If you are an owner of the all-new iPhone X you would have surely fallen for its gorgeous design. But, what if your phone slips from your pocket or hands and land into the water?

Willing to protect your iPhone X from accidental drops in water?

If yes, adorn it with the best iPhone X waterproof cases available on the market.

These iPhone X waterproof cases listed here provide your phone with supreme protection against accidental spills of water, tea, or coffee. These cases are not only concerned about your phone’s protection but are also superior in style. Hence, your super stylish smartphone would gain extra style when adorned with these cases. Not able to believe? Well, have a look at some of the best iPhone X waterproof cases listed here.

Best iPhone X Waterproof Cases

#1. i-Blason

i-Blason iPhone X Waterproof Case

This waterproof case from i-Blason provides 360-degrees protection to your iPhone X. Its port covers work as a waterproof seal to prevent it from any damages.

Crafted from flexible TPU (thermoplastic polycarbonate) and solid PC (polycarbonate) materials, this case is tough enough to offer drop protection to your phone. Moreover, the front cover features a built-in screen protector that prevents your phone from scratches and scrapes.

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#2. Temdan

Temdan iPhone X Waterproof Case

While talking if top iPhone X waterproof cases, how can we miss the one that is available from Temdan? This specifically designed case for iPhone X keeps your phone safe even 10ft under water.

Further, it is rigorously tested and proved that it prevents your phone from any harm even after throwing it 100 times from a height of 6.6ft. All these properties of this case combine to make it one of the ideal choices for performing any underwater activities or hiking.

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#3. Lontect

LONTECT iPhone X Waterproof Case

Built with a slim and minimalistic design, this waterproof case from Lontect perfectly fits the contours of your iPhone X. its fully sealed design prevents your phone from dust, dirt, storms, rain, water, and snow. Thus, your phone stays protected in all the harsh environmental conditions.

The best part about this case is that it is built with highly transparent protector guard. This guard allows you to access all the functionalities on your phone by providing easy press for all the buttons. Its waterproof material offers you with easy accessibility to listen to your favorite tracks and attend to your important calls without any hindrance.

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#4. Spidercase

Spidercase iPhone X Waterproof Case

Featuring IP68 waterproof protection, this waterproof case for iPhone X from Spidercase is absolutely compatible with your Apple ID biometric scanner, sensors, and even with its camera.

Are you a fan of underwater swimming? If yes, accompany your iPhone X under water when wrapped in this case. It safeguards your iPhone X up to 16ft for about an hour under water. Furthermore, the built-in screen protector prevents your phone’s screen from cuts, scuffs, or scratches without compromising with its touch sensitivity.

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#5. SunRemex

SunRemex iPhone X Waterproof Case

The last product on our list of iPhone X waterproof cases is the one from SunRemex. Its precision cut and design let you access all the ports, buttons, camera, and sensors very easily. You can thus get an easy exposure to all your phone’s features.

Further, it lends 360-degrees protection to your iPhone X with its protective port covers that create a waterproof seal. Its in-built and crystal clear screen guard not only protects your phone’s screen but also maintains its touchscreen responsiveness as it is. Also, its IP68 certified waterproof design makes it perfect for any underwater sports or outdoor or even daily uses.

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These are some of the best iPhone X waterproof cases that we liked the most. We hope you loved our collection and would have already decided the one for your iPhone X. So, don’t forget to mention your choices and views in the comments section.