Best iPhone X Battery Cases: Keep Your iPhone X Powered Up

Nowadays, it is a set scenario that more are the features of a smartphone; less is its battery life. Similar is the case with iPhone X. Featuring heavily loaded games, full-fledged applications, and battery consuming apps like GPS and more, the battery drains in a very short span of time. To keep up your iPhone X alive, you need to find an alternative that keeps it charged up even while you are away from plugs and sockets. Though there are power banks, wireless chargers, and more such accessories available in the market, the latest we have here is the best iPhone X battery cases.

The top-rated Charging Cases for iPhone X / XS listed here not only meet your need of charging your iPhone X but also delivers ultimate protection to it. These cases can be used to protect your smartphone as well as to keep it intact from all those regular wear and tear use. You can take a look at this list of best iPhone X / XS battery cases and select the one for your precious phablet.

Best iPhone X Battery Cases

Best iPhone X / XS Battery Cases (Supports iPhone XS too)

Charging Cases for iPhone X

ZeroLemon Rechargeable Charging Case
i.VALUX Extended Battery Pack
Moonmini Portable External Battery Charger Pack
Ruky Power Bank Charger Case
Betteck Battery Charger Case
Peyou Protective Charging Case

#1. ZeroLemon Rechargeable Charging Case

ZeroLemon iPhone X Battery Cases

This amount of battery in the case can provide up to 100% charge to your iPhone X. It is ultra-slim in texture and does not add any bulk to your phone. You can utilize this case for your daily use.

The design of the case is such that it prevents your iPhone X from scratches, scuffs, cuts, and other damages. 4 LED lights indicate the battery level of the case and the charging status when it is in charging mode. The integrated power button lets you on/off the charging mode as per your need.

Battery: 4000mAh

Price: $98.58
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#2. i.VALUX Extended Battery Pack

I.VALUX iPhone X Battery Cases

i.VALUX presents a uniquely designed battery case for your smartphone. It is extremely slim in texture and sleek in design. Moreover, its compact design frees you from those bulky cases.

The integrated circuit is designed to safeguard your phone from excessive current, overcharging, and short circuit while in the charging state. The exact cutouts for the camera, microphones, speakers, ports, and buttons enable you to access your iPhone X’s functionalities at an ease.

Battery: 3600mAh

Price: $23.99
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#3. Moonmini Portable External Battery Charger Pack

Moonmini iPhone X Battery Cases

The battery case from Moonmini is simple in design yet elegant in look. Featuring inbuilt rechargeable Li-polymer battery, this case offers an extra battery life to your iPhone X.

This high capacity battery case delivers 360-degrees protection to your gorgeous phone. It safeguards your phone against damages caused due to accidental falls and drops. The raised bezels around the camera ensure you its ultimate level of safety.

Battery: 3600mAh

Price: $25.98
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#4. Ruky Power Bank Charger Case

Ruky iPhone X Battery Cases

Ruky provides you with a huge capacity of battery life. This amount of battery can charge your iPhone X almost 1-1.5 times.

The integrated on/off switch in the case lets you charge your phone anywhere you want and at any time. Its soft bumper design and hard shell prevent your phone from all those harsh and rough damages that come across in your daily use. Further, it is small enough to be held in hands and also fits in your pocket.

Battery: 6000mAh

Price: $26.99
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#5. Betteck Battery Charger Case

Betteck iPhone X Battery Cases

Equipped with 4 LED light indicators, this case notifies you about the battery level of the case. Moreover, it also facilitates you to charge your phone even while the case is in the charging mode.

One of the striking functionalities of this battery case is that you can charge and sync your iPhone X with your MacBook, PC, or laptop without removing the case. The integrated circuitry provides extreme protection to your device.

Battery: 5200mAh

Price: $15.99
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#6. Peyou Protective Charging Case

Peyou iPhone X Battery Cases

It is small in design; hence is convenient for daily usage. You can carry it in your hand as well as in your pocket without adding any bulk to it.

The case is built up from materials that prevent your phone from scratches and scrapes. The incorporated power button lets you on and off the battery case so that you can consume the battery only when you require it. Its smart charge design first charges your phone and then your battery case while both are put in the charging state.

Battery: 3200mAh

Price: $24.99
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These are some of the best iPhone X / XS battery cases. Now encompass your glorious iPhone X’s protection as well as necessity into a single accessory by grabbing one of these cases. Do write to us about your choices and opinions in the comments section.


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