With Apple HomeKit booming on the market, it’s a perfect time for Apple users to transform their house into a smart home. In this article, we have compiled some of the best HomeKit devices available on the market.

This list of top-rated HomeKit accessories includes light bulbs, plugs, switches, hub, thermostat, security camera, door locks, and many more. You can manage each of them from wherever you are right from the respective App installed on your smartphone or by commanding Siri.

Without much delay, let’s explore the below list of the best Apple HomeKit devices and find some great products for your smart home.

Best HomeKit Devices for Smart Home

#1. Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance A19

Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance A19

Lighten your house with millions of colors. This smart light bulb from Philips offers you a wide range of colors and shades of white light so that you can create an ambiance depending on your mood. Moreover, you can control it wirelessly directly from your smartphone or tablet via the Philips Hue App.

Its voice control functionality makes it easy for you to handle this light. Ask it to dim the light, and it will do so for you. You can even set automated light schedules. Let’s say, you don’t want to return to a dark house. Then, set the light such that it automatically turns on when you get back. You can even sync this light with your movies, music, and games.


  • 16 million colors and thousand shades of white.
  • Syncs with your music, movies, and games.
  • Set different light schedules.

Price: $159.99
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#2. Wemo Mini Smart Plug Works with Alexa

Wemo Mini Smart Plug Works with Alexa

Plug in this smart plug from Wemo in your house and control your appliances from anywhere – right from your smartphone or with your voice. It just requires a Wi-Fi connection. This plug is minimal in design and fits in your power outlet without occupying much space. In fact, you can stack two mini plugs in the same outlet.

It’s Away’ mode automatically turns your light on and off when you are not at home to provide a feel to the intruders as if someone is there in the house. It even facilitates you to set various schedules. You can pair it with your voice in-built Apple HomeKit and operate your devices with your voice.


  • Minimalistic design.
  • Set timers and schedules.
  • Hands-free voice control.

Price: $29.99
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#3. Lutron Caseta Wireless Smart Lighting

Lutron Caseta Wireless Smart Lighting

The smart switch from Lutron easily fits in your existing connection as it does not require a neutral wire. It is capable of controlling up to 17 bulbs per circuit. Further, it comes with a Pico remote. So, if you don’t have your phone handy, you can regulate lights directly with the remote control.

It lets you set schedules in a way that you always return to a well-lit home. Your lights automatically adjust with the change in season and thus help you save on your electricity bills. With its ‘Geofencing’ feature, the lights automatically turn on and off depending on your location. It also sends you a notification if you forget to switch off the light.


  • Smart Away and Geofencing.
  • LED brightness level indicators.
  • Pico remote for handy control.

Price: $159.00
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#4. Apple TV 4K

Apple TV 4K

Next, on our list of Siri compatible devices, is the 4K TV from Apple. With High Dynamic Range (HDR10) and Dolby Vision, it provides a stunning picture quality and astounding surround sound. The best part about this TV is that you can control everything with Siri – your virtual voice assistant.

With your Live TV, you can browse your favorite media content from about 100 video services. It lets you watch movies, web series, sports, music, news, and anything you wish. It displays images with utmost details, rich colors, and supreme brightness. Further, you can connect your iPhone or iPad to Apple TV and work seamlessly.


  • Voice search via Siri Remote.
  • Browse content from 100+ video services.
  • Controls smart home.

Price: $199.99
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#5. Logitech Circle 2 Indoor/Outdoor Wired Home Security Camera

Logitech Circle 2 Indoor/Outdoor Wired Home Security Camera

This home security camera from Logitech works great with your Apple HomeKit. It records whenever any motion is detected in your front yard and stores it securely in your private cloud for up to 24 hours. Its full HD wide-angle video with night vision captures crystal clear footage even in the dark. If you don’t want to see the entire footage, you can view a 30-second time-lapse video that covers the most important events occurred in a day outside your house.

It is built to withstand cold, heat, and rain. You can listen to and talk back to the visitor standing outside the door with its inbuilt speaker and microphone. Moreover, you can even receive notifications in the form of a thumbnail image when a person or motion is detected in your house compound.


  • Advanced motion filtering and 30-second time-lapse day brief.
  • 108-degree Field of View, vision up to 15 feet in the dark.
  • Two-way talk.

Price: $370.99
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D-Link Indoor Home Security Camera

You can now listen to and talk back to a person standing at your doorstep from wherever you are. The Omna App and this camera’s built-in microphone and speaker make it possible for you.

With 180 degrees ultra-wide angle lens and FHD video resolution, it records crisp and clear videos. You can view recorded or live videos from anywhere and keep a check on what’s happening in your property via the Omna App. Moreover, it has a built-in micro SD card slot which supports 128GB capacity. It sends you alerts when any motion is triggered and saves the recording on the SD card.


  • Micro SD card slot with 128GB capacity.
  • Two-way audio.
  • Motion detection.

