Throw blankets are smaller as compared to full-sized blankets, which means you can even wrap them around on a rocking chair or outside the bed to experience unmatched comfort. So if you are looking for the best cheap throw blanket under $50 for women and men then go ahead and read more.

In this reviewed article of a top-rated throw blanket for couch, bed, and chair, you will find both non-heated and heated throw blanket. Moreover, in the list, you will find lightweight fleece throw blanket in various colors such as Pink, Grey, White, Teal, Yellow, Black, Green Blue, Orange, Red, Navy, Purple, and many more. So that you can choose the one that you like most.

Best Cheap Throw Blanket Under $50 for Men and Women

#1. VEEYOO Fleece Throw Blanket for Sofa Under $20

VEEYOO Fleece Throw Blanket for Sofa

Put your struggle to get some additional warmth to an end with this quality throw blanket from VEEYO. The flannel fleece throw blanket is superiorly soft and will make a great pair with your couch. The hypoallergenic material ensures that you will have a good time with this throw blanket without triggering any allergies or irritations.

This throw blanket for the couch is feathery-light in weight, and you can toss it on your couch or rocking chair to snooze up in comfort for some time. Also, the 100% microfiber polyester prevents the blanket from catching wrinkles, and it will look like new for years. Moreover, the vibrant color options make it an even irresistible option if you are searching for the best throw blanket under $50.

You can even take a throw blanket with you on a long ride while packing it in your car. This plush blanket is available in a throw and Queen Size options in case you need something similar for your bed as well.

Specs for VEEYOO Fleece Throw Blanket for Bed and Couch

Available Size Throw – 50*60″, Twin- 60*80″, Queen – 90*90″ and King – 108*90″
FabricFlannel Fleece, ad Polyester
ColorsAsh black, Caribbean blue, Grey, Ivory, Khaki, Navy, Olive Green, Pink and Purple
WashableMachine Washable

Price: Price not available
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#2. Serta Heated Electric Throw Blanket

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If you need some extra warmth, then have a look at this throw blanket! The blanket comes with the electric heating feature, so you can adjust the amount of warmth you need at the time. There are a total of 5 heating stages available. Thus you can reduce the heat if you think it’s too much. 

This fleece throw blanket for sofa is made using polyester material so that it won’t get dirty very easily. The handy temperature control unit comes with five easy-press buttons, and you can choose the ideal mode on the go. Also, this is a reversible blanket, and you can use it from both sides.  

The 8.5″ power cord lets you connect it with the nearest wall outlet easily without any extension wire. If you are suffering from muscle or joint pain, then this throw blanket can turn out to be a perfect remedy for you. The built-in auto-shutoff system turns the blanket off after 4-hours of continuous usage. 

There are more than ten fantastic color options available, and you can select the one that complements the décor of your room. Lastly, you can remove the power cord to toss the blanket into the washing machine. If you have a limited, then this is the best cheap throw blanket you can get.

Specs for Serta Heated Throw Blanket UNder $50

Available Size 50″x60″
FabricMicrofleece with Sherpa, and Polyester
ColorsBay Blue, Beige, Blue Plaid, Charcoal, Chocolate, Cobalt, Grey, Red Pepper, Red Plaid, Sand, Slate Blue, Swiss Dot Snowflake – Bay Blue and Garnet
WashableMachine Washable

Price: No products found.
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#3. Bedsure Faux Fur Heated Throw Blanket Under $100

Bedsure Faux Fur Heated Throw Blanket

Embossed faux fur is considered the best material in throw blankets, and you will get them infused in this top-quality throw blanket from Bedsure. It is a heated throw blanket so that you will get multiple heating modes with it.

Whether it is a spine-chilling day or you need to relax your muscles, you can plug in the power cord and can enjoy the warmth with this cheap fleece blanket. MaxKare electric throw blanket has here heating levels so that you can select the higher and the lower based on your requirements. 

Also, the built-in auto-timer turns the blanket off after 4-hours to keep it safe and protected at all times. The blanket comes with an ETL certification and is ideal for use at home and office. The 9.8″ long power cord eliminates the need for using extension wire, which comes as an added benefit.

