If you have already planned to buy iPhone 8 Plus there would surely be a debate going on whether to snap it with a case or not. Am I right? Well, I personally have gone through this so I understand your situation completely. On one hand, the phone is extremely classy and beautiful, while on the other hand, it is made up of glass. Hence, it is prone to take damage. So to safeguard such a glorious device and to preserve its beauty, I decided to put my hands on the leather cases rather than going for other cases. Here is the list of some of the best iPhone 8 Plus leather cases I came across.

These top-rated premium leather cases for iPhone 8 Plus look much better on the device as they are a mix of style as well as functionality. Some of the leather cases offer wallet functionalities while others deliver premium style. But, on the whole, all these cases are designed to offer maximum protection to your phablet. Whether talking about its longevity or convenience, these cases are all that I require for my iPhone. If you too are in a hunt of such adoring cases, then plunge into this list of best iPhone 8 Plus cases given below.

Best iPhone 8 Plus Leather Cases

Best iPhone 8 Plus Leather Cases

Premium Leather Cases for iPhone 8 Plus

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#1. Apple Leather Case

Apple iPhone 8 Plus Leather Case

Apple has designed the best iPhone 8 Plus leather cases for its gorgeous device. Designed with machined aluminum buttons, the case precisely fits the contours of your iPhone 8 Plus. Moreover, these buttons also match perfectly with the case; hence offering your phone an elegant look.

The best part about this case is that it is compatible even with wireless charging. That means you don’t need to take off the case while you are charging it through a wireless medium.

Price: $37.99
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#2. Dreem Leather Wallet Case

Dreem iPhone 8 Plus Leather Wallet Case

Leather wallet cases are among those top iPhone 8 Plus leather cases that are the most sought after by users. With its versatile functionalities, these cases also offer all-round protection to your precious phone.

The closure of the case is such that it safeguards the phone when not in use. This case can also be transformed into a horizontal or vertical stand for enjoying hands-free operation on your iPhone 8 Plus. Its wallet features let you store your belongings safely without adding any bulk to the phone.

Price: $35.00
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#3. Belk Leather Flip Wallet Case

Belk Leather Case for iPhone 8 Plus

This leather case is made from cost-effective leather and is strong and durable. Moreover, its slim and thin texture perfectly form fits the contours of iPhone 8 Plus.

It also prevents the phone from fingerprints, scratches, and other damages; hence delivering it superior protection. Available in a pool of striking and low-key colors, this simple case provides a retro look to the phone. Further, its wallet and kickstand functionalities add to its popularity.

Price: $10.99
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#4. Caseology Leather Slim Protective Cover

Caseology iPhone 8 Plus Leather Cases

This case from Caseology is among the top iPhone 8 Plus leather cases. Designed from high-grade materials, this case provides Military-Grade and dual layer protection to the gorgeous device.

The patterned texture offers stylish and sophisticated look to the phablet. Moreover, it also provides a comfortable and sturdy grip while holding the phone in hands. Hence, you can free yourself from the worry of your phone slipping out of your hold.

Price: $14.99
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#5. Ringke Protective Leather Cover

Ringke iPhone 8 Plus Leather Cases

The premium leather cases from Ringke are popular for their exceptional design. Its streamlined fit wraps around the iPhone 8 Plus in such a way that it offers slim profile to the device.

The precise cutouts for the camera, speakers, ports, and buttons provide easy access to all the features and functionalities of your phone. It’s scratch resistant and shock absorption properties increase the level of protection that the case offers to the phone.

Price: $10.99
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#6. Abacus24-7 Wallet Case

Abacus24-7 iPhone 8 Plus Leather Wallet Case

Leather wallet cases for iPhone 8 Plus offers style, protection, and functionality to the device. With 3 card slots for storing important cards and a sleeve to keep cash securely, this best iPhone 8 Plus leather case from Abacus24-7 can be used in multiple ways due to its versatility.

Its flip flap design makes it possible to transform it into a stand to enjoy hands-free operation on iPhone 8 Plus. Built from synthetic leather, this case is smooth to touch and feels natural when held in hands.

Price: $9.95
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#7. Pasonomi Vintage Flip Case

Pasonomi iPhone 8 Plus Leather Wallet Case

Featuring 360-degree protection, the genuine iPhone 8 Plus leather cases from Pasonomi is designed to be a book style case. It wraps around the entire body of your iPhone.

Equipped with card holder slots, it lets you store your credit/debit cards, ID card, or business cards in it. You can even transform it into a kickstand to watch movies or videos while keeping your hands free. This case is a perfect combination of style, sophistication, and protection.

Price: $16.85
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#8. Shieldon Genuine Leather Cover

SHIELDON Genuine Leather iPhone 8 Plus Wallet Case

If you are in search of a real leather case, then the iPhone 8 Plus real leather cases from Shieldon will end your search. Crafted from premium quality of genuine leather, this case grants style, strength, and durability.

This simple yet elegant case delivers supreme protection to your iPhone 8 Plus from regular wear and tear use. You can even replace your wallet with this case. Wondering how? Well, it is equipped with almost 3 card slots and 1 side pocket that enables you to keep your cards and cash in it.

Price: $29.99
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#9. Tendlin Premium Leather Cover

TENDLIN Premium Leather Cases for iPhone 8 Plus

Tendlin presents to you a one-piece soft leather case that is built from PU leather and flexible TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) material. These materials combine to provide premium protection to your iPhone 8 Plus.

The exact cutouts for the camera offer easy access even when the case is on. Moreover, the raised bezels prevent the screen from scratching when you place your phone upside down on flat or even surfaces.

Price: $10.99
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