Are you looking for the best Samsung galaxy watch, 4 bands? Here is a list of top-rated third-party straps of galaxy watch 4 and watch 4 classic.

In this curated list, you will find galaxy watch 4 replacement bands such as leather band, stainless steel band, sports band, loop style band, the metal band in different styles and colors. So let’s go ahead and check out the reviews of the best galaxy watch 4 bands.

Best Third Party Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic Bands

#1. Yeejok Galaxy Watch 4 Classic Bands

Yeejok Galaxy Watch 4 Classic Bands

Snap this comfortable watch band around your wrist, and wear your Samsung Galaxy Watch Classic 4 all day long. Made using soft silicone, the band feels light and is gentle to the skin. Furthermore, it is hypoallergenic, so you can even wear it in summers and sweaty days.

The material is water-proof, and you can go for a quick swimming lap with the watch wrapped in your hand.  The grippy texture offers a rugged look and makes it a versatile band you can wear everywhere. 

Designed to fit the Galaxy Watch 4, it is easy to install. Moreover, it’s a unisex band for active men and women. The metal buckle improves durability, and the double loop system makes the watchband look organized. The best Galaxy Watch Classic 4 Band is 20mm wide and can easily fit most of normal 5.5″ to 7.8″ wrists. Lastly, Yeejok offers the band in a range of colors, so you have a stylish yet sporty band to pair with your Galaxy Watch.

The material is sweat and waterproof.Not that premium like leather bands.
Highly durable band with a metal buckle.It has a rubber-like smell.
It feels light on the hand.
It is hypoallergenic.

Price: $6.99
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#2. Spigen Retro Galaxy Watch 4 Bands

Spigen Retro Galaxy Watch 4 Bands

This premium leather watch band from Spigen will surely magnetize all the eyeballs to your wrist. Fabricated with synthetic leather, the band has a timeless look and feels great on the skin. It doesn’t even react to sweat, which makes it an all-season best Galaxy Watch 4 band.

I loved the perforated pattern on the strap, and it enhances the look while making the band more comfortable. In functional inner features a silicone base to prevent sweat build-up while keeping your wrist dry. 

Quick and easy to install, the strap gets installed on the Galaxy Watch 4 with a push of a pin, and you can easily remove it whenever required.

As the watch strap belongs to Spigen, so you can be sure about its durability. The brand offers it in two amazing colors that go well with any outfit. 

The loop and buckle assembly let you adjust the length as per your comfort. As per Spigen, this band can fit anyone with a wrist circumference between 5.7″ to 7.9″.

The material feels premium and is durable.Not a waterproof band.
Easy to install and remove.Not for people with the thicker wrists.
The inner silicone layer makes it more comfortable.
The material is flexible and doesn’t wrinkle.

Price: Price not available
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#3. Aresh Leather Watch Bands for Galaxy Watch 4

Aresh Leather Watch Bands for Galaxy Watch 4

Next on the list is this inexpensive leather watch strap that’s designed to fit Galaxy Watch 4. If you need a watch band that looks luxurious and is a great one to wear to your office and parties, Aresh Leather Band is your way to go.

The push-and-pin assembly helps you install it in a second. Moreover, you can remove the band quickly to clean the smartwatch or when going swimming.

The material looks fantastic and has a glazing finish. Furthermore, the stitching takes the aesthetics to another level. The dark-colored metal buckle contributes a lot to the elegance and durability.

On the inside, the strap has plush cushioning to enhance comfort.  It’s 20mm wide, so both men and women can wear it with their Galaxy Watch. Designed for medium to large wrists, the band is great for people with up to 8” inches wrist.

You can easily adjust the band’s length, as there are multiple holes on the strap. Lastly, it comes in three colors, i.e., brown, purple, and black.

It’s comfortable and elegant.Not water and sweat-proof band.
It’s a unisex band.It feels a bit heavy.
Highly durable metal buckle.
Attention to detail is superb.

Price: Price not available
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#4. LDFAS Third Party Galaxy Watch 4 Classic Bands

LDFAS Third Party Galaxy Watch 4 Classic Bands

Looking for a third-party Galaxy Watch 4 band with a timeless design? Have a look at this metal watch band from LDAFS. If you feel like wearing a heavy yet comfortable band, choose this one for your Galaxy Watch Classic 4. 

Made using durable titanium, the strap looks great wrapped on your hand. Moreover, it is water and sweatproof, but I don’t recommend wearing it in a pool. 

Equipped with a clasp, the band remains secure on your wrist, and you can quickly wear or remove the watch. It’s a 20mm wide strap that can adapt to 5.51 “-8.07” wrist sizes. Also, you can adjust the band’s size using the tools you receive inside the box.

The metal chain has a nice texture, and its coating lasts longer. Installing the band is a cakewalk, and it easily fits with the Galaxy Watch 4. The best thing is that it doesn’t require any maintenance, and you can wear it anywhere you go.

