Are you in a dilemma of how your infotainment needs would be satisfied while going for a long ride or while waiting at the airport till your boarding time? Want to keep your kids occupied on long journeys so that they don’t harass you? Here is the best solution for you! It is not convenient to hold your devices in your hands for long hours. To ease your travel and enhance your entertainment, here is a list of some of the best iPad Headrest mount.

Attach your iPad in this car mount and enjoy playing music, gaming, watching videos or movies, surfing the internet, or having video calls with friends, or family. The best thing about this iPad holder for the car is that it does not require any tools for fitting. These iPad car mounts are not only capable of holding your iPad but can also fit your smartphones, tablets, and other gaming devices.

Quick Summary:

Best Overall: Bakel – “It’s an adjustable headrest mount that can fit bigger iPad Pro models and has a hook to carry extra stuff.”

Most Loved: Kenu  – “A superb durable headrest mount with solid grip to keep the iPad stable on bumpy roads.” 

Our Favorite: Lebonger  – “A versatile headrest mount for iPad that fits well with all cars and has multiple pockets to carry your essentials.”

The Cheapest One: ChargerCity – “A good-quality headrest mount with an extendable arm and adjustable clamp.”

Best iPad Headrest Mount (iPad Pro 12.9, 11, 10.5, 9.7, iPad Mini 6, 5, iPad Air 10.9, 10.5, iPad 10.2)

#1. Bakel Car Headrest Mount for iPad

Bakel Car Headrest Mount for iPad

This headrest mount from Bakel holds the iPad firmly and doesn’t wobble at all. It’s easy to install and fits well with almost all car seats, so you can enjoy watching movies and shows on your iPad while traveling. The adjustable clamps and soft inner padding make this mount a favorite among iPad Pro owners, and you should also use this to experience convenience.

Adjustable Viewing Angle

Whether you need the iPad in vertical or horizontal orientation, you can adjust the viewing angle at your convenience. This headrest mount has a 360-degree rotatable ball, so you can tilt it in any direction or orientation. 

Anti-slip Grip

Don’t worry about your iPad falling off from the mount, thanks to the anti-slip grip. On the inside of the mount, you will find a soft pad that protects the iPad while holding it securely in place. Furthermore, it even accommodates the iPad with the protective case, and you can have an enjoyable experience with it.

Smart Design

Designed smartly by Bakel, the case has an aside-hole design so you can charge your iPad while using it. Moreover, the headrest mount doesn’t cover the speaker and volume rockers, thus rewarding you with uninterrupted entertainment.

The Verdict

If you need a headrest mount that holds the tablet firmly while protecting it from scratches. Go for this adjustable mount from Bakel. Just clip your iPad with this adjustable holder, and enjoy your journey watching movies and TV shows.

The adjustable clamps help you use it in any car.Not a great choice for the new iPad Air.
The iPad won’t fall off even on bumpy roads.
There’s a hook to carry your stuff.

Price: Price not available
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#2. Tryone iPad Headrest Mount

Tryone Tablet Headrest Holder

This headrest mount from Tryone features a sturdy and aesthetic design. You can easily fit it with the headrest of your car to enjoy using your iPad without using your hands. The clamps of the holder are adjustable, and you can fit in different iPad models, which makes it a versatile device.

Quick Release

Now there is no need to struggle with the headrest to release your iPad. With this iPad headrest mount, you can detach your device with just one click. Also, the installation is easy, and it only requires 2-3 seconds to install your iPad.

Multi-Angle Rotation

You get multi-angle rotation with this iPad mount. The headrest mount you can quickly get the best viewing angle as per your requirements.

Premium Quality

The headrest mount is made using premium materials, including aluminum alloy, and anti-scratch silicone. It will protect your iPad from any scratches and damages, and that makes it a reliable mount to use in your car.


The mount is available in two colors Black and Red. Also, with the adjustable clamp, you can fit different iPad models as per your needs. The frame of this mount is robust, and it can withstand the bumps on the roads while holding your iPad firmly.

Adjustable clamps make it versatile.Made using plastic only.
One-handed installation.
Dedicated slots for charging port and headphone jack.

Price: Price not available
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#3. Macally iPad Car Headrest Mount Holder

Macally iPad Car Headrest Mount Holder

This iPad headrest mount from Macally has a one-arm design so you can attach it with just one headrest. Also, the arm is telescoping, which means that you can adjust the length according to your requirements. It is a fully rotatable iPad mount that allows you to get the best viewing angle.

Stable and Secure

The headrest iPad mount is very stable and will hold your device securely while protecting it from falling accidentally. The clamping arms have soft grips on the inside that will fortify your iPad from any scratches and damages.

