Best iPad Pro Bluetooth Headphones : Enjoy Your Favourite Music

These days Bluetooth headphones have become an essential accessory to have. Luxurious gadgets like iPad Pro needs special care. It is said that the more you take such devices in your hands the sooner it loses their luster. Hence it is recommended to use the best iPad Pro Bluetooth headphones available in the market.

The top-rated wireless Bluetooth headphones for iPad Pro serve as a boon to a music enthusiast. It lets you listen to your favourite music with superior sound quality and also makes gives an experience of wireless communication. Furthermore, Bluetooth headphones enable you to enjoy your all-time favourite music even while carrying out your daily workout or performing any other outdoor activities. What you need to do is just pair your Bluetooth headset with your device – be it your smartphone, tablet, or iPad – and it is all ready to deliver you the music.

Here, we have curated a list of some of the finest Bluetooth Headphones for iPad Pro available in the market with their features.

Best iPad Pro Bluetooth Headphones

Best Headphones for iPad Pro

Wireless Headphones for iPad Pro

Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones
Avantree iPad Pro Bluetooth Headphones
LilGadgets Wireless Bluetooth Headphones
Mpow Bluetooth Headphones
Plantronics Noise Canceling Headphones
Jabra Move Wireless Stereo Headset
Sound Intone Bluetooth Headphones

#1. Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones

Bose Wireless Headphones for iPad Pro

Bose wireless headphones with world-class noise cancellation technology make your music sound better. It is equipped with equalizer which allows you to control the volume to get audio performance as per your desire. This wireless headphone can be connected to your device either by Bluetooth or by NFC pairing.

The built-in dual microphone with noise-rejecting technique allows you to attend your important calls without any background disturbance. It provides 20 hours of battery life on a single charge.

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#2. Avantree Bluetooth Headphones

Avantree iPad Pro Bluetooth Headphones

Avantree brings to you the best Bluetooth headphones for iPad Pro. This headphone can connect two devices at a time. It provides you superior sound quality with deep bass. You can enjoy your favourite music up to 40 hours with this headphone. The soft pads and the adjustable headband offer the comfort you require for a long time use.

You get 2 years of warranty on the purchase of these headphones from Avantree. Get one for you and gift one to your loved ones!

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#3. LilGadgets Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

LilGadgets Wireless Bluetooth Headphones for iPad Pro

Free yourself from the tangling wires with these wireless Bluetooth headphones! This beautifully designed headphone, especially for the kids, provides SharePort feature which makes sharing of audio easier for the kids. The Untangled Pro is constructed from premium quality of polycarbonate and stainless steel which is then covered with soft fabric so that you can have comfortable hearing experience.

With each pair of Untangled Pro, you get a microfiber carrying pouch, an audio cable and, a USB charging cable. It offers you a maximum volume of 93db so it is recommended for kids who are of 4+ ages.

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#4. Mpow Bluetooth Headphones

Mpow Bluetooth Headphones for iPad Pro

The wireless stereo headset from Mpow provides impressive sound quality. The design of these headphones is such that you can operate it in wired mode as well as wireless mode. In wireless mode, it provides 13 hours of music time. In wired mode, you can use it with the provided audio cable so that your headphones will never turn off.

The built-in microphone works only with the wireless mode through which you can attend your important calls. These headphones quickly connect to your Bluetooth-enabled devices within a range of 33ft.

It is built with comfortable ear cushion for long time use. The soft padded headband and the stainless steel slider allows you to adjust the headphones as per your head size and shape. Moreover, you can fold these headphones to place it in a travel pouch provided and carry your music with you wherever you want.

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#5. Plantronics Noise Canceling Headphones

Plantronics iPad Pro Bluetooth Headphones

Built with noise-canceling technology, these headphones completely block the background noise while you are relaxing, exercising, or traveling. It is capable of delivering a rich quality of audio with deep bass and that too at your own comfort. The pillow-soft earcups allow you to put on the headphones for a long time.

Furthermore, these headphones are capable of syncing with multiple devices at a time. You can enjoy your favorite music on your tablet and at the same time, you can even attend a call on your smartphone with these headphones. It provides a wide Bluetooth range of 330 ft.

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#6. Jabra Move Wireless Stereo Headset

Jabra Move Wireless Stereo Headset for iPad Pro

The wireless stereo headset from Jabra offers you a battery life of up to 8 hours and standby time of up to 12 days. It is light in weight and the adjustable headband makes it a perfect fit to carry it with you while you travel. It provides the best quality of crisp sound and HD voice clarity while you attend your important calls.

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#7. Sound Intone Bluetooth Headphones

Sound Intone iPad Pro Bluetooth Headphones

Listening to music now becomes an unforgettable experience with these incredible wireless Bluetooth headphones. The rechargeable 300mA battery is tested to be explosion proof. Also, the noise reduction technology avoids the background disturbance while hearing music or attending calls.

The ergonomic design of the headphones with soft earcups, built-in microphone and, a stretchable headband exactly fits any head size. You can control the volume, change the track, play or pause the audio, and even turn off the Bluetooth connection from the headphones itself.

You get a warranty of 1 year on its purchase from Sound Intone. It’s just a perfect design to match with any of your Bluetooth-enabled devices!

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The market is now fully fledged with lots and lots of iPad Pro 10.5 inch accessories. Whether you want to protect your iPad from daily wear and tear use or you want to carry it to your workplace or college without letting it get damaged, you will get all the accessories required to safeguard the luxury of your iPad.

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Which among the above-mentioned list of some of the best iPad Pro Bluetooth Headphones would you like to have to bring out your music passion? Do share your choices with us in the comments section.

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