Are you looking for the best horizontal PC cases? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Here in this article, I am going to review a few top-rated Horizontal computer cases available on Amazon.

If you are going to build your gaming PC or a normal computer from scratch then the PC cabinet case is the first thing you need to buy. The horizontal desktop cases listed below are designed for both vertical and horizontal orientation.

So without any further ado, let’s explore the list of the best horizontal motherboard cases.

Best Horizontal PC Cases

#1. Cooler Master HAF XB EVO Computer Case with ATX Motherboard Support

Cooler Master Horizontal Computer Case with ATX Motherboard Support
Dimensions17.4 x 13 x 16.7in
MotherboardMini-ITX, microATX, ATX
5.25″ Device Bays2
3.5″ Device Bays4
2.5″ Device Bays4 (from 3.5″ drive bays)
Front I/O PanelUSB 3.0 x 2 (internal) Audio In & Out x 1 (supports HD Audio)
Expansion Slots7
Fan Cooling MountTop: 200mm fan x 1 (optional) Front: 120mm XtraFlo fan x 2 (installed; 1200 RPM, 17 dBA, Not PMW),
or 140mm fan x 2 (optional) Rear: 120mm fan x 1 or 80mm fan x 2 (optional)
Radiator SupportFront: 240mm radiator x 1 (optional) Rear: 120mm radiator x 1 (optional)
Included Cooling DeviceFront: 120mm XtrFlo fan x 2, 1200 RPM, 17 dBA
Weight18.10 pounds

If you are looking for an easy to set up a horizontal computer case, this option from Cooler Master will deserve your attention. The removable motherboard trap allows you to easily set up the PC case and swap any components in the future.

The PC cabinet features powerful fans that dissipate the heat efficiently to protect your invaluable device while rewarding you with the true potential of a reliable PC case.


You can use this horizontal PC case with a multitude of motherboards, including micro ATX, Mini-ATX, and ATX.

If you are a gamer or tech enthusiast who keeps on upgrading the stuff, then this PC case is for you. You can even change the complete motherboard if required.

Optimal Heat Dissipation 

There are multiple fans placed inside the PC case strategically to offer ultimate heat dissipation. These fans will keep the components cool, and you can use the PC for a prolonged time without worrying about overheating.

It’s obvious that powerful machines generate heat, so having a PC case like this will safeguard the equipment.

Excellent Flexibility 

The 240mm radiators are considered as the best when it comes to overclocking with the PC. The radiator is quite big, and fortunately, you can fit it with Cooler Master HAF XB EVO.

The PC case has enough space to carry four SSDs or HDDs, so you will never run out of space. In short, this computer case should be your choice if you need to set up multiple components like a 240mm radiator.

Ideal for demanding users 

So you need to connect multiple devices with the PC at a time? Well, this PC case could be what you are looking for.

It has got two (5.25″ Device Bays), four (3.5″ Device Bays), and four (2.5″ Device Bays- from 3.5″ Device Bays).

You can connect multiple hardware devices with this best horizontal PC case to enjoy using them simultaneously.

What We Like 
  • Two durable trifle fans 
  • Removable HDD cage
  • Made using reliable material
  • Seven expansion slots
  • Removable motherboard tray

Price: $109.99
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#2. Cooler Master Horizontal PC Cabinet Case

Cooler Master Horizontal PC Cabinet Case
Dimensions – L x W x H387 x 230 x 378 mm (15.2 x 9.1 x 14.9 in)
Motherboard SupportMicro-ATX, Mini-ITX
Liquid Cooling Support – Front, Rear1 x 120 mm / 1 x 240 mm, 1 x 120 mm
MaterialsSteel, Plastic
Fan Support – Front, Top, Rear, Bottom2 x 120 / 140 mm, 2 x 120 mm, 1 x 120 mm, 1 x 120 mm
Drive Bay Support – 5.25″, 3.5″ HDD, 2.5″ SSD0, 1, 2
Extra FeaturesMagnetic Dust Filters
Power Supply SupportBottom Mount, ATX PS2
Clearances – VGA, CPU, PSU360 mm, 157 mm, 160 mm (14.2 in, 6.2 in, 6.3 in)
I/O2 x USB 3.0, Audio I/O

Here’s another premium horizontal computer case from Cooler Master that has impressive aesthetics, so you get performance with style. The PC case comes with an affordable price tag.

