If you are an owner of MacBook Pro, then there are only two modifications that you can do without voiding your Apple warranty or the AppleCare extended warranty. One is the upgrading your RAM and the other is upgrading your drive. But if you have already undergone the process of upgrading your RAM then the only thing you require is boosting up your MacBook Pro with an added speed. Well, this requirement is fulfilled by the SSD (Solid State Drive) upgrade. Here, in this article of ours, we have made a delightful list of some of the best external SSD for MacBook Pro.

The external SSD for Mac not only adds ample amount of storage to your device but also provides it with a fantastic speed. These solid state drives help you easily upgrade your MacBook Pro and make it run faster than before. They are designed to optimize your MacBook Pro and bring out the best of it. Whether it is loading powerful video games or launching heavy applications, SSDs make it possible in an instant.

So, what are you waiting for? Read on our list of some of the best external SSD for MacBook Pro that adds tons of storage and empowers your device.

Best External SSD For MacBook Pro

#1. Samsung T3 Portable SSD

Samsung T3 Portable SSD best external SSD for MacBook Pro

Learning the mobility of today’s lifestyle, Samsung has manufactured the portable SSD for your MacBook Pro. This palm-sized SSD provides you with 500GB of storage capacity. Hence you can carry all your data in your pocket wherever you go.

It offers you read and write speeds up to 450 MB/s and a blazing transfer speed which is up to 4x times more as compared to those traditional hard drives. Moreover, its metal case and the internal frame are constructed in such a way that it prevents your device against external shocks and vibrations.

This SSD uses V-NAND technology so as to provide higher efficiency and performance to your system. It also features a USB 3.1 Type C port which makes it compatible with all the latest gadgets.

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#2. MyDigitalSSD

MyDigitalSSD best external SSD for MacBook Pro

MyDigitalSSD is the best external solid state drive for MacBook Pro in terms of storage capacity, efficiency, and performance. Whether you want to play high-end games, run heavy applications, load your favorite apps, or work on documents – this SSD enables you to accomplish all with a lighting speed.

This SSD is optimized to provide you blazing read speeds up to 465 MB/s and write speed up to 445 MB/s. Moreover, this SSD also offers UASP (USB Attached SCSI Protocol) support so that users can run operating systems, media, programs, and more directly from the OTG V2 anywhere and anytime.

It is powered by the USB port so it won’t require any battery or external power supply to function.

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#3. SanDisk Extreme 500

SanDisk Extreme 500 best external SSD for MacBook Pro

SanDisk provides you the best external SSD drive for MacBook Pro. This SSD is good in quality, offers premium reliability and high-end performance to enhance your system’s speed.

With a modern design and pocket-fit size, this SSD with 1TB of storage capacity is the best for the photographers, videographers, and designers who need to transfer a bulk of data on the go. It comes with 128-bit AES encryption software so as to keep your files secure.

It provides read speed up to 430 MB/s; hence lets you transfer your data in a flash.

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#4. Transcend JetDrive 720 SATA III

Transcend JetDrive 720 SATA III best external SSD for MacBook Pro

Constructed from premium quality of NAND flash memory chips, the Transcend SSD external drive are tested rigorously for compatibility, speed, and reliability with your MacBook Pro. It features an easy-to-use drive enclosure which lets you transform your SSD into a new USB 3.0 external storage device.

This SSD offers you a 6GB/s interface to deliver lightning transfer speeds. You get read speed up to 570 MB/s and write speed up to 460 MB/s. Whether you are involved in graphic designing, photography editing or are fond of having intense gaming sessions – this SSD lets your entire task run smoothly without slowing down the system.

While you are transferring data, an LED indicator flashes to let you know about the process undertaken.

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#5. Buffalo MiniStation Thunderbolt

Buffalo MiniStation Thunderbolt best external SSD for MacBook Pro

If you are involved in creative professional stuff or you are a multimedia enthusiast, then this external SSD drive from Buffalo is the ideal choice to make.

This SSD is considered to be offering the fastest connection interface as it features the revolutionary Thunderbolt interface that lets you transfer data at the speed of 10Gbps. It provides portable storage so as to expand the storage capacity of your MacBook Pro quickly.

Apart from Thunderbolt interface, you also get a USB 3.0 port which allows you to have universal connectivity. Furthermore, it offers you Time Machine compatibility so that you can schedule backups and protect your documents.

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#6. Transcend 2TB Thunderbolt

Transcend 2TB Thunderbolt best external SSD for MacBook Pro

Transcend presents to you the best external SSD for MacBook Pro with a storage capacity of 2TB. It means you can store 336 hours of HD videos, other HD images and music as well. Constructed with lightweight and sturdy metallic design, this SSD perfectly matches the contours of your MacBook Pro.

With Thunderbolt interface, it grants you high data transfer speeds up to 10Gbps. The LED indicator lets you know about the data transfer activity in the process. Moreover, it also supports Time Machine so that you can set backup intervals when you want.

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Which one from the above listed some of the best external SSD for MacBook Pro would you like to purchase to increase your MacBook Pro’s efficiency? Do write to us about your choices and views in the comments section.

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