Looking for the best laptop bags for men or women? Here, we have curated a list of some of the cool HP, Dell, Acer, Asus, lenevo laptop bags that are available in the market.

The top-rated laptop backpack that we are talking about helps you to carry your smart and valuable gadgets along with you without any worries. These affordable laptop briefcase provide you with the facility of keeping your smartphones, essential documents and even your ID cards safely along with your Laptop.

So let’s go ahead and checkout the list of most of the best laptop messenger bag at affordable price. You can also explore our similar type of list for the best MacBook Pro sleeves and best MacBook Pro leather Sleeves

Best Laptop Bags for Men and Women

Best Overall: Harber London – “The most stylish and elegant laptop briefcase bag that offers excellent protection to the contents”.

Most Loved: Nomatic  – “Protect your laptop and gadgets from thefts with this versatile backpack. It’s durable, water-resistant and lightweight”.

We Recommend: Wowbox – “A superb laptop carrier that can easily fit a 15.6” device and a tablet. It has multiple pockets so you can pack everything you have and carry it”.

Budget Pick: Ytonet  – “An amazing yet inexpensive laptop bag with plenty of storage and lockable zippers. It offers decent safety as well as protection”. 

#1. Harber London Leather Laptop Bag

Harber London Leather Laptop Bag

Fabricated with the finest leather, this premium, and luxurious laptop bag will serve you as an icebreaker in a business event. With its plush looks, this bag should be your choice if you are looking for something stylish.

It has a huge pocket with ample space to carry a laptop sizing around 16 inches. Harber London has designed this leather laptop bag thoughtfully, so you get extra space for carrying the charging block, headphones, diaries, and more. 

I loved the key and cable holder, and you don’t have to carry another bag or pouch if you have this one in your hand. Perfect for everyday commuters, the bag comes with an adjustable shoulder strap and cushioned handles.

Now you can carry your laptop and other essentials anywhere you need without compromising on convenience and protection. The material quality is great, and the bag protects the computer from minor damages, including dings and dongs.

When packed to the brim, the best laptop bag still manages to look good and retain its shape. Considering the durability, the price is not surprising, and you will be carrying a masterpiece in your hand that will certainly attract everyone’s eyes.

Lastly, the laptop bag comes in a range of colors, including Tan, Black, and Deep Brown.

It has multiple pockets and extra carrying space.The material requires regular maintenance.
Magnetic pouches for carrying passports and other essential documents.No bottle holder.
Durable zipper that opens/closes smoothly.
Handmade by experts.


Carry your laptop in style with this Harber London Briefcase Bag. It’s the right bag for business professionals, office goers, and is a unisex option. Make sure to choose a color that suits your personality and matches your official attire.

Price: $533.00
Buy it from Harber London

#2. Nomatic Laptop Backpack

Nomatic Laptop Backpack

Designed for everyday use, this laptop backpack from Nomatic will safeguard your precious device from thefts as well as water damages. The bag has features everyone wishes to have. I can deem it as the best laptop bag in 2021 in terms of storage.

With a capacity to fit laptops up to 17 inches, this is the most versatile backpack. You see pockets and zips everywhere you see. I found the hidden pocket perfect for carrying your laptop. No one can open the zipper from the back, so be sure your device is safe at all times.

Talking about protection, the best laptop backpack safeguards the laptop from damages. It has thick foam on the inside that absorbs the impact, so your laptop’s screen doesn’t shatter. 

Whether you are a commuter or college student, this is the right backpack to go for. It has thick shoulder straps, and you can easily carry the bags for longer. Furthermore, the hand loop also lets you carry the backpack when you don’t feel like wearing it on the back.

I would say this backpack from Nomatic is perfect for any techie with a laptop and multiple gadgets and gears. The bag offers comprehensive protection and has around 20 pockets with some hidden ones to prevent thefts.

Lastly, the bag weighs 4 lbs, and you may feel it a little heavy with the laptop and other stuff. However, the thick straps distribute the weight, and you feel comfortable.

The bag’s capacity expands up to 24 liters.You cannot lock the zippers.
Made using durable materials.No color choices are available.
Magnetic water bottle holder.
Sleek and minimalistic design.


Those looking for a superb backpack to keep their laptop safe and handy should go for a Nomatic laptop bag. The 17-inch laptop bag has numerous pockets, and you get a lot of space to carry your essentials, including keys, cards, and more.

Price: $249.99
Buy it from Nomatic

#3. Taygeer 15.6 Inch Waterproof Laptop Backpack with Strap

Taygeer 15.6 Inch Laptop Messenger Bag with Strap

If you are here for a cheap laptop bag, Taygeer Store Business Briefcase is your way to go! with its capacity to carry a 15.6″ laptop and other items, this is an outstanding bag anyone could own. The material is a fabric that feels great to hold and offers decent water protection as well.

After opening the zippers, you will find several compartments where you can accommodate the iPad, earphones, smartphone, and other such devices. I can recommend this handy waterproof laptop backpack to travelers at any time.

