Are you bored with the low audio output of your laptop or pc? If yes, then it is the time to upgrade to a high-end device that is perfect for your needs and has an excellent sound delivery. Not all the good desktop speakers are expensive, and you can even buy them without breaking the bank. Here are the best budget computer speakers under $100 that are worth your attention.

All the cheap computer speakers belong to a decent brand, and these best budget PC speakers under $100 will deliver you with the audio you have been craving for! Go through the list, and choose the one cheap external speaker for iMac, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Laptop, or desktop that suits your requirements.

Best Budget Computer Speakers Under 100 USD

#1. Creative Inspire T10 2.0 Multimedia Speaker System

Creative Inspire T10 2.0 Multimedia Speaker System

Creative T10 is a set of high-quality PC and laptop speakers and a subwoofer that you need for a sound full of the boom, and crispness. The compact speaker system is light in weight, and you can place it anywhere, all thanks to the small satellite footprint.

Solid Bass 

If you are a die-hard fan of solid bass, then you don’t have to think twice about buying Creative T10. The powerful subwoofer creates a full spectrum of sound that is free from noise and any distortions. Also, the subwoofer has down-firing which amplifies the bass to a next level.

IFP Technology 

The advanced IFP (Image Focusing Plate) technology promises to maintain the natural sound of the track with detailed enhancements. These computer speakers with subwoofer don’t intervene with the tonal accuracy, and you can expect sweet acoustic music that is pleasing for the ears.

Convenient Controls

All the controls from volume up/down to on/off everything is mounted on the speaker for easy access. You don’t have to reach your computer or laptop every time you want to adjust the volume.

Dual Slot Enclosure

The double slot enclosure mechanism works seamlessly, and it improves the frequency for better audio. Moreover, the frequency is distributed to the entire system, and you will get pure sound from both speakers.

  • The knobs make it convenient to adjust the volume.
  • The speakers produce good bass.
  • Extended listening using the ports.
  • Compact and perfect for your desk.
  • The speakers are not very durable.
  • They may vibrate on full volume.


If you don’t want to splurge money on a desktop speakers system, then Creative T10 is something worth buying. The system is very stable and requires no installation at all. Just plug in the aux and power cord to your computer, and the system is ready to rock.

Price: $49.37
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#2. Logitech Stereo Speaker Under $50

Logitech Stereo Speaker Under $50

Logitech Multimedia Speakers Z200 comes in a pair of two compact speakers, so it is ideal for the users who don’t have enough space for a speaker system.

Adjustable Bass 

The speaker system allows you to adjust the bass as per your requirements. So you can keep the bass low for the tracks which fade away with extreme bass. You can control the bass with the help of tone control dial available on the right speaker.

Easy to Control

Logitech Multimedia Speakers Z200 has an easy to use interface that allows the users to plug in the wire directly to play the tracks. The buyers have the option to control the volume, with the help of the giant dial. Also, you can plug in the headphone, and aux cable without any difficulties.

Rich stereo sound

The pair of speakers are capable of producing room-filling sound, which is an incredible thing. The best stereo speakers render a perfect combination of rich sound and bass, which will make you fall in love with the speaker system. The 2.5″ drivers pump extreme power to the speakers for clear and better audio.

  • The stereo speakers offer rich sound quality.
  • Durable and highly compact.
  • Clear sound even on higher volume settings.
  • The high-quality acoustics are impressive.
  • These speakers are not that loud.
  • It does not have a microphone port.

Quick Mounting

The back-stand mechanism makes the speakers easy to mount on any table. Additionally, there is no extra subwoofer, so you can place the system anywhere because it eats less space.

Price: $29.99
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#3. Logitech Computer Speaker With Subwoofer

Logitech Computer Speaker With Subwoofer

If you don’t want to compromise with the rich bass, then this computer sound system from Logitech is worth your attention. It comes with a separate subwoofer, and that promises supreme bass and excellent sound quality.

360-degree sound

The speakers can project the sound evenly in the whole room or the area where the speakers are placed. The buyers will be able to get a clear and equal sound level in the entire room, which makes it a must-have a system.

Down-Firing Subwoofer

The best pc speakers system comes with a high-quality down-firing subwoofer that creates an aura of bass, without intervening with the quality of audio. Also, the 10.2 cm subwoofer is enough to generate an amole of bass.

