Virtual Reality – which is too popular among the tech fanatic folks – is gaining bigger and bigger grounds in the market. With Virtual Reality headset, you can enjoy playing 3D games and watching movies. To have more fun with VR headsets such as the Gear VR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, PS4 VR, you can buy the best headphones for VR headset.

By default, Oculus Rift comes with a pair of built-in headphones, and HTC Vive also has a pair of detachable earbuds. Both the in-built headphones are good enough and can be replaced if you want to experience sound at the next level. Selecting the right pair of headphones for VR is a tough job. If you go wrong in choosing and allow your headphones to leak much sound from the outside world, then you won’t be able to immerse yourself in the virtual world.

So while choosing the headphones, it is important to see whether the headphones can cancel all the outside distractions or not. This type of headphones is also known as noise cancellation headphones. To help you out in finding the right pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones for VR, we have curated a list of top rated VR headphones.

Best Headphones for VR

Best Headphones for VR

#1. Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Professional Monitor Headphones

Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Professional Monitor Headphones

Audio-Technica ATH-M50x looks exceptionally aesthetic, and you will love black-shade that goes almost with every type of VR device. The headphones come in decent packaging, and you will receive a hard case that makes it easier to carry around with you. 


If you need a device that is foldable and is much more portable, then this device is something you need. It has a robust build and unfolds easily so that you can pair it up with your VR device on the go.

Full Cladding

The users who need superior audio experience with their VR device should ensure that the headphones they are buying have full cladding to avoid any external noise from striking their ears. Audio-Technica ATH-M50x has full cladding around the swiveled ear cups, and you will not get an external noise problem with this device. 

Exceptional clarity

No matter you want a pair of headphones for gaming, or you need it for watching movies, ATH-M50x is a great choice. It can deliver exceptional audio quality with utmost clarity, all thanks to the accurate audio drivers!

Quick Aux Support 

The users will get two Aux cables with headphones, and you will never find yourself struggling with tiny wires. The headphones have detachable wire functionality, and it helps those who are always on the move.

Who should buy this?

If comfort and audio clarity are your preference, then there is nothing better than buying Audio-Technica ATH-M50x. The ear cups are comfortable and have a contoured design that snuggles your ears for best VR audio experience.

The Verdict

Audio-Technica ATH-M50x has hard body shell, and the headphones can deliver decent longevity. As it works on an aux cable so you will never face the problem of running out of battery. (The users who want to use it wirelessly can use additional Bluetooth Technical Adapter which is sold separately).

Price: $163.90
Buy it from Amazon

#2. Sennheiser Game ONE Gaming Headset – Black

Sennheiser Gaming Headset

Sennheiser is a recognized brand and renowned for its audio quality all across the globe! The gaming headset is specially designed to use with VR devices. 

Noise-Cancellation Functionality

Sennheiser Game ONE Gaming Headset promises crystal clear audio, all thanks to the noise-cancellation functionality. It blocks all kinds of noise and interruptions that can disrupt your audio experience. 

Convenient Mute Feature 

We often see a lot of headphones that have inconvenient or no mute feature, but with these best Headphones for VR, you can mute the microphone quickly. Just raise the microphone arm and the microphone will get muted instantly.

3.5 mm Audio Support 

Sennheiser Game ONE Gaming Headset is a versatile headphone, and you can use this pair with almost all devices available out there. It has a 3.5mm audio jack, and you can plug it easily in smartphones, tablets, PCs, and gaming consoles. 

Mushy Ear Cups

The oval ear cups are manufactured with soft padded material that provides extra comfort to your ears. Moreover, it prevents external noise from seeping in, and it ensures better audio all the time.

Who should buy this?

If you are ready to spend a substantial amount on a VR headphone, then Sennheiser Game ONE Gaming Headset is a great option. It has integrated volume control. So you can adjust the volume without reaching our smartphone. Additionally, it has a microphone and noise-cancellation feature, and that can take the experience to the next level. 

The Verdict

The headphones come with a 2-year warranty from the manufacturer, and you can rest assured that these headphones will work seamlessly.

Price: $119.95
Purchase it from Amazon

#3. SteelSeries Arctis 7 (2019 Edition)

SteelSeries Arctis 7 Wireless Gaming Headset

SteelSeries Arctis 7 is an incredibly alluring headphone device that has every feature required to attain superior audio. Also, the headphones have wireless technology, and you will never face any issue related to tangling into the wires. 

Bidirectional Microphone

The microphone available with these best headphones for oculus quest is best-in-class for a multitude of reasons. It can provide exceptional quality with the assurance of noise-cancellation.

Excellent Battery Life

The batteries mounted under the shell of these headphones can last really long. After a complete charge, it will last up to 24 hours based on your usage, of course! Also, the batteries are rechargeable, and it gets charged in a short period.

On-Ear Audio Controls

When you have a VR device snapped on your head, it becomes hard to control the volume because you have to reach your smartphone for that. However, this is not the case with these headphones; these come with integrated controls mounted over the ear for easy access. Now you can set the audio to pause, or you can adjust the volume easily.

Ski Goggle Suspension Band

The headband is exceptionally comfortable, and you can easily adjust it as per your requirements. Plus, it appropriately distributes the weight, so you will never face any strain on the pressure points.

Who should buy this?

The users who love extreme audio, with all the controls in their hand should think about SteelSeries Arctis 7. The ear cups are comfortable, and the audio drivers are engineered specially to produce ultra-low distortion sound.

