Best iPhone Xs / X Privacy Screen Protectors: Your Privacy Matters

If you are the ones who frequently drop your iPhone X or are looking forward to a little bit of privacy, then the Antispy privacy screen protectors for iPhone X can help you. Whether you are at a coffee shop, or on the bus, these glass protectors combine protection and privacy to offer you the best treatment. In this article of ours, we have rounded up some of the best iPhone Xs /X privacy screen protectors under $20.

The top-rated privacy tempered glass screen protector for iPhone X / Xs provides a solid layer of protection to your smartphone. Along with protection, it also prevents wandering eyes to read or view what you do on your phone. These screen filters enable you to use your iPhone in public without any fear of revealing confidential information. With these protectors, you can clearly see the information on your phone but people besides you will see a dark screen only.

Let’s explore some of the best privacy screen protectors for iPhone Xs /X listed here and get the one that safeguards your iPhone X and also prevents it from spying eyes.

Best iPhone X Privacy Screen Protectors

Best iPhone X / Xs Privacy Screen Protectors Under $20

Top Privacy Screen Protectors for iPhone X

Tech Armor
Homy International

#1. Vintar

Vintar Anti-Spy iPhone X Privacy Screen Protector

If you are looking for a screen protector that offers privacy on top of protection, then have a look at Vintar’s anti-spy protector. It provides full-screen coverage thus, ensuring 100% protection.

It is 3D touch compatible. Hence, it offers a natural feel and maintains flawless touchscreen accuracy. The front cutouts do not interfere with the sensors and responsiveness of your iPhone X. Further, the screen turns dark for others and is visible only if you are facing the screen directly.

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#2. MaxDemo

MaxDemo iPhone X Privacy Anti-Spy Tempered Glass Screen Protector

The privacy tempered glass screen protector for iPhone X from MaxDemo features 9H hardness. Even after being hard, it retains the touch responsiveness of your screen. Moreover, it is 3D touch-friendly.

Its anti-scratch property prevents your phone’s screen from accidental scratches, cuts, scuffs, or scrapes. It offers easy installation and removal. You can carry out bubble-free installation and when you find the need to remove it, it won’t leave any residues on the screen.

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#3. Aeetone

Aeetone Anti-Spy Anti-Peep Tempered Glass Film

Aeetone’s anti-spy screen guard is specifically designed to fit your iPhone X’s screen. Protect your privacy from friends, family, boss, colleagues, or strangers with this protector on your iPhone X’s screen.

Whether you hold your phone horizontally or vertically, the screen is visible only within 60 degrees. Thus, you can keep your personal and confidential information safe from strangers around you. Moreover, it features a case friendly design. Thus, you can use it with almost all kind of cases.

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#4. Benks

Benks iPhone X Privacy Screen Protector Tempered Glass

The dark black protective film from Benks is built with 3D Hot Bending technology. This technology provides all-around protection to your iPhone X with soft edges made up of PET.

Featuring 9H hardness, this film is harder than other ones available on the market and does not break easily. Its scratch-resistant property keeps your iPhone protected from scratches and makes your screen look like a new one. Further, its 99.9% HD clarity and touchscreen accuracy let you easily access your phone’s features.

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ICHECKEY 4D Curved Anti-Spy Anti-Peep Full Coverage Tempered Glass Screen Cover Shield for Apple iPhone X

This screen filter from ICHECKEY is exclusively designed for your iPhone X. the precise cutouts for the sensors do not interfere with the functionality of your phone and retains its responsiveness.

It is constructed with a two-way side-view filter that is visible only within 30 degrees so as to prevent the onlookers from getting your personal details. It is just 0.26mm thick and ensures full-screen protection while maintaining high touch sensitivity. You get a microfiber cloth, dust cleaners, and alcohol wipes on the purchase of this screen filter.

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#6. Tech Armor

Tech Armor Apple iPhone X Privacy Film Screen Protector

Tech Armor is the most trusted source for providing top rated screen protectors. This one for your iPhone X is a 4-way privacy protector that provides 360 degrees privacy. Thus, your data remains safe even when you are surrounded by strangers.

Designed from premium quality of materials, this protector provides ultimate protection and privacy at an affordable price. It is even capable to withstand scratches, drops, dust, dents, and daily wear and tear use. It perfectly fits your device’s screen and you get a bubble-free installation.

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#7. renrencoo

Renrencoo iPhone X Screen Protector Tempered Glass

The privacy tempered glass screen protector for iPhone X from renrencoo poses 2.5D touch compatibility. With this, it maintains the original touchscreen responsiveness of your phone.

Constructed with 0.67mm thick tempered glass, it can resist scratches and cuts up to 9H hardness. That is, it can even withstand the cut of a knife. So, you can be totally worry-free when your iPhone has such a guard on it. No more leaking of your personal information in public. The privacy technology assists you with this.

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INVESCH Privacy Tempered Screen Protector for iPhone X

Made from high quality of Japanese tempered glass, this privacy screen guard for iPhone X is visible only to the persons standing in front of it. Its 9H hardness safeguards your phone’s screen from dust, dirt, scratches, cuts, blast, and other external impacts or shocks.

Apart from the hardness, its high touch sensitivity enables you to operate your iPhone X smoothly. The anti-fingerprint and oleophobic coating prevent fingerprint residues, sweat, or oil from nesting over the screen. Also, its waterproof property enables you to swipe water easily from it.

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#9. Homy International

Homy international iPhone X Privacy Screen Protector

Homy International’s anti-spy screen protector is affordable in price and offers premium privacy as well as protection for your iPhone X. Its anti-fingerprint property prevents smudges from nesting on the screen and hence, keeps it clean.

The 3D touch compatibility provides a natural feel while accessing apps or sliding pictures on your phone. Its high sensitivity maintains responsiveness and accuracy of your touch. Moreover, it reduces eye strain and does not darken your screen just as others available on the market.

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Which of the above listed some of the best iPhone Xs / X privacy screen protectors would you like to buy? Do write to us about your choices and opinions in the comments section.

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