Apple is not behind in the race of smart home automation. Just like Amazon Alexa devices and Google Home, Apple is on the market with its HomeKit and one of the fastest-growing product lines that offer unparalleled support to HomeKit is the smart door locks. These locks provide you with the sophistication to access and control the front door of your house with your iPhone from anywhere. Here, we have penned down some of the best HomeKit smart locks.

These top-rated smart door lock that works with Siri offers you the freedom to control access to the door with your voice. With some of these locks, you can even manage to track who comes and goes from your house regardless of where you are in the world. Read on the article to find out more about each smart lock door listed below.

Best HomeKit Compatible Smart Lock

Best HomeKit Smart Lock 2020

#1. August Smart Lock Pro + Connect for HomeKit

August Smart Lock Pro + Connect for HomeKit

Replace your existing lock with the smart door lock for HomeKit from August. It lets you keep your existing lock as well as key and attaches easily to the deadbolt. Thus, you don’t have to put any extra efforts to fix it.

You can lock and unlock your door using your iPhone from wherever you are. It also facilitates you to allow your friends and family to make a keyless entry into your house. You can even schedule this access and free yourself from the worry of your keys being lost or copied by strangers.

It comes with a DoorSense technology that acknowledges you if the door is completely locked or not. It requires August connect WiFi bridge for making it work with Apple Homekit. Moreover, with its voice control feature, you can ask Siri to control your door lock.


  • Auto Unlock.
  • Monitor your home via the August App.
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, Z-Wave Plus, Wi-Fi.

Price: $170.00
Buy Now from Amazon

#2. Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt Lock Work With HomeKit

Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt Lock Work With HomeKit

Make your life easier by fitting the Siri supported smart lock from Schlage. It comes with a touchscreen numeric keypad. Hence, you can get into your house by entering the access code. You can even share this access code with your trusted near ones.

The deadbolt lets you lock and unlock your door from anywhere when it is connected to the Schlage Sense Wi-Fi adapter. Moreover, you can even pair it with your iPad or Apple TV to utilize this feature to the fullest.

You can also take advantage of its support for Siri voice control and manage your door. Install the App on your smartphone and manage access codes, set schedules, and view the usage history while you are away.

Its in-built alarm technology automatically detects false door attacks. Thus, you can protect your house and near ones while sitting in any part of the world with this smart lock at your doorstep.


  • Hands-free voice control (requires Schlage Sense Wi-Fi adapter).
  • Touchscreen keypad.
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi

Price: $176.49
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#3. Kwikset Premis HomeKit Enabled Smart Lock

Kwikset Premis HomeKit Enabled Smart Lock

This touchscreen smart lock from Kwikset is exclusively designed for your Apple HomeKit. Its SecureScreen prevents fingerprints from nesting over it and hence avoids code detection.

This lock comes with added levels of security like Master code that doesn’t allow any user to add or change codes, Alarm Code that rings when an incorrect code is entered for 3 times, Secure Mode that disables user codes on the touch of a button, and Auto-lock that automatically locks your door after 30 seconds.

You can remotely lock and unlock the door with your smartphone when you are in its Bluetooth range. Further, the Premis App allows you to keep track of who comes and goes when you are not at home, when did your kids arrived, and whether the door is locked or not.

Its voice control function enables you to give commands to Siri and operate your front door. It works smoothly with Apple HomePod and Apple TV 4th Generation or newer.


  • Security code, Alarm code, and Master code.
  • 30 customizable user codes.
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth

Price: $179.91
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#4. Yale Assure Lock SL Siri Compatible Smart Lock

Yale Assure Lock SL Siri Compatible Smart Lock

Yale brings to you a keyless Siri enabled smart security door lock for home. Just ask Siri to lock and unlock the door while sitting in any corner of your house or you can operate it directly from the Apple App. If you own an Apple TV (4th Generation or newer), you can connect this smart lock with it and then monitor as well as manage your smart lock door from wherever you want.

You can even create the same schedules to make sure that the door is locked at the same time every day. It also lets you create dynamic scenes to control your Apple HomeKit enabled devices.

Moreover, it features a touchscreen keypad with backlit numbers. Hence, the numbers won’t wear off after a long time use, and you can quickly enter the access code even in the dark. You can also lock the door by tapping the keypad with three fingers.

As it is battery-operated, it facilitates a 9V terminal under the keypad so that you can charge it in case of emergencies and be free from the fear of getting locked outside in case of dead batteries.


  • One-touch locking.
  • Voice assistance.
  • Connectivity: Apple TV (4TH Gen or later), iPad with iOS (10.3 or later)

Price: $179.00
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#5. Yale Security YRD256-CBA-0BP Siri Compatible Smart Lock

Yale Security YRD256-CBA-0BP Siri Compatible Smart Lock

You can now replace your existing deadbolt with a key-free deadbolt featuring a touchscreen keypad from Yale. This lock unlocks automatically as soon as you approach the door when you have your phone. If you don’t have your phone, you can unlock the door by entering the passcode.

Your virtual voice assistant Siri can check the status of the door and even lock and unlock it on your voice commands.

This smart lock door is equipped with DoorSense. This sensor notifies you if your door is perfectly closed or not. Moreover, you can share access, lock, unlock, customize lock settings, and view the track record of who came and went in your absence right from the August App.


  • Backlit touchscreen keypad.
  • Tamper-proof
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi

Price: $299.00
Buy Now from Amazon

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These are some of the best HomeKit smart lock doors. Which one would you fix to protect your smart home? Do write to us about your views in the Comments section.

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