Worrying about the blanket getting dirty? Well, you can toss this plush throw blanket into the laundry as it is a machine washable throw blanket. Make sure to remove the power cord before washing the blanket.

Specs MaxKare Electric Throw Blanket for Home & Office

Available Size 50×60″
FabricEmbossed faux fur
ColorsChocolate, Grey
WashableMachine Washable

Price: $80.40
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#4. Exclusivo Mezcla Grey Throw Blanket Under $20

Exclusivo Mezcla Grey Throw Blanket

Most of the throw blankets are 50” X 60” in size, whereas this luxurious throw blanket runs a bi larger for added comfort. The stuffed flannel fleece and the polyester material make the blanket comfortable as well as durable.

This is not an electric throw blanket, but that doesn’t mean that it will compromise with the warmth. The plush upper side makes the blanket touchable while appending a touch of vibrancy. If you are tall, then this throw blanket is perfect for you.

You can use it as an outdoor blanket or as a sofa throw blanket due to its versatility. Also, the microfiber flannel makes the blanket exquisite while adding extra softness to it. No matter whether you want to snooze up for some time, or you want to enjoy watching a movie sitting on your couch, this throw blanket can be an exemplary companion.

The best part about Exclusivo Mezcla throw blanket is that it resists wrinkles even upon washing it several times. It is machine washable and dryable, and that is what are the traits the best throw blanket should possess.

Specs for Exclusivo Mezcla Large Fleece Velvet Plush Throw Blanket

Available Size Throw – 50×60″ XL- Throw – 50×70″, Queen – 90*90″, King -90*104″, Twin – 60*80″, XL-Twin – 90*66″
FabricFlannel & Sherpa
ColorsCoral, Grey, Navy Blue, Prink, Black, Burgundy, Celadon, Coffee, Forest Green, Ice Blue, Light Grey, Olive Green, Red, Slate Blue, Teal, Yellow, Blue, Brown, Camel, Cobalt Blue, Ivory, Purple, White, Fuchsia and more
WashableMachine Washable and Dryable

Price: $11.99
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#5. Bedsure Lightweight Navy Throw Blanket Under $20

Bedsure Lightweight Navy Throw Blanket

This easy-care throw blanket from Bedsure is an excellent choice for you if comfort and luxury are your first priority. This lightweight throw blanket is made using microfiber polyester so you can expect a good lifespan from it.

Also, the neat stitches enhance the strength, and the blanket will withstand the teeth and paws of your furry friend. There is a reason why this one is among the highest selling throw blankets, and that is due to the quality it offers at a reasonable price.

You get a spectrum of color choice, and so you can choose a throw blanket that adds a touch of sheer elegance to your room. This throw blanket for chairs is ideal to use as a sofa throw, and a couch throw due to its versatility and comfort. 

If you are worried about the fabric of the blanket after washing it, then no need to! This is a washable blanket provided that you follow a careful washing regime for it. Also, it dries quickly, so you don’t have to compromise with comfort the day you have washed this throw blanket.

Specs Cheap Throw Blanket Under $20 from Bedsure

Available Size Throw – 50*60″, Twin- 60*80″, Queen – 90*90″ and King – 108*90″
FabricMicrofiber Polyester
ColorsBurgundy, Teal, Camel, Dusty Pink, White, Black, Dark Grey, Navy, Brown, Purple, Pink, Washed Blue, Grey, Olive Green, Lilac, Charcoal Grey, Emerald Green, Dark Blue, Orange, Cream and Yellow

Price: $11.99
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#6. LOMAO Cheap Yellow Throw Blanket Under $30

LOMAO Cheap Yellow Throw Blanket

Trying a throw blanket for the first time? Make your experience unforgettable with this throw blanket from LOMAO. This plush blanket is reversible, and you can use it from both sides, in case one side gets dirty.

The cozy and comfortable blanket will make sure that you keep snuggling inside it all day long.  Also, the soft pom poms are a source of entertainment, and you will surely love how they enhance the exquisiteness of this throw blanket.