Also, it has multiple features to offer, including the magnetic design dust filter, and adjustable airflow. Having this PC case will keep the whole setup cool so you won’t face any overheating issues with the PC.

Incredible Thermal Performance

The PC case offers excellent thermal performance and keeps the excess heat at bay. If you have a system with powerful specs, then it will surely release more heat while working.

This horizontal PC case from Cooler Master will dissipate the excess of heat with its multiple fans. The cabinet case is compatible with Liquid Cooling Support i.e., 1 x 240 mm, 1 x 120 mm (front and rear).

It also supports radiators up to 12mm, and overheating will never be an issue for you.

Clean Routing Space 

Routing cables in the PC case is often a challenge as the visible wires don’t look good at all. But with Cooler Master MCB-Q300L-KANN-S00, you can lay the cables while hiding them.

The PC case has 28mm of open space that allows you to manage the cables easily, and they won’t be visible at all, and the transparent lid will make the PC case look good.

Magnetic Dust Filters 

Cleaning the dust accumulated on the PC components is one of the challenging tasks! With Cooler Master MCB-Q300L-KANN-S00, you don’t have to clean your PC multiple times at all.

The magnetic dust filters in the PC case traps the dust inside them while keeping the components clean and working.

Durability at its Best 

Most of the components are made using steel, and the horizontal ITX case can easily bear the weight of the motherboard and other components set up in it.

You can expect a decent lifespan with the PC case, as it’s pretty stronger than all-plastic cases.

What We Like 
  • Easy to set up
  • Supports multiple motherboards
  • Lightweight and handy
  • A good option for money
  • 6-Orientation I/O Panel
  • Edge-to-Edge Acrylic Side Panel

Price: $69.99
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#3. Thermaltake Core V21 SPCC Micro ATX Cube Horizontal Computer Case

Thermaltake Core V21 SPCC Micro ATX Cube Horizontal Computer Case
Dimensions(H x W x D): 336 x 320 x 424 mm (13.2 x 12.6 x 16.7 inch)
Motherboard6.7” x 6.7” (Mini ITX) , 9.6” x 9.6” (Micro ATX)
Side PanelTransparent Window
Cooling SystemFront (intake) : 200 x 200 x 30 mm fan (800rpm, 13dBA)
Drive BaysHidden : 3 x 3.5’’ or 2.5” , 3 x 2.5’’
PSUStandard PS2 PSU (optional)
LCS UpgradableSupports 1/2”、3/8”、1/4” water tube
I/O PortUSB 3.0 x 2, HD Audio x 1
Expansion Slots5
Fan Support:Front: 1 x 120mm or 2 x 120mm,1 x 140mm or 2 x 140mm, 1 x 200mm
Top: 1 x 120mm or 2 x 120mm or 3 x 120mm or 4 x 120mm, 1 x 140mm or 2 x 140mm
Rear: 1 x 120mm, 1 x 140mm
Bottom: 1 x 120mm or 2 x 120mm
Left / Right Side: 1 x 120mm or 2 x 120mm, 1 x 140mm or 2 x 140mm
Radiator SupportFront: 1 x 120mm or 1 x 240mm ,1 x 140mm
Top: 2 x 120mm or 2 x 240mm, 1 x 140mm or 1 x 280mm
Rear: 1 x 120mm
CPU cooler height limitation: 185mm
VGA length limitation: 350mm
PSU length limitation: 200mm (With Bottom Fan)
ClearanceCPU cooler height limitation: 185mm
VGA length limitation: 350mm
PSU length limitation: 200mm (With Bottom Fan)

This horizontal motherboard case from Thermaltake is both appealing and robust, and that makes it a value for money option. You can set up the motherboard both horizontally and vertically, depending on your needs or get some more space inside the case. 

The PC case fits well with the Micro ATX and Mini ITX Form Factor motherboard. Getting this case will fulfill most of your demands. It comes with a pre-installed 200mm fan, and that is an exciting part of this PC case.

Considerable Expansion 

If you are a serious gamer who needs to install more storage drives, then this PC case from Thermaltake is what you need.

The horizontal desktop case has enough space to accommodate up to 6 data storage drives, including SSDs and HDDs. The best part about the case is that it supports multiple cooling fans to protect the system from getting overheated.

Moreover, you can also remove the drive bays to get some more space to accommodate the bigger cooling fans.

Best for High-end PC Users 

With Thermaltake Core V21, you can fit a radiator up to 600mm, and that’s why it is perfect for demanding users who need bigger cooling radiators for better performance.

