If you are a gaming geek, you would definitely know that just a gaming laptop or a PC is not enough to make the most out of games. You require the best gaming accessories too, that includes headset, monitor, gaming mouse, keyboard, gaming controller, router, and so on. When you have such accessories on your gaming table, you can completely enjoy your gameplay. While there is a lot of gaming accessories manufacturers in the market, only some stand out with their mesmerising products. EasySMX is one among them.

When it comes to buying any gaming accessory, the brand that you can trust the most is EasySMX. Whether one wants to buy a headset, keyboard, controller, mouse or any other add-ons to enhance their gameplay, EasySMX is one of the best, affordable, and satisfactory options. Besides being affordable, it never compromises with its quality. It is the keystone why I am always attracted to its products. From high-end gaming add-ons to best kids’ headphones, EasySMX has everything to offer.

Here are some of the best gaming accessories that I bought from EasySMX and am proud to have chosen them.

EasySMX Gaming Headset, Mouse, Controllers & Kids Headphones

#1. EasySMX Cool 2000 Over-Ear Stereo Gaming Headphones

EasySMX Cool 2000 Over-Ear Stereo Gaming Headphones

I just bought EasySMX Cool 2000 over-ear stereo headphones for my gaming console at $29, and I am just surprised to discover how great product it is.

This headphone is equipped with 50mm speaker drivers, and it is capable enough to offer you incredible bass. The bass is so deep that you enjoy every bit of your gaming session – be it the footsteps or bombing of tanks. I loved this specific feature of the Cool 2000 the most. It optimizes the gaming sounds in such a way that I can hear the most subtle in-game sounds that other headphones that I tried in this range can’t pick up. Well, when talking solely about the sound quality that this headphone offers, I bet, you won’t find another headphone in the market in the same range and with the same quality.

Comfortable Stereo Gaming Headset

Being a gamer, I use the headset continuously for hours. So, the headphones must depict breathable ear cups and adjustable headphone. The ear cups of Cool 2000 are designed from PU leather to provide utter comfort while gaming for long hours. They are flexible, enable air flow, and prevent sweat from accumulating around the ear. Besides, the noise cancellation technology avoids distraction from surrounding noise and lets me immerse completely into my gameplay. The ear cups come with an LED bulb and switch that light up the ear cups as per the selected lighting mode. It offers three dynamic lighting effects – spinning, constant, and breathing. However, I found this LED pointless.

Gaming Headset With Mic

Coming to the headband, I found it a bit small and tight. Nevertheless, it is durable, well-built, and its self-adjustable feature frees you from adjusting the band manually as it fits over your head automatically. However, the headband reclines as you move your head. It seems to be irritating for extended gameplay.

With easy access to the controls provided on this headset, it actually has enhanced my gaming experience. I can change the LED light modes and adjust the volume as per my needs. Moreover, the microphone switch turns on and off with just a single push. The noise-cancelling mic enables us to have effective communication while gaming. I just require inserting the USB plug before pressing the mic button.

The 3.5mm speaker input interface, 3.5mm mic output interface and USB port enable you to use this headphone on any gaming platforms – Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PC.

Best Gaming Headset from EasySMX

One downfall that I noticed with this headphone is its cable with permanently connected USB and Y-Splitter connectors. Though the length of the cable is ideal, these connectors come along my way every now and then. I wish these connectors would have been detachable.

Wrapping up, I recommend this headset if you want a high-quality sound to enrich your gameplay at an affordable price.

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#2. EasySMX ESM-9100 Wired Gaming Controller

EasySMX Wired Gaming Controller

Though EasySMX provides cost-effective gaming products, they never compromise in their build quality. The EasySMX wired gaming controller features a sturdy design and a shape that can be held in hand comfortably.

Having used it, I can assure that ESM-9100 is the best gaming controllers at $18 available on the market.

With simple plug-and-play installation, it enables me to start my gameplay in a few seconds. Its USB connection with a flexible cord offer stability and extensibility. The cord is 2 meters long. Thus, I can comfortably sit on my sofa and enjoy gaming at a safe distance from the console.

It is ergonomically designed with an asymmetric button layout and orientation. The four action buttons, responsive and accurate D-pad, linear triggers, and the high-precision joystick take the gaming to just another level. Moreover, the joystick is designed in such a way that my thumb always rests in a comfortable position. This supports me to game meticulously. There are two bumper keys on the fore-side of the controller and below it lays the linear triggers. Moreover, its anti-slip design ensures that the controller doesn’t slip from the hands when I am into intense gaming sessions.

The analogue buttons on the controller showcase an excellent gradient of intensity. By this, I mean it feels great when playing FPS and driving games.

For me, the best part about this gaming controller is its dual-vibration feature. I just enjoy gaming with it. The controller poses two electric motors in the side grips that deliver distinct feedback when you are gaming. It makes the game more thrilling and realistic. Well, you can even turn off this feature whenever you want from the game settings.