LOMAO throw blanket is available in a 51″*63″ size, which makes it bigger as compared to traditional throw blankets. The breathable material ensures that your skin can breathe easily while you are wrapped around in the blanket.

The microfiber material is anti-pilling, and the blanket will remain free from wrinkles, and the color will not fade away. You will be happy to know that the feathers of this yellow throw blanket don’t shed even after multiple washes, so it is a great pick for the money.

Specs for LOMAO Throw Blanket for Bed, Couch and Chair

Available Size 51″x63″ and 60”x80”
FabricMicrofiber Polyester
ColorsGrey, Dark Blue, Emerald Green,Ivory, Khaki, Light Blue, Mustard Yellow and Pink
WashableMachine Washable 

Price: $21.99
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#7. Chanasya Light Weight Throw Blanket for Bed, Couch and Living Room

Chanasya Light Weight Throw Blanket for Bed, Couch and Living Room

Faux fur blankets like Chanasya throw blanket make an excellent pick, especially for the winter months and colder fall. This blanket is a fantastic option if you want a luxury-looking throw blanket. Also, the blanket weighs less than it looks, and you will have a great time snoozing inside it. 

The exterior material feels so soft, while the stuffing keeps you warm and protected from the chilling weather. This is not an electric blanket, but still, you will get excellent comfort and unmatched warmth with it.

This classy décor piece can be used as a sofa throw, or you can even use it for your toddlers as it is a hypoallergenic throw blanket. The chic color options available make it an excellent choice to gift your beloved and to use it personally. 

In a nutshell, Chanasya faux fur blanket carries the lavishness every throw blanket should have. This super cozy blanket is washable and can withstand multiple washes without shedding the fur.

Specs for Chanasya Fur Throw Blanket Under $30

Available Size Twin, King, Queen, 50”x65” and 60”x70”
FabricFaux Fur / Sherpa
ColorsAubergine, Blue, Chocolate, Beige, Maroon, Sliver, Teal, White, Ivory, Black, Green, Light Pink, Lilac, Pink, Rose Dust, Tan Blue, Tan Teal, Taupe, Yellow and Dark Rose
WashableMachine Washable 

Price: $34.99
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#8. Tuddrom Fur White Throw Blanket

Tuddrom Fur White Throw Blanket

Do you have a love for fur? If yes, then this throw blanket from Tuddrom deserves a place in your home. The fluffy, cozy blanket is as soft as it appears. Also, it weighs less, and you will not feel any burden while using it. 

Made using high-quality microfiber, that blanket assures a decent lifespan. Also, the pure white color looks fabulous and can turn your room into phenomenal if you know how to place it in the right way. The 4cm long hair feels soft, and you will love to snuggle down with this blanket.

This white throw blanket is ideal for kids as well as pets, and you can share the comfort with your beloved made while enjoying a cozy day lying down on the sofa. Do you know what the best part about this throw blanket is?  Well, the long microfiber hair doesn’t shed even on washing, and the color remains as it is even after some time of using the blanket.

There are a myriad of color options available, thus decorating your room will be easier while you can enjoy snoozing in this blanket to make the most out of the cozy days.

Specs for Tuddrom Fur Throw Blanket Under $20

Available Size 78*90″, 50×60”, 78*90″
ColorsCream White, Light Grey, Light Yellow, Pink and Pure White
WashableMachine Washable 

Price: $15.99
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Things You Need to Check While Buying Throw Blanket for Men and Women

Buying the best cheap throw blanket can be daunting as there are a plethora of options available in the market. But with this buying guide, you can make a natural choice by checking the essential factors of a throw blanket.

Check the Size 

Throw blankets are available in a multitude of sizes, and some of them are even queen size. So you should make your choice based on the size of the blanket and your requirements. Choosing the right size will reward you with unbeatable comfort. You can check the throw blanket size in the specs table to make sure that it fits your needs.


The next essential factor that deserves your attention is the material the particular throw blanket is made up of. Generally, most of the throw blankets are made using microfiber polyester, but some luxurious blankets are made with faux fur as well. Every type of material carries its own characteristics, and you will have a different experience with every material. 