The front part of the PC case has a separate section where you can fit this massive radiator to protect the PC components from overheating.

Superb Chamber Concept 

There are two chambers available in the horizontal PC cabinet, i.e., upper and lower. The upper chamber is dedicated to cooling fans for improved efficiency, whereas the lower chamber carries the drive bays. 

The benefit of having a two-chamber PC case is that you will get the ultimate ease of managing the components.

You don’t have to remove all components just to remove or replace one fan.

Handy Ports and Drive Bays 

There are multiple handy I/O ports available on the PC case, including 2 X USB 3.0, 1 X microphone, 1 X HD audio connector, and much more. So you can connect a multitude of devices with it.

Furthermore, the drive bays list includes removable 2.5″/3.5″ drive device racks where you can place the storage devices.

In total, the PC case has 3 2.5″ with HDD rack and 3 3.5″/2.5″ with an HDD tray.

What We Like 
  • A 200mm fan comes pre-installed 
  • Unbeatable ventilation
  • Chamber concept makes managing PC components easy
  • Allows vertical and horizontal placement of motherboard

Price: $69.99
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#4. Thermaltake Core G3 Slim 4K and VR Gaming Computer Case

Thermaltake Core G3 Slim 4K and VR Gaming Computer Case
Dimensions378 x 198 x 411 mm (15 x 7. 8 x 16. 2 inch)
Motherboard6. 7” x 6. 7” (Mini ITX), 9. 6” x 9. 6” (Micro ATX)
Side PanelTransparent Window
Cooling SystemRear (exhaust) : 120 x 120 x 25 mm Turbo fan (1000rpm, 16dBA)
Drive BaysAccessible: 1 x 5. 25’’
Hidden : 3 x 3. 5’’ or 3 x 2. 5’
PSUStandard PS2 PSU (optional)
LCS UpgradableNA
I/O PortUSB 3. 0 x 1, USB 2. 0 x 1, HD Audio x 1
Expansion Slots4
Fan Support:Front: 1 x 120mm or 2 x 120mm
Top: 1 x 120mm or 2 x 120mm
Rear: 1 x 120mm
Radiator SupportFront: 1 x 120mm or 1 x 240mm
Top: 1 x 120mm or 1 x 240mm
Rear: 1 x 120mm
ClearanceCPU cooler height limitation: 155mm
VGA length limitation: 315mm.
Weight14.33 lbs

Do you love how the PC components look like fitted inside a PC case? If yes, then this PC case with a transparent glass wall is what you should get.

The PC case from Thermaltake is a certified gaming case with tempered glass so you can see its components. The slim chassis of the PC case makes it a good option for small desks as it requires lesser space.

Slim and Stylish 

If you want your VR gaming PC to look good, then this case will fulfill your demands. The slim case can easily fit on any desk, and the front and rear grill make it look stylish.

The four rubberized feet will not damage the desk or your workstation table even if the motherboard and other components make the PC case heavy.

Two-way Placement 

Depending on your needs, you can place the PC case vertically or horizontally. There are some instances like a LAN party where you don’t get an abundance of space to keep the PC case.

Here you will find the two-way placement as a benefit with this Thermaltake PC case. Furthermore, the inner padding makes it a travel-friendly PC case that will protect the PC components while traveling. 

Good Hardware Support 

The horizontal ATX case offers excellent hardware support by carrying an array of motherboards ranging from standard ATX. Also, the tool-free drive bays allow you to mount up to two storage devices with the 2.5”/3.5” storage bays.

Overall, the PC case is ideal for pro-level gamers who need a powerful 4K PC setup for hardcore gaming.

Two 120mm Pre-Installed Fans

Thermaltake Core G3 comes with two pre-installed cooling fans that will save you some money. There is no need to mount any more cooling fans as these fans are enough to do the job.

However, you can install a cooling radiator up to 240mm or 240mm AIO liquid cooler with the PC case. The best thing is that you can even use a long graphic card simultaneously with the radiator, so there is no doubt why it is one of the best gaming PC cases.

What We Like 
  • Handy I/o ports
  • Excellent aesthetics
  • Pre-installed cooling fans
  • Travel-friendly
  • Compatible up to NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1080/1070.

