Ironing is a boring and tiring task to most of us. Though it is an essential task it is not always welcomed. It is an everyday chore that can’t be avoided. Paying to the launderer every day for pressing clothes costs a hefty amount. So, in order to ease your ironing process at home, you need to buy a good iron. Only buying a good iron is not just enough. You need to be careful that the clothes don’t stick to the base while ironing. Hence, to avoid such situations you should also buy an ironing board. Today, in this article, we have listed some of the best ironing boards for you.

The ironing tables serve to be more beneficial than your regular tables. They provide you smooth base so that the iron glides smoothly on your clothes. Ironing boards prevent your clothes from sticking or burning. They are designed with special fibers that hold and reflect the heat in order to decrease your ironing time. Also, these ironing boards look much cooler in your house.

It is possible that you might get confused on which one to buy after seeing a lot of them in the store or on online portals. Here is our guide of some of the essential factors to be taken care of while purchasing best ironing boards.

What To Look For While Buying An Ironing Board

  • Size

Length is an important aspect to be considered. Though short ironing boards require less space in your house, you don’t find them comfortable while ironing. Opting for larger ones is also not recommended as it won’t fit if your laundry room is quite small. So you need to make an appropriate choice.

  • Height

Checking the height of the board is essential. The height must be such that you don’t need to bend while ironing. It must be comfortable else you might get back problems in future.

  • Type

You get many types of ironing boards. Some of them are tabletop models while some are portable ones. Some can be fixed on your wall while some are heavy duty models. So you must first decide which one you require.

  • Cover

The cover of the board must be made from high-quality material so that it resists against high temperature. Ironing boards with synthetic cover must be avoided as they either melt or stick if your iron gets hot.

Check out our list of some of the folding ironing board listed below.

Best Ironing Boards in 2017

#1. Household Essentials Large Ironing Board

Household Essentials Large Ironing Board

Don’t have enough space in your house to accommodate a large ironing board? Well, you also get a tiny one that would fit in a small space.

This small ironing board from Household Essential facilitates you with an iron rest. The iron rest can be adjusted as per your iron’s size. There is also a hanger bar attached with the iron rest. You can press your clothes and hang them on the hanger.

This 4-leg reliable ironing board offers maximum stability while you are ironing. Moreover, you can also adjust the height of the board as per your needs. You can even collapse the legs for storing your iron board in a small place.

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#2. Brabantia Ironing Board

Brabantia Ironing Board

Brabantia brings to you the best ironing board in the world. The eye catching designs on the cover of the ironing board make it look cool. The extra-wide working area is specially designed to iron larger items; hence it is the best to use while ironing bed sheets. The solid steam iron rest with funky design holds your standard sized iron securely.

This ironing board also features adjustable height within the range of 30-38 inches; thus offering you comfort. With extreme stability, this ironing board is suitable for the left as well as right-handed use. The ironing board has a child safety lock so that the legs do not collapse accidentally. The locking clip holds the legs sturdily.

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#3. Household Essentials Door Small Ironing board

Household Essentials Door Small Ironing board

Most of the people don’t have much storage space in their house. They have small kitchens, bedrooms i.e. all in all they live in a tiny house. So ironing boards might be a problem for them. Well, there is a solution for this too. Various wall ironing boards are available in the market that would easily woo you.

The ironing board from Household Essentials can be installed on the wall of your bedroom. You can even hook it on the door of your kitchen or anywhere you want. In this way, the ironing board would save your storage space. Moreover, the board is designed with self-close technology so as to offer safety when not in use.

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#4. Homz Folding Ironing Board

Homz Folding Ironing Board

The folding ironing board from Homz features a unique wide-legged design. Hence, it is the best product that offers you stability while ironing your clothes. There is a lever under the ironing pad that can be used for opening and closing the legs easily.

The ironing pad is thick enough to provide you effortless ironing experience. The versatile iron rest lets you place your iron in horizontal and vertical positions when not in use. The height can be customized as per your requirements.

It also facilitates you with a carrying handle so as to carry it along with you wherever you want.

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#5. Homz T-Leg Ironing Board

Homz T-Leg Ironing Board

Homz is a reputed US company that manufactures an array of consumer products. One such product of Homz is the tabletop ironing board. Many people prefer to use the best ironing boards so as to keep their clothes look crisp and professional. The T-leg ironing board from Homz fulfills this requirement.

The wide board lets you iron almost all types of clothes on it – be it your casuals, formals, or even the bed sheets. The foam padding beneath the cotton cover of the ironing pad provides you with a smooth ironing experience. Moreover, the height of the board can be adjusted up to 35 inches. It is a perfect home use ironing board that will match your household appliances.

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Which one from the above listed some of the best ironing boards would you prefer to buy? Do write to us about your choices in the comments section.