If you are a fitness fanatic person, you would have definitely bought a Fitbit. It works as your personal assistant that keeps a track of your fitness. Be it the distance you walk or the calories you burn. It is just a complete fitness partner with multifunctional features. You can even adorn it as a regular wear apart from your workout sessions. If you want to customize your Fitbit as per your mood or match it with your outfit, here is a list of best Fitbit Ionic leather bands.

The Fitbit Ionic replacement leather straps listed here are of premium quality and ensure a perfect fit. Though they are third-party bands, none will give you a chance to complain. Moreover, leather provides them with an elegant and classy look. Just adorn it with any occasion and flaunt your Fitbit with utmost style. It is sure to draw others’ attention towards you. What are you waiting for? Plunge into this list of finest Fitbit Ionic leather bands and grab one for you.

Best Fitbit Ionic Leather Bands

Best Fitbit Ionic Leather Bands

Third Party Leather Straps for Fitbit Ionic

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#1. Fitbit Ionic Leather Band

Fitbit Ionic Perforated Leather Accessory Band

This band from Fitbit itself is crafted from high quality of leather. Its perforated design elevates its look – whether worn during day or night. The perforations provide breathability and hence offer comfort for long time wear.

The leather used is hand-crafted with some premium oil and dyes. These natural materials mould to drape around your wrist and develops an aged patina with its use over the passing time.

Price: $59.95
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#2. YKHENGTU Genuine Leather Replacement Strap

YKHENGTU Genuine Leather Bands for Fitbit Ionic

These genuine leather bands for Fitbit Ionic depict a great combination of leather and stainless steel. It is soft to touch and comfortable to wear. The hand-crafted threads offer a unique look at the band.

It is easy to install as well as remove. You can adjust the size of the band as per the size of your wrist. The stainless steel clasp ensures secure closure. You even get 1 year of the warranty period on the purchase of this band.

Price: $13.99
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#3. bayite Leather Replacement Band

bayite Leather Bands for Fitbit Ionic

Bayite brings to you the leather strap with a chic design for your Fitbit Ionic. Made from top quality of leather, this strap pairs up with a stainless steel buckle and offers a royal and classic look.

The strap is soft against skin and is also durable. Thus, you can consider using the same band till you buy your next Fitbit. The best part about this strap is that it comes in a free size for both – men and women.

Price: $14.95
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#4. Hotodeal Classic Leather Replacement Strap

Hotodeal Fitbit Ionic Leather Bands

While looking for third-party Fitbit Ionic leather straps, we got this one from Hotodeal. The refined stitch presents a unique streamline design; thus, enhancing the strap’s look.

If you are finding a new way to elevate your Fitbit Ionic for your casual look, then this is the right choice to make. It is a beautiful combo of premium design, affordable price, and long-lasting material.

Price: $11.99
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#5. CAGOS Genuine Leather Strap

CAGOS Genuine Leather Band for Fitbit Ionic

This band from CAGOS is specifically designed to fit your Fitbit Ionic smartwatch. The adjustable wristband allows you to adjust it as per your wrist’s size. Its recommended wrist size is 6.29” – 8.66”.

The perforated design brings the best out of your Fitbit Ionic. It lets air to pass through; hence, keeping your wrist free from sweat. Moreover, it is light in weight and offers comfort. So, you can adorn it for all day if you wish to.

Price: $15.99
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#6. TOROTOP Genuine Leather Replacement Strap

TOROTOP Genuine Leather Straps for Fitbit Ionic

Moving further on our list of best Fitbit Ionic leather bands next is the one from TOROTOP. It is light in weight, feels soft against skin and thus delivers friendly touch.

Crafted from premium quality of leather material, it offers durability as well as flexibility to the wearer. You can easily install it and also remove it when you wish to replace it. Its design is such that it gives a classic look to your Fitbit Ionic and allows you to adorn it for everyday use.

Price: $16.29
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#7. OenFoto Fitbit Ionic Leather Band

OenFoto Fitbit Ionic Leather Bands

This strap from OenFoto is an ideal choice to make if you want to wear your Fitbit Ionic smartwatch for work, casual outings, or on special occasions. Its hand-crafted design provides added comfort to you.

It features water-resistant and hypoallergenic properties that enable you to adorn it while carrying out intense workouts. You can thus free yourself from the worries of your precious smartwatch getting damaged due to water and sweat.

Price: $14.95
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#8. EloBeth Leather Replacement Watch Band

EloBeth Leather Band for Fitbit Ionic Watch

EloBeth is a renowned name in the list of third-party leather straps for Fitbit Ionic watch. Available in a pool of striking colours, you can choose the best that suits you the best.

It is easy to install as well as remove. The perforated design makes it breathable to be worn for a long time. The stainless steel buckle perfectly complements the strap and ensures a secured closure.

Price: $14.99
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#9. Maledan Genuine Leather WatchBand

Maledan Genuine Leather bands for Fitbit Ionic Smart Watch

If you love the vintage look, then the premium leather bands for Fitbit Ionic from Maledan is a perfect one for you. It is available in about 4 to 5 different colours that depict a royal look to your smartwatch.

It poses easy installation and removal. Just press the given button and you can easily remove it. Further, the band comes with lugs on both the sides. Thus, they lock with the watch interface accurately, precisely, and securely.

Price: $12.99
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#10. NaHai Adjustable Leather Replacement Strap

NaHai Leather Replacement Strap for Fitbit Ionic Smart Watch

The last product on our list of Fitbit Ionic replacement bands is the one from NaHai. It offers an extremely new way to flaunt your Fitbit Ionic’s look.

Its classic design with stainless steel buckle is a combination to take a look on. It perfectly wraps around your wrist and offers a secure fit. It’s easy to install and remove. Thus, you can change the band whenever you want so as to match it with your outfit or mood.

Price: $13.95
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These are some of the best Fitbit Ionic leather bands. Which among them would be your pick? Already picked up one? Do write to us about your choices and opinions in the comments section.