Since long Apple has started manufacturing MacBook and iMac without optical drives. So if you want to run a CD or DVD, then you will need an external CD/DVD drive. That’s why here in this article, I have reviewed some of the best USB C external drive for MacBook Pro/Air and iMac.

This list of top-rated external CD/DVD drives for Mac are portable in design. So you can carry it easily whenever you need. So without any further ado, let’s explore this list of the best Mac compatible external DVD drive.

Quick Summary:

Best USB C External DVD Burner for Mac M1: VikTck – “The best plug-and-play device for Mac M1 that’s easy to use and has a portable design”. 

Most-loved USB C External DVD Drive for Mac: MthsTec – “The quickest DVD drive with promising data transfer speeds. It features noise reduction and error correction technology for added convenience”. 

We Recommend: Ploveyy – “An ultra-slim DVD drive that’s compatible with MacBook, Windows, and Linux. The drive comes with a case for ease of carrying and handling it”.  

The Best Cheap USB C External DVD Drive for Mac: ROOFULL – “A widely compatible external DVD drive with low power consumption and quick disc burning.”

Best USB C External DVD Drive for MacBook Pro/Air and iMac

#1. MthsTec External DVD Drive for MacBook

MthsTec External DVD Drive for MacBook

This sleek USB C external DVD drive for Mac should be your choice if you need something to use in your home and office. The device is easy to use and comes with an eject button, so you can quickly burn as many DVDs as you want.

Loaded with a USB 3.0 port, the external drive works well even with older MacBooks. In addition, you can use the Type-C port for faster burning and quicker response. 

MthsTec External Bluray DVD Drive uses a silent technology that reduces the playback noise and makes the DVD drive noise-free. 

Talking about the speed, it offers Blu-ray reading speeds up to 6x, DVDs up to 8x, and CDs up to 24x. The device supports 8.5G 4.7G 700M CD DVD burning capabilities, making it a bang for the buck.

It’s widely compatible, and you can even use it with Windows PC without any software installation. Apart from burning DVDs, you can enjoy playing 4K content with this DVD drive. 

From MacBooks to desktops, the DVD drive works well with every device that features a USB-A or C port.

Lightweight and durable.It doesn’t support 4K ultra-HD discs.
It features an eject button.The blue ambient lighting causes distractions.
Better performance with less noise.
Rubberized feet keep the DVD drive in place.


If you are looking for an easy-to-use and universally compatible DVD drive, this one from MthsTec should be your choice. It’s super-fast and offers strong error correction ability with low power consumption.

Price: $83.99
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#2. ROOFULL USB C External DVD Drive with Carrying Case

ROOFULL USB C External DVD Drive with Carrying Case

ROOFULL External CD DVD +/-RW Drive is one of the best options for faster data writing speed. It’s a plug-and-play drive, so there are no hassles of installing the software and configuring the drive. 

The device offers great Mac compatibility, and you can use the USB 3.0 port to connect it with your laptop. It burns DVDs with encryption, so be rest assured about data protection. 

The two-port design makes this DVD drive even faster and efficient when burning DVDs and CDs. With a max speed of DVD-ROM: 8X / DVD-R: 8X / and DVD+R: 8X, the drive offers faster data transfer. It’s quiet when working, and that makes it a great option for use at the workplace.

You don’t need a separate power cable, as this low-power consuming device takes power from your laptop. Furthermore, the drive supports all Mac OS and Windows versions, and you can use it with any laptop or desktop you want.

Just connect it with your laptop, put in a DVD/CD, and you can read/write data quickly and conveniently.

It recognizes the DVD quickly.The length of the cable is small.
It doesn’t overheat even on prolonged use.Not compatible with the latest MacBooks with the M1 chip.
You get a protective carrying case with this drive.
Works without a power cable.


I’d suggest this DVD drive for iMac to anyone looking to burn the DVDs quickly. It features an eject button, and you can quickly carry out the tasks you need. Just buy an extra connector cable, like the one you get with it is small.

Price: $32.99
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#3. Amicool USB C External DVD Burner for Mac

Amicool USB C External DVD Burner for Mac

If you are on a budget and need a cheap DVD drive, go for AmiCool External DVD Drive. Packed with features, the drive offers quick read/write speeds. 

In a test, the drive offered Max DVD read speed around 8X, Max CD read speed around 24X, and max CD burn speed around 8X. The drive has multiple ports, including USB 3.0, 2.0, and 1.0, and you can use it even with older MacBooks and Macs. 

Play music, movies, or anything else without any lags, like the drive, is capable of offering a data transmission speed of up to 5GBPS. Furthermore, this portable device has a travel-friendly design, and you can take it to the office.

Equipped with adopted intelligent burning technology, the drive lets you read/write data without any interruptions. I found the pop-up button highly responsive, and it even helps you stop the burning operation.

When you put a DVD/CD inside the drive, it will show up quickly on the MacBook, and you can burn it as per your requirement. In addition, the universally compatible drive doesn’t require external power and uses less power.

However, it does not work with Blu Ray, projectors, tablets, and Chromebooks.

Works well with Mac OS, Windows, and Linux.It takes time to load the DVD on MacBook.
It has multiple USB ports.The plastic quality isn’t that good.
Takes power from the connected device.
Fairly priced.


This is certainly the best USB C external DVD drive for MacBook if you have a tight budget. As it’s a plug-and-play device, you don’t need any software. Lastly, the drive works silently and provides good speeds.

Price: $27.99
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#4. VersionTECH USB Type C External DVD Drive for MacBook Pro/Air

VersionTECH USB Type C External DVD Drive for MacBook Pro/Air

Here’s another inexpensive external DVD drive for MacBook for faster reading/writing the CDs and DVDs. The intelligent interface design makes this drive a great choice if you are looking for something reliable.

