MacBook is getting thinner day by day, so it is not easy to get proper cooling space inside the case. Unfortunately, overheating a laptop can result in multiple issues and can also slow down your MacBook performance. So the best way to overcome this issue is to buy a laptop stand or the best cooling pad for MacBook Pro and Air.

Here in this article, we are going to recommend a top-rated cooling mat for MacBook Air and Air as they are specially made to keep your MacBook temperature cool.

So let’s go ahead and check out the features of the best laptop cooler for MacBook.

Best Cooling Pad for MacBook Pro and Air

#1. Havit Laptop Cooling Pad for MacBook Pro

Havit Laptop Cooling Pad for MacBook Pro


Number of Fans3
Compatibility15.6″-17″ Laptop
Number of USB PortsTwo
AdjustableYes (up to two levels)
Fan Speed1100+/-200 RPM

Havit HV-F2056 is an affordable option to keep your MacBook cool during prolonged usage. Designed to sit on a desk, this best cooling pad for MacBook Pro can accommodate any laptop including Air, and Pro models, thanks to the huge surface.

The device features three powerful fans, so expect it to keep the laptop’s temperature under control. It’s a plug-and-play device, so connect it with a USB cable, and you’ll hear the humming noise produced by fans running at full speed.

Working with your PC placed on this pad is pretty comfortable as it has two adjustment levels. The lower level is ideal for typing tasks, whereas the top one is great if you just want to use the trackpad.

The LED light inside the fan isn’t there for aesthetic purposes, but it tells you that the cooling process has started. The entire surface is non-skid and keeps the laptop in place. The four rubber feet below your MacBook stick to the pad, and you can work with ease.

Built with high-grade plastic, the cooling pad feels durable so expect it to last longer. Moreover, it is sleek, and you can pack it inside the laptop sleeve to keep your laptop cool wherever you go.

Lastly, make sure to buy good-quality cables as you don’t get them from the manufacturer.

The fans have a good RPM for fast cooling.The fans are noisy.
Lightweight and durable.Cables are sold separately.
Strategically placed cooling fans for better efficiency.
It has an adjustable base.


If you need an inexpensive cooling pad that’s efficient in its job, Havit HV-F2056 is your way to go. It’s a portable device, so you can keep your MacBook cool all the time and anywhere you go.

Price: $27.99
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#2. TECKNET Cooling Pad for MacBook Air

TECKNET Cooling Pad for MacBook Air


Number of Fans2
Compatibility12”-16” Laptops
Number of USB PortsTwo
Fan Speed1200 ± 10% RPM

Folks that are a bit more budget-conscious should check out TECKNET Laptop Cooling Pad. Designed to accommodate MacBooks up to 16 inches, the pad has a big and non-skid surface. I loved the convenient design, and there is an on/off switch beside the USB ports.

You’ll find two ports on the cooling pad that improves the convenience. There are two big fans that run at decent speeds to keep the laptop cool. The best part about the cooling fans is that they run quietly, so don’t worry about disturbing anyone’s sleep while you are working.

Both fans have a LED light that comes to life as you plug in the USB cable. Unfortunately, there’s no switch to turn the lights off. But the lights aren’t distracting at all.

This is one of the thinnest and best laptop coolers for MacBook Pro I’ve come across, so you can pack it inside your backpack while traveling. Designed ergonomically, it lets you work with promising comfort. However, the pad is not height adjustable.

Whether you are a programmer, graphic designer, or any other professional with a high-end PC, you will find this cooling pad handy.

Quiet ventilators.Not height adjustable.
Metal mesh for added durability.Not designed for high-end gaming.
Non-slip cooling base.
Excellent airflow.


TECKNET Laptop Cooling Pad is a perfect device for basic cooling purposes. It is a noiseless device that’s sleek, light, and serves you exactly what it promises. So place your laptop in it, and keep it from overheating.

Price: $24.99
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#3. Lamicall MacBook Air Cooling Pad

Lamicall MacBook Air Cooling Pad


Number of Fans5
Compatibility12”-15.6” Laptops
Number of USB PortsTwo
Fan Speed1800-2200 RPM

With five big ventilators running at 2200 RPM, the Lamicall Cooling Pad will keep your MacBook or notebook cool for hours. I can recommend this best cooling pad for MacBook Air to anyone who loves intense gaming and uses the PC for more than 10 hours every day.

The fans are almost noiseless, and you can even use this cooling pad at home. Under the pad, there’s a functional stand with adjustable levels. You can adjust it according to your convenience and enjoy comfort all day long.

The two accessible USB ports let you power it with the MacBook on the go. On the top, there is a durable metal mesh that dissipates the heat and keeps the PC cool. You can place any notebook up to 15.6 inches on this advanced cooling device.