Powerful Speakers

The dual speakers are based on 2.1 Channel and have 60 watts as the peak power. You will never regret buying this speaker system because the audio doesn’t fade even on louder volume.

Two Auxiliary Inputs

There are two auxiliary inputs available on the 2.1 speakers system, and it will allow you to connect anything with the help of aux cable. Additionally, there is a headphone jack so that you can listen to music privately.

  • The dedicated subwoofer improves the listening experience.
  • The speakers have an integrated headphone jack.
  • It has 360-degree surround sound.
  • The 18W subwoofer produces powerful bass.
  • The volume is not as high as other speakers.
  • The build quality could be better.

The Verdict 

Logitech Speaker System Z323 is a power-packed music system for computers. Moreover, no hard assembly is required, and you can use the speakers by plugging in the aux, and the power cable.

Price: $79.99
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#4. Cyber Acoustics 2.1 Speaker with Subwoofer

Cyber Acoustics 2.1 Speaker with Subwoofer

Cyber Acoustics CA-3602FFP is an elegant looking speaker system that comes with sleek speakers and a decent subwoofer along with a control unit. When you have this speaker system by your side, then you don’t have to worry about anything.

Desktop Control Pod

With Cyber Acoustics CA-3602FFP you don’t have to reach to the back of the speaker to control the audio to plug in the aux cable. It has a control pod that allows you to turn the speaker on/off, with volume and bass controls. Also, the buyers can connect aux and headphone wire directly to the pod, which is more convenient.

Satellite Speaker

The best-powered speakers that come along with this speaker system look extremely aesthetic and have two-way highly efficient drivers for clearest audio. Moreover, the speakers can regulate the sound equally into the room with the required crispness.

Massive Subwoofer

The massive 5.25-inch power-packed subwoofer produces deep and solid bass. It doesn’t have any down-firing mechanism, and the subwoofer fires the bass through the sides.

Quick Connect

The purchasers can connect the system quickly to their smartphone, PC, or any other device with the help of aux cable to attain optimized sound, and better bass.

  • A dedicated subwoofer keeps you entertained with high bass.
  • The volume controls are at your fingertips.
  • The satellite-like speakers look amazing.
  • This speaker system has a powerful sound.
  • After-sales service is not that good.
  • Flimsy build quality.

The Verdict

Cyber Acoustics CA-3602FFP is a good-looking best gaming speakers system which can add charm both in terms of sound and bass. The satellite speakers produce a blended sound that is free from any distortions.

Price: Price not available
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#5. Creative Labs Dekstop Speaker

Creative Labs Dekstop Speaker

Creative Labs 51MF1610AA002 is an excellent speaker system that is manufactured with top-notch material, and it impacts the sound quality for excellent outcomes. There is no separate subwoofer, but you will never feel the need for one, as it comes with BasXport Technology.

Cloth Dome Tweeter

The tweeters have a cloth dome design which ensures zero blockage of sound with the clear highs, and lows. Another benefit of cloth dome tweeter is the vast spatial imaging that enhances audio quality.

Glass Fiber Cone Driver

The glass fibre cone driver has amazing benefits over standard drivers, and it can easily withstand climatic changes without impacting the performance of the speakers. No matter which genre of music you are listening to, it will make it even better with its ideal frequency responses.

BasXPort Technology

You might be thinking that has no additional subwoofer then how it will deliver the bass! But you will be astonished to know that it has a subwoofer mounted inside the speaker. There is a chamber on the top of the best speakers for mac that channelizes the sound waves for a more natural playback. In short, you will get a decent amount of bass with Creative Labs 51MF1610AA002.

Easy Controls

Bass, treble, and volume there is a control dial for everything, and the users can adjust them on the go. Also, two aux ports support standard headphones and audio devices.

  • You can easily adjust the EQ to get the best sound.
  • Woven glass fiber cone driver for better audio quality.
  • The speaker has crystal clear highs and lows.
  • The two-way design enhances bass.
  • You don’t get connecting cables with this speaker.
  • The ergonomics are not that good.

The Verdict

You can even use the speaker system with gaming consoles, all you need is an RCA-to-stereo adapter, and you can connect it with any TV, LCD, and Led device.

Price: $67.99
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#6. Creative Pebble Plus USB Speakers

Creative Pebble Plus USB Speakers

Pebble Plus is another excellent speaker system from Creative that consumes minimal space and is based on USB power. The subwoofer available with the system has a more prominent stand so you will get high-quality bass.