The embedded case design and premium wire material make the drive shock-proof while improving the speeds. The writing speed you can achieve for DVD is 8X Speed +R 4.7GB, and for CD, it offers 16X Speed.

The reading speeds are also great, and you can attain up to 480 MBPS. Furthermore, the drive supports DOS start and system recovery that keeps the data secure with improved privacy.

The best part about using this external drive is that it doesn’t need any driver installation. Just connect it with your MacBook, and you can read/write DVDs and CDs. 

Compatible with all laptops and desktops, this is a universally compatible DVD drive that even works with Windows 7. However, you cannot use it with the latest MacBooks with M1. 

There is no eject button or tray, and you can put the DVD directly inside the drive for quick operation. Lastly, it has a metal body that makes the drive highly durable and sturdy.

No hassles of the eject button.The disc may get stuck sometimes.
It doesn’t require installing any drivers.It’s a bit loud.
Ultra-thin and portable.
Durable build.


If you need a good DVD drive that works well with every device you own, go for VersionTECH USB C External MacBook Drive. It has a single-cable design, just plug it in your MacBook and start reading/writing your discs.

Price: $23.99
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#5. Miluo Tech External DVD Burner for Mac

Miluo Tech External DVD Burner for Mac

With its high-speed interface of USB C and 3.0, Miluo Tech DVD Drive can quickly transmit your data at maximum speeds. Whether you need a drive for professional or personal use, this disc drive helps you burn the disc quickly.

The device needs no software/driver installation, and you can use it conveniently. With an integrated cable, the drive requires no external power. Furthermore, it consumes less power, so stop worrying about your MacBook’s battery drying quickly.

The read/write speed that it offers is impressive, and you get 8X speed for DVD and 24X speed for CD. There are no design flaws at all, and the eject button makes your job easier.

Talking about noise, the drive does the job quietly, and you’ll only hear the noise of tray opening/closing. The honeycomb design makes the disc drive look amazing, and you can use it on office presentations. 

The error correction technology eliminates the issues, and you can burn the discs. Lastly, the device offers extensive compatibility, and you can use it with MacBooks, Linux, and Windows PC.

It quickly recognizes your PC.The cable is not detachable.
No need to install drivers.Not the sturdiest.
Decent read/write speeds.
You can play both CDs and DVDs.


Experience quicker reading/writing speeds and convenience of carrying the disc drive with Miluo Tech External DVD Drive. It works with all Mac OS devices and burns the discs quietly while using less power.

Price: $22.99
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#6. Ploveyy USB C External iMac DVD Drive

Ploveyy USB C External iMac DVD Drive

Ploveyy USB C Superdrive External DVD/CD Reader/Burner is a compact device with plug and play functionality. It features a long USB cable and comes with a Type-C connector, so you can connect it with your MacBook to burn CDs and DVDs.

With this versatile device, there is no need to install any software. Your PC will recognize the external drive, and you’ll see an icon on the MacBook’s screen. It offers a read/write speed of 24X for CDs and 8X for DVDs. 

Burning the data is now easier, and you get great data transfer speeds with this drive. The new high-quality chip ensures smooth operation and low noise. Moreover, the drive features high-speed intelligent burning technology for better error correction.

The beautiful alloy body makes the drive highly durable and resistant to damages. It has a no-eject button design, and you can insert the disc quickly for faster burning. 

The drive doesn’t require any external power, so stop worrying about the fuss of cables and use this portable device anywhere. 

Lastly, the iMac DVD drive doesn’t overheat even when you use it for long hours.

Durable and sturdy.It doesn’t work with the latest MacBook models.
It features noise reduction technology.The cable is flimsy.
Recognizes the MacBook quickly.
Corrects the error for hassle-free DVD burning.


Have a trouble-free experience reading and writing DVDs/CDs with this compact external USB C DVD drive for MacBook. It’s one of the quickest devices out there with promising data transfer speeds.

Price: $39.99
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#7. VikTck Slim USB C External DVD Drive for MacBook Pro/Air

VikTck Slim USB C External DVD Drive for MacBook Pro/Air

Compatible with the latest MacBooks with an M1 chip, this is a versatile external DVD drive you can use to burn discs. It’s a single-cable device that doesn’t require any software installation.

The disc duplicator offers great transfer speeds that make it perfect for transferring data. You can watch movies, listen to songs, and can access the data stored on these discs.

VikTck offers a USB connector with the device, and you can use it with older MacBooks and other computers as well. The USB Type-C connector offers quick connectivity, and your laptop recognizes the drive quickly.

The amazingly fast device offers decent transfer speeds, i.e., 24x CD write speed and 8x DVD write speed. I loved how slim the device looks, and the metal body makes it highly durable. 

Forget about the errors of loading the discs, as the error correction technology ensures a smooth operation. You can quickly pause the transfer operation when required, and that makes it a great drive for professional use.

The automatic slot accepts the disc quickly, and you can eject the disc using your MacBook. As it’s a low-power-consuming device, you can use it directly with the laptop. Lastly, this DVD player for MacBook Pro/Air has low noise and is a shock-proof device that uses a new import chip for faster data transfer.

Works well with the latest MacBooks and Chromebooks.The cable is small.
Offers data transfer speeds up to 5GBPS.Not compatible with Blu Ray.
You get a USB Type-A connector with it.
Ultra-slim and portable.


If you own a new MacBook M1, this is the best USB C external drive to use. It requires no software installation and offers a quiet operation making it perfect for professional and personal use.

Price: $39.99
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Which external CD/DVD drive are you going to buy for smooth, hassle-free and secure data transmission? If you have any queries related to the external DVD drive then do let me know in the comments section below. I will be happy to help you out.


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