Samsung 10.4 inch Galaxy Tab S6 Lite tab comes in two different versions, WiFi Only and LTE version with storage capacity of 64GB and 128GB. The tab also comes in three colors such as Blue, Gray and Pink. The battery life of this tablet is awesome. So if you are going to buy or already own this tablet, then you might be looking for some cool and sexy looking protective covers, sleeves or keyboard cases for it. 

Right now in the market there are so many cases and sleeves available that are compatible with Galaxy Tab S6 Lite, but not all of them give 360 degree protection to your device. So here in this article, I am going to list some of the best Galaxy Tab S6 Lite cases, sleeves and keyboard cases that are available on Amazon.

In this list of top-rated cases for Galaxy Tab S6 Lite, you will find various kinds of cases such as a leather folio case, flip case, clear case, bumper case, waterproof sleeve, heavy duty case, case with keyboard, etc. So without any further ado, let’s jump into the list of the best Galaxy Tab S6 Lite covers.

Best Galaxy Tab S6 Lite Cases, Sleeves and Keyboard Cases

#1. Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite Book Cover – Official

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite Book Cover

Samsung is here with a premium Oxford case for your Galaxy Tab S6. Made using leather, the case feels great in handy, and you will surely love the material.

The fit and finish are what you can expect from a brand like Samsung. The case fits easily and is lightweight, so you aren’t adding any bulk to the tab.

Furthermore, the magnetic flap protects the screen even if the tab accidentally falls on the ground. You can use it as a kickstand for watching movies and working.

The best part about the case is the stylus holder. You can keep the S-pen handy all the time with this case.

Further, the folio case comes with precise cutouts so you can connect the charging cable without removing the case. Also, the back of the case has a cutout for the camera setup, so taking pictures and videos will be easy.

Lastly, the best Galaxy S6 Lite case is anti-slip and sticks to the tablet using powerful magnets.

Price: $54.99
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#2. INFILAND Galaxy Tab S6 Lite Case with S Pen Holder

INFILAND Galaxy Tab S6 Lite Case

Get this Samsung Galaxy S6 Tab case from INFILAND if you want to stand out of the crowd. The material used by the manufacturer is fabric, and it is soft and appealing.

The frame is made using flexible TPU to give your tab all-around protection from the accidental drops. Furthermore, it transforms into a kickstand so you can watch movies, attend Skype calls, and use it for working.

There is a dedicated slot for the Stylus, so you can keep it handy all the time. The case comes with accurate cutouts to attach charging cables and access the volume rocker and power button.

Also, the camera is accessible, and you can take some quick shots without fumbling with the case.

The case doesn’t feel heavy and bulky at all. Moreover, the magnetic flap stays in place to protect the screen from scratches and damages.You can use the auto sleep-wake feature as well, which saves battery and is convenient.

Lastly, you get a range of attractive color options in this Galaxy S6 Lite Flip Case that you can match with your tab’s color.

Price: $24.95
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#3. Fintie Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite 10.4” Slim Case

Fintie Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite 10.4'' Slim Case

Here is an attractive case for your Samsung Galaxy S6 that lets you carry some cash, credit cards, and other documents on the go. The case has an external pocket so that you can use it as a wallet as well.  

The case is made using soft fabric and TPU to reward you with an ultimate experience. Further, the case is safe to use as the TPU bumper absorbs the shocks.

You get multiple viewing angles with the case, and it can be the best kickstand to use for watching movies. The fit is great with the tab, and you get access to the charging port and the volume rocker. 

Moreover, you can use the auto sleep/wake feature with this premium case. Now you can carry the S-pen all the time, as the case has a slot for the stylus. The small camera cutout at the back lets you take pictures on the go, so you don’t miss any shots.

This Galaxy S6 tab case from Finite is built to last and is available in a range of color options.

Price: $18.99
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#4. Spigen Galaxy Tab S6 Lite Case With S-Pen Holder

Spigen Galaxy Tab S6 Lite Case

Do you need all-around protection for your Galaxy S6 tab? Have a look at this armored case from Spigen that offers 360-degree protection to your device.

The case has a robust build, and it comes with a built-in kickstand that you can use while watching movies and making video calls. The overall appeal of the case is great, and its robustness will assure that your tablet is safe.