Minimalist Design

The speakers have a minimal design, but there is no compromise with the audio quality. Moreover, the center of attraction is placed at 45 °, so you will get the sound that can amuse your sweet spot.

Robust Subwoofer

The big subwoofer available with the speaker system has a down-firing mechanism, which means that the users will get rich bass, with a solid touch. Additionally, the performance of the speakers is remarkable, and it never intervenes with the audio.

Easy Connectivity 

Connecting to Pebble Plus is more comfortable, and you can connect any aux cable to the speaker system. The power cord is USB based, and it works with all devices that have active USB ports i.e., laptops, PCs, and TVs.

  • These speakers have amazing down-firing.
  • The far-field drivers offer surround sound.
  • The high gain mode maximizes the speaker’s performance.
  • Multiple ways to connect it to your PC.
  • No wireless connectivity.
  • The subwoofer occupies a lot of space.

The Verdict

There is a volume control dial available on the USB speakers which assist the users to adjust volume as per their taste. Plus, the speakers utilize 8 watts of power, and that makes Pebble Plus a powerful speaker system.

Price: $44.99
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#7. ASIYUN Wired and Wireless Computer Speakers

ASIYUN Wired and Wireless Computer Speakers

The ASIYUN computer speakers have a quirky design, and the color flair looks exceptionally exceptional. All the controls are available on the speaker, so you don’t have to struggle for adjusting the volume, and connecting the headphone cable.

Wires and Wireless Modes

The speaker system supports both wireless and wired modes of connectivity, and it means that you can connect to the system using Bluetooth technology. There is an M (mode switching) button mounted on the speaker that lets you choose the preferred mode. Whenever you want to use it with a wire, connect the aux cable, and you are good to go.

Dual Subwoofers

There are two 5 watt subwoofers available with wireless computer speakers, and these are powerful enough to deliver a pleasant audio output. The users will get the right amount of bass needed in a computer system.

Clear Lows and Highs

The set of Bluetooth computer speakers can fill your entire room with perfect sound that has a combination of rich bass, treble, and crisp sound. The audio even doesn’t fade away when you are using the system in a high-volume setting.

  • This is a very compact soundbar.
  • Wireless connectivity eliminates the hassles of wires.
  • Compatible with PC, phones, gaming consoles, and other devices.
  • The on-board control buttons make things convenient.
  • The bass is not very impressive.
  • Average battery life.

The Verdict

If you are looking for a speaker system that has an inbuilt subwoofer, then ASIYUNT 10W is an excellent option for you. It has dual-channel speakers and wireless mode so you can connect any Bluetooth device without any issues.

Price: $32.98
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#8. Creative Stage 2.1 Soundbar with Subwoofer

Creative Stage 2.1 Soundbar with Subwoofer

The soundbar from Creative Stage is something we can call as incredible. The sleek-looking subwoofer and the soundbar are easy to mount, and you can even hand them on a wall with the help of wall mounting kit that comes inside the packaging.

Versatile Connectivity

The soundbar lets you connect to it using aux, optical input, Bluetooth, and TV arc. The users can choose the connectivity option using the remote control available inside the packaging. You can even control the volume, and switch on/off the device with the help of three buttons available on the soundbar.

Clutter-free Design

The soundbar from Creative Stage has a single unit with a separate subwoofer, and you can place it anywhere due to its sleek design.

Powerful Speakers

The speakers have 2. 1 Channel and produce a peak power of 160 watts which makes it a power-packed speaker system for the computer. The buyers can also adjust the EQ and other crucial settings with the help of remote control available with the speaker system.

  • The remote lets you adjust volume settings on the go.
  • The dedicated subwoofer produces high bass.
  • The built-in USB port lets you use it with a portable drive.
  • Various connectivity options.
  • Some users found the design to be annoying.
  • The left and right channels can get reversed sometimes.

The Verdict

The design of the soundbar and subwoofer is very pleasing and sleek. You can place it with your PC, or you can mount it in the wall, because of the availability of Bluetooth connectivity, and remote control.

Price: $79.99
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#9. AmazonBasics USB-Powered Computer Speakers

AmazonBasics USB-Powered Computer Speakers

The decent-looking speaker system is manufactured by Amazon itself, and it is backed up by AmazonBasics assurance, which is a great thing. The speakers are based on a USB cable, and you can’t use them wirelessly.