Price: $49.99
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#7. ecobee4 Smart Thermostat Work With HomeKit

ecobee4 Smart Thermostat Work With HomeKit

Here is one more device that works with HomeKit – thermostat from ecobee. It helps you save about 23% annually on your heating or cooling bills. Equipped with room sensors, it maintains a balanced temperature throughout your room. Further, it measures occupancy as well as temperature and signals the sensors so that they switch to the required mode automatically.

Download the ecobee App on your smartphone and control the thermostat from wherever you are. Its in-built voice-enabled service lets you operate it with Siri. Ask Siri to set the temperature, tell the weather, play music, set timers or reminders, and much more just with your voice.


  • Smart Home/Away mode.
  • Room sensors.
  • HomeIQ – lets you see how much energy is conserved every month.

Price: $225.88
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#8. Yale Security HomeKit Enabled Smart Lock

Yale Security HomeKit Enabled Smart Lock

You can now make a keyless entry into your house with the smart door lock from Yale installed at your front door. It easily replaces your existing deadbolt. You thus neither need any additional hardware for installation nor have a fear of pick-lock.

It features a numeric backlit keypad where you can enter the access code and enter your house. You can even share access with your friends and family members with the help of August App even when you are away. It boasts DoorSense that identifies if your door is open or close and notifies you about the same. You can also view the history of who comes and goes from your house right from the app.


  • Numeric backlit keypad.
  • DoorSense sensor.
  • Auto Unlock.

Price: $299.00
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#9. First Alert Onelink Safe Sound Siri Enabled Smoke Detector

First Alert Onelink Safe Sound Siri Enabled Smoke Detector

This Apple HomeKit enabled device from First Alert is a photoelectric smoke and electrochemical carbon monoxide alarm. It also works as a premium home speaker and is Siri-enabled. With its voice and location technology, this smoke detector notifies you in case there is an emergency at your house while you are away or rings an 85-decibel alarm, monitors carbon monoxide levels, and even personalize nightlight for you.

You can easily mount it on a ceiling. It enhances its speaker’s quality and delivers you a crisp and bass-rich sound. You can talk to Siri and ask her to play your favorite music, read the news, check weather conditions, fetch information from the internet, and more.


  • Voice control your smart home.
  • Monitors carbon monoxide levels.
  • Alerts you in case of emergency via alarm and mobile notifications.

Price: $201.40
Buy Now from Amazon

#10. Eve Motion Smart Wireless Motion Sensor

Eve Motion Smart Wireless Motion Sensor

Willing to have an ambiance you desire before arriving at home? Place a Motion Sensor, and you are all ready to go. With 120 degrees Field of View and 9 meters range, it offers you plenty of space to play with it. Moreover, its wireless operation provides you with the privilege to keep it wherever you want – indoors or outdoors.

It is smart enough to turn on the light or adjust the temperature (varies based on which devices you connect to the sensor) as soon as you place your foot inside the room. You can even set different scenes by commanding Siri right from your phone. While you are away, you can monitor any motion detected in your house from the App.


  • Wireless and Bluetooth Low Energy.
  • Controls connected devices with your presence.
  • 120-degree FOV and 9-meter range.

Price: Price not available
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#11. FIBARO HomeKit Sensor

FIBARO HomeKit Sensor

FIBARO presents to you a Flood (water) sensor equipped with a temperature sensor and acoustic alarm. It is built to detect flooding and measure ambient temperatures. It alerts you immediately when any water leakage is found in your house. If water is detected as a precautionary alert, it turns your lights blue to make you aware.

With its voice-enabled functionality, you can give voice commands to Siri and maintain a regular check. You can ask Siri to check the temperature or find if any leak is there. You can control your smart home devices and also preview them with the Fibaro App on your smartphone.


  • Voice control & Home control.
  • Protection against water leaking.
  • Keeps a check on the temperature.

Price: $71.48
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#12. Meross Smart Power Strip for HomeKit

Meross Smart Power Strip for HomeKit

Safeguard your smart home with the power strip surge protector from Meross. It features 3 smart outlets and 4 USB powered ports. It even boasts surge protection and dual overload protection to ensure that your connected devices remain safe and sound. It doesn’t require any hub for installation and allows you to control it with your voice. Hence, you can have hands-free control over multiple home devices.

This power strip helps you reduce your electricity bills and also saves space in your room. You can even set automated schedules that turn on or off appliances even when you are not present. You can access more striking features from the LinkWise App.


  • Energy and space saving.
  • Surge and overload protection.
  • Hands-free voice control over smart home appliances.

Price: Price not available
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#13. Philips Hue Ludere White Outdoor Security Light

Philips Hue Ludere White Outdoor Security Light

This outdoor security light from Philips is built with high-quality materials and is weather-proof. You can fix it in your front passage to the main door and brighten up your path. With its voice control and smart control functionalities, you can manage it from where you want. You can dim it to create low-light atmosphere. Moreover, it lets you set timers.

With 16 million colors and thousands of shades of white, it lets you create the atmosphere you wish depending on your mood. Its Geofencing feature detects your location as soon as you approach near your house and lights your way on its own.


