You depend on your phone for most of your day. Whether it is web browsing, watching videos or movies, or playing games in your free time, you always feel the need of your smartphone. But as the functionalities keep growing in a phone its battery keeps on draining faster. Similar is the case with the all-new iPhone 8 Plus. Though it more powerful than its other predecessors, it does not offer a better battery life. So it becomes inevitable to find an alternative to keep it juiced up whole day long. Today, in this article of ours, we have rounded up some of the best iPhone 8 Plus battery cases.

These top-rated battery cases for iPhone 8 Plus are the most demanded cases among the users. Due to its versatility like providing extra battery life, protection, and a charming company to iPhone 8 Plus, these battery cases are the most sought after cases. Apart from all these, the battery cases are slim and compact in size; hence you can even use them as standalone covers for your iPhone 8 Plus. Well, with no more delay, let’s plunge into this awesome list of best iPhone 8 Plus charging cases.

Best iPhone 8 Plus Battery Cases

Best iPhone 8 Plus Battery Cases

Charging Cases for iPhone 8 Plus

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#1. Trianium Power Juice Charging Case

Trianium iPhone 8 Plus Battery Cases

With 4200mAh rechargeable battery, this battery case from Trianium offers 100% extra battery life to your iPhone 8 Plus. Thus with this battery case, you can utilize the functionalities of your smart device to the fullest without any hassle of your phone running out of battery.

The LED light indicators notify you of the battery status of your case. Moreover, this battery case is compatible with iOS 10 and all other future updates. So you don’t need to worry about changing the case with each update.

Price:  $31.99
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#2. i-Blason External Protective Battery Case

i-Blason Battery Case for iPhone 8 Plus

The iPhone 8 Plus external battery pack from i-Blason is specifically designed to fit your iPhone 8 Plus perfectly. Featuring ultra-slim body, this case adds minimal bulk to your phone.

Further, this battery case even supports simultaneous charging and data sync functionalities. The exact cutouts for the ports, buttons, camera, and speakers allow you to access your iPhone 8 Plus’ features fully.

Price:  $34.99
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#3. Alpatronix Portable Power Charging Cover

Alpatronix iPhone 8 Plus Battery Cases

This features Apple-certified chip. Hence, it works comfortably with all the functions of your iPhone 8 Plus. Also, this battery case is compatible enough to work with iOS 11 and other futures software updates.

The ultra-slim case delivers 360-degrees protection to your iPhone 8 Plus from unwanted damages. The raised bumper safeguards your phone’s screen from, shattering, cuts, and also prevents it from scratches when kept upside down on flat surfaces.

Price:  $24.95
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#4. Nekteck External Charger Charging Case

Nekteck iPhone 8 Plus External Battery Pack

With 4000mAh battery, this case is competent enough to provide 100% extra battery life to your iPhone 8 Plus.

Featuring sync-through technology, you can sync this case with your computer without any need of removing it from your iPhone. Moreover, you can also charge your iPhone 8 as well as the case with the provided micro USB cable simultaneously. The best part about this case is its Apple-certified connector that ensures the safety of your device.

Price:  $19.99
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#5. ZeroLemon Battery Case

ZeroLemon iPhone 8 Plus External Battery Pack

Prolong the battery life of your glorious iPhone 8 Plus with the 10,000mAh battery case from ZeroLemon. With such a huge capacity of battery life, you can run heavily-loaded applications as well as power-packed games on your iPhone 8 Plus without thinking that your phone might run out of battery.

Furthermore, this battery case is designed to offer triple protection for your device. It is built in such a way that it ensures the safety of your phone from external shocks and other impacts. Also, the LED light indicators are always there to make you aware of the battery life of the case.

Price:  $24.99
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#6. VProof External Battery Protective Cover

Vproof Battery Case for iPhone 8 Plus

If you are searching for a battery case that also serves you with some striking features apart from battery life and protection, then the one from VProof is for you. Crafted with built-in magnetic metal, this battery case can also be used to mount your iPhone 8 Plus on a car mount. Thus, you can even make use of your smartphone while traveling.

Designed with advanced sync technology, this case lets you sync data with your computer or MacBook and that too without removing it from your phone. Its hassle-free charging functionality enables you to charge your iPhone wherever you want.

Price:  $16.84
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Which of the above listed some of the best iPhone 8 Plus battery cases would you like to adorn your luxurious and gorgeous iPhone 8 Plus with? Do write to us about your choices and opinions in the comments section.