Price: Price not available
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#5. Fractal Design Mini-ITX Computer Case with PCIE 3.0 Riser Card

Fractal Design Mini-ITX Computer Case with PCIE 3.0 Riser Card
Dimensions 13.07 x 14.84 x 3.46in
Weight 7.72 lbs
Motherboard Compatibility Mini ATX
Expansion slots2
Radiator Support 56mm
Front ports2x USB 3.0, Audio in/out, Power button with LED (white)
Total fan mounts2x 120 mm in graphics card chamber
Dust filters3 (CPU, GPU & PSU)
Riser card interfacePCI Express 3.0 x16
Power supply typeSFX (up to 130 mm long)
GPU max dimensions (LxHxD)310x145x47 mm
CPU cooler max height56 mm

Fractal is here with a compact PC case that’s ready to serve you with the unbeatable performance. You can place the PC case vertically and horizontally using the stand available with it.

The plain-looking case can house Mini-ITX motherboards along with two storage drives so you can use it for gaming and for other professional purposes. The cabinet even supports graphics cards up to 310 mm long, and you can expect sheer performance with it.

Designed to Keep Heat at Bay

Fractal has designed the PC case to make sure that it dissipates heat efficiently. There are two separate chambers for the motherboard and the graphics card, so there will be less heat inside the chamber.

The placement of cooling fans is excellent, and that’s the reason why many users choose Fractal Design Node 202 PC case to make a PC.

3 Built-in Dust Filters 

Dust is inevitable as it can enter the PC case from the chambers and the open grill. But Fractal Design Node 202 will protect the valuable PC components from dust attacks.

Three built-in dust filters will protect the PSU, CPU, and GPU. When there is less dust, then you don’t have to spend more time cleaning it.

Accessible Ports 

The accessible I/O ports available at the front panel of the PC case allow you to connect any devices on the go. There are two USB 3.0 ports, one audio port, and one microphone port available where you can connect different devices when you need it.

The practical design and availability of limited and useful ports make it a considerable PC case if you don’t need a fussy and extraordinary one.

Dual Fan Support 

You can fit two 120mm cooling fans inside the case is required. The PC case has optional fan positions in case you need some more cooling devices to protect the PC from high heat.

Adding a fan to the PC case is easy as it has dedicated slots available where you can install a 120mm fan in minutes.

What We Like 
  • Two expansion slots
  • Two 2.5” storage device bays
  • Supports cooling radiator despite the compact size

Price: $102.96
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#6. SilverStone Technology Horizontal Computer Case

SilverStone Technology Horizontal Computer Case
MaterialAluminum front panel, SECC body
MotherboardSSI-EEB, SSI-CEB, Extended ATX, ATX, Micro-ATX *1
Drive bayExternal – 5.25″ x 2 (support optical drive only)
Internal – 3.5″ x8, 2.5” x2
Cooling systemFront —
Rear- 2 x 80mm fan slot
Side -1 x 120mm intake fans, 900rpm, 18dBA
1 x 120mm fan slot
Top- oversized vents
Bottom – 2 x 120mm intake fans, 900rpm, 18dBA
(backwards compatible with 1 x 120mm fan + 3 x 80mm fans, or 6 x 60mm fans)
Internal —
Expansion slot7+1
Front I/O portUSB 3.0 x 2
audio x 1
MIC x 1
Power supplySupport standard PS2(ATX) up to 220mm, recommend depth is under 180mm *2
Expansion cardCompatible up to 13.6″ (345mm) long, width restriction-5.25″ (133mm)
Limitation of CPU cooler138mm
Limitation of PSU220mm
Dimension440mm(W) x 175mm(H) x 425mm(D), 32.7 liters
17.32″ (W) x 6.89″ (H) x 16.73″ (D), 32.7 liters
ExtraSupport Kensington lock

This horizontal PC case from SilverStone is a robust option, all thanks to its metal body with fewer plastic parts. The case is compatible with different motherboards, so it should be your choice if you love upgrading your PC. 

The basic design looks good, and the accessible I/O ports make the PC case an excellent choice. There are no slots for a cooling fan at the front, and the PC case will not release any heat from the frontal part.

Excellent Compatibility

The horizontal PC case for ATX is compatible with different motherboards available in the market. It can house different motherboards, including Extended ATX, ATX, and Micro-ATX. 

Overall, SilverStone GD08B is the right choice if you are planning for an upgrade in the coming time.

Impressive Storage Capacity 

If you have a SilverStone GD08B PC case, then you won’t run short on storage anytime. The case has around eleven drive bays, and you can use 11 storage devices simultaneously, including SSDs and HDDs.

