Best Fitbit Alta and Alta HR Bands : Third Party Replacement Straps

Fitbit is a physical activity tracker which keeps a keen track of all your day-to-day activities like the number of steps you walk, the distance that you cover, calories your burn and your daily workouts. The Fitbit Alta bands also keep an eye on your active minutes as well as your sleep. The Fitbit Alta HR bands come with a little more features than the Alta Bands. It includes the Heart Rate monitor which is abbreviated as HR in its name. So if you own Alta or Alta HR, then you may be looking for best Fitbit Alta and Alta HR Bands.

Here in this list, we have curated top rated Fitbit Alta and Alta HR third-party replacements bands which will help you transform into a fit and physically active human being.

Best Fitbit Alta and Alta HR Bands You Can Buy

Best Fitbit Alta and Alta HR Bands

Third Party Replacement Bands for Fitbit Alta and Alta HR – Quick Links

#1. Vancle Replacement Bands for Fitbit Alta HR and Fitbit Alta

Vancle’s Fitbit Alta band pack comprises of three pieces in different colors. Thus, you can change the strap as per your mood, outfit or the occasion. Moreover, its beautiful crafted buckle design makes it easy for you to take on and off the band whenever you want. You will hear a ‘click’ sound when you slide this band into your Fitbit Alta.

This band is made up from flexible and durable TPU material. It feels soft against your skin and offers comfort even if you keep wearing it all day long. You can wear it while exercising or performing any outdoor activities. It is available in two sizes – small and large.

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#2. iGK Fitbit Alta Sports Band

You can now give a personalized touch to your Fitbit Alta HR with a pack of 3 bands from iGK. It is available in multiple striking colors. Dress up your Alta HR in such a way that it reflects your unique taste wherever you go.

It is designed from premium quality of TPU material. Hence, it is flexible, light in weight, and possesses a long-lasting quality. All these combine to make it a perfect for any exercise, workout, sleep or other activities. Further, its stainless steel buckle adds to its beauty, and the adjustable strap allows you to set it as per your wrist size.

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#3. SWEES Stainless Steel Band

If you are looking for a new design in a Milanese band, here is a Fitbit Alta stainless steel band from SWEES. It is made up of finely woven stainless steel mesh that not only offers your Alta a premium look but also provides you with a comfortable wearing experience.

Available in two different sizes, you can choose the one that fits your wrist. It features a secure magnetic closure and so it won’t require any buckle. Moreover, its two durable stainless steel connectors lock your Fitbit Alta and ensure complete security, i.e. you can free yourself from the worries of your Alta slipping out of the hold.

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#4. AK Replacement Straps for Alta HR and Alta

AK Straps for Fitbit Alta and Alta HR

Next, on our list, is a pack of 10 Fitbit Alta HR bands. Each of them is different in color. Thus, you can change it whenever you want to match your Alta HR with your mood or the outfit you are wearing.

If you are looking for a Fitbit Alta sports band to gift your near ones, this could be a perfect choice to make. It is suitable for both men and women. You can wear this strap while performing sports activities, going for a meeting or a date with someone special. Its availability in small and large sizes offers a comfortable and suitable fit. You can even adjust the size. The strap comes in two different size: 5.5 inch- 6.7 inch and 6.7 inch – 8.1 inch.

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#5. Oitom Fitbit Alta Stainless Steel Band

Oitom brings the Fitbit Alta band for women in two rich colors – silver and rose gold. Its uniquely designed Milanese loop adds to its beauty. Moreover, its fully magnetic construction makes it easy for you to install or remove it. You won’t require any removal tool.

It features an adjustable magnetic clasp, i.e. you can place the magnet wherever you like on the band, and it will offer a secured closure. Its woven stainless steel mesh is a real instance of fashion, nobility, elegance, and durability. Thus, it enhances your Fitbit Alta’s look when adorned to a wedding or a warm get-to-gather. The strap is available in large 6.7″-9.3″ and small 5.1″-6.7″ wrist size.

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#6. Henoda Genuine Leather Band for Alta and Alta HR

If you are amongst the ones, who love to adorn their Fitbit Alta HR with a unique style and design, here is the best option for you from Henoda. This band is classic as well as fashionable at the same time. Its floral design highlights your unique taste and also complements your business outfits.

This Fitbit Alta leather band is designed from premium quality of leather. It is soft to touch and comfortable to wear. Furthermore, its free size fits 5.3-7.5 inch wrist size. Its stainless steel buckle ensures a safe closure. It poses watch lugs on both the sides to lock onto your Fitbit Alta firmly.

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#7. Tobfit Fitbit Alta and Alta HR Band

This Fitbit Alta replacement band from Tobfit is built from flexible TPU material. Hence, it is smooth, and you can wear it for a long time without any irritation. Its water-resistant property makes it a unique piece. Rain, sweat, and splash do not affect the working of this band. Moreover, its construction is such that you can easily wipe away dirt and dust nested on it.

There are two patterns you can select from – classic with color-matching buckle and shiny stainless steel clasp. This strap comes in two different small 5.5″ – 6.7″ and large 6.7″-8.1″ size and several different colors, so choose the one you like most. It comes with a ring that helps you keep your Fitbit tracker in place and avoid problems like loosening or falling off. It also features multiple holes. Thus, you can tuck the stainless steel buckle in the hole that offers you a comfortable fit.

