If we look back a few years, then we would remember how massive the music systems and their speakers were. No one among us would have ever imagined that the technology will bring to us speakers that would fit in our hands and enable us to carry them wherever we go. Isn’t it?

With this pace of technology, apart from those portable speakers, Bluetooth speakers, and many more of such kinds, the latest in trend speakers that we have are the floating Bluetooth speakers. Now, music will join us even in the swimming pools.

To enlighten you more about this beautiful gadget, we have reviewed some of the best Floating Bluetooth speakers for Pool in this article of ours.

This list includes top-rated wireless floating speakers that can be used while partying on the poolside or when you are on holiday to beaches with your friends or family. Some of these speakers are equipped with LED lights that make them look more incredible while they float and spin.

Furthermore, these floating pool speakers keep hovering over their base with the help of a magnetic field which is quite mesmerizing to watch.

Don’t go on the compact size of these speakers. They are capable enough to deliver the best quality of audio. So, without any further ado, list check-out some levitating Bluetooth speakers.

Best Floating Bluetooth Speakers for Pool

#1. Wow Floating Speaker With Long Battery Life

Wow Floating Speaker With Long Battery Life

Wow is here with a fantastic waterproof speaker you can use to listen to music while enjoying a bath. The speaker floats on the top of the water and keeps you entertained all the time. Designed to offer extreme water resistance, the speaker has a waterproof body, and the innards remain protected from splashes.

The comfortable handle makes things convenient, and you can take the speaker wherever you want. Furthermore, the bigger buttons let you adjust the volume while changing the audio tracks.

Talking about the sound quality, the speaker has neodymium active drivers and a passive bass radiator that makes the sound loud and clear. In addition, the speaker produces good bass, and the circular design spreads the audio in every direction. 

Lastly, a single charge can last around 50+ hours, so you can use this speaker for multiple bathing sessions.

It offers premium Hi-Fi sound.The bass is not that great.
Perfect for pool parties and camping.
It has a rugged and durable design.
The built-in lamp enhances the aesthetics.

Price: Price not available
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#2. EBODA Portable Floating Speaker

EBODA Portable Floating Speaker

EBODA Shower Bluetooth Speaker should be your choice if you love louder and clearer audio. The rugged design makes the speaker ideal for using around a pool, camping, or hiking. The audio quality is up to the mark, and you’ll love listening to every type of music track.

The speaker floats on the top and is extremely water-resistant. Furthermore, it can even withstand submersion underwater but for 30 minutes only. The 5 LED patterns make the speaker more interesting and make it a party-perfect device.

On a single charge, the speaker offers a playtime of 24 hours, and you can charge it quickly using the USB cable. There are no volume controls on the speaker, so adjust the volume before you step inside the pool. 

Lastly, the speaker comes with a built-in carabiner, and you can hang it on your tent to enjoy listening to music.

The speaker is highly durable and robust.The charging cable is flimsy.
Seamless Bluetooth connectivity.
You can change the LED light with a click.
It’s an ultra-portable speaker.

Price: $20.99
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#3. Blufree Floatable Pool Speaker with Built-in Mic

Blufree Flotable Pool Speaker with Built-in Mic

Here is a great Bluetooth speaker that has a floating design which makes it a great choice for using in a pool and bathtub. It’s an IPX7 rated speaker, so there is no chance water can damage it.

This speaker from Blufree produces a punchy sound and a blast of rich bass. The speaker performs well in indoor as well as outdoor conditions, and the audio is pretty loud. There are onboard controls to help you switch the track and adjust the volume. 

There are in-built seven light modes, and the LED flashes with the music. You can control the LED flashing using the button. Overall, this waterproof speaker from Blufree offers clear stereo sound. 

The brand offers lifetime technical support, so you can buy it with confidence.

The bigger base scatters the LED light.The battery only lasts around 8 hours.
The connectivity remains stable up to 50 feet.
It can withstand submersion in water for up to 3 hours.
You can change the LED light using the button.

Price: $36.99
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#4. Fountain Outdoor Pool Speakers with Lights Deep Bass for Hot Tub Water

Fountain Outdoor Pool Speakers with Lights Deep Bass for Hot Tub Water

If you need something more than just a floatable speaker, have a look at the Fountain Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker. The device sprays water from the top, and that looks mesmerizing, especially if you have kids. 