Springy Bass

The radiators in these speakers are bottom-facing so you will get the springy bass required for added fun. The speaker is slightly higher from the base, and that helps the bass to spread evenly inside the room.

Plug and Play

There is no specific installation required for these speakers, and you can use them immediately after opening the box. Connect the speakers to your PC with the USB cable, and plug in the aux cable into any device to enjoy music on the go.

Brushed Metal Finish

The design of the speaker system is something you will fall for! The brushed metal finish adds charm to the overall look, and the speakers look incredibly appealing.

  • The dome shape speakers spread audio in the entire room.
  • The brushed metal finish looks great.
  • Compact and can fit on any desk.
  • It is a plug and plays design.
  • You need a connector to use it with the latest MacBooks.
  • The blue lights cannot be shut off.

The Verdict

There is no Bluetooth, and remote available with the best speakers for music, which means you can’t use it wirelessly. And when it comes to audio quality, then you will get a fantastic experience with immersive sound.

Price: $22.72
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#10. Bose Companion 2 Series III Multimedia Laptop Speakers

Bose Companion 2 Series III Multimedia Laptop Speakers

There is a reason why Bose is a recognized name in the music industry, and this speaker system is a perfect example to prove this! There is no additional subwoofer available with the system, but you will get decent bass which is entirely acceptable in this price range.

Simple Setup

There is no setup required with Bose Companion 2. You can connect the speakers to your PC with the help of the power cord, and the speakers will work seamlessly.

Lifelike Sound

You can expect a lot from these multimedia speakers from Bose because it can deliver lifelike sound experience irrespective of what you are playing on the speakers. From dialogues to music tracks, and gaming audio-graphics, everything is delivered with a crystal clear audio quality.


There is a port for connecting the left speaker, aux cable, and PC input. You can even use a single speaker is needed. Moreover, the pure volume control dial makes it easier to adjust volume settings without any issues.

  • The sound remains distortion-free even on loud audio.
  • Works well with Windows and Mac devices.
  • The knob lets you adjust the volume quickly.
  • The speaker has a wide soundstage.
  • Sometimes the bass gets flat.
  • The treble is not very impressive.

The Verdict

Bose is a brand you can rely upon, and with this speaker system, you will get a decent lifespan! There is no Bluetooth available, but the buyers can connect their headphones for private listening.

Price: $149.00
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#11. Dell AC511 USB Wired SoundBar

Dell AC511 USB Wired SoundBar

The soundbar belongs to Dell and has a sleek and low-profile design, which increases the audio quality while the device takes less space.

Powered with USB

The soundbar gets power from your PC with the help of a USB cable, and there is no scope of running out of charge as it a wired speaker. Also, there is a T-hook mounted on the top, which will help you in attaching the soundbar to your monitor.

Rich stereo sound

You will be astonished to know that the small soundbar can actually deliver a booming sound which is free from any flaws. The quality of sound can belie its size, and you will love the audio quality delivered by this speaker setup.

Flexible Connectivity

You can plug in any standard aux cable to start a musical journey with Dell AC511. Moreover, there is a 3.5 mm headphone port for users who want to enjoy music privately. There is a volume dial attached to the side of the soundbar, and you will never get any issues related to audio quality.

The Verdict

The dimensions of this small computer speaker are 16 in x 1.5 in x 1.9 in, and it gets easily attached to most desktops available out there. No batteries are required to power up the device.

  • The sound quality is good.
  • Works well with Windows and Mac devices.
  • Easy to attach and connect.
  • Comes with headphone jack.
  • Not good if you are looking for bass.
  • It will look flimsy if you have monitor with speaker.

Price: $29.99
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#12. Edifier R980T Active PC Speaker

Edifier R980T Active PC Speaker

If you are a bass lover, then Edifier R980T 4″ is the perfect speaker system for you. The device has everything you need, and it can fill the entire expanse with bass and rich audio with its powerful speaker.

Enhanced Bass

The bass produced by this speaker system stands out, and it can fulfil what you expect from this product. The manufacturer claims that it has a flared bass reflex port which can enhance the bass without creating any types of distortions in the audio.

Multiple Connecting Ports

There are a plethora of ports available to connect different devices like PCs and smartphones. All you need is a stereo adapter cable, and it will get paired with your PC in no time. Plus, there is aux support, which allows you to pair smartphones and other audio devices as well.