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#8. Maledan Fitbit Alta HR Bands

Available in a pack of 12 Fitbit Alta HR bands, this pack from Maledan is filled with straps of varying colors. Hence, you can change the strap as per the outfit you are wearing or the occasion you are going to. The colors are such that they can even match up your business look.

This band is made from high quality of elastomer to prevent your skin from irritation. Further, it offers a soft and comfortable wearing experience. It is light in weight and durable. So, you can wear it while undergoing your workout sessions or while doing any sports activities. It features multiple holes and a specially designed buckle. Thus, you can adjust it as per your wrist size. Moreover, the watch lugs keep a hold on your tracker.

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#9. bayite Fitbit Alta Staineless Steel Band

bayite Staineless Steel Band for Fitbit Alta and Alta HR

This Milanese loop mesh from bayite is a perfect Fitbit Alta band for men. Its quality build and stainless steel clasp enhance the look of your Fitbit Alta. Also, it is available in 6.7″-8.1″ and 5.5″-6.7″ sizes. Thus, you can choose the one that fits on your wrist.

Its breathable design enables you to wear it while working or exercising. Its metal connector precisely fits onto your Fitbit Alta and prevents it from falling off. Its interlock design with durable connectors ensures that your tracker is held firmly and stable. Further, its fully magnetic clasp keeps the band tightly and allows you to adjust as per your comfort.

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#10. RedTaro Fashion Bands for Alta HR and Alta

RedTaro Fashion Bands for Alta HR and Alta

If you are looking for fashionable Alta HR bands, RedTaro has them for you. This strap is designed with beautiful colors and striking patterns elevate your Fitbit Alta HR’s look. You can flaunt your Alta HR with style wherever you go and create a unique appearance.

Its secure buckle closure perfectly fits on 5.5″-8.1″ wrist and frees you from the worries of your Fitbit falling off accidentally. Moreover, its material is durable and offers a comfortable wearing experience.

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#11. iHillon Leather Strap for Alta and Alta HR

iHillon Leather Band for Alta HR and Alta

On this list of best Fitbit Alta bands, we have a leather strap for your Fitbit Alta as well as Alta HR from iHillon. It is built from a genuine quality of leather and offers a unique, classy, and elegant look for every occasion. It is flexible and long-lasting. Its secure silver buckle provides a secure fit around your 6.1” -8.1” (155mm-205mm) wrist.

It is available in different colors. So, you can pick the one that perfectly goes with your style. One thing you should take care of is that this band is not waterproof. If it gets wet by mistake, dry it as soon as possible.

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#12. WOCOOL Third Party Fitbit Alta HR and Alta Strap

WOCOOL Fitbit Alta and Alta HR Steel Band

The Fitbit Alta replacement band from WOCOOL is available for men and women. It is made up from high quality of 316L stainless steel. It is exclusively designed to fit most of the wrist sizes. Thus, it is comfortable to wear. You also get an adjustment tool along with this band so that you can adjust its length as per your convenience.

Its design is such that you can adorn it on any occasion – be it while working, exercising, going for a business meeting, party, wedding or while resting. Its secure connector holds your tracker firmly. Moreover, it is sweat-proof. Thus, you can enjoy exercising while staying worry-free.

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#13. BeneStellar Silicone Replacement Band

BeneStellar Fitbit Alta and Alta HR Band

For that fitness conscious folk who are also very fashion fanatic, BeneStellar offers you a huge package of silicone Fitbit HR bands. This package includes a set of 12 silicone Fitbit Alta HR bands with a variety of colour options. These bands are personalized to exactly fit your mood, style, and outfits in your everyday life.

These Fitbit Alta HR bands are easy to use while you exercise or travel. You also get a warranty of 18 months on the purchase of this durable pack from BeneStellar.

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#14. Greeninsync Fitbit Alta Replacement Bands

GreenInsync Fitbit Alta and Alta HR Band

To fulfil your requirement of wearing a matching Fitbit in your daily life, GreenInsync provides you with a package of 10 Fitbit Alta HR straps in a wide range of colours. Designed from the ultra-thin secure fastener, these straps are constructed to withstand shocks and other impacts. This wristband is designed from the flexible and durable material; hence offering you a comfortable wearing experience.

This Pandora’s Box from GreenInsync gives you 10 bands, 10 designer fastener, and 10 metal clasps to perfectly complement your daily matches.

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#15. TreasureMax Replacement Band

TreasureMax Fitbit Alta and Alta HR Band

Compatible only with your Fitbit Alta and Alta HR, this band offers you a comfortable wearing experience. Made from flexible and durable materials, these bands are perfect to use for daily wear as well as nightwear. Designed with unique designs, this band just add a style statement to your look.

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#16. GinCoband 12PCS Fitbit Alta Bands

GinCoband Fitbit Alta and Alta HR Band

Designed from a durable and waterproof material, this Fitbit Alta and Alta HR band are personalized especially to match your daily outfit. This band is fashionable enough to add a finishing touch to your style statement. This band comes in a free size to fit almost all the wrist sizes. Also, the button-style clasp offers this band a sporty look.

GinCoBand provides you with a pack of 12 bands which vary in colours. You don’t get a Fitbit tracker on the purchase of this pack.

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Buy any of the above listed Fitbit Alta and Alta HR Band to go through an adventurous experience of keeping a track of your daily workouts and enhance your fitness with a modern tool!! Do let us know about your reviews and choices in the comments section.

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