All the drive bays have different compartments so you can install them quickly. Moreover, the heat dissipation is excellent, so all the storage devices will work flawlessly.

Designed to Offer Ultimate Heat Dissipation 

The PC case has four compartments where you can install cooling fans. The side intake supports one fan, and the bottom intake has three slots where you can install 120mm cooling fans.

SilverStone has designed the PC case to keep excess heat out of the case while preventing the entry of dust.

The fans will run smoothly and quietly, and the extreme fan noises won’t interrupt you while working.

Lockable Front Door 

If you have ever been to LAN parties, then you might understand the need for a lockable PC case. You can lock the front door to ensure extreme safety for the drives and other components.

Also, you can lock the power button so no one can turn on your PC without your permission.

What We Like 
  • Ultimate storage available
  • Highly durable 
  • Prevents dust buildup
  • Premium looks
  • Support graphics cards up to 13.6 inches (345mm)

Price: Price not available
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#7. SilverStone Technology Horizontal Motherboard Case forATX/Micro-ATX

SilverStone Technology Horizontal Motherboard Case forATX/Micro-ATX
MaterialPlastic front panel with faux aluminum finish, 0.8mm steel body
MotherboardSSI-CEB, ATX, Micro-ATX
Drive bayExternal – 5.25″ x 1 (compatible with 3.5″ x 1 or 2.5″ x 2)
Internal – 3.5″ x 2 (one compatible with 2.5″), 2.5″ x1
Cooling systemFront —
Rear – 80mm x 2
Side – Right:120mm x 2 (120mm x 1 fan included)
Left:120mm x 1 or 80mm x 1
Top – Expansion card vent
Expansion slot7+1
Front I/O portUSB 3.0 x 2, Audio x 1, MIC x 1
Power supplyStandard PS2(ATX)
Expansion cardCompatible up to 12.2″ (309mm) long, width restriction-5.25″ (133mm)
Limitation of CPU cooler138mm*
Limitation of PSU170mm
Dimension440mm (W) x 170mm (H) x 358mm (D), 26.8 liters
17.32″ (W) x 6.69″ (H) x 14.09″ (D), 26.8 liters
ExtraSupport Kensington lock

Get this horizontal PC case from SilverStone if you need a durable yet fully practical case. The PC case is made using steel to deliver a considerable lifespan and is a better option than plastic cases.

You can easily set up the motherboard, and the PC case will house it properly, thus protecting it from any damages.

Compatible with Multiple Motherboards 

The PC case from SilverStone is not just limited to ATX. You can use the case with SSI-CEB, ATX, and Micro-ATX depending on your requirements.

The volume available inside the PC case is excellent, so there won’t be a problem installing ATX either.

Designed for Positive Air Pressure

SilverStone has designed this PC case specifically to create positive air pressure inside it. The PC case supports up to 5 cooling fans at a time including: 80mm x 2, Left: 120mm x 1 or 80mm x 1, and Right: 120mm x 2 (120mm x 1 fan included). 

The placement of the cooling fans ensures that there is no dust accumulation inside the PC case, and it remains quiet even on full efficiency.

Excellent Drive Cages 

There are multiple drive cages available with the PC case that can hold a plethora of storage devices. You don’t have to use any adapters with the PC case due to the multi-purpose mount.

Not using adapters will save you money. Also, you can access the storage drives quickly as there are no adapters connected to them.

Multiple Internal and External Drive Bays

Drive bays are essential to connect more hardware with the PC. With SilverStone GD09 you get multiple drive bays including 3.5″ x 2 (one compatible with 2.5″), 2.5″ x1 (Internal), and 5.25″ x 1 (compatible with 3.5″ x 1 or 2.5″ x 2) (External).

Connecting more devices will be easier, and also there will be less heat generation inside the PC case due to the optimal cooling system.

