Are you a fitness freak? Do you find it difficult to resist yourself from using your iPhone X during the workout sessions? If yes, try the best iPhone X / XS Armbands listed here and accompany your phone wherever you go – be it walking in a garden, jogging in the park, or exercising at a gym.

The top workout cases for iPhone X / XS mentioned in this list are perfect partners for your iPhone X. What you need to do is just wrap the band around your arm and place your phone in it. Listen to music or attend important calls while performing your exercises. You can free yourself from the worries of your phone getting damaged when it is adorned with an armband. Take a look at the best iPhone X running Armbands listed below and grab the best one for you.

Best iPhone X Armbands

Best iPhone X / Xs Armbands Under $20 (Works with iPhone XS too)

Armband Case Holder for iPhone X

MoKo Sports Workout Cover
Tune Belt Armband for Running
Xboun Sports Armband Case
Gear Beast Armband Holder For Workout
Revere Sport Premium Running Armband with Face Scanner

#1. MoKo Sports Workout Cover

MoKo iPhone X Armbands

Looking for a workout case? If yes, MoKo has the one for you. What you need to do is just slip in your phone into the case and wrap it. You are then all set to continue with your workout session.

Built with a sweat-proof material, this armband feels comfortable against the skin. Hence, you can conveniently carry out your workout. Moreover, it also provides a unique key holder so that you can store your key into it while you are performing any outdoor activities.

Price: $5.99
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#2. Tune Belt Armband for Running

Tune Belt iPhone X Armbands

This armband is specifically designed to fit in your iPhone X along with the case. Featuring a soft and cushioning material, this armband offers a secure grip while maintaining your comfort.

The grip is such that it won’t bounce, slip, or loosen while exercising. Further, its sweat resistant property protects your iPhone X against perspiration and similar elements. The precise openings in the band let you plug in the Lightning connector even while your phone rests in your armband.

Price: $17.95
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#3. Xboun Sports Armband Case

Xboun iPhone X Armbands

Built from flexible neoprene fabric, this armband snugly fits your arm. It neither stretches out nor does it bends even when you take it off.

This see-through case not only keeps your phone protected from unwanted damages but also maintains its touch responsiveness. Thus, you can easily carry out all the functions on your phone. The best part about this armband is that apart from phone’s case it also provides a pouch to store your belongings like cards or keys.

Price: $11.99
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#4. Gear Beast Armband Holder For Workout

Gear Beast iPhone X Armbands

If you have adorned your iPhone X with a slim case like bumper case, then this armband from Gear Beast is the perfect choice to make. Its zippered closure offers a secure fit to your iPhone X.

The elastic strap lets you adjust it as per your need. The non-pinch buckle offers comfortable closure. Furthermore, the built-in pockets inside the case let you store your belongings in it. The reflective safety stripe allows you to access it easily even in low lights and at night.

Price: $9.99
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#5. Revere Sport Premium Running Armband with Face Scanner

Revere Sport iPhone X Armbands

While searching for the armbands for running, we got this from Revere Sport. Designed specially to fit your iPhone X, this armband comprises of face recognition access and earphone access.

The bright reflector strip provides you visibility to your phone while you are out for a night walk. Moreover, the separate key pocket allows you to place your keys securely and also prevents your phone’s screen from scratches and scrapes. Don’t risk your iPhone X while workout. Accompany it with the Revere Sports armband and free yourself from all those worries.

Price: $14.99
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