If you want to try something different from the regular cases available on the market, you must take a look at these best iPhone 8 wooden cases under $40. Crafted from natural wood, these protective cases feature an admirable handmade design and offer an elegant look to your iPhone 8.

The real wooden cases for iPhone 8 are something that will look an out of the box thing. So, we have cumulated some of the top-rated protective wooden cases for your iPhone 8.

The aesthetic design of these premium wooden iPhone 8 cases snuggly fit the contours of your phone and offers a nice look at the same time. Most of the cases listed here come in a beautiful and nice pattern. Explore the list of cool iPhone 8 wooden cases and grab the one for you.

Best iPhone 8 Wooden Cases

Best iPhone 8 Wooden Cases Under $40

Real Wooden Cover for iPhone 8

iCASEIT Real Wooden Cover
iATO Leather Wood Case
YFWOOD Slim Cover
Woodchuck Premium Wood Case
X-Doria Defense Lux Series
NeWisdom Soft Real Wood Cover
Native Union Protective Wooden Case
TMBR Thin Wood Case

#1. iCASEIT Real Wooden Cover

iCASEIT Protective iPhone 8 Wood Case

Manufactured from 100% genuine and naturally grown wood, this case from iCASEIT is a snap on the back case. It possesses a unique design. You won’t find the same design in the other case. Thus, your case always stands out from other iCASEIT wooden cases.

The precise cutouts for the ports, buttons, camera, and speakers let you easily access all the features and functionalities of your iPhone 8. Moreover, it is light in weight, thin in texture, and has an ergonomic design. So, it won’t add any bulk to your phone and maintain its sleek profile.

Price: $19.99
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#2. iATO Leather Wood Case

iATO Genuine LEATHER Case for iPhone 8

This wooden case features a distinct and classic design. It is crafted from real Rose Wood and depicts a genuine leather snap on it. This combination perfectly complements the design of your iPhone 8.

The shock absorbing polycarbonate bumper provides maximum protection to your phone from accidental bumps, drops, falls, and other damages. It is thin in texture and light in weight. Also, it is built to last for a long time i.e. it possesses higher durability. You can continue using it until you make up your mind to change the phone or case.

Price: $29.95
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#3. YFWOOD Slim Case
YFWOOD Bumper Protective Cover for Apple iPhone 8

YFWOOD has one of the top iPhone 8 wooden covers to offer you with. It combines dual layer wood and rubber to provide enhanced protection to your iPhone 8 from external shocks and other impacts.

The TPU back prevents your phone from scratches, cuts, scuffs, and scrapes. Its non-slip textures on both the sides free you from the worry of your precious phone slipping out of the hold when held in the palm. Though it is made up of rubber, it does not have any weird smell. So, you can utilize it for your daily use.

Price: $12.99
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#4. Woodchuck Premium Wood Case

Woodchuck Mahogany Wood iPhone 8 Case

This is a handmade cover from Woodchuck that is specifically designed to fit only your iPhone 8. Each and every cover is made of real wood. So, it will have unique grain and will certainly differ from others.

The slim black rubber edge provides a raised bezel around the screen of your iPhone 8 so as to protect it from scratches and cuts when you place it upside down on flat or even surfaces. Further, this case is even compatible with your Apple AirPower wireless charging pads. Hence, you can charge it wherever you want.

Price: $29.99
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#5. X-Doria Defense Lux Series

X-Doria Wood Protective Case for Apple iPhone 8

The wooden case for iPhone 8 from X-Doria is manufactured to deliver military-grade drop protection to your glorious phone. Its slim and sleek profile enables you to easily slide it into your pocket and take it off whenever required.

The machined aluminum exterior frame provides increased protection to your iPhone 8. The soft rubber interior lining safeguards your phone’s screen from drops and surface scratches or cuts. It possesses a simple snap-on design. You don’t require any additional tools for its installation or removal.

Price: $12.22
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#6. NeWisdom Soft Real Wood Cover

NeWisdom iPhone 8 Wood Case

This iPhone 8 wooden cover features dual layer construction. It represents a wooden layer over a soft TPU rubber layer. It is well designed to absorb external shocks and internal impacts.

Its non-slippery texture offers a comfortable grip while holding it in your hands. Moreover, it perfectly fits the contours of your iPhone 8 and does not add any bulk to it. Also, the exact cutouts for the ports, buttons, and camera let you easily access all the features of your iPhone 8.

Price: $12.59
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#7. Native Union Protective Wooden Case

Native Union CLIC Wooden Case for iPhone 8

Featuring a unique design, the wooden case from Native Union is built using precision engineering to fit your iPhone 8. It is made from American timber and is sanded by hand to enhance its look.

Its shock-absorbing polymer frame dissipates shocks and impacts caused due to unexpected accidental drops or falls. Thus, your phone stays protected. Also, the elevated bumper prevents your phone’s screen from scratches when you place it facing the surface.

Price: $39.98
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#8. TMBR Thin Wood Case

TMBR Unique Wooden iPhone 8 Case

This case from TMBR features a polycarbonate shell and a real wood back. The polycarbonate shell provides protection for your iPhone while the wooden backing enhances its look.

The raised lips around the screen prevent it from scratches and other damages when placed on flat surfaces. The unique grain texture makes this case different from others. Moreover, you won’t find the case with same texture from TMBR. Further, its snap-on and snap-off design enable you to easy install as well as remove it.

Price: $24.95
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These are some of the best iPhone 8 wooden cases on our list. Which one would you like to buy? Do write to us about your choices in the comments section.


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