What We Like 
  • 7+1 expansion slots
  • Lightweight
  • Lockable mechanism
  • Efficiently accessible drive bays and ports

Price: Price not available
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#8. In-Win Horizontal MicroATX Slim Case

In-Win Horizontal MicroATX Slim Case
MB Form FactorMicro-ATX / Mini-ITX
Case Size11.9L – S.F.F Slim Chassis
External Drive Bays5.25″ x 1, 3.5″ x1 (Up to 92mm)
Internal Drive Bays3.5″ x 1, 2.5″ x 1
Front PortsUSB 3.0 x 2 + USB 2.0 x 2 or USB 2.0 x 4, HD Audio
Product Dimensions
(H x W x D)
with Front Panel
334 x 97 x 402 mm
(13.1” x 3.8” x 15.6”)
Product Dimensions
(H x W x D)
w/o Front Panel
334 x 96 x 370 mm (11.9L)
13.1″ x 3.8″ x 14.6″
I/O Expansion SlotsLow Profile Slot x 4
Power SupplyStandard TFX 12V Form Factor
Thermal Solution.90mm Front Fan x 1
.Supports Removable Air Filter
SafetyMeets RoHS, CE and FCC Class B Requirements
SecurityPadlock Loop / Kensington Slot
Optional.Removable Air Filter
.Chassis Intrusion Switch
.Quick Release Side Cover
.Key Lock Side Panel
Packing Dimensions
(H x W x D)
475 x 400 x 153 mm
(18.7” x 15.7” x 6”)

Are you looking for a slim PC case that consumes less space? Well, this PC case from In-Win can be a great choice. 

Despite being sleek, the case offers ample space for most of the robust motherboards to fit neatly. You can even do the cable assembly quickly without using any tools.

Talking about the design, then the case can surely impress you as the front grill looks beautiful.

Extremely Safe 

Having a safe PC case at your side will ensure that the PC components are safe and sound. This slim PC case from In-Win meets the safety guidelines and regulations introduced by various prominent organizations.

In-Win CE685 meets CE, RoHS, and FCC Class B Requirements, making it a safe and secure option to use with Micro-ATX / Mini-ITX.

Thermally Stable 

The PC case offers high thermal stability, and none of the PC components is damaged by overheating. Yes, there are not 4-5 cooling fans available inside the case. Still, it dissipates heat effectively.

The PC case has a 90mm Front Fan that regulates the heat and keeps the components cool. Also, the bigger front grill allows the heat to pass out of the PC case.

Lockable Mechanism 

To ensure the storage drives and other components’ safety, you need a PC case like In-Win CE685. The case comes with Kensington Slot/ Padlock Loop. So you can lock it when heading to LAN parties or while traveling.

The lock is available at the side of the PC case, and you can access it quickly.

Chassis Intrusion Switch

Chassis Intrusion Switch is an ultimate feature that keeps you aware of any intrusion with the PC components. As soon as you open the side cover of the PC case, the intrusion switch gets activated automatically.

Together the padlock and the intrusion switch make the PC case a secure option. It will keep the components protected every time, and no one can intrude with the PC components.

What We Like 
  • Slim profile
  • Low Profile Slots x 4
  • 11.9-liter volume
  • Multiple drive bays support including (5.25″ x 1, 3.5″ x1 (Up to 92mm) and (3.5″ x 1, 2.5″ x 1)
  • Tool-free installation

Price: $112.28
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#9. Thermaltake Level 20 HT Snow Edition

Thermaltake Level 20 HT Snow Edition
Dimensions613 x 468 x 503 mm
(24.13 x 18.43 x 19.8 inch)
Motherboard6.7” x 6.7” (Mini ITX), 9.6” x 9.6” (Micro ATX),
12” x 9.6” (ATX) , 12” x 13” (E-ATX)
Side Panel4 x Tempered Glass (4mm thickness)
Cooling SystemTop (exhaust) :
2 x 140 x 140 x 25 mm Turbo fan
(1000rpm, 16dBA)
Drive Bays4 x 3.5’’ or 2.5’’ (With HDD Cage)
1 x 2.5’’ (With HDD Bracket)
PSUStandard PS2 PSU (optional)
I/O Port1 x Type-C, 2 x USB 2.0, 2 x USB 3.0, 1 x HD Audio
Expansion Slots8
Fan Support:Left / Right Side: 3 x 120mm , 2 x 140mm
Top: 2 x 120mm , 2 x 140mm
Rear: 2 x 120mm , 2 x 140mm
Bottom:3 x 120mm
Radiator SupportLeft / Right Side: 1 x 360mm , 1 x 280mm
Bottom: 1 x 360mm
ClearanceCPU cooler height limitation: 260mm
VGA length limitation: 400mm
PSU length limitation: 200mm

Thermaltake is here with a computer tower case made using tempered glass and SPCC. All the components will be visible through the see-through glass, and you will surely love the PC case. 

The case is compatible with different motherboards, and you can install the complete setup without using any tools. The tower-like case has non-marring feet so that it won’t damage the desk surface.