360-Degree Rotatable

After mounting your iPad, you can rotate the headrest mount for up to 360-degree. This rotatable functionality will reward you with the best viewing angle, and even kids can set a viewing angle while positioning the screen of the iPad towards their desired position.

Quick Installation

You don’t need to exhaust any efforts when you have this Macally iPad headrest mount. The device fits with any headrest with its twist knobs. Also, you can detach the headrest mount with just a click.

The Verdict

This iPad headrest mount is available in two colors Black and Silver. Moreover, you get a rotatable feature, which makes this an even better option. Lastly, with this headrest mount, you can ensure uncompromised entertainment on the go.

Remains stable with the iPad.The iPad may wobble on bumpy roads.
Ideal for kids and adults.
Compatible with all cars.

Price: $24.99
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#4. Lamicall Tablet Headrest Mount for iPad

Lamicall Tablet Headrest Mount for iPad

Lamicall is here with an iPad headrest mount that has a simple yet practical design. You can easily install this headrest mount in any vehicle within a few seconds. The holding clamps attached to this mount are adjustable, and you can connect different tablets with it.

Rubberized protection

The inner area of the headrest mount has enough rubber protection to protect your iPad. It will hold your device firmly with the assurance of n scratches on the sides and on the back. Moreover, the grip is more robust due to the presence of the rubber.

360-Degree Adjustable

The iPad holder is attached with a rotatable ball that allows you to adjust it for 360-degree. You can set the optimal viewing angle. If you need an iPad headrest mount for you and your kids, then this is an excellent option.

Allows Charging

You can easily connect the lightning cable to charge your iPad while it is attached in the mount. Also, there are no obstacles that will ruin the audio, so you get a truly entertaining experience with this headrest mount.

The Verdict

Lamicall has made this headrest to withstand bumpy roads. Moreover, it remains stable and protects the iPad from falling and shaking while driving.

It can fit bigger iPad models.It doesn’t fit in all cars.
Easy to install.
You can rotate the iPad in every direction.

Price: $15.99
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#5. Lebogner Insulated Car Seat Back Holder for iPad

Lebogner Insulated Car Seat Back Holder for iPad

If you are unable to find out the best iPad headrest mount for your car, then here is something you will surely like. This headrest mount can fit in any car, and you can use it with different vehicles. It has a fabric strap that runs around the headrest to ensure a stable and secure journey to your iPad.

Multiple Pockets

Entertain gets even better when you get something to eat, and with this headrest mount, you can take your eatables with you. It has multiple pockets and bottle holders, so you can take all of your delicious food with you.


The fabric used in manufacturing this headrest mount is resistant to water. There will be no hassles of any water damage, even if you accidentally spill your drink on it. Overall, it is a stylish mount that can offer you the best experience.

High-Quality Polyester

The polyester sheet is of high quality, and you can use your iPad with it. There are no chances of any dirty stains and fingerprints on the iPad when you have this headrest mount from Lebogner.

The Verdict

If you are not sure whether a particular headrest mount will fit your car or not, then this device is a decent option. You can use it with any vehicle. Also, it ensures better stability as it has a cord that gets attached to the seatbelt for better stability.

Multiple pockets to carry your essentials.You cannot adjust the viewing angle.
Protects the iPad from scratches and smudges.
Made using quality materials.

Price: $16.99
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#6. JARV iPad Headrest Mount

JARV iPad Headrest Mount

You can say it is “A lifesaver on long drives.” Accommodate multiple passengers with the best iPad Pro headrest mount from Jarv. Fix the holder on your car headrest. Extend the arm to the middle of two seats, and everyone sitting at the back can enjoy watching videos, playing games, or listening to music.

Multiple Viewing Angles

The headrest mount features a telescopic arm, and you can use it any type of vehicle to entertain yourself. Also, the holder has 360-degree rotation, and you can set the perfect viewing angle to entertain multiple guests sitting around you.

Easy Installation

The mount has only one arm, so you might think that it will be hard to install, but that is not the case here. It is an easy to install headrest mount that fits almost all vehicles. It will firmly grab the headrest to make sure that your device remains secure in place.

Universal Compatibility

This iPad headrest mount is compatible with all your tablets ranging from 7 to 12 inches with or without a protective case. You can easily use it with different iPad models and other tablets, which makes it a value for money headrest mount.


If you are not looking to spend a lot of money on an iPad headrest mount, then this device is a perfect solution for you. It has a decent build quality and comes at a reasonable price. Overall, this device will make entertainment more accessible for you whenever you are traveling.