I was surprised by the blue hue light fitted inside every fan. The LED turns on as you connect the USB cable, and the fans start running at full RPMs. You will find a dial on the back that lets you adjust the fan’s speed depending on the quickness of the cooling.

Lamicall has designed it thoughtfully for people that are always on the move, and you can carry it inside the sleeve with the MacBook. Several users commented that the cooling pad doesn’t wobble even at full fan speeds.

Adjustable ventilator speed.Not a great choice for bigger laptops.
Super slim and durable.Poor after-sales services.
Ergonomic design.
Dissipates the heat quickly.


If you are into high-end gaming, this is the MacBook Pro cooling pad you need for the MacBook. The non-slippery mesh keeps the MacBook stable, and you can work for hours conveniently.

Price: $24.99
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#4. LIANGSTAR Laptop Cooler for MacBook Pro

LIANGSTAR Laptop Cooler for MacBook Pro


Number of Fans6
Compatibility15.6”-17” Laptops
Number of USB PortsTwo
Fan Speed1400±10%RPM, 2200±10%RPM, 2600±10%RPM (Adjustable)

Next on the list is this super impressive cooler for MacBook Pro that has got attractive looks. It has six fans in the configuration, so be sure your laptop will get cooled quickly. LIANGSTAR has designed this cooling pad smartly so that every ventilator offers excellent heat dissipation.

The strong airflow generated by the six fans can reduce the temperature quickly, so your laptop remains functional for hours. Compatible with any MacBook or laptop, the pad is big enough to accommodate a PC up to 17 inches.

There are two USB ports on the back, with two adjusters, so you have complete control over the fan’s speed. You can even run the fans separately when using the pad with tablets and other devices.

Anyone can use this cooling device, thanks to its adjustable stand. You can enjoy typing on the keyboard comfortably for hours with this pad. The two non-slip baffles keep the computer in place, so you can dedicate all your time to work.

Furthermore, the device is nicely priced, pretty quiet, and offers a good amount of cooling depending on the number of fans you are using. 

Lastly, all ventilators have an LED light that doesn’t distract you but makes the cooling pad look good while working.

You can adjust the fan speed quickly.The small ventilators have poor airflow.
The sleek and portable device.The build quality could be better.
It offers height adjustments.
Fair price.


This MacBook cooling pad from LIANGSTAR outshines the competitors with its six powerful fans. The ergonomically designed pad comes with an adjustable stand that makes it perfect for working at home and office. Lastly, you get complete control over the fans, so you can cool the laptop quickly.

Price: $26.29
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#5. KEROLFFU Cooling Pad for MacBook

KEROLFFU Cooling Pad for MacBook


Number of Fans2
Compatibility13”-15.6” Laptops
Number of USB PortsTwo
Fan Speed1300-1400 RPM

If you spend most of your time working on a desk, this cooling pad from KEROLFFU is the best choice. Designed to offer convenience, the pad comes with a big stand, and you can easily adjust the height depending on your requirements.

You can choose from five height settings to get a comfortable position for using the laptop. The lowest setting is great for typing, whereas the top one is excellent for gaming and watching movies. 

Under the hood, there are two 5-inch ventilators that are powerful enough to dissipate the heat quickly. The mesh surface is big enough to hold any MacBook or notebook up to 15.6 inches. 

Forget about any scratches on your MacBook’s base, as the embedded iron cover boasts fantastic workmanship. You get two USB ports, so powering the cooling pad is easy. Also, the design lets you manage cables while keeping the desk decluttered.

The fans run at full speed, and you cannot adjust the RPM. As per the users, this cooling pad works quietly, and the ventilators aren’t noisy despite being big in size. Both fans feature an LED light that looks amazing during the night time. Lastly, this best laptop cooling pad for MacBook Pro is a versatile device you can use with tablets, laptops, and other gadgets that need cooling.

It features a non-slip baffle to keep the laptop in place.Not for laptops bigger than 15.6.”.
Metal mesh with bigger holes for better heat transfer.The material quality is average.
Sleepy, quiet fans.
The stand features an anti-slip stopper.


People that spend most of their time working on the laptop should go for this efficient cooling pad. The powerful ventilators run at 1400 RPM each to keep the laptop cool for longer.

Price: $17.99
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#6. Havit MacBook Pro Cooling Dock

Havit MacBook Pro  Cooling Dock


Number of Fans3
Compatibility15.6”- 17” Laptops
Number of USB PortsTwo
Fan Speed1000-1100 RPM

If you need a cooling pad as attractive as your MacBook Pro, go for Havit RGB Laptop Cooling Pad. This device features three fans placed strategically to dissipate the heat quickly. Furthermore, the metal mesh is non-skid, so the laptop remains in its place, getting cooled quickly.