Cotton: Throw blankets made using cotton is light in weight and offer moderate warmth. Also, cotton throw blankets are perfect for spring and summers because you can’t use them on excessive colder days. Cotton blankets are washable and are popular due to their capability of reducing allergens’ build-up. 

Synthetic: Synthetic throw blankets are made using polyester, microfiber, and acrylic. The reason why these blankets are popular is that these are amazingly warm, and don’t dissipate moisture. Synthetic throw blankets are great for winters. 

Wool: Wool throw blankets are warmer, and are perfect for colder days as well. These blankets are a bit heavier than cotton blankets, and that’s quite evident. Wool blankets are thick and are perfect for snoozing. Lastly, you will not feel overheated with these blankets, which make them ideal for winters.

Fleece: Fleece throw blankets are better in terms of warmth. Some cheap fleece blankets are not as thick as woolen throw blankets but are cozy and warm. If you expect excellent warmth from a throw blanket, go with a fleece blanket.

Electric or Non-Electric

There are two options available in throw blankets, i.e., electric and non-electric. If you want a blanket that offers extra warmth on some days, then an electric throw blanket is an ideal choice. These blankets come with a handy controller, and you can adjust the warmth on the go.

On the other hand, non-electric blankets offer similar warmth in all seasons!

Machine Washable 

All throw blankets are not washable; thus, you cannot toss them in the laundry for washing. Go for the blankets that allow you to wash them occasionally to get rid of pet hair, and unnecessary smells. Check the specs table listed with every throw blanket to make sure that the blanket you are going to buy is machine washable.


What if the throw blanket you have purchased triggers allergies and irritations from the very first day? It can turn out to be a nightmare, and you cannot use that blanket. Check whether the blanket is hypoallergenic and is suitable for kids if you need one for your toddler.

Generally, most of the throw blankets available these days are hypoallergenic, but it is wise to check it beforehand.

Moisture Wick

The last factor worth consideration is the moisture-wicking capacity of the throw blanket. Blankets made using synthetic materials, including microfiber, and polyester have zero breathability, and these blankets keep the moisture intact.

On the other hand, cotton, wool, and fleece blankets have better breathability, and these blankets won’t let you feel overheated at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.1# How to Wash a Throw Blanket?

Answer: Washing a throw blanket requires more care as some of these blankets are delicate. Here are the steps you should follow while washing your throw blanket.
1) Put the blanket in the washing machine alone.
2) Select a delicate and short washing cycle and use cold water instead of warm.
3) For throw blankets, you don’t need excess liquid detergent, and a small amount is enough for the wash cycle.
4) Lastly, avoid using fabric softener, as it can make the blanket full of wrinkles.
5) Dry the blanket if it allows 
6) Machine dry the blanket, or you can take it for normal drying.

Q.2# Can you bring a throw blanket on Plane?

Answer: Yes, you can carry a throw blanket on a plane, and there will be no hassles and issues from the authorities. Either you can carry the blanket inside your purse, or you can carry it just like your jacket to enjoy your flight with some extra comfort.

Q.3# What is an electric throw blanket?

Answer: An electric throw blanket used electricity to generate more heat so that you get a better experience in winters. These blankets are just like ordinary throw blankets but have a power cord attached to them that keeps the blanket warm.

An electric throw blanket can have different heating modes depending on the brand and the price.

Q.4# What are the best throw blankets for winter?

Answer: The best throw blankets for winters are synthetic blankets, i.e., made using polyester and microfiber. The reason why these blankets are good is due to the fact that they have no moisture-wicking ability so that you will get good warmth required on colder days.

Q.5# What is a throw blanket? And how is it different from a regular blanket?

Answer: Generally, throw blankets are smaller as compared to regular blankets, which make them ideal for throwing at the couch or the chair. Also, these blankets are ideal for decoration purposes or for using outside the bed.

Throw blankets are perfect for snoozing on the sofa and the couch, whereas regular blankets are only good for taking on the bed as these are heavy and less manageable.

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These are the best cheap throw blankets under $50 you can get for your money. Go through every review, and make sure to follow the buying guide to make a worthy purchase and to enjoy endless comfort.


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