Comfort is never an issue with this big laptop bag as it has multiple straps, including a removable and adjustable shoulder strap. You can even carry it like a briefcase using the handle. 

On the backside, there’s a big elastic loop for hands-free carrying.  Beyond an ultra-protective tablet and laptop sleeve, the laptop bag offers multiple small compartments. 

You’ll love how durable the material feels, and it doesn’t get scratched or damaged easily. The motion of zippers is smooth, and zips are lockable so you can safeguard your laptop from thefts. 

Just pack your stuff inside this bag, and you can carry it on the go with promising comfort and protection. Lastly, the manufacturer offers it in multiple color options, including black, grey, and dark black.

It offers great protection against rains and splashes.It’s heavy.
Multiple storage compartments for easy organization.The bag doesn’t look that stylish.
Padded strap for carrying with comfort.
Fairly priced.


Those looking for a cheap yet good-quality PC bag should consider this one from Taygeer. Pack anything you need, and carry it with comfort. Lastly, the manufacturer offers it in a 17-inch option as well.

Price: $25.99
Buy Now from Amazon

#4. Ytonet 17 Inch Laptop Bag for Travel

Ytonet 17 inch Laptop Bag for Travel

Another affordable laptop bag is here to make things convenient for you. It’s a huge travel bag with a capacity of 17-inches, so you can carry any laptop with ease. The best thing about this laptop carrier is the convenient design. 

The MacBook Pro bag has a basic design, and anyone, including the elderly, can use it while traveling. The bag has multiple pockets, and you see zippers all around. From small to big, it features numerous compartments, and you can carry an iPad, smartphone, and other such gadgets without any hassles.

Furthermore, it’s an expandable bag, and you can open a zipper to enhance its capacity. Coming to the material quality, the bag feels great, and the material protects the stored devices against water and other damages.

Carrying your cameras, PC, and other stuff is no more pain with this compact bag. It has an adjustable shoulder strap and traditional carrying handle with thick padding.

It retains its shape even if you load it to the top. Lastly, this could be a perfect gift for anyone looking for a compact laptop bag.

The zippers are strong and durable.No bottle holder.
Expandable capacity.It doesn’t look premium.
Comfortable carrying handle.
Fully padded laptop compartment.


Laptop owners looking for a basic yet durable carrying bag should consider this Ytonet Laptop Bag. It offers excellent protection and is a bang for the buck option you can go for.

Price: $27.89
Buy Now from Amazon

#5. Dachee 14 Inch Waterproof Designer Laptop Bag

Dachee 14 Inch Waterproof Laptop Sleeve

Now you won’t miss your handbag when carrying the laptop in this super-stylish sleeve. The floral pattern will surely attract a lot of eyes, and this is the laptop bag every lady needs. 

You can easily fit a 15.6” laptop inside the bag without any hassle, and still, there is enough room to fit an iPad as well. Thus, the Dachee Black Peony Pattern Waterproof Laptop Shoulder Messenger Bag is a double agent of sorts as it acts as a laptop bag/tablet sleeve.

On the front side, you will see a big zipper pocket for carrying a wallet, cards, cash, and other valuables. Just beside this zipper, there’s another big compartment where you can carry the documents.

The material quality feels great, and it resists water and splashes. Furthermore, the color and pattern don’t get dull, and you can use this bag for a long time to carry the laptop.

There’s a big pocket on the backside as well, so storage is not an issue with this gem. You can carry this laptop bag for women in two ways, i.e., using the shoulder strap and the handles.

Lastly, you’ll find it in a range of beautiful colors and patterns, which make it the best stylish laptop bag.

Metal zipper puller for added durability.Mediocre amount of storage space.
Made using high-quality material.The carrying handle is not very comfortable.
The pattern doesn’t fade away.


Just slide your laptop inside this sleek designer laptop bag, and carry it in style.  It’s super-durable and sturdy, so expect the bag to last longer. What I appreciate about this bag is a sleek strap that’s adjustable and comfortable.

Price: $16.99
Buy Now from Amazon

#6. MONSTINA 15.6 Inch Stylish Laptop Backpacks for Ladies

MONSTINA 15.6 Inch Stylish Laptop Backpacks for Ladies

Women love this elegant tote bag for carrying their laptops, gadgets, and other items. This is one of the most sturdy and durable bags one can own. It is a large capacity bag that can accommodate a 15.6” laptop.

From MacBooks to Dell and HP, you can carry any laptop inside this stylish bag. The sleeve that holds the PC has an elastic closure that does its job pretty well in events of drops and accidental falls.

After you open the zippers, you will see several compartments perfect for carrying a smartphone, cards, tablet, cash, documents, and more. It even features an Apple Pencil holder making it the best versatile laptop bag.

Made using high-grade nylon, the ladies laptop bag is super durable and doesn’t wear out easily. Furthermore, the bag offers ultimate protection and safeguards the contents from water damages. 

There’s an exclusive feature in this bag that lets you charge your smartphone on the go. There’s a tiny hole in the bag from where you can put the cable connected with the power bank.

Lastly, the premium tote bag is available in multiple color options and has hidden chambers as well for carrying your items safely.