The best thing about this pad is the RGB lighting. As you plug in the USB cable, the RGB light turns on and creates an ambiance. Working with your laptop placed on this cooling pad is comfortable, thanks to the adjustable stand.

You can adjust the pad’s height up to two levels that make it perfect for gaming and typing. This is a highly durable cooling pad that’s portable as well. On the back of the device, you will see a rolling switch to control the fan’s RPM. 

The MacBook Pro cooling pad has a one-touch button for fan activation. As you button, you will see the ventilators turning on, and the RBG will also turn on right away. 

You can choose from 15 kinds of light with this button to set the right mood while working on the laptop. Lastly, the pad is sleek, and you can carry it inside your backpack to keep the laptop from overheating.

Superior cooling effect.You cannot turn off the light.
The height-adjustable stand offers comfort.The fans get noisy on full RPM.
You can control the RPM for personalized cooling.
15 kinds of RGB lighting.


This MacBook cooling pad from Havit should be your choice if you need a good-looking pad. It’s really effective in terms of cooling, and you can use the pad with laptops, tablets, smartphones, and other devices.

Price: $30.99
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#7. Lamicall Laptop Cooling Fan Stand Holder for MacBook

Lamicall Laptop Cooling Fan Stand Holder for MacBook


Number of Fans1
Compatibility15.6”- 17” Laptops
Number of USB PortsTwo
Fan Speed700-1400 RPM

This MacBook cooling pad from Lamicall comes loaded with a huge fan that can throw off the heat while keeping the laptop cool for longer periods. I loved the design, and the pad looks really slip, but you cannot fit it in a laptop sleeve. 

The big cooling fan is fully adjustable, and you can change the RPM to get better performance. Furthermore, this is the best adjustable cooling pad for MacBook Pro that offers seven adjustment levels for ease of working. 

The beautiful Lamicall stopper at the bottom prevents the MacBook from slipping while enhancing its convenience. The fan is pretty quiet, and it was surprising as it is such a big ventilator. 

This pad has no LED light, so you can use it inside the bedroom during the night without disturbing others’ sleep. The deck is big, and you can place any laptop up to 17 inches. 

There are two USB ports on the back that are easily accessible and minimize the cable clutter. Lamicall claims that this cooling pad will make your life easier while keeping the laptop cool for hours. 

Lastly, it’s a portable device, and you can travel with it from home to office and back to home to ensure your PC works at full performance without getting overheated.

It has a big laptop stopper.Not that great for tablets and other devices.
Big vents for better heat dissipation.Low fan RPM.
Ultra-quiet ventilator.
Portable design.


If you are looking for a pad that keeps the laptop cool with full efficiency, consider Lamicall MacBook Cooling Pad. The big fan absorbs all the heat and ensures the laptop doesn’t get heat anytime. Lastly, it has an ergonomic and adjustable stand so you can bid goodbye to neck and back issues.

Price: $32.99
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Buying Guide: What to Look for When Buying the Best Cooling Pad for MacBook Pro

Buying the best cooling pad for a MacBook involves several complexities, and you have to look for a plethora of specifications. Here are a handful of factors you should check when buying a cooling pad.


The first thing to check is its compatibility. You should choose a cooling pad depending on the size of your MacBook. If you own a MacBook Pro 15.6″, go for any pad that can accommodate such big laptops.

Number of Fans and RPM

The number of fans affects the efficiency of the cooling pad. However, the RPM of each fan also has a significant effect on the pad’s performance. If you are going for a pad with small fans, consider at least 5 or 6. 

However, cooling pads with a single fan should feature at least a six or 7-inch fan.

Adjustable Stand

The adjustable stand makes it easier for you to work with convenience. Cooling pads with adjustable height settings will let you type with ease. You can adjust the height to achieve the most comfortable position on the go.


Typically, cooling pads for MacBooks feature two USB ports. Always go for such devices as they are plug-and-play and offer quick connectivity. Make sure to look at the ports so that you can buy the right cables to power it.


If you are always on the move and traveling between home and office. You need a portable cooling pad. Make sure the pad is sleek, lightweight, and highly durable. 

Fortunately, all the cooling pads covered in this article are portable, so you can choose any of them.

LED Lighting

Usually, most cooling pads have a built-in LED light, but there are some pads without light. The choice is entirely up to you. These devices don’t have a light turn-off switch, so buy one carefully.


Having a budget in mind when shopping for a MacBook Pro cooling pad is essential to avoid overspending. Most of these amazing pads come under $50, so you don’t have to spend a lot to keep the laptop cool.

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Which of the above-listed laptop cooler would you like to buy from our list of best MacBook Cooling Pads? Do write to us about your choices in the comments sections.


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