Exploring new things and storing all those memories safely, is what makes you feel that you have lived your life fully. This became easier for me when I purchased Galaxy note 9 because of the 1 TB internal memory space, best quality photos and 4000 mah battery. When you explore new places, you need a good camera and battery life which Galaxy note 9 provides you with. One thing which is necessary with this mobile is a really good case because if you like clicking pictures underwater or during rain, it becomes necessary that you have a protective waterproof case for your mobile. So I searched for best Galaxy Note 9 waterproof cases.

Now the question arises that why waterproof cases? Mobiles need a waterproof case because it protects the phone and if you like to do some experiments with water like clicking pics underwater or during rain, it becomes necessary. So, I searched and found top-rated waterproof cases for Samsung Galaxy Note 9. These cases are so protective and safe that you do not need to worry about damaging your mobile phone in the water by any chance.

So here I have mentioned some of the best waterproof cases for Galaxy Note 9 which protects your expensive phone:

Best Galaxy Note 9 Waterproof Cases

Best Galaxy Note 9 Waterproof Cases

Waterproof Cases for Samsung Galaxy Note 9

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NCTECHINC Waterproof Body Cover
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Vapesoon Waterproof Clear CaseBuy Now
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GOCOOL Protective Case With Built-in ProtectorBuy Now
Casetego Underwater Full Body CoverBuy Now
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#1. Lanwow Rugged Waterproof Case with Screen Protector

Lanwow Rugged Waterproof Case with Screen Protector for Galaxy Note 9

Have you ever received compliments for your mobile phone case and taken pride in it? If not, then this case would surely make it happen. With its features of being shock and dirt proof and the classic design, this case grabs attention like none other. It is available in Black/White color and is the IP68 certified waterproof case which saves your mobile phone underwater up to 10ft for 30 mins. Don’t worry about blocked signals, as the special transparent and slim back cover provides signal while wireless charging provides you great convenience.

Crystal clarity and built-in screen protector prevents your mobile from scratches and gives you the freedom for using S- pen while the designed rubber edge not just makes the phone shock-proof and dust-proof but also protects it from snow. It can adapt to all harsh environments and it takes only a few seconds to put and take off the case.

Additionally, the 1-year warranty makes this cover the perfect choice for your mobile.

Price: $19.66
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#2. NCTECHINC Waterproof Body Cover

NCTECHINC Galaxy Note 9 Waterproof Body Cover

Want to make some underwater videos or click pictures and amaze all your friends? Then this case can fulfil this dream of yours. It is fully sealed from all the sides which allows you to go as deep as 6.6ft and enjoy surfing, swimming, skiing, and snorkelling. Its slim design and ultra-light protective case body enhance the original color and design too.

If you are the person who drops your mobile phone frequently, then once again, this case is made for you. 6.6ft high drop tested with rugged built polycarbonate frame to exceed the military standards and heavy dust, (drop from a height that would otherwise scare you in general) and snow protection; this case is ready to solve the majority of your problems.

Price: $18.58
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#3. Vapesoon Waterproof Clear Case

Vapesoon Waterproof Clear Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Vapesoon cases do not need you to use an additional glass because its built-in screen protector is scratch-resistant. So, you can enjoy this without a glass protector while not missing out on the feel of Samsung Galaxy Note 9. The company has designed it precisely with a sensitive touchscreen and comfortable buttons’ cover. It comes with a back stand which allows you to enjoy all the videos with comfort.

It is certified by IP68 Waterproof and tested by submerging it in 6.6’/2 m for 30 minutes. Now you do not have to miss any underwater rides and you can capture all the underwater scenes easily. It is also made from shock-absorbing high-grade TPU and PC materials and is tested for shock and drop (from 6.6 ft high) proof and comes with a 1-year warranty.

Price: $18.99
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#4. SPIDERCASE Galaxy Note 9 Waterproof Case

SPIDERCASE Galaxy Note 9 Waterproof Case

If you are someone who needs to deal with lots of snow, ice, dirt or dust particles then this case is for you. It exceeds Military Standard of 810G-516, withstands drops from 6.6’/2 m and meets IP-68 Ingress Protection, is submergible up to 6.6’/2 m for 1 hour which allows you to enjoy underwater usage and take it along for outdoor sports.

You can open this case within a few seconds with the help of two snap designs. It also has a built-in screen protector and scratch-resistant back panel and comes with a 12-months’ warranty.

Price: $20.99
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#5. GOCOOL Protective Case With Built-in Protector

GOCOOL Protective Case With Built-in Protector for Galaxy Note 9

Have you ever found issues with the volume button while talking on the phone for a long time? Well with this fully sealed protective cover, you won’t have to worry about that. The case is made with perfect cuts for mute, power, volume and home button. The protective and sensitive touchscreen will give you the same feeling as if using the original screen. Moreover, the slim shape becomes handy for you to use.

The case is very compatible, and you can open and put the case on within 15 seconds; it also comes with IP68 certification that protects the mobile phone from water, sand, snow, and damage from the drop increasing your enjoyment without worrying.

Price: $19.69
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#6. Casetego Underwater Full Body Cover

Casetego Underwater Full Body Cover for Samsung Galaxy Note 9

When protection becomes the priority and enjoyment become necessary, this case gives you the best underwater protection. It comes with IP68 standard waterproof standard and has been tested by submerging in 10 ft. deep for 2 hours. Also, it uses top-level TPU as manufacturing material which reduces the effect of the signal to provide protection for underwater, swimming, diving and daily use.

It comes with precise design for each button and port such as mute, power and volume buttons. It also is made of an anti-scratch material with sensitive screen and transparent back cover for camera lenses which allows you to take high-quality, high-definition photos and videos.

Price: $18.99
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#7. Meritcase Childproof Case with Kickstand

Meritcase Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Childproof Case with Kickstand

If perfection is what you always look for, here is the case for you. All buttons are perfectly at the right place and the screen is crystal clear, scratch free and sensitive.

It is tested underwater by submerging it in 6.6ft/2 meters for 1 hour, in rough climate conditions and being dropped from a 6.6ft/2m height. All the tests proved it to be as good as Military Standard 810G-516 and become certified as IP68 waterproof.

Price: $18.99
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#8. Temdan Case with Kickstand Built in Screen Protector

Temdan Galaxy note 9 Case with Kickstand Built in Screen Protector

An impressive and money saver case is here. This waterproof case comes with a fully sealed case with certified IP68 Waterproof grade 6.6ft/1H. Tested 1000 times by dropping from 6.6ft/2m height and exceeding Military Standard 810G-516 grade, this cover makes your device the ultimate. It also has a wrist strap so that your mobile phone slipping out of your hand in the water is out of the question. This cover protects your mobile from so many damages that it would not let in any obstacle in your fun.

The case comes with two cover snaps so you can strap in or remove within a few seconds and the weight of the case is as light as 2.4oz/69g.

Price: $22.99
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Above mentioned waterproof cases act as a shield for your phone and protect it from dust, dirt, snow, underwater while you enjoy your life. These cases work as a bodyguard for your mobile phones. A highly recommended case for the people who are a little rough with their phones. Select the best Galaxy Note 9 waterproof cases from the mentioned ones and let your phone look as new as on day one.