It fits well with all cars.The material quality could have been better.
Extendable arm with added stability.
Multiple viewing angles.

Price: $28.95
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#7. Kenu iPad Car Headrest Mount

Kenu iPad Car Headrest Mount

This iPad headrest mount from Kenu is what every one of you needs. It has a super-stable design with a robust body that can withstand the jerks of bumpy and damaged roads. Moreover, the clamping arms can accommodate bigger iPad models as well, including Pro, and Air.

Adjustable Viewing Position

The iPad holder is attached with a socket and a ball that helps it with 360-degree rotation. You can set any viewing position with this iPad headrest mount. Whether you love landscape or portrait mode, everything is in your hands with this headrest mount.


You can use this headrest mount as a table mount as well. Moreover, it gets attached to the luggage carrier so you can take it anywhere to entertain yourself and your beloved kids.

Easy Installation

Installing the Kenu iPad headrest mount is an easy thing. You can do it in a few seconds, and the mount will get ready to serve you with the best. It holds the headrest securely to ensure that your iPad remains safe and stable all the time.

The Verdict

If you have a tight budget, then Kenu’s iPad Pro Car Mount backseat is worth buying! The Airvue car tablet mount can be called a universal headrest mount as it is compatible enough to hold your iPad mini, iPad Pro, iPad Air, and all your Android tablets with ease.

Versatile, you can use it with iPad Pro, Mini, and Air.Bigger potholes can lead the iPad to fall off.
Easy to install and use.
The jaws protect the iPad from scratches.

Price: $13.97
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#8. TFY Universal iPad Car Headrest Mount

TFY Universal iPad Car Headrest Mount

Here is another one of the most rated iPad Pro headrest mount that will make entertainment feasible and accessible for you. For all those adventure freaks, this is the perfect traveling partner to accompany you on your on-the-go trips.

Universal Device

You can use this iPad headrest mount with any iPad model, including iPad Mini and Air. It can also be used with Android tablets ranging from 7 inch – 11-inch screen size. You can easily attach your tablet to this headrest mount due to its easy-to-use design.

Works With and Without Case

Now there is no need to fumble with the case of your iPad when you can use it with a case. This headrest mount can accommodate your iPad with a case so you can ensure better protection from scratches and other damages.

Simple to Use

This is a simple to use headrest mount, and you can install it on any headrest irrespective of the car model. The mount remains stable due to the elastic band. As a result, your iPad remains stable and secure in place.

Portable Design

Its small size and foldable design easily slide into your travel bag, purse, or backpack. Neither does it add any bulk to your luggage, nor does it take any time to detach when not needed.

The Verdict

You cannot adjust the viewing angle with this iPad headrest mount. But it is a decent option if you want to enjoy watching movies while relaxing in your car.

Holds your iPad Pro with the case.The Velcro attached to the case isn’t very durable.
Offers maximum protection.
No sharp and protruding parts making it ideal for kids.

Price: $17.50
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#9. Macally Adjustable iPad Pro Headrest Mount

Macally Adjustable iPad Pro Headrest Mount

Macally offers an ideal travel companion for the back seat passengers of long journeys! The design is such that the clamps fit with your car headrest bars effortlessly. The stabilizer arm holds your device very firmly, even on bumpy roads. It is a robust iPad headrest mount that promises an unbeatable entertainment experience.

Rotatable View

The stabilizer arm of this headrest mount is attached with a ball and socket. You can set an ideal viewing angle according to you with this mount. Either portrait or landscape mode, everything seems easy with this headrest mount.

Better for Long Trips

You might have experienced pain in your neck and eyes with regular headrest mounts during long journeys. But this is not the case with this headrest mount. It has an excellent design, and you can set a perfect angle according to you. As a result, there is no pain in your eyes and neck as your iPad is always at a level with them.

Adjustable Arm Extension

The arm extension of this headrest mount is adjustable, and you can use it with different vehicles without any hassles. All you have to do is adjust the arms and then install the headrest mount on your car’s seat.

The Verdict

This iPad holder can accommodate different devices ranging from 2 to 9 inches, and you can use it with different tablets. Moreover, the rotatable functionality makes it a value-for-money device to use with your iPad.

It’s versatile and can be used with iPads, Nintendo Switch, and Kindle.Not a great choice for cars without adjustable headrests.
The spring mechanism keeps in securely in place.
Easy to set up and use.

Price: $19.99
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#10. ChargerCity iPad Car Seat Headrest Mount

ChargerCity iPad Car Seat Headrest Mount

There is nothing better than watching your favorite show or movies on a long road trip, and with this iPad headrest mount, you can make this happen! The arm of this headrest mount is telescoping, so you can adjust the length according to your car’s dimensions.

