Best Hearables for iPhone and Android: Smart Earbuds That You Can’t Resist Buying

As the name suggests, you would have certainly guessed that this article is on some gadgets that would enhance your music listening or smartphone user experience. Yes, you are guessing it right. In this article of ours, we are going to talk about some of the best earbuds that are available on the market. And, if you are in search of best hearables for iPhone and Android, then you have landed on the right page.

You can consider these true wireless earbuds as the natural evolution of wireless headphones. Most of them are case companions. They are wirelessly connected smart headphones or earbuds that uplifts your hearing experience as well as enable you to use your voice for giving commands to other devices. Apart from this, true wireless earbuds are also fine-tuned and designed to offer biometric support. That is, it can track your steps, stress level, and even your sleep pattern. Well, enough is said now! Let’s move on to this list of best true wireless earbuds and explore them to the fullest.

Best Hearables for iPhone and Android

Best Hearables for iPhone, Android, Apple Watch and iPad Pro

Top Hearables

Apple Airpods Wireless Bluetooth Headset
Vi Sense Wireless Headphones
Bose Noise - Masking Sleepbuds
Sony Xperia Ear Duo True Wireless headset
Samsung Gear IconX Bluetooth Cord-free Earbuds
Bragi The Dash Pro with Alexa
Jabra Elite Sports Wireless Waterproof Earbuds
Nuheara IQBuds Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds
Jaybird RUN True Wireless Headphones

#1. Apple AirPods Wireless Bluetooth Headset

Apple Airpods In-Ear Bluetooth Headset

Apple AirPods are the in-ear Bluetooth headset that always accompanies you wherever you want. It automatically starts playing the audio as soon as you put them in your ear and pauses whenever you take them out. Isn’t it amazing?

Just double tap to activate Siri and get a lot of functions done – be it adjusting the volume, changing the track, making a call, or navigating yourself. With an ultralow-power W1 chip, it offers 5 hours of listening time within a single charge.

Moreover, the charging-cum-carrying case is always with you for a quick charge. Just put them in the case for 15 minutes and get them charged for 3 hours of listening time.

Price: $134.99
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#2. Vi Sense Wireless Headphones

Vi Sense Wireless Headphones

If you are looking for AI-powered headphones that can help you manage your fitness, then check out Vi Sense wireless headphones. The smart headphones are your adaptive fitness coach that comes with AI personal trainer.

The trainer tracks your movement and provides real-time feedback. By doing so, you get the best possible optimization wholly curated according to you. It means you get personalized workout which lets you reach your goals the way you want.. With the headphones, you get the VI trainer that includes a 12-month free trial.

The quality of the wireless is also top-notch and offers impressive fitness tracker. The sound, on the other hand, is also top notch and you will surely love it. Lastly, it is also water and sweat resistant and can last for one-day easily.

Price: $149.00
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#3. Bose Noise – Masking Sleepbuds

Bose Noise – Masking Sleepbuds

Bose earbuds help you in getting better sleep. It does it by providing you with the ability to play soothing and relaxing music. They are tiny, and you will have no problem using them during sleeping. By using it, you will always walk up refreshed thanks to sound sleep. It means that it is specially made for people who are looking for a sleep add-on. Don’t get this if you wish to stream music.

The buds are noise reduction and hence optimize the way you listen to soothing sounds. The headphones can last up to 16 hours which is more than enough for a sound sleep. The battery is rechargeable. To ensure that you get stuck due to low charge, it also comes with an additional charge.

Price: $249.00
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#4. Sony Xperia Ear Duo True Wireless Earbuds

Sony Xperia Ear Duo True Wireless headset

If you are looking for a true wireless duo headset, then check out Sony Xperia Ear Duo true wireless headset. It comes with smart assistance that will help you personalize the information that you receive from your phone. The best selling point of the headset is its dual listening capability. Yes, you can listen to music and also receive calls at the same time.

Moreover, it also supports smart gesture control which means that you can do free hands interaction. The battery that comes with the headset is 56 mAh(core). The charge case, on the other hand, offers 740 mAh battery. It means you will get up to 22 hours of battery life including standby time. Alternatively, it has 4 hours of active usage.

Price: $279.99
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#5. Samsung Gear IconX Bluetooth Cord-free Earbuds

Samsung Gear IconX (2018 Edition) Cord-free Fitness Earbuds

When it comes to buying wireless devices, how can we forget talking about the best cord-free fitness earbuds – IconX from Samsung? You can now set your fitness goals and readily achieve them through these amazing earbuds. Wondering, how? Well, they keep a watch on the distance you walk, the speed at which your run or move, and amount of calories burned – all with real-time guidance from fitness experts.

They are minimalistic in design and offer a perfect fit in your ears. With the functionality of voice control, you can talk to Bixby or Google Voice to perform your tasks or control your music just with a tap or a swipe.

Price: $135.99
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#6. Bragi The Dash Pro with Alexa

Bragi The Dash Pro with Alexa

Amazon has undoubtedly won a million hearts with its amazing devices, especially with its Alexa-operated ones. With these earbuds in your ears, just ask Alexa to navigate you to a place you want and it will do so for you.

You can even stream millions of songs, listen to audible books, or even receive the latest information on business, news or sports with these earbuds from Bragi. It even facilitates you to accept or reject your calls with a head gesture. Furthermore, they are even compatible with Siri as well as Google.

You can adorn them while carrying out intense workouts or while exercising. Its waterproof design won’t let them get damaged due to sweat, rain, or water. Its translated integration lets you communicate with your clients in any foreign language.

Price: $214.99
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#7. Jabra Elite Sports Wireless Waterproof Earbuds

Jabra Elite Sport True Wireless Waterproof Fitness & Running Earbuds with Heart Rate and Activity Tracker

While moving on our list next we have the wireless and waterproof earbuds from Jabra. If you are a sports enthusiast, then these earbuds are your perfect fitness partner.

Equipped with heart rate monitor and fitness analyzer, it always keeps a track of your fitness. Its personalized in-ear audio coaching, race pace calculator and recovery advice inspire you to remain fit and active. Further, its waterproof design resists sweat.

It offers you 4.5 hours of talk time/music listening time. And, the charging case is always there to provide an additional charge when required.

Price: $149.24
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#8. Nuheara IQBuds Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds


As the name suggests, the IQBuds from Nuheara seamlessly streams your favorite content and music with its tap-touch facility. Equipped with speech amplification functionality, it automatically enhances your speech while you are in crowded areas or noisy restaurants.

Its dynamic noise control selectively tunes in or out the noise around you with the help of its Super Intelligent Noise Control. You can even choose the blend of your digital world and the real world in order to escape unfortunate accidents and situational awareness.

Price: $239.00
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#9. Jaybird RUN True Wireless Headphones

Jaybird RUN True Wireless Headphones for Running

The last product on our list is the RUN wireless headphones from Jaybird. It offers a comfortable wear irrespective of the shape of your ear. You can even interchange the tips and fins of these earbuds.

They are sweat-resistant as well as water-resistant. Hence, it is an ideal choice to make if you are indulged in the everyday running or exercising activities. equipped with a mic and a single control button, you can boost up your run without losing your focus.

Moreover, if your earbuds ever go missing, you can easily track them with the help of Jaybird app.

Price: $159.70
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Aren’t these the best hearables for iPhone and Android available nowadays? If you agree and are willing to buy one, do write to us about your choices and opinions in the comments section. If you come across true wireless earbuds other than the ones listed here, you can let us know in the comments section below.

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