Best Thunderbolt 3 Cables for iMac Pro: Offers You With The Fastest Connection

If you are a proud owner of iMac Pro, then there is a way to get the fastest connection possible. Wondering, what is it? Well, it is the Thunderbolt 3 cables. These premium cables not only provide the most rapid connection but also provide you with flexibility. Today, in this article of ours, we have listed some of the best Thunderbolt 3 cables for iMac Pro.

This list comprises of the top-rated Thunderbolt 3 cables for iMac Pro from the best third-party accessory manufacturers. With this cable, any port on your iMac Pro can become anything you want. For example, it can transform from an ancient VGA to an HDMI for viewing the latest videos. You can even hook up your 4K external display to your SSD backup drive with this cable. It provides you with incredible bandwidth as well as breathtaking speed. Explore more of it from this list of most durable Thunderbolt 3 cables.

Best iMac Pro Thunderbolt 3 Cables

Best Thunderbolt 3 Cables for iMac Pro

iMac Pro Thunderbolt 3 Cables

Cable Matters

#1. Belkin

Belkin Thunderbolt 3 Cable

This one from Belkin is a Thunderbolt 3 male to Thunderbolt 3 male cable. It provides you with a data transfer speed of up to 40Gbps. It offers about 100W of power delivery.

You can now establish a superfast connection to your hard drives, ultra HD displays, docking stations, and other USB-C enabled devices with this cable. With its high transfer speed, you can transfer HD videos and high volume data files within just seconds.

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#2. Cable Matters

Cable Matters 20 Gbps Thunderbolt 3 USB-C Cable

This Thunderbolt 3 cable from Cable Matters is the USB-IF certified cable. It offers bi-directional data transfer at high speed of up to 20Gbps to the devices that are up to 100W of power.

It is capable of delivering double the bandwidth as compared to a USB Type-C cable. You can call it a dock and display cable as it lets you connect a 4K display. Its construction includes strain relief connectors and a flexible jacket that guarantee long lasting protection and high performance.

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CHOETECH Thunderbolt 3 Cable

Offering data transfer speed up to 40Gbps, you can transfer ample of your files, movies, documents, and more within few seconds.

If you want to charge your laptop, you can do so with this cable. It delivers up to 100W power to charge devices. Further, you can free yourself from the worries of your device getting damaged while in the charging state as it is a certified cable. It also supports 5K ultra-HD display and offers you with astonishing resolution, contrast, and perfect colour depth.

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#4. Nekteck

Nekteck Thunderbolt 3 USB C Cables for Macbook Pro

This cable from Nekteck has acquired Intel’s Thunderbolt qualification standard. It has been tested rigorously to ensure its durability, safety, and reliability. You can attach this cable to your devices without any worries.

It features data transfer speed of up to 40Gbps. It is 4 times faster than USB Type-C Gen 2 and 8 times faster than USB Type-C 3.0. You must take a note here that depending on the type of port you plug in this cable, the data transfer speed may vary.

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#5. Plugable

Plugable Thunderbolt 3 20Gbps USB-C Cable

This Thunderbolt 3 cable from Plugable delivers double the bandwidth and speed as compared to other standard USB-C cables. It poses up to 60W charging capabilities.

This cable features a daisy chain up to 6 Thunderbolt devices which include docking stations, displays, and external graphics cards. It also supports peer-to-peer 10 Gbit networking. Moreover, this cable is not compatible with Qualcomm Quick Charge.

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#6. StarTech Thunderbolt 3 Cable

On this list of top-notch Thunderbolt 3 cables next is the one from StarTech. You can connect your iMac Pro to any TB3 display or data device with this cable. Further, it even enables dual 4K 60Hz video and other power devices with just a single cable.

It provides up to 4 times faster data transfer speed when compared to other types of cable. It also charges your USB 3.1 devices and syncs with them easily. It also supports DisplayPort 1.2.

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#7. CalDigit

CalDigit Thunderbolt 3 Cable

With 40Gbps of data transfer speed, it is an ideal one for all the users with 5K monitors. It provides 100W of power delivery and charges your laptop at 5Amp.

It delivers the highest performance compared to other cables with its superior signal quality. Some of the devices that are most compatible for this cable include LG UltraFine 5K display, 2016-2017 MacBook Pro, 2017 iMac, 2017 iMac Pro, Windows Thunderbolt 3 laptops & desktops, storage & peripheral devices, and Thunderbolt 3 docking stations.

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Which among the above listed best iMac Pro Thunderbolt 3 cables will meet your needs? Have you already purchased one before? Do let us know your choices and views in the comments section.

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