24 Watts RMS Output

The speaker system can process immense power, and the audio output is much calibrated! Moreover, it can decrease the acoustic resonance, which is a significant flaw and responsible for poor sound quality.

The Verdict

All the required cables are included inside the setup packaging, and you don’t have to purchase anything additionally until you need it. There are different knobs for adjusting volume and bass so it will become even convenient for you.

  • Perfect for home and office setup.
  • Sound Quality is good at the price.
  • Comes with all the necessary cables.
  • The only downside is that the volume and bass knobs are on the back.

Price: $89.99
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#13. Enther Bluetooth Wired/Wireless Computer Speaker

Enther Bluetooth Wired/Wireless Computer Speaker

Enther is a 0.85 lbs soundbar that has versatile connectivity and produces the right amount of bass needed for high-quality audio output. The dimensions of this sound system are 8.78 x 6.18 x 2.01 inches, and you can keep it anywhere without the hassles of cluttering.

Wired and Wireless Connectivity

The soundbar comes equipped with Bluetooth, and you will get a connectivity range of 4 meters/ 13 feet, which is a great thing. Additionally, the users can plug in any aux, and RCA cable to connect with the soundbar.

Dual Bass Speakers

There are two dual bass speakers placed in both directions to deliver bass with a powerful punch. The speakers work on 5 watts, and the audio quality is up to the mark.

Accessible Controls

All the controls from the volume to power on/off are available at the side of the soundbar for incredible accessibility. The users can also change the track by pressing the volume buttons continuously.

The Verdict

You don’t have to pay much money for this excellent speaker system from Enther. Also, the upright design enhances the performance, and you get better audio quality.

  • Perfect for Conference & Remote Working.
  • Speakerphone quality is good.
  • Easy to attach and connect.
  • Not good for listening music.

Price: $67.32
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#14. GOgroove Computer Speakers with Blue LED Glow Lights

GOgroove Computer Speakers with Blue LED Glow Lights

If you are the one who doesn’t want to compromise with their style statement can shift their focus on GOgroove BassPULSE. The speaker system has blue LED accents that when lit up and looks incredibly amazing.

Easy Setup

The external speakers for the laptop are wired, and you don’t need to exhaust yourself in the setup process. Just plug in the power cord to a standard Ac outlet, and attach an audio input device with the aux cable.

Side-Firing Subwoofer

You will get a separate subwoofer with the speaker system that has side-firing technology. Also, the volume and bass controls are available on the subwoofer along with the Pulse button to light up the Led accents.

2.1 Ch Output

The speakers can deliver 2.1 Ch Output, and that is perfect for all types of audios. Additionally, the cup of the speakers is made of high-quality material that provides excellent sound with all the highlights.

The Verdict

GOgroove BassPULSE comes with an affordable price tag, and also the LED accents last longer. In short, it is worth to invest in this 4.8 ounces speaker system.

  • LED lights gives modern look.
  • Easy to pair.
  • Comes with 3-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty.
  • Sound Quality is not too good.

Price: $69.99
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How to Choose the Best PC Speakers Under $100

If you are willing to spend $100 on a speaker for PC, then here are some features you should consider in it.

The choice of connectivity is up to you. If you are using a desktop, then you can go with the options that have Aux support, and a headphone jack. But if you own a laptop, then you need something that has Bluetooth connectivity as well. Also, the speakers with both wireless and wired connectivity are better because you can use them for multiple purposes.

Most of the PC tables are not too big to accommodate a bulky speaker system. You should keep in mind that you need it for your PC, and the dimensions should fit wherever you want. The best thing you can do is measure the area where you want to keep the speakers, and then go for the one you love.

Weight is another important factor you should consider before buying a PC speaker system. Never go with the product that weighs extremely bulky, you can carry it with you.

Power Consumption
You need to power the speakers from your computer with the help of USB cable, and the ideal speakers should consume less power so that you can save some bucks on the energy bills.

Easy Setup
Easy setup is something you need with a set of good computer speakers. You will be glad to know that all the products listed here come assembled from the manufacturer, and you have to connect the power cord and audio input.

That’s it!! Now let’s explore the list from the best cheap computer speakers for listening to music, classical music, Music production, and video editing.

Which budget computer speaker you are going to buy from this list of the best computer speakers under $100? Do share your views with us in the comments section below.


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