Easy to Install

You can install this iPad headrest mount without any additional tools. It has two durable grips that can hold the headrest securely while preventing the mount from falling off accidentally.

Rubberized Body

The inner body of the headrest mount has a rubberized cushion that protects your iPad from any scratches on the sides. Moreover, the backside of your device remains safe from any kind of damage.

Allows Charging

You can quickly charge your iPad while it is attached to this headrest mount. There are no obstacles for the speakers as well, so you will get uninterrupted entertainment with this device.

The Verdict

Overall, in this mid-range price segment, it will serve as the perfect entertainment system for you and your family. The color of the mount remains as-it-is and doesn’t fade away with time.

Telescopic arm for added convenience.The material quality is subpar.
Attaches with the headrest easily.
Can hold bigger iPad models.

Price: $16.95
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#11. OHLPRO Universal iPad Car Mount

OHLPRO Universal iPad Car Mount

The OHLPRO mount is a sturdy holder for your iPad Pro and other handheld tablets. Adjust the clamp with knobs to your backseat’s headrest, and it is ready for some entertaining session. It is an easy-to-use adjustable headrest mount that offers a best-in-class viewing angle and perfect stability while driving.

Universal Fit

You can fit any tablet or another handheld device with this headrest mount provided that the size of the device ranges from 7-13 inches. From iPad Mini to iPad Pro, you can use any device with this headrest mount.

Practical Design

The design of this car backseat iPad holder is simple yet practical. You can attach it with the headrests on the go without any assistance and additional tools. There is a knob available on the mount, and you can use it to tighten the grip with the headrest.


This iPad holder has a ball and socket, and you can rotate it for 360-degree to get the best viewing angle. The connecting rod lets you adjust it for 180-degrees back and front to make the angle even better for you and your kids.

The Verdict

The rubber lining in the brackets prevents your iPad from getting any scratches and keeps it steady without slipping. Any jerks while driving while not affect or your experience while watching a movie on this mount.

Compatible with bigger iPad Pro models.Setting up the mount is a bit challenging.
360-degree rotatable with lockable holder.
Excellent build quality.

Price: Price not available
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Buying Guide: How to Buy the Best Headrest Mount for iPad Pro 

There are several things to look for when buying a headrest mount for an iPad Pro. Here is a list of factors you should consider before buying a car mount.

Ease of Setup and Use:
The headrest mount should be easy to use so that you can set it up quickly. All the headrest mounts for iPad Pro reviewed in this article are easy to set up.

Type of Headrest Mount:
There are two types of headrest mounts available for iPad Pro:
1) Adjustable headrest mounts
2) Fixed headrest mounts

Adjustable headrest mounts:
These headrest mounts have an adjustable arm and can fit well with any car out there. If the headrest of your car is adjustable and has steel arms, you should go for these mounts to use the iPad.

Fixed headrest mounts:
These mounts are great for cars with non-adjustable headrests. Most of these mounts have Velcro or elastic straps that help you attach them to the seat.

It’s essential to go for a headrest mount that’s made using durable materials. Look for cases made with ABS plastic or stainless steel, as it is a matter of protection of your iPad Pro.

Make sure that the mount is compatible with the iPad. If you own an iPad Pro 12.9”, you need a mount that can hold a 13” tablet. There are several headrest mounts listed in this article that have versatile compatibility, so you can pick any of them for added convenience.

Anti-slip grip:
It’s essential to check the anti-slip grip when buying a headrest mount for your iPad Pro. The anti-slip grip keeps the tablet in place and protects it from falling accidentally.

Benefits of Using Headrest Mount

With a headrest mount for iPad Pro, you can enjoy using your tablet to watch movies and TV shows uninterruptedly. Here are some benefits of using these mounts.

Keeps the iPad Secure
You can mount the iPad securely while driving, and the passengers sitting on the backrest can enjoy using the iPad. The best part about these mounts is the secure grip for excellent protection.

Superb Entertainment
A good headrest mount for iPad Pro keeps you entertained throughout the journey. Holding the iPad for too long can result in hand fatigue, but with this headrest holder, you can use the tablet comfortably.

Does Not Obstruct the Window
Another benefit of using an iPad headrest mount is that it doesn’t obstruct the window. The backseat passengers can enjoy watching content on the iPad while exploring the beauty of the route from the window.

Easy to Install and Remove
Using a headrest mount is easy, and you can use it in different cars. Most of these mounts have adjustable clamps, and you can keep using the same mount even when you change the vehicle.

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