Samsung Galaxy S10 features 6.1-inch AMOLED Quad HD+ display with an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor. So it becomes necessary to protect the screen of your device more. The in-display fingerprint sensor won’t allow any air bubbles or tiny gaps between the screen and protector, so you need to find a screen protector which works well with the in-screen fingerprint sensor. To help you, we have curated a list of the best Galaxy S10 screen protectors compatible with an in-display fingerprint sensor.

In this list of top-rated tempered glass screen protector for Samsung Galaxy S10, you will find the most premium brands. The below-listed screen protectors are case friendly too. So without any further ado, let’s check out this list of the best Galaxy S10 screen protectors.

Best Samsung Galaxy S10 Screen Protectors (Case Friendly and Compatible With In-screen Fingerprint Sensor)

#1. Whitestone Dome Glass – Best Galaxy S10 Screen Protector

Whitestone Dome Glass - Best Galaxy S10 Screen Protector

When we are talking about some of the best Samsung Galaxy S10 screen protectors, we cannot leave behind the curved style 3D tempered glass cover from Dome Glass. This screen protector from Whitestone dome glass offers an exclusive solution for ultrasonic fingerprints technology.

To make the screen protector work with an in-screen fingerprint sensor, it uses Advanced Liquid Optical Clear Adhesive technology for avoiding the tiny spaces in between the device and the glass. The patented Dome Glass cover wraps up the entire screen from edge to edge, protecting the device from subtle scratch and scrapes. Hence, it increases the damage protection rate of your Samsung Galaxy S10 much higher than the other screen covers in the market.

It has a simple hassle-free installation kit that pops in no air-bubble under the protector with the help of the Dome Glass’s install frame and UV curing light. Moreover, it provides a limited lifetime warranty for the screen protector. Indeed, it is made to protect your Galaxy S10 for a more extended period.

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#2. amFilm Galaxy S10 Screen Protector

amFilm Galaxy S10 Screen Protector

This screen protector uses Elastic Skin which is chemically designed to protect your S10 from scratches. Its self-healing technology dissolves every dents and scratch within 24 hours and provides you clear and bright screen for quite a long time. The elastic skin will cause no sensitivity and adhesive issues. So this screen protector will work perfectly with Samsung Ultrasonic fingerprint sensor.

The design is pretty much impressive due to the cut-edge protection covering. It also fits in easily inside most of the cases. Moreover, the installation process is much easy. The protector comes with an alignment tool for central protection and a squeegee for rolling on the sides and parts. Hence, it’s a significant investment of time and effort for long-time screen protection.

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#3. OTAO Samsung Galaxy S10 Screen Protector

OTAO Samsung Galaxy S10 Screen Protector

Otao’s tempered glass screen protector for Galaxy S10 provides complete screen protection. Its an Ultra HD clear 3-pack case friendly protector with anti-bubble film wrap.

This 0.11mm matte textured screen protector is thin but very durable. It is built with toughened military-grade yellow resistant material, and this screen guard possesses anti-fingerprint, ultra clear, anti-scratch features. It is specifically made for easy Galaxy S10 in-screen fingerprint sensor detection. This screen protector is compatible with mostly all the Galaxy S10 cases though it has a 3D curved cut finish.

The installation process is dam easy. The brand also provides a one year warranty to its customers.

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#4. Kolpop Screen Protector for Galaxy S10

Kolpop Screen Protector for Galaxy S10

The liquid-skin screen protector from Kolpop supports in-display fingerprint sensor and gives complete protection.

The protector is made up of explicit laser cut-out crystal TPU material which is highly recommended for sensing in-display fingerprint technology. The 0.13mm ultra-thin flexible protector gives you a smooth, gliding touch feel every time you swipe your phone. Apart from the hyper-sensitive feature, it also has anti-fingerprint and automatic scratch repair properties.

This case-friendly screen protector comes in a package with two such protectors, two cleaning kits, two stable-bar, squeeze card, happy card, alignment tools and installation guide with details and QR code for the video.

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#5. LK Screen Protector for Galaxy S10

LK Screen Protector for Galaxy S10

Are you looking for a case-friendly Galaxy S10 screen protector for your Samsung phone? Then you must reach out for LK screen guards. The LK screen protector for S10 device is a bubble-free HD clear protector compatible with most of the S10 cases out in the market currently.

This Samsung Galaxy S10 screen protector is made with high-grade thermoplastic Urethane/TPU film which is durable and flexible. The UV clear coat texture prevents it from yellowing, and the precise laser cut design provide maximum protection. The fingerprint reduction and bubble-free properties of the guard gives an infinite smoothness while touching. It comes UV light protection and scratch resistant technology.

Undoubtedly, this screen guard is a Sureshot choice for your device. Even if you aren’t satisfied much with the quality features of this protector, let me tell you the last valid point. It comes with a lifetime replacement warranty option. Now, you know it all!

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