Spigen has used high-quality polycarbonate to manufacture the case. Also, it comes with corner protection, so there will be no dings and bumps on the edges of the tab.

All the cutouts are precise, and you can even take pictures without removing the case. The sleek S-pen holder at the side lets you carry the stylus along with the tab.

Lastly, the case is compatible with Galaxy Tab S6 Lite and is available in two color options.

Price: Price not available
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#5. TiMOVO Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite Folio Case

TiMOVO Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite Folio Case

With this magnetic folio case for Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite, you can actually enhance the battery life of your tab. The case supports the auto sleep/wake feature that lets you save battery while adding convenience to your life.

Furthermore, the case features strong magnets, so the tab fits perfectly with the case. You can use it as a kickstand, and the case allows you to choose from various viewing angles depending on your requirements. 

There is a slot for your stylus, so this case is perfect for you if you are a video or photo editor. The flap covers the entire screen and protects the tab from damages and scratches. 

Further, the Galaxy S6 Lite Case With S-Pen Holder is slim and lightweight. Also, it has precise cutouts that let you connect the charging cable with the case. Moreover, there is a cutout for the camera as well, so you can take some good shots without missing anything. 

The case is made with synthetic leather and offers excellent durability. There are three color options available, and you can get beautiful for your tab S6 Lite.

Price: $19.95
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#6. Fintie Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite Keyboard Case With S Pen Holder

Fintie Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite Keyboard Case

Finite is here with another case for Galaxy Tab S6 that comes with a built-in Bluetooth keyboard. This the best Galaxy S6 Lite keyboard case lets you type, watch movies, and make video calls. The keyboard works well with the tablet and requires no wires at all.

Also, the battery life of the keyboard is amazing, and you can use it for completing assignments and for other works that require typing.

The folio case is made using leather, and it feels premium in hand. Furthermore, it comes with a stylus holder, so you can show your creativity without stopping for anything. Even with the keyboard, the case doesn’t feel that heavy.

You can detach the keyboard whenever required to cut some weight from the case. Further, you can charge your tablet with the case, and it lets you take pictures as well with the camera cutout.

The case is compatible with the auto sleep-wake feature, and that will help you in saving battery. Finite offers a range of attractive colors in this case that you can pair with your Tab S6 Lite.

Price: $34.99
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#7. Wineecy Galaxy Tab S6 Lite Keyboard Case

Wineecy Galaxy Tab S6 Lite Keyboard Case

With this case, you can use your Tab S6 Lite for any purpose as it has a built-in keyboard. The magnetic Bluetooth keyboard is easy to pair with the tablet, and it comes with backlit keys so you can even work at night.

You can turn on/off the backlit at any time, and the case comes with a Type-C cable to charge the Bluetooth keyboard. 

The Galaxy S6 Lite carrying case is handy and gives a comfortable touch feeling with its well-woven synthetic body. You get multiple viewing angles, and you can adjust the screen to watch movies, play games, or do some work. 

Furthermore, the case supports the auto sleep/wake feature that you can use by lifting the flap. When it comes to protection, then this keyboard case will not disappoint you.

It safeguards the tablet from drops, scratches, and other such damages. Further, the case looks a bit bulky, but all the ports and the camera are accessible. 

The case has a slot for the S Pen, and it lets you keep the stylus handy. Lastly, there are four color options available, and the case is perfect for Galaxy Tab S6 Lite 10.4.

Price: $33.99
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#8. Tomtoc Galaxy Tab S6 Lite Carrying Case

Tomtoc Galaxy Tab S6 Lite Carrying Case

Here is a tablet sleeve from TomToc that lets you carry all the stuff you have. There is ample space inside the sleeve, and it has multiple compartments to keep the stuff organized. The hard case is waterproof and resists scratches.

Also, it can absorb the shock to protect the tablet from any type of damages. The inner of the case comes with thick padding so you can rest assured about the safety of your tablet.

Furthermore, there is a slot for a stylus, and you can carry the charging cable and earphones as well. The zippers are of good quality and offer smooth opening and closing. 

The best Galaxy S6 Lite sleeve can even fit a keyboard, and it’s perfect for all your needs. Lastly, the padded handle lets you carry the case with ease, and you can take it to your office and other places. 

TomToc offers three color options, so you can choose a stylish case to carry your Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite.

Price: $32.99
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