If you want to save the storage capacity of your iOS device, then you need to buy the best flash drives for iPhone and iPad. The lightning iPhone photo stick will allow you to free up space on your iPhone by storing your pictures, videos, and other documents.

You can even transfer music and take a backup of your iPhone if you have a thumb drive with you. So, it is necessary to always have a photo stick handy for you. Here, we have listed some of the best iPhone flash drives.

These top-rated thumb drives for iPhone and iPad are some of the best external storage devices for your phone. Further, they are wireless in nature. Hence, you can free yourself from the tangling wires with this wireless storage for iPhone. They are even competent to transfer your data at a lightning speed.

Nowadays, the need to transfer documents, files, or other data arises all of a sudden while at work or with friends. So, it is advisable to have a USB thumb drive always with you. Choose any of the below listed i.e 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, and 512GB flash drives for iPhone and iPad Pro to transfer photos and to take a backup of the device.

A Quick Note: 

You’ll need a Type-C to the lightning adapter to connect these flash drives with your iPad and Macs that have a Type-C connectivity port. I recommend UGREEN USB-C to Lightning Adapter, as it lets you transfer data quickly with seamless connectivity.

Quick Summary

Editor’s Choice: iDiskk – “An amazingly durable flash drive that offers plug-and-play functionality. It lets you store 512 GB of data and encrypts the backup for added security”.

Most Loved: SanDisk – “An Apple-certified flash drive that lets you backup and manage data. It also recharges the phone when connected with a MacBook”.

Cheapest One: KOOTION – “An inexpensive flash drive that is compatible with phones and laptops. It also supports touch and face id for data encryption”.  

Best Flash Drives for iPhone and iPad Pro

#1. IDISKK USB Photo Stick for iPhone – 512GB

IDISKK USB Photo Stick for iPhone - 512GB

Here is a 512GB flash drive that you can use with your iPhone and PC. The drive features one lightning port and a Type-A port, so you can use it with iPhone, iPad, and MacBook to manage and store data. The high-speed flash drive lets you transfer 1GB of data in 20 seconds only.

The handy drive is perfect for taking backup of pictures and videos when you are running out of storage. Furthermore, it is a password-protected drive that works well with the TouchID to secure the data. Just plug this MFI-certified drive in your iPhone, and transfer data with lightning-fast speed.  

Lastly, there are multiple storage options available in this drive: 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB.

It is a super durable flash drive.This is a slippery flash drive.
You can plug it into iPhones as well as laptops.
It supports high-speed data transfer.

Price: $76.00
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#2. PNY Duo Link iPhone Flash Drive – 128GB

PNY Duo Link iPhone Flash Drive - 128GB

Here is a 2-in-1 flash drive that lets you store data and charges your iPhone too. It looks like a cable, and you can even use it instead of the stick lightning cable. The built-in storage is 128GB, so you can use it to store pictures and videos. Now there is no need to rely on iCloud to store data when you have this flash drive. 

Furthermore, it works well with all iOS compatible devices such as iPhones and iPads. You can even use it for streaming purposes due to the Superspeed USB 30.0 port. Lastly, the plug-and-play cable is durable, and it needs a minimum of iOS 8.0 to work properly.

Ideal for data backup and sync.The cable may crack if bent too much.
Compatible with iOS devices running on iOS 8.0 and above.
It can be used for charging your iPhone through the Mac.

Price: $31.99
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#3. JSL External Thumb Drive for iPhone – 128GB

JSL External Thumb Drive for iPhone - 128GB

Now you can transfer all the pictures and videos from your phone to this flash drive to get more storage space. Built for iPhone and iPad, the flash drive is MFI certified. It has two connectors, one for iPhone and one for the PC. You get 80 MBPS transfer speed with the drive, which is enough to transfer data quickly.

The photo stick is easy to use and doesn’t require any software. Just put it inside your iPhone port, and you can access the stored data.  A great gift for Apple users, this flash drive is a must-have if you have a lot of data on your phone. Furthermore, the drive is available in two options: 128GB and 256GB.

It is an Apple-certified flash drive.It does not work without a dedicated app.
Built-in hole for the lanyard loop.
It comes with an 18-month warranty.

Price: $37.99
Buy Now from Amazon

#4. LOMYGUS Photo Stick for iPhone – 256GB

No products found.

Here is a durable flash drive for your iPhone that has a metal casing that protects it from damages. The 256GB drive lets you store data quickly with its superfast transfer speed. The handy drive even supports encryption, and you can secure the data using TouchID. The MFI certified drive is compatible with all iOS devices, and you can use it without any issues.

The transfer speed it can offer is around 80 MBPS depending on the type of files you are sharing. One end of the drive fits in your phone, and the other one in the PC. The USB 3.0 port is there for quick data transfer with the MacBook. You can use the Plugmate App software on Mac and Windows devices to manage and secure the stored files.

Your iPhone quickly detects this drive.Not very intuitive.
It helps you encrypt data for added security.
The flash drive supports fast data transfer.

Price: No products found.
No products found.

#5. SanDisk iXpand iPhone Flash Drive – 256GB

SanDisk iXpand iPhone Flash Drive - 256GB

You can now have secure storage of your data across your iPhone or iPad with SanDisk’s iXpand flash drive for your iPhone. It automatically backs up your photos and videos from your camera and contacts when you plug it into your device.

It is designed with a flexible connector. Thus, you can fit it on your iPhone even when your iPhone is protected with any kind of case. One add-on of this flash drive is that it automatically takes a backup of videos that you record via the iXpand Drive app. Moreover, its 64GB of storage space lets you store a bulk of your data.

High-speed USB for speedier data transfer.The flash drive takes time to load with full data.
You can manage the data using the iXpand Drive App.
The flash drive supports automatic backup.

Price: $73.81
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#6. EASTBULL External Storage Drive – 64GB

EASTBULL External Storage Drive - 64GB

You can now add instant storage to your smartphone with the best flash drive from EASTBULL. Supporting exFAT, it lets you transfer individual files of size 4GB in no time.

It offers a read speed of up to 80 MB/sec and a writing speed of up to 30 MB/sec. This flash drive also works as a charging cable for your iPhone as well as iPad. With its iPlugmate format-friendly app, it supports almost every kind of video and music format. Thus, you can have a hassle-free transfer of data at any time and at any place.

The plastic casing protects the flash drive.After-sales service is not that good.
It supports plug-and-play functionality.
The plastic cap safeguards the connectivity ports.

Price: $10.88
Buy Now from Amazon

#7. KOOTION USB Thumb Drive for iPhone – 32GB

KOOTION USB Thumb Drive for iPhone - 32GB

KOOTION’s thumb drive features 4 connectors in order to offer compatibility with a wide range of devices. You can easily use it with your iOS, Android, Type-C, and other micro USB devices. It has a connector for each type of device mentioned.

Furthermore, it provides you with wireless data transfer at a read speed of up to 80 MB/sec and a writing speed of up to 40 MB/sec. the ‘iUSB Pro’ app offers prompt installation when you connect it for the first time. It supports all video and music formats. You can even directly stream content from your flash drive thus, saving space on your iPhone.

You can plug it in an iPhone, MacBook, and Android phone.You need to use the dedicated app to encrypt data.
It supports one-click backup.
You can use touch and face id to encrypt data.

Price: Price not available
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Which lightning thumb drive are you going to buy from this list of the best iPhone Flash Drives? Do share your choices with us in the comments section.


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