LDAFS offers this metal strap in two colors including, black and silver.

You can adjust the band to get a good fit.Not resistant to scratches.
Made using high-quality titanium.The pins get rusted easily.
You get all the adjustment tools in the box.
Easy to install.

Price: Price not available
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#5. Spigen Rugged Armor Galaxy Watch 4 Classic Case with Band

Spigen Rugged Armor Galaxy Watch 4 Classic Case with Band

Spigen is here with an exclusive watch band that offers ultimate comfort and protection. It’s like a shield for the Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch Classic 4 that fits easily and on the main watch module.

The brand calls it rugged armor, and this is because of the protection the strap offers. The raised bezels around the screen safeguard the display from scratches and damages.

Compatible with BIA (body composition measurement and heart rate feature), the band has a precise cutout, so all sensors of the smartwatch work properly. 

Made with high-quality polyurethane, the band is great to wear in all climatic conditions. You can wear it anywhere, even inside the pool, thanks to the hypoallergenic material.

It has a super-wide band and easily fits any wrist size. Furthermore, the strap comes with several holes, so you get a snug fit. 

Overall, this is a fantastic watch with a built-in case. It’s compatible with the 46mm model and is a bang for the buck.

The TPU case offers protection against scratches and damages.Not a great choice for small wrists.
Rugged armor-like design.It feels heavy.
The cutout design helps you rotate the bezel.
The strap is comfortable to wear.

Price: $24.99
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#6. Olytop Elastic Bands for Galaxy Watch 4 Classic

Olytop Elastic Bands for Galaxy Watch 4 Classic

Here is a watch band for your Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 that feels light and is a breathable option. If you are into sports, you will find this strap to be the best choice, as it has good elasticity.

Wearing your watch with this best Galaxy Watch 4 loop band is really easy, just put it on your hand, and you are good to go. The metal clasp attached to the band helps you adjust its size with ease. 

The material is pure nylon, so expect it to be gentle to the skin. Moreover, it is hypoallergenic and doesn’t cause any irritations and allergies. As it’s a washable band, so you can wear it during swimming.

Designed especially for the Galaxy Watch 4, it is easy to install. Suitable for wrist size 5.5″-10″, this is a unisex band that anyone can wear. Lastly, it comes in multiple colors, so you get a sporty and stylish companion for the smartwatch.

It is a super comfortable band.It doesn’t look very premium.
Soft and hypoallergenic material.Not so great for wearing in the office.
Resistant to sweat and water.
It is highly durable.

Price: Price not available
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#7. Spigen Modern Galaxy Watch 4 Stainless Steel Band

Spigen Modern Galaxy Watch 4 Stainless Steel Band

Another highly durable metal watch band is here from the house of Spigen. Built to last, the strap has a purely metal body with a clasp. The band is fully adjustable, and you can quickly trim it to get a proper fit with your Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch Classic 4.

The sleek design brings a stylish look to your hand while making the smartwatch look even more elegant. You can be sure about wearing it all day long, without worrying about sweat. 

The quick-release pin mechanism lets you install the watch band on the go. Furthermore, it offers effortless adjustments and fits well on any wrist size. Whether you are a man or a woman, if you crave luxuriousness and find the regular strap boring, you should try this metal one. Lastly, this best Galaxy Watch Classic 4 stainless steel band has a big Spigen logo embossed on the clasp and comes in black and rose gold color.

Made using solid stainless.The paint may chip off.
It comes with an adjustment kit.It’s not waterproof.
The metal clasp provides a quick and secure grip.
It fits Galaxy Watch 4 and Classic.

Price: $21.99
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#8. Meliya Third Party Galaxy Watch 4 Bands

Spigen Modern Galaxy Watch 4 Stainless Steel Band

How about a watch band that feels light on your wrist and is a perfect companion for every weather? Meliya is here with a collection of the best soft silicone bands that are perfect for fitness enthusiasts. 

I loved the construction of the band, and the perforated holes ensure better breathability. The unisex band is 20mm wide, and it looks amazing on all wrists.

It has a buckle and clip assembly, so you can quickly snap it on your wrist to get a snug fit. On the inside, the material feels soft and is gentle to the skin. Like all other amazing watch bands, it has a quick-release design, so putting it on and taking it off is super easy.

There is a range of color options available, and Meliya offers the band in a pack so you can wear a different Galaxy Watch 4 strap every day. Lastly, it comes in two sizes, including small (5.5″-7.1″ wrist) and large (6.5″-8.3” wrist).

The holes ensure less or no sweat build-up.You can see visible scratches on the strap.
Highly waterproof silicone strap.It doesn’t have a metal buckle.
Adjustable wrist size.
Easy to install and remove.

Price: Price not available
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