One more striking feature of this controller is Turbo function. You can customize turbo with any button to free players’ fingers on the controller and destroy your enemies in the game with just a single press. Isn’t it great? Well, it is for sure.

Apart from its support for hundreds of games, this controller shows a wide range of compatibility across multiple platforms. It includes Windows, Vista, TV Box, PS3, and Android devices that feature version 4.0 or above and complete OTG function support.

Overall, though it is not compatible with Xbox, it emulates 360-controller in feel and appearance. It is worth over a price it is available in. If you are into PC gaming, ESM-9100 wired gaming controller is quite accurate and totally worth it.

Price: $18.69
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#3. EasySMX ESMBD-01 Gaming Mouse

EasySMX ESMBD-01 Gaming Mouse

Being a die-hard gamer, I love to buy peripherals that enhance my gaming experience. Recently, I got the ESMBD-01 wired gaming mouse, and I am more than happy to have it. Its specifications and performance are beyond expectation.

With a decent profile, this mouse is perfectly designed to fit a gamer’s hand. It comes with four different DPI levels – 400, 1600, 5000, and 8200. Each DPI level indicates a different colored LED light. You can set any DPI you want and give a tough competition to your rival while gaming. There is a button behind the scroll wheel from where you can adjust DPI. My favorite of these four is DPI 1600 with a red colored LED light.

The gaming mouse is ergonomically designed to offer a soft touch and anti-sliding experience. The side skirts are rubberized to ensure that you have a comfortable grip and feel good against your skin. Furthermore, it is resistant to abrasion. Hence, you can conveniently work with it for long hours.

It comes with adjustable weight tuning. That is, it is in your hands how much your mouse should weigh. You get three removable 10g weights and one removable 5g weight. There is a weight drawer switch at the bottom side. You can press it, pull the weight drawer and adjust the weight as per your requirement. This functionality adds desired comfort and precision to your gaming.

The feature of this gaming mouse that I am in love with is its programmable driver. I can personalize the mouse in my own way to accomplish tasks faster. I can set various commands as well as adjust the key functions right through the provided drivers. For this quality mouse, my $25 is worth it.

There are six customizable buttons on the ESMBD-01. They are left, right, left click x 3, home, forward, and backward button. You can program each of them with the driver disk that you get along with this gaming mouse.

This mouse not only works great for gaming but also for working. It depicts a wide range of compatibility with computers running Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and Mac.

As a gaming mouse, EasySMX ESMBD-01 hits all of the required notes. I personally liked it in all aspects. If asked me, I would surely recommend going for this ergonomic mouse.

Price: $9.99
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#4. EasySMX KM-666 Wired Over-Ear Kids Headphones

EasySMX Kids Headphone

My niece’s birthday is around, and I made up my mind to gift her KM-666 over-ear headphones from EasySMX. This headphone showcases a beautiful design and bright color combination, and I am sure that it is going to be one of her best tech gifts to date.

Adjustable Headband Kids Headphones

The KM-666 is exclusively designed for 3-12 years old kids. It is light in weight, offers a comfortable wearing experience, features an adjustable headband, and is compatible with most of the devices.

Comfortable Kids Headphones

To gift headphones to a kid, the priority in everyone’s list like mine is its durability. This headphone absolutely passes the durability test as it is made up of environment-friendly materials. The ear cups are adequately cushioned to offer a relaxed fit around the ears. The headband features high-quality polycarbonate made from food-grade material. It is padded to provide an extra level of comfort. The headband is flexible to such an extent that kids can turn or twist it to whatever shape or angle they want. Still, it does not deform. Moreover, the cord is tangle-free. What else would you ask for, isn’t it?

Durable Kids Headphones

It weighs about 130g which any kid of age 3+ can carry. They can carry it across the room while playing without any hassles. Besides, its compact design enables you to store it in a small space.

Moving on, a striking feature that I found about these headphones is its in-built volume limiter. Developed using volume-controlled technology; this function ensures that the sound played remains within the levels that are safe for a kid’s eardrums. It generally produces 80-85 decibel sound. I tested it against my headset, and I literally felt the difference. It was about three times lower than what I listen to. So, yes, these are the perfect headphones for kids.

It comes with a standard 3.5mm headphone jack that works with almost all smartphones, tablets, PCs, CD players, and audio systems. Thus, kids can easily use them while watching their favorite videos and listening to their dearest rhymes.

They boast a plug-and-play design. Just plug it into a device, and you are all set to immerse into an all-new musical experience. Though they have no noise canceling feature, I don’t find it a misfit for a kid. They are a far better replacement than earbuds.

Wrapping up, I strongly recommend KM-666 as the best over-ear headphones a kid can use.

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That’s all! Do let us know your queries in the comments section below.

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