You can adjust the splash shape, and the speaker supports four spray modes. The speaker produces decent bass with rich audio. The in-built 12W subwoofer makes sure you enjoy listening to music. In addition, Bluetooth 5.0 assures seamless connectivity.

The multi-colored LED brings an amazing experience at night. You can adjust the light with the speaker, thanks to the onboard controls. Unfortunately, the battery life is not very impressive, and the speaker offers a playtime of 5 hours only.

You can use it in a pool as well as on a desk.The battery life is not very impressive.
The speaker offers rich and powerful bass.
You can adjust the LED flash as well as the fountain.
This is a submersion-proof speaker.

Price: $69.99
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#5. Arc Star Floating Bluetooth Speaker Under $150

Arc Star Floating Bluetooth Speaker Under $150

If you are in hunt of Bluetooth speakers that offer you portability as well as waterproof property, then the one from ICE would be the best for you.

This speaker with its superb design and durability. It is an orbital speaker that floats above its magnetic base with 10mm of ground clearance. The speaker lets you connect your device via Bluetooth and NFC. It provides you with 360-degree surrounding sound; hence enhancing your music experience.

The magnetic base of the speaker on which it floats is equipped with 4 LED lights. When all the lights glow together, it means that your speaker is at the perfect floating point. Moreover, the USB port provided in the base lets you charge your smartphones.

Unique Design.Finding the levitation sweet spot is difficult 
1500 mAh built-in battery.
Magnetic Base can charge your smartphone as well.

Price: $109.90
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#6. WOW Sports Waterproof Bluetooth Floating Speaker

No products found.

WOW-SOUND 17-9000 is the perfect Bluetooth floating speaker for every venture. It’s big, loud, and really unique. The speaker floats on its own or can be placed into the included inflatable float for a drier ride and clearer sound. Moreover, it has 360-degree LED lighting.

It is designed to go all day, is rugged for any environment, and can function significantly to complement any day or night activities. The unique portable design of the speaker makes it easy to hold, move any and everywhere. It even fits nicely in your cupholder. As said, it is floatable, waterproof, and has been certified by IP67 dust and water resistance ratings.

The Wow-Sound also has an excellent range: It maintains a good connection with smartphones from up to about 80 feet. The battery life is stellar, lasting several times longer than any other Bluetooth speaker. This is why it has 50+ hours of battery life and allows omnidirectional Hi-Fi sound with a 4-inch passive bass.

IP67 rating Waterproof speaker.It has a muffled sound.
360 degree sound.
50+ hours long battery life.
Requires 6 Lithium-ion batteries.

Price: No products found.
No products found.

#7. KingSom Waterproof Floating Speaker Under $50

KingSom Waterproof Floating Speaker Under $50

The unique surfboard design speaker by KingSom delivers digital-quality sound with its advanced noise and wind reduction technology. This 16-watt speaker lets you enjoy crystal clear bass with a wide frequency response that sounds impressive. The entertainment lasts up to 8 hours constant with a rechargeable 1800mAh battery.

Coming to the build quality, the floating Bluetooth speaker is fully waterproof with IPX7 certification which also protects it from dust, mud, shock, and drops. The Bluetooth 4.2 technology allows easy connectivity on the go with the capability of remembering the last paired device.

Portable hook design for hangingPoor after-sales service.
IPX7 waterproof certification.
Good battery capacity.

Price: Price not available
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#8. Altec Lansing IMW257-DR Mini H2O Under $30

Altec Lansing IMW257-DR Mini H2O Under $30

The Mini H2O wireless speaker from Altec Lansing is probably the most entertaining, superior-sounding device for both indoor and outdoor use. It delivers fantastic sound and provides 6 hours of battery life on a full charge.

The IP67 certification lets you use the speaker near water surfaces like pools and beaches. Its Superior architecture of the device allows it to float in water and prevents dust and mud from getting inside. The Bluetooth technology and built-microphone let you make hands-free calls.

IP67 Waterproof.The sound cuts intermittently.
Dust and mud proof.
Hook system for hanging.
Capable of floating.

Price: $25.99
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Which one from the above listed some of the best floating Bluetooth speakers would you like to purchase? Do write about your choices and views in the comments section.


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