Wondering, what the market has come up to offer you in form of best hybrid smartwatches? Here is an answer for you! Also known as a smart analog watch that offers the look of a traditional watch i.e. they don’t feature a full-color touchscreen.

This type of analog smartwatch doesn’t offer any gesture controls like swiping or shaking the watch to control it as the smartwatches offer. Hybrid watches make use of the old-fashioned button to control the watch functions. In contrast to smartwatches that are versatile in operations, hybrid smart watches only notify you of the fitness tracking and upcoming alarms or reminders.

This list includes those that are picked from the highest selling third-party manufacturers. With their limited features and non-touchscreen displays, you can enjoy 6 months to 2 years of battery life with these watches. Further, there is a range of options available on the market that varies in price and style. You can grab the one that suits you the most. Well, if you like the idea of having a smartwatch but you still want your watch tick, then go through this article.

Best Hybrid Smartwatches for Men and Women

#1. Kronaby Sekel Unisex Analog Quartz Watch

Kronaby sekel Unisex Analog Quartz Watch

The Sekel Quartz watch from Kronaby is equipped with stainless steel case and band. If you want to keep it classic and smart, then this one is an ideal choice to make.

Designed with push-button crown, this smartwatch features a silver dial and is 43mm in diameter. Moreover, it is resistant to water up to 10 atm. Thus, you can free yourself from the worries of your watch getting damaged in case of unknowing accidents.

Price: $414.99
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#2. Withings Activity & Sleep Watch

Withings Activity & Sleep Watch

Are you in search of something that keeps track of your fitness? The smartwatch for fitness tracking from Nokia and utilize the benefits of 24/7 seamless tracking.

It recognizes 10+ activities including walking, running, swimming, and more. It also keeps a record of the number of calories burnt and distance traveled. Further, this analog smartwatch monitors your sleep cycle. Its vibrating alarm wakes you up gently at the optimal point.

Price: Price not available
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#3. Fossil Stainless Steel Hybrid Smartwatch

Fossil Stainless Steel Hybrid Smartwatch

Fossil Q Hybrid smartwatch is perfect for women. Built from manmade materials, it looks like a watch but functions as a smartwatch. It poses in-built activity tracking, filtered notifications, and multiple time zones.

You can know about the incoming alerts for a text, email, or an app update with a gentle buzz of your smartwatch. It automatically syncs with your smartphone and thus eases your work. It offers you with approximate up to 6 months of battery life.

Price: Price not available
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#4. Skagen Hagen Connected Steel-Mesh Hybrid Smartwatch

Skagen Hagen Connected Steel-Mesh Hybrid Smartwatch

The next one in our list is from Skagen. It depicts a perfect blend of innovative technology and classic design. It provides you with some amazing functionalities like activity tracking, filtered notifications, automatic date and time adjustment.

A gentle buzz makes you aware regarding the incoming notifications. It also facilitates you to snap a picture, make a call, and control other features with its customizable Skagen button link. This hybrid smartwatch always remains on and stays connected to a battery for 6 months.

Price: Price not available
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#5. Diesel Watches On Time

Diesel Watches On Time Hybrid Smartwatch

This no-charge hybrid smartwatch for men from Diesel comes with signature Diesel flair. The sub-disc on the dial keeps an eye on the activity you perform. It even lets you determine the second you reach your goal.

The strap of this smartwatch is so stylish that it is sure to attract people towards you. You can also receive alerts on your phone. With this smartwatch, yet can get rid of your boss’ scolding by never missing a call from him while you are into some urgent work.

Price: Price not available
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#6. MyKronoz ZeTime Original Smartwatch

MyKronoz ZeTime Original Hybrid Smartwatch

If you own an iPhone and are in search of a smartwatch that is compatible with it, then here is the one for you from MyKronoz. Its mechanical hands that feature smart movement, full round TFT color touchscreen, its 30 days battery life, and resistance against water up to 5 ATM makes it the best hybrid smartwatch for iPhones.

Moreover, it even facilitates you to customize watch faces as per your wish. It even includes an activity tracker, heart rate monitor, and sleep monitor. Its smart crown navigation makes things even easier.

Price: Price not available
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#7. MICHELE Women’s Hybrid Smartwatch

MICHELE Women's Hybrid Smartwatch

The one from Michele is best known for its simplicity. The beauty of this watch meets the functionality of a smartwatch to deliver an incredible analog smartwatch.

It not only features ionic characteristics of a traditional watch but also includes fitness tracking, notifications, alerts, and more. The navy sunray dial enhances the look of the smartwatch. The alligator strap perfectly complements the dial. This smartwatch even offers Bluetooth connectivity.

Price: Price not available
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#8. Michael Kors Access Hybrid Smartwatch

Michael Kors Access Hybrid Smartwatch

The last product on our list is from Michael Kors. It is compatible with Android OS 5.0+ and iPhone 5 or iOS 9+. It even features Bluetooth connectivity.

This analog smartwatch is water resistant up to 50 i.e. 165ft. So, you can wear it for a short period swimming. But, don’t wear it while diving or snorkeling. It may cause damage to your smartwatch.

Price: Price not available
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#9. Garmin vívomove HR Hybrid Smartwatch

Garmin vívomove HR Hybrid Smartwatch

This hybrid smartwatch for men and women from Garmin comes with a discreet touchscreen display. It is developed using Elevate wrist heart rate technology. Thus, it monitors your heart rate 24/7. It also helps you manage your stress with its stress tracking and relaxation timer.

You can tap the display of the watch and view the steps you walked, calories you burned, distance traveled, and the intensity minutes. You can also see notifications, and messages received on your phone right from this smartwatch. Moreover, it also features some fitness monitoring tools like VO2 Max and fitness age.

Price: $79.00
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#10. Withings Steel HR Sport Hybrid Smartwatch

Withings Steel HR Sport Hybrid Smartwatch

If you are a sports enthusiast, here is a sports smartwatch from Withings. It helps you maximize your workout by keeping an eye on your heart rate. It also provides you with an in-depth report of your daily as well as overnight heart rate. Its Workout mode measures your session with distance, elevation, and your pace.

This smartwatch even tracks your everyday sleep and wakes you up with a silent vibrating alarm. Further, you can control your smartphone without taking it out of your pocket directly with this smartwatch. It is water resistant up to 50m and boasts a battery life of 25 days within a single charge.

Price: $149.95
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#11. Withings Steel HR Hybrid Smartwatch

Withings Steel HR Hybrid Smartwatch

You can now keep a record of your daily heart rate with this smartwatch’s Heart Rate Monitoring feature. It creates a daily report which includes your daily and overnight HR. It is even efficient enough to track your deep or light sleep cycles, interruptions, regularity, and depth of your sleep.

Moreover, it provides a Workout Mode. With this mode, it automatically tracks your walk, run, swim, and 30 other activities. It has a connected GPS that maps your session for distance, elevation, and pace.

Price: $134.95
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