All the new owners of iPhone X would be busy admiring and re-discovering the joys of having a glass back on their phone. As the saying goes “Every coin has two sides”, identical is the case with the glass back of iPhone X. On one side, it looks pretty and shining while on the other, it seems almost impossible to keep it clean or prevent it from slipping with sweaty or wet hands. Yes, iPhone X has its own ups and downs. So, most of the people choose to keep their iPhone intact by using a case. What would better option you get to stay classy other than using the best iPhone X / Xs leather cases?

The top-rated premium iPhone Xs / X leather cases that we listed here offer great sophisticated look to your iPhone X. Though there is a pool of different designs available on the market to choose from, we decided to point out some of the coolest ones here. So, without stretching it much longer, here is the list of some of the best iPhone X cases for you.

Best iPhone X Leather Cases

Best iPhone Xs / X Leather Cases

Premium Leather Cases for iPhone X

Apple Leather Case
Case-Mate Slim Leather Wallet Cover
iPulse Leather Handmade Folio Case
Pasonomi Vintage Flip Case
Spigen Wallet S Foldable Cover and Kickstand
Ringke Protective Leather Cover

#1. Apple Leather Case

Apple iPhone X Leather Case

We would start the list with the leather case streamlined from Apple itself. Crafted from tanned and finished European leather, this case is soft to touch and feels natural while holding it in your hands.

The machined aluminum buttons perfectly fit over your iPhone X’s buttons and provide you with a soft press. The inner microfiber linings keep your phone safe from accidental damages. Available in ample amount of striking colors, this case lets you customize your iPhone X with your favorite color.

Price: $39.99
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#2. Case-Mate Slim Leather Wallet Cover

Case-Mate Leather Wallet Cases for iPhone X

Case-Mate brings to you genuine leather cases that are slim in design and exactly fits your iPhone X. The redefined metallic buttons offer a natural feel when you press them. Further, this case provides 10 feet drop protection to your precious phone.

Adorned with 2 card slots at the back, this case is even functional as a wallet case. You can store your cards or some cash in it so that you just have to grab your phone whenever you rush out of your house in a hurry. It is just an ideal choice to make for on-the-go use.

Price: $39.95
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#3. iPulse Leather Handmade Folio Case

iPulse Leather Wallet Cases for iPhone X

While looking for the premium leather cases, we found this specifically designed case for iPhone X from iPulse. This case features some handmade design and provides you with the details that offer it a classy and vintage look.

This case offers you the functionalities of a wallet case and a kickstand case. Hence, you get the benefit of three cases in a single case with this iPulse case. Furthermore, the exact cutouts for the ports, buttons, speakers, and camera enable you to access your phone’s functionalities without any hassles.

Price: $34.98
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#4. OtterBox STRADA SERIES Case

OtterBox STRADA SERIES Premium Leather Cases for iPhone X

Made from genuine leather, these real leather cases from Otterbox offer a slim and sleek profile to your phone. Designed to be a folio case, it snaps your iPhone X in such a way that your ports, camera, buttons, and speakers are left uncovered. Thus, you can easily access the features of your phone.

This case delivers maximum protection to your phone from bumps, drops, falls, scratches, and scuffs. Moreover, its one-piece installation lets you install it and remove it in a while.

Price: $31.44
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#5. Pasonomi Vintage Flip Case

Pasonomi Leather Wallet Cases for iPhone X

This flip or folio case from Pasonami is designed to provide all-around protection to your iPhone X from all the accidental damages.

Apart from offering you the functionalities of a wallet, this case also provides you with a kickstand feature. What you need to do is just flip open the case, adjust the angle you want, and then enjoy watching movies, reading eBooks, or surfing the internet while keeping your hands free.

Price: $15.85
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#6. Spigen Wallet S Foldable Cover and Kickstand

Spigen Wallet S iPhone X Leather Case

Are you looking for a multifunctional case? if yes, then the leather wallet cases will surely meet your needs.

This leather case from Spigen delivers 360-degrees protection to your iPhone X. The magnetic strap closure keeps your phone in place and secures it when not in use.

Equipped with three card holder slots in the interior, this case allows you to store your credit/debit cards, ID cards, and other important business cards along with your phone. You can even store some of your cash in the additional sleeve provided.

Price: $14.99
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#7. Ringke Protective Leather Cover

Ringke iPhone X Leather Cases

This leather case from Ringke features a modern and stylish look. Built with a combination of PU leather and durable TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) material, it also provides a professional look and feels to your iPhone X.

It perfectly fits the contours of your phone offering it a redefined size and an accentuated look. The elevated bezels around the camera cutouts and the screen provide ultimate protection to your phone from unwanted scratches or bumps. You can thus move around in confidence when your phone is wrapped in this case.

Price: $11.99
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These are some of the coolest and best iPhone X / Xs leather cases that we have for you. We are sure that you would have definitely selected the one that best suits your needs from these above-listed cases. Do let us know about your choices in the comments section.


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