The Verdict

 SteelSeries Arctis 7 even supports a 3.5 mm jack, and you can use it with any aux cable if the device runs out of charge.  Moreover, the 2.4 GHz wireless frequency ensures that you remain connected without any audio loss. 

Price: $119.95
Shop it from Amazon

#4. Stealth 350VR Amplified Virtual Reality Gaming Headset

Stealth 350VR Amplified Virtual Reality Gaming Headset

Stealth 350VR is another wireless VR headphone that belongs to celebrated manufacture. The shape of the headphones is precise and all the controls mounted on the ear.

Battery-Powered Amplification

The headphones have battery-powered amplification that enhances the immersion. The battery included in this pair of headphones is powerful and can deliver a playtime of up to 30 hours on a single charge.

Swappable Cable

The cable swapping functionality makes Stealth 350VR a versatile device, and you can connect it with a plethora of gadgets like gaming consoles, and PC. All you have to do is swap the cable, and you are good to go.

Feather-light Weight

When it comes to overall weight, you will appreciate Stealth 350VR. It only weighs 1.1 pounds, and you will never feel any kinds of strain or stress on your head.

50MM Speakers

The over-ear design amplifies the effect of the speakers, and the audio quality gets enhanced automatically. You will feel the thundering lows and the crisp highs with this pair of headphones.

Who should buy this?

Stealth 350VR is highly-recommended to the buyers who don’t want to splurge money on headphones. The device works wirelessly, and you never feel the issues of the cable when using with a VR headset.

Price: $36.97
Order it from Amazon

#5. PlayStation Platinum Wireless Headset – PlayStation 4

Sony PlayStation Platinum Wireless Headset

The headphones manufactured by Sony carries a legacy with them, and have a superior quality which can blow your mind. The device has ultra-advanced features, and you will love them if you have a qualitative virtual reality headset.

Dual Microphones

These best headphones for PlayStation VR are equipped with dual microphones, and you will get fantastic output with active noise cancellation. No matter you are wearing a VR headset; the noise cancellation will work seamlessly in every situation.

Wireless and Wired Compatible

The users can use the device wirelessly with Bluetooth pairing, or they can use any Aux cable when the headphones have low battery. 

Outstanding Battery Life

The manufacturer claims that the headphones can run for approximately 17 hours after a single charge. Also, charging the device requires less time, and you can enjoy uninterrupted playtime with the help of aux cable.

50mm Drivers

The audio drivers are very responsive and can provide 3D audio, which makes gaming even better. Additionally, the headphones have rich bass and don’t produce any types of issues when the audio levels are soaring.

Who should buy this?

If you are a fan of virtual surround sound, and 3D audio, then there is no better option than PlayStation Platinum Wireless Headset. The headphones have multiple audio-modes as well, and that improves audio quality as per your requirement.

The Verdict

PlayStation Platinum Wireless Headset is a premium product by Sony. The battery lasts longer, and the 3.5 mm audio jack support makes life easier for the folks who don’t have the time to charge their headphones.

Price: $119.40
Buy it from Amazon

#6. ASTRO Gaming A50

ASTRO Gaming A50 Wireless Headphone

ASTRO Gaming A50 is the first pair of headphones in this list that supports Dolby sound, and some astonishing features which are not available in ordinary VR headphones.

Great Battery Life

The stylish headphones can render a battery life of up to 15 hours with top-of-the-line audio quality. You can rest assured that the headphones will not interrupt your playtime due to battery issues.

USB sound card support

Another fantastic feature that comes with the ASTRO Gaming A50 is the USB sound card support. Now you don’t need any aux cables to use the headphones with PC.

Game and Voice Balance

The buyers can easily switch between game and voice balance with the help of controls available on the ear of headphones. Also, there are multiple EQ modes, and you can flip the microphone to mute it.

Mod Kit Ready

The Mod kit customizations help you to attach various comfort providing elements to the headphones like ear cups cushions, and leather headband. You can attach and detach the Mod kit anytime when you want.

Who should buy this?

ASTRO Gaming A50 comes with an expensive price tag, and you should only buy this if you are a die-hard fan of gaming with a VR headset and other consoles.

The Verdict

ASTRO Gaming provides an application which allows you to do any types of customizations to the headphones. Plus, all the controls are available on the headphone, and you don’t need any external remote for controlling the audio levels.

Price: $299.99
Purchase it from Amazon

#7. Bose QuietComfort 35 II 

Bose QuietComfort 35 II

Bose has established its name in the market, and most of the buyers never consider any second thoughts when buying products manufactured by Bose.

Built-in Alexa Support

The headphones have inbuilt Alexa support, and the users can use it without any difficulties. You can give commands to the virtual assistant, and it will perform according to your needs.

Complete Control with App

The Bose Connect app is available for Android as well as an iOS operating system, and you can download the app to manage a myriad of settings related to the headphones. You can use auto-power on and some fantastic features which are only available with Bose QuietComfort 35 II.

Dual Microphones

The noise-canceling dual microphones can efficiently deal with all the external noise while delivering you with incredible results.  The users can take calls, as well as can enjoy online game chats with the dual microphones available in these Bose headphones.

Quick Pairing Process

You don’t need to learn any rocket-science to pair with these headphones. Just switch on the Bluetooth of your device, and you can pair with it.

Who should buy this?

If you don’t want to compromise with audio quality and comfort, then QuietComfort 35 II is a recommended choice for you. The headphones for oculus rift S works with Alexa, and you can make things much more comfortable with your voice commands.

The Verdict

There are three exciting colors available in this headphone. Also, the headband is adjustable, and you can snap it on your head without any difficulties.

Price: $249.64
Order it from Amazon

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