It has more space than any regular tote bag.The hole for the charging cable may result in leaks.
Made using high-quality materials.The shoulder straps could be more comfortable.
The bag features an invisible pocket.
Perfect for ladies of all professions.


With a big laptop compartment and multiple small pockets, this is an amazing tote bag any woman can own. Your laptop will fit in nicely, and the stylish bag protects it from accidental damages.

Price: $26.99
Buy Now from Amazon

#7. WOWBOX 15.6 inch Laptop Shoulder Bag for Men

WOWBOX 15.6 inch Laptop Shoulder Bag for Men

When style and durability meet, they form a bag like WOWBOX Sling Bag for men and women. Apart from style, the best thing about this laptop carrier is its durability. Putting your laptop in and out can result in normal wear and tear, and this bag can easily withstand it.

Made using heavy-duty washed canvas, the bag is sturdy and can pass the test of time. Furthermore, the leather embellishments enhance the sturdiness while making the bag look more elegant.

You can easily stash a laptop of up to 15.6 inches in the biggest pocket. The other small pockets are perfect for carrying an iPad, a smartphone, and other things, including a mouse.

The inside of this laptop bag for men has thick padding that absorbs the shock and safeguards the contents from any damages. You’ll love carrying this bag around, thanks to the uni-strap on the back. 

It’s a thick strap that distributes the weight on the entire shoulder. Moreover, the strap is adjustable, and you can quickly get the best fit.

There’s a comfortable handle on the top, and you can carry it if required. There are several durable metal zippers with a leather pull loop that makes opening/closing them easier. 

The bottle pockets on each side let you carry your soft drink can wherever you go. Wowbox offers this amazing laptop bag in several colors and different sizes, so choose accordingly.

It has a padded laptop sleeve and pockets.The entire weight falls on one shoulder due to the single strap.
Durable built.The material gets dirty easily.
The zippers run smoothly.
It has numerous pockets on the inside.


If you want to carry your laptop in style, choose Wowbox Sling Bag. It’s a unisex option, so your husband/wife can even use it. I recommend this bag to office-goers due to the numerous pockets.

Price: $31.99
Buy Now from Amazon

#8. Targus 16-Inch Slim Laptop Briefcase for Business

Targus 16-Inch Slim Laptop Briefcase for Business

Here’s another cheap laptop briefcase bag one can own. The bag has every element you need to carry your PC comfortably and safely. It’s a 16-inches bag that can fit any laptop up to this size. 

Moreover, it has some small pockets so you can pack the iPad, keyboard and mouse, and some other gadgets as well. Built to last longer, the bag is made using top-notch fabric. Furthermore, it has small pieces of stitched leather for enhanced style and durability.

I found the zippers to be buttery smooth, and you can get your laptop in/out in a flash. Carrying this bag is a comfortable job, as it has an adjustable shoulder strap and a big handle.

There’s an elastic strap on the back, so you get a hands-free experience with it. You can be sure about your computer’s safety when packed in this sleek bag. All the zippers are lockable, so you can use them while boarding flights.

The inner side of this briefcase has several small pockets to stash in your mobile, tablet, mouse, and earphones. The bag retains its shape, even when you pack it to the brim, making it the best choice for professionals.

The zippers are durable and run smoothly.The bag is heavy.
It can fit any laptop up to 16 inches.No elastic holder for the laptop.
Dedicated slots for cards, keys, and more.
The carrying handle is comfortable.


This is an amazing cheap laptop bag that offers decent protection with style. It’s a super durable carrier with extra space that’s light and minimalist.

Price: $24.98
Buy Now from Amazon

#9. WENIG 15.6 Inch Travel Laptop Backpacks

WENIG 15.6 Inch Stylish Laptop Backpacks for Ladies for Women

This 15.6” backpack from WENIG exemplifies everything the brand aims for: style, versatility, and general ease of use. It’s a fantastic laptop as well as a camera bag with a lot of space to offer. 

There are several compartments, and each of them has a specific purpose. The bigger one can carry any laptop with ease, and still, there is enough space to carry a keyboard as well. I found the frontal pocket to be pretty amazing.

It has two pen holders, where you can put an Apple Pencil to keep it safe and secure. Another exciting yet useful feature is the USB cable hole. You can bypass a charging cable or the earphone cable to enjoy convenience.

Designed to offer waterproofness, the bag protects its contents from splashes and rains. The bag is destined to survive the grind, and it can withstand regular wear and tear. 

Coming to portability, it has got two thick shoulder straps with padding. There’s a big handle on the top so you can dangle it inside the car. 

Lastly, the manufacturer offers this amazing bag in multiple colors, including blue, grey, purple, and more.

The bag is lightweight and comfortable.The lock could be more durable.
It’s a unisex option.No hidden pockets.
Convenient USB port.
Protects the laptop from splashes and rain.


This backpack from WENIG offers ultimate protection to your computer and other essentials. Moreover, it features a lock, so this is the best laptop bag for traveling. You can even choose the 17.3” option if you own a big laptop.

Price: $26.99
Buy Now from Amazon

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