Do you ever wish that your lights automatically turn on and off without getting off from the bed or couch? If yes, then you will be happy to know that it is now possible. Wondering how? With the best Google Home compatible light switches.

It’s not only about the lights; these top-rated smart light switches for Google Home are even competent to control your other electronic appliances like fans, heaters, and more. Depending on the switch that you install, some will require hub while some will need no additional things to operate. In this list of ours, we have accumulated some of the best Google Home that works with light switches from the top third-party manufacturers.

Best Google Home Compatible Light Switches

Best Light Switches Compatible Google Home, Google Assistant, and Google Home Mini

#1. TP-Link

TP-Link Smart Wi-Fi Light Switch Google Home Smart Devices

This single smart switch from TP-Link requires no hub for its installation. All you need to do is connect it to your Wi-Fi network and it is all ready to serve your commands right from your smartphone or tablet.

It requires neutral wire and can work on a single pole setup. Further, it is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to offer you the service of voice control. You can ask your personal digital assistant to turn on the fan and it will do so.

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#2. WeMo

Wemo Light Switch for Google Home

The Google Assistant compatible switch from WeMo is Wi-Fi enabled. You can even fix it in place of your old wall switch. Download the free WeMo app and operate your home appliances with your voice.

It even facilitates you to set different schedules and timers. You can set the porch light to turn on when the sun sets or turn on the heater as you enter the house. This switch even comes with ‘Away’ mode. So, you can randomize your house’s lights so that they turn on and off automatically even when you are not at home.

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#3. WeMo Dimmer

Wemo Dimmer Wi-Fi Light Switch for Google Home

We have one more Google Home compatible smart light switch from WeMo. It can be controlled through Wi-Fi and then can be operated from wherever you are directly from your smartphone, laptop, or tablet. It neither requires any hub nor needs any subscription plans for installation.

You can also optimize your lights with the WeMo Dimmer. It calibrates to the bulbs that you have affixed to your house so that it provides the maximum amount of dimming range without any flickers. You can even set the ‘Night’ mode so as to protect your eyes from bright lights.

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#4. Lutron

LUTRON Google Home Compatible Light Switches

The Google Home light switch from Lutron comes with a Pico remote control. You can manage all your connected devices with the remote control while you are in the house. With this smart switch, you can get rid of the hassles of moving to the plug every now and then.

For the installation of this smart switch, you will require a Lutron Smart Bridge. This dimmer provides the best dimming performance for all the bulbs in your house. To utilize it in multi-location applications, what you require to do is replace the existing switch with the Pico remote control.

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#5. NewRice

NewRice Smart Wi-Fi Light Switch for Google Home

The next on our list of best smart light switches for Google Home is the one from NewRice. It features voice control facility. Thus, you can control it with your Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Moreover, you can also control all your connected home appliances to the smart switch whenever you are in internet arenas right from your smartphone or tablet. You can even set schedules so that the appliances turn on or off automatically even if you are not around. You won’t require any hub or subscription plans for operating it.

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GRESATEK Smart WiFi Light Switch for Google Home

This is one of the smart light switches that work well with Google Home as well as Alexa-enabled devices. It poses a smart touch control button unlike other traditional switches available on the market.

It is sleek in design and possesses a flat, elegant surface. It glows in the dark so that you can easily locate it. Hence, it will definitely add glam to your home décor. Similar to other products listed here, this switch also doesn’t require any hub or subscription plans.

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#7. iDevices

iDevices WiFi Smart Dimmer Switch for Google Home

The light dimmer from iDevices is easy to use. You can control, monitor as well as schedule the lighting system of your house right from your phone with the iDevices app.

It can be installed on a single pole or 3/4-way setup. You can even pair up two devices if you have bought additional iDevices Dimmer. You can also prevent your lights and bulbs from flickering with this dimmer. It even lets you control it with voice commands given through Alexa, Siri, or your Google Assistant.

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These are some of the best Google Home compatible light switches. Which one among them would you like to fit in your house? do write to us about your choices and views in the comments section.