Supports Two Cooling Radiators 

The PC case has enough space to accommodate two cooling radiators at a time. You can install one PC radiator at the bottom (360mm) and another radiator on the left/right (360mm or 280mm).

For custom loop design you can place the radiator bracket either horizontally or vertically.

The horizontal gaming PC case offers powerful unbeatable cooling radiators, making it the right choice for professional gaming and overclocking.

Removable Filters 

The PC case comes fitted with removable filters to protect the components from dust. You can remove the filters anytime to get some more space to install more storage drives and a bigger radiator.

Removing and installing the filters is easy, and you can do it in a couple of minutes.

Highly Versatile 

Thermaltake Level 20 CPU case is a versatile option as it fits well with most of the advanced motherboards. You can use the PC case with E-ATX, Micro ATX, Mini ITX, and ATX, some of the highly preferred motherboards.

Furthermore, Thermaltake Level 20 HT is a good option if you are keen to upgrade your PC after some time.

There’s enough room to install multiple fans and storage drives, so having a high-end PC is now possible with this PC case.

Durable Body 

You might be wondering that the PC case is made using tempered glass so it would be prone to damages? 

Thermaltake has used four tempered glasses of 4mm thickness on the sides of the case to give it a classy look. Also, the glass is durable, but you have to be extra careful while transporting the PC case. 

What We Like 
  • 4 x 3.5″ or 2.5″ (Internal)
  • 1 x 2.5″ (External)
  • Eight expansion slots
  • Maximum GPU allowance up to 400 mm
  • Robust chassis

Price: $229.99
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Things You Need To Know Before Buying Horizontal Motherboard Case

Do you know how to buy the best horizontal desktop case? Well, a PC case isn’t a regular case, as it’ll be holding your expensive gadgets and PC components. 

To help you in buying a fantastic PC case, we are here with this comprehensive buyer’s guide.


This article is all about horizontal, vertical cases. But you should always keep the orientation in mind. PC cases are available in two orientations: vertical and horizontal.

Horizontal cases are popular among PC users as they occupy less space and look aesthetic. On the other hand, some people love using vertical cases.

However, there is no impact of orientation on the performance of the PC case, so you can go with any type depending on what you like.

Build quality 

Right after the orientation, you should pay attention to the build quality. PC cases don’t come cheap, and they’ll be housing the graphics card, motherboard, and other expensive components.

Go for a PC case that has a strong chassis so that it lasts longer. All the PC cases that we’ve reviewed in this article are sturdy and have a great build.

Size of the PC case 

It is indispensable to buy the right-sized PC case for your system to work properly. These tower cases are available in a range of options, including Mini ITX, Micro ATX, ATX, and E ATX. 

Consider the size of the motherboard and other components you’ll be using to determine the size of the PC case.

Tool-free installation 

Using screws for installation seems old, as modern PC cases come with a tool-free design. You can mount all the PC components without screwing anything. 

Furthermore, there are many benefits of owning a PC case with a toll-free design, as you can disassemble it anytime without even looking for a specialized screwdriver.

Cable management

After all, the performance of the PC is on the cables. You’ll be connecting tens of cables from the motherboard to the eGPU unit and much more. 

Go for a PC case that has enough space to keep the cables intact and properly managed. Proper cable management is important for a cleaner look and to protect them from any damages. 

Drive bays

How many drive bays do you need? Well, it is a matter of personal preference. The number of drive bays a PC case should have depends on how many and what drives you will be using with it.

The horizontal computer cases that we have reviewed above have different drive bay options. So, you can quickly make an informed decision to buy the right case.


Even when you are using a powerful cooling fan setup, the airflow can get restricted due to the poor design of the PC case. Ensure that the case you are going to buy doesn’t restrict the airflow so that the system remains cool and can play games uninterruptedly. 


Everyone wants a PC case that looks great. The RGB lighting coming out of the see-through panel can make your gaming room look even attractive. 

Horizontal PC cases are available in a range of options with attractive designs. Look for cases that have see-through tempered glass sides as they look absolutely stunning.


It’d be great to consider your budget before looking for the best horizontal motherboard case. These cases are available in a range of options with varying prices.

In this article, we have covered Horizontal motherboard cases for every budget. You will find cheap as well as high-end models depending on your budget and requirements.

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Which horizontal case are you going to buy from this list of the best horizontal PC case? Do share your views and queries in the comments section below.


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