing stereo sound quality and makes your echo dot portable.

Price: $45.99
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#11. Yamaha Wireless Speaker Works With Alexa

Yamaha Wireless Speaker Works With Alexa

If you are looking for a high-quality speaker which will not only satisfy your music needs but also transform it into a smart boombox, the Yamaha MusicCast can fulfil your requirement. It is slightly larger than usual bookshelf speakers but doesn’t occupy much space in your table. It features a 3.5’ subwoofer, a tweeter and a passive radiator to deliver dynamic and high-resolution sound.

The speaker not only supports Alexa but also compatible with Bluetooth and wifi connectivity. You can either stream directly or ask Alexa to play your favorite music from Spotify playlist or Amazon Music. Moreover, the MusicCast allows stereo pairing with an additional speaker to enrich your room with heavy bass and stirring sound quality.

Pros: The speaker is compatible with Alexa, Bluetooth, wifi and supports a two-unit stereo pairing. You can also configure EQ settings from your phone.

Price: $79.95
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