  • 25,000 hours lifetime.
  • Geofencing.
  • Sunset/sunrise routines.

Price: $59.99
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#14. Philips Hue White & Color Ambiance Outdoor Smart Spotlight

Philips Hue White & Color Ambiance Outdoor Smart Spotlight

This kit from Philips includes three spotlights. It creates a perfect atmosphere for your outdoor entertainment – birthday parties, get-to-gathers, dinner parties, and more. You can set the light as per the function by choosing from 16 million colors and different shades of white. Its warm and cool light also adds a touch of glam to your function.

You can voice control these spotlights with your virtual voice assistant, Siri. Say “Hey Siri, turn off the porch lights,” and it will do so. Set schedules such that you never return to a dark home. It also has some pre-defined scenes for your comfort. This includes relax, read, concentrate, and energize.


  • 25,000 hours lifetime.
  • Pre-defined scenes.
  • Cool and Warm light.

Price: $350.46
Buy Now from Amazon

#15. Philips Hue White Outdoor 13W Smart Bulbs

Philips Hue White Outdoor 13W Smart Bulbs

Add more comfort to your everyday life with the smart outdoor bulbs from Philips. With its Geofencing feature, you will never return to a dark house. It automatically turns on the lights as soon as it finds you near the home. It is built to withstand even heavy rains.

It has pre-defines sunset and sunrise routine. Your lights are dim or brighten as per the set routine. You can even set schedules of your own. It offers you with 3000K warm white light options to choose from. Want to turn off the porch lights while sitting on the sofa? Well, just ask Siri to do it.


  • 25,000 hours lifetime.
  • Geofencing.
  • 3000K dimmable warm white light.

Price: $44.99
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#16. babytone Baby Monitor Supports Apple Homekit

babytone Baby Monitor Supports Apple Homekit

Keep an eye on your baby from anywhere with babytone’s baby monitor. Its two-way wireless talk lets you talk to the baby even when you are working in the kitchen or while you are at the office. It records HD video and lets you see your baby live. Moreover, its almost invisible infrared LEDs give you a clear vision of your baby even in the dark.

You can be worry-free about your baby while this monitor keeps an eye on it. It sends you instant alerts about motion, sound, and air quality in your baby’s room. Further, it is equipped with some smart Nursery features like a multi-colored night light, lullaby player, temperature, humidity, and VOC air sensors. Thus, your baby remains safe and sound anytime even when you are not around.


  • Instant alerts.
  • Smart Nursery features.
  • Live HD video.

Price: $149.99
Buy Now from Amazon

#17. Hunter Indoor Wi-Fi Ceiling Fan with Light

Hunter Indoor Wi-Fi Ceiling Fan with Light

Equipped with WhisperWind motor, this ceiling fan provides you with ultra-powerful air movement and that too without making any noise. It reversible motor allows you to change the direction of fan blades, i.e. you can switch it to downdraft mode during summer while updraft mode during winter.

It easily connects to your home automation devices and applications. It also poses a light in the middle. With unique blade pattern and state-of-the-art technology, this ceiling fan is a perfect piece to mount for your large indoor space.


  • Reversible motor.
  • Integrated light.
  • Ideal air movement.

Price: $365.28
Buy Now from Amazon

#18. MyQ Smart Garage Door Opener

MyQ Smart Garage Door Opener

Free yourself from the hassles of getting down of your car to open or close the garage door. Fit the smart garage door opener from MyQ and open or close it from anywhere directly from your smartphone.

Install the MyQ App on your phone and receive alerts when your garage door opens or closes and its status in real-time. It thus lets you know when someone comes and goes through your garage door. Moreover, Chamberlain’s security safeguards it from radio frequency hacking to ensure that intruders stay away.


  • Enhanced security.
  • Set schedules.
  • Know who comes and goes.

Price: $29.00
Buy Now from Amazon

#19. Rachio 3 Wi-Fi Smart Lawn Sprinkler Controller

Rachio 3 Wi-Fi Smart Lawn Sprinkler Controller

Take care of your lawn while sitting in any corner of your house or from the office. Download the Rachio App on your smartphone or tablet and enjoy convenience at your fingertips.

This sprinkler adapts to your lawn easily. You can set schedules or enter some details like plant type and sun exposure so that it can automatically water your garden in your absence. It provides only the amount of water that your lawn requires; not even a drop more. Further, it adjusts to your irrigation schedule automatically depending on the comprehensive forecasts in your location.


  • Rain and wind skips.
  • Adapts to the weather forecast.
  • Set schedule.

Price: $153.05
Buy Now from Amazon

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Which Devices Work With HomePod Mini?

All the above-listed HomeKit Enabled devices will work with Apple HomePod Mini.

Which Protocol Apple HomeKit Uses?

Apple uses HomeKit Accessory Protocol (HAP) to enable third-party accessories and Apple devices to communicate with each other in your home. The protocol supports two modes of transport, IP and Bluetooth LE.

These are some of the best HomeKit compatible devices on our list. Do write to us about